My breath caught, she'd heard me, she had actually heard me. Richard walked away "That's impossible" he mounted his horse "We need to go"

Kahlan stood there for a moment, she exhaled raggedly before following Richard, she mounted her horse before turning once again her eyes scanned over me as she searched the area before leaving. I rushed after them, trying desperately to keep up with a fast moving horse, I couldn't lose them, not when she heard me, I pushed myself to my limit as fast as my legs could carry me.

"Kahlan! Kahlan wait!" I called after her, she did not turn, I continued to chase them until they slowed, part of me was thankful that I did not tire from running. They came to a stop and Richard dismounted he paced back and forth hands going through his hair, he spun facing Kahlan

"Are you doing this to punish me?" he demanded

"What?" she asked

"I take my anger out on you and I think we are getting past it, then.." he took a deep breath "Then you bring up the guy who killed Zed, say you can hear him" he raged

Kahlan looked at him in disbelief "You think I would do that to you?"

"I don't know anymore Kahlan" he gestured to her with his hands "You loved him, even after everything he had done, you are holding on to a delusion, he can't be here I drove my sword through his chest"

"Stop it Richard" she asked

"He is dead Kahlan and I am glad he is, he took my only family away from me"

I watched as Kahlan's eyes filled with tears, she closed her eyes for a moment before turning and walking away from Richard, disappearing through the trees, I walked right up to Richard

"You're a fool Richard, she is trying to help you" I said before following after Kahlan hoping she had not gone too far.

She was sat by a small lake, she was still

"Kahlan?" after a pause I continued "Can you hear me?"

Kahlan fiddled with the a loose thread on her dress, she inhaled deeply before looking out across the lake

"Alexios?" she stopped shaking her head slightly "I have no idea if you are really there or it's just all in my head but… but I heard your voice, saw the man collapse"

I knelt in front of her "I am here Kahlan"

"The truth is I don't know how to feel about you anymore" I was in her eye line but she was looking straight through me "You killed my friend but you saved me, went against Rahl and I know how difficult that was for you, I could see it in your eyes, you were a good man"

I dropped my head, shame filling me, she still believed I was good, I looked back up into her cobalt blue eyes "I wish I could have been the man you saw in me"

She continued obviously not hearing me know

"Give me a sign that your there" she pleaded

I reached out my hand letting it drift through hers, she shivered, she looked down at her hand, lifting it slowly studying it, a single tear escaped her cheek

"You're here" she whispered, trying to hold back everything

"I'm here" I confirmed raising my hand to her cheek, she shuddered slightly and tilted her head into the touch

"I really hope this isn't me hallucinating or something" she muttered

"It's not Kahlan" I felt my chest tighten as looked deep into her eyes, her beauty wasn't just her looks, it was every part of her, I leaned in closer to her

"I'm here" I pressed my lips to her cheek for a moment

"Alexios…" she stuttered fingers touching her cheek, her eyes were wide with understanding "You're really here" she felt me, but still she could not see me "But how?"

"Rahl" I answered

She was quiet for a moment looking around "Alexios… are you still there?"

"Yes, Kahlan I'm here, I'm right in front of you" my words rushed as I tried to console her, but they were wasted, she couldn't hear me.

"I miss you" she whispered, it was barely audible but it was there

"You have no idea how much miss you Kahlan Amnell, the softness of your skin, how your hair smells of flowers, the taste of your lips" my eyes zeroed in on those plump pink lips, my breathing became heavy as desire coursed through me.

"Kahlan Amnell"

We both spun to see a blonde dressed in tight red leather,

"Denna" Kahlan rushed to her feet, daggers in hand. The blonde smiled as she was followed by other Mord'Siths, she tilted he head slightly

"You don't seem surprised to see me Mother confessor" she sneered

Kahlan began to back away slowly, I stood between her and Denna maybe I could push them like I did the soldier

"I was warned of your return" she replied her eyes fixed on the blonde in front of her

The smirk faded slightly "Thanatos…" she muttered, there was a look in her eyes, she knew Rahl had brought me back in spirit form,

"It doesn't matter" Denna continued "After I'm finished with you I will find the handsome Seeker and I think a re-training is in order" she removed her agiel and begun towards Kahlan. If my heart still beat it would have almost ripped out of my chest, I couldn't let this happen, Denna will not take Kahlan's life, my body began to tremble, my Andolian side was still with me in death, my breathing became heavy and slow

"Do not touch her Denna" I roared, it echoed around the trees, everyone went silent and still, looking for the source of the noise, I was being heard, but that did not distract me as I moved towards the Mord siths, the first was a deep brunette my hand went to her throat. Her eyes widened as she struggled against a supposedly invisible force, my grip tightened as the breath left her lungs, her hands tried to find my throat, but I was still but a spirit and no one could see me.

I released her as she fell to the floor dead, I turned to the others letting out another roar of anger, I striked one of them across the face and kicked another, both falling for a moment as I stormed up to Denna herself who was searching the empty space for, she jabbed her agiel, it connected with my chest. My legs buckled as pain coursed through me, the sound of the agiel screeching made Denna smile, she knew she had found her target

"I don't know if you can die again Thanatos but let's give it a go" her smile was seductive, enjoying herself.

"You know… Denna" I said through gritted teeth, in a quick movement that required all of my strength I knocked the agiel to the ground "I never really liked you" I continued to shove Denna into a tree, a cry escaped her throat, whether one of pain or pleasure I did not know or care, I pulled her forward slightly only to slam her head into the rough tree, her head rolled a little as her eyes became distant, again and again I continued.

"You. Will. Not. Harm. Her. Ever. Again." I said bashing her head with each word, she slumped against the tree, dead or not I didn't care, nothing mattered other than Kahlan's safety.