"But in dreams, I still hear your name

And in dreams, We will meet again

In the dark I hear you call, Calling me there

I will come back"

I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by the spirits of the dead, they looked like a sea of writhing bodies. Green flames surrounded them, it touched them but they did not burn. I turned searching the contorted faces, recognising none

"Thanatos" something struck me across the face, I gazed into the eyes of my former mistress


She raised her hand to slap me again, but I grasped her wrist forcing her up against the rocky wall behind her, she gasped in pain before smirking

"You always did like it rough" she bit at the space between us seductively

I released her "My name is Alexios"

Denna moved towards me "You can keep lying to yourself, but we both know the real you" she placed a hand on my chest "I know what's in your heart"

I swiped the hand away "I don't care what you think"

I began to walk away when Denna called to me

"I'll give Kahlan your regards"

I spun around "What do you mean?"

She smirked at me knowingly "I'm being called back to the world of the living, my sisters are giving me the breath of life" a faint glow surrounded her "And the first thing I am going to do is rip Kahlan's heart out with my bare hands" she started laughing, boiled inside of me, I leapt towards her hands at her throat

"You dare harm her" I threatened but still she smiled, she began to fade before my very eyes, she wrapped her hands around my forearms

"Always a pleasure Thanatos" she winked before totally disappearing

"NO!" I roared, Denna had been resurrected by her fellow Mord sith and was going to go after Kahlan, I should have torn her head from her shoulders while I had the chance. I paced the small space, what could I do? I was dead, there was nothing I could do from the Underworld. After Rahl would hear of my betrayal there was no way he would offer me the choice to become a baneling.

As if he had heard me speak his name, Darken Rahl appeared in a burst of green flames, his dark eyes found me instantly, his face was one of anger

"What went wrong Thanatos?" he said quietly

I remained quiet unsure whether this was real or not, Rahl paced slowly, his eyes wandering to the endless sea of bodies

"You were lost, I thought you had given your life to my cause, then you returned to us broken" his gaze fell upon me "I fixed you, I gave you a second chance, a favour I don't extend to many" With a flick of his wrist flames sprouted around me, I felt the heat wave as they reached my skin. These flames unlike the others did burn, I squirmed in pain but I refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing me call out in pain.

"You betrayed me Thanatos, I built you up from nothing" his voice became angry "You were abandoned, I took you in, taught you how to use your powers"

The flames grew high and became more intense, I gritted my teeth still refusing to yield to the pain. Rahl's expression changed, an idea forming in his twisted mind, the flames subsided and I collapsed to the floor, my breathing heavy. I looked at my skin but there were no burns, no marks at all, I stood looking up into the eyes of Rahl. He was smiling

"Staying down here is too good for you, too easy" he came to stand right in front of me "I'm gonna make you suffer for the rest of eternity, I'm want you to watch as Kahlan is murdered and you stand there helpless"

He began chanting some ancient words, everything around me became bright, I had to close my eyes from the intensity. The last thing I heard was his voice laughing.