The holidays ended, now is february and I bring a new chapter.

Ok I'm mildy scared about this one. As I said before this is notan usual crossover between two franchises.

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Louise fell exhausted on her bed, her stamina had come just enough to take a bath and return to her room. Just enough so that his familiar didn't see how her legs were shaking, and not out of fear or anger, but out of sheer fatigue.

Her feet pulsed from running and jumping, her thighs ached as if someone had cut them in half and her calves were trembling with cramps. She could barely walk upright from the pain on the back. Her arms were the same as her thighs and her hands were bruised from trying to hit Kyle and only meeting his blocks with his hard-as-steel forearms. The worst thing was that her familiar had stayed a little longer training on his own because he said he hadn't done enough exercise that day. At least she had managed to convince him so that the next sessions would be after classes, not before, as the boy intended. Going class after that kind of work regime would have been impossible.

Shortly after touching the bed, she fell asleep.

Kyle finished his exercises, feeling somewhat more tired than the usual. Teaching someone new how to exercise properly was difficult. But at least it seemed that all the riding that Louise practiced had given the girl a better shape than he expected. Or maybe it was the fact that she didn't use magic for everything as her companions did. Her punches were strong, very strong, despite being badly given.

He went to the kitchen, it was dinner time and he was hungry. He also thought to ask for something for his master, after all, she deserved it. Something sweet to fight the stiffness that she would surely have tomorrow.

When he entered the kitchen he found the staff especially quiet and taciturn.

"Oh!" Marto was distracted and thoughtful. "H- hi, Kyle.

"Good evening to you, kitchen chief Marto." He looked around. "Something is wrong, quiaff?"

"Haven't you heard about that?"

"Neg. I do not know what is 'that'. I have been in the capital a noticeable part of the day and when I got back I had... other duties. Please, explain what 'that' is."

"They've taken Siesta." Said the man sitting heavily on a bench.

"Take her? Where?" He furrowed. "Who?"

"It was that perv- it was Count Mott!" One of the cooks bolted. "The stories about him are horrible."

"Shut up, Charlo! If the nobles find out-"

"What stories?"

Derfflinger raised a little from his scabbard when his partner adjusted it to the side of the battlemech command seat. Although not all the rust had gone away, he was a bit more gleaming than before entering the elemental's shop.

"Woah! Partner! You look a lot better." Then he looked where he was. "Are we going somewhere?"

"We are going to kill a dezgra." Kyle put on the neurohelmet and connected the cables.

"¿Dezgra? Is it some kind of animal?" He looked at the cockpit. "A big one maybe?"

"He is somewhat lower, does not even deserve to be compared to a surat excrement."

"Pal, I don't understand you."

"A noble hired an academy servant. She is a friend, and the other servants told me stories about how he hires young beautiful commoners to… force-slave them." A rage growl almost escapes from his throat. "When he gets tired of them he made the girls disappear." The 'Mech finally was fully activated when he pressed the last buttons of the boot sequence.

Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal. The female synthesized voice of the Mech's computer filled the cockpit.

"Oy! Who are you, beautiful?" Derff beamed when he heard the voice. "Are you some kind of talking weapon like me?" Kyle raised a hand to avoid having his sword trying to hit his' Mech.

"We are going to rescue her and kill that human waste."

Kyle adjusted the Jump Jets air intakes at total opening. He didn't have much mass reaction, so he would have to use them only vacuuming air, which wasn't recommended unless he wanted to open a hole in the wall of the Academy with the ER CPP, which would surely bring problems. He moved the 'Mech to the other side of the courtyard, starting a run, and jumped.

Louise, despite her sheer fatigue, woke up sharply, the room shaking. In pain, she approached the window and saw the final glint of Kyle's Mech's Jump Jets.

"Damn dog! Where in the name of the Founder is he going now?"

She dragged herself out of her room, but at that moment she bounced against Kirche's breasts and fell on her rear. Her cheeks hurting from the fall was the 'perfect' end for that terrible day.

"Zerbst! Don't you know how to look at where you're going?"

"I should tell you that." Said the germanian with a smug tone while holding over her shoulder a leather strap from which hung an object that she carried on her back. "I was going to see my dearest darling, but that noise tells me that I'll have to wait to give him my gift." She thumbed at the strap showing the sword that Kyle had rejected hours earlier. "Where has he gone?"

"I'm going to find out." She said getting up and running as she could towards the stables, stifling a laugh. Good luck with the sword, germanian bitch. She was going to punish Kyle, but at least he had given her a little joy.

Kyle jumped without Jump Jets above the road. Marto's directions were clear, and the night vision systems allowed him to see perfectly in that darkness, especially having two huge full moons. There was little left for Count Mott's mansion. When he saw the great bronze doors he accelerated.

The two guards at the entrance of Mott manor were pretty bored that night.

"Have you seen the new maid? She's really an eye candy, they say she comes from the Academy." The tall one rubbed his hands trying to warm them up.

"As if that mattered. The Count is quite possessive with his new toys... I almost feel sorry for her." The shorter man spoke.


"Well…" An evil grin appeared on his face. "Sometimes the Count lets us have fun before getting rid of them." He said with a cruel laugh.

Trump! Something sounded in the distance.

"What was that?" The first guard turned around raising the spear.

Trump! Sounded again.

"It sounded like something heavy had-"

Trump! This time closer. Trump! And faster.

"Something is coming! We have to raise the alarm!"

"Wait! If we give the alarm again without a good reason like the last time, the Count-" Trump! The second guard didn't continue speaking because the sound was clearly threatening. It was getting stronger and faster, almost becoming like the steps made by a giant creature. The earth began to tremble slightly. "Look over there! " Screamed falling on his back.

When his companion saw, he saw how several trees moved in a strange way, as if accompanying the sound. It's strange on that side of the road there's no tre- Brimir balls! The shaking trees weren't trees but a huge humanoid figure heading towards the door. His companion tried to stand up leaving his spear, but fear made him trip over it.

Trump! Trump! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! The ground tremor was already brutal. He quickly grabbed his partner from the ground and pulled him. The creature was running right to the door, to them. He managed to do it out just in time. The creature collided with the heavy bronze door, which bent like straw. The hinges went off and the arch of the door exploded as if it had been blown up in the air (or if a 30 tons giant would have rammed it to about 120 kilometers per hour). The last thing the men saw was a cow-sized piece of masonry flying toward them.

Kyle entered the property while activating the external microphones and thermal sensors. He was looking for human-sized head sources through the walls of the mansion. He had stumbled slightly as he passed through the door but with an unnatural ease he stabilized the machine and continued to operate the controls looking for Siesta. Just at that moment, a warning light caught his attention, it was the communication console.

"By the ghost of Kerensky!" Radio there? That was impossible. An audio and video signal, and it came from a nearby source. He put it on one of the cockpit's auxiliary screens. "Freebirth!"

Lord Mott shook the girl again and in an act of rage and lust, he gave her a pull on her apron and maid's clothes, tearing them apart.

"Tell me damn plebeian! How does it work?" He said holding her by the torn clothes and shaking with the other hand a strange object in front of the girl.

"P- please! I don't know what you're talking about! "The Count furious hit her with the object, throwing her against the ground.

"If you don't want to talk maybe he will!" He said pointing to a luminous sphere in the middle of the warehouse's manor where they were at the moment. "It has been fortunate to find you in the Academy, far from the town's lord. Now he can't protect you." He raised the object again. "Tell. Me. Now." Siesta whined. "No? Fine then." He turned to the sphere.

Inside the sphere, a black substance in constant movement was trying to tear the light's walls of it, but without any success, when Mott hit the girl, the mass went crazy hitting with multiple peduncles the surface with fury.

"Come on, you know you can't get out of that magic sphere. You've been trying for ten years. Now tell me how it works or... you know what I'll do to this girl." He turned and smiled at Siesta, not a pleasant smile. "Don't waste more energy trying to get out of my spell. You know that only if I want it or if I die will that orb shield will open up." A triumph smile crossed the noble's face. "You can't allow me to do that to your only friend's daughter, right?" He said approaching the girl, taking off her cloak and loosening the sash. The mass inside the sphere hit the walls of its prison with more fury and almost despair.

Siesta remained in a fetal position on the floor, the blow had left her dizzy and dazed. When she focused her eyes again he saw Mott undressing.

"P- please- n- no." She said with the little voice she had left.

Just before the Count started to pull down his pants, a guard came running.

"My lord something has destroyed the front door and entered the manor! It looks like a metal giant!" Mott turned at the guard furious for being interrupted, but when he heard the description of the intruder he let out a laugh even though suddenly a series of loud sounds were heard in the distance.

"Yes! Finally!" He grabbed the object with which he used to hit Siesta and asked her. "You have used it, haven't you? How? How did you call it? I need to control it. Tell me!"

"It̶ ͜was̶ ͞m̨e." A raspy voice and reverberating voice that came out of the sphere. "We̸l̷l͟,̸ a͝c͘tually he w̵ąs͝ ̧al̶re͏aḑy̛ ̕c̶om͡i͘n͠g ͘al̀onè, ̨b͏ut͢ ̀n̸ow̛ t̸h͝a͠nks t̸o͟ ͜me,̶ ͘he know̧s̡ w͠h̴e͟r͡è yo͏u̷ ̸are̴." The amorphous mass said waving a peduncle.


Then something went through the wall of the warehouse. It looked as if a cannonball had hit it. Mott was thrown to the ground and the room was filled with dust. When the noble got up and the smoke dissipated he could see a gigantic hand that had crushed the guard. Leaving only a show of blood and gore. The punch was so violent that the head of the man had separated from the torso before it became a crushed mass of bones and bloody flesh under the hand of the metal giant. The maid was screaming, but he, he was exhilarated. He finally had achieved it.

Kyle couldn't believe it. The transmisión was a live video broadcast and the location of the building where the Count and Siesta were. He didn't know what was happening, but he wasn't going to miss the opportunity. Kyle ran to the warehouse and pointed to the thermal silhouette furthest away from the one that remained on the ground in a fetal position, then he threw a punch with such force that the straps of the command chair stuck to his skin, leaving marks despite the cooling vest anti-ballistic andgoretex mesh.

Mott was ecstatic. How much power! And all his for the taking. He only had to use this ancient artifact to control the Guardian and he would be the most powerful man in the kingdom! More than the Vallière, the Anjou or the Gramonts. Enough to get what he really wanted. He licked his lips thinking about Princess Henrietta's body. He was currently only the royal courier. A noble of whom many things were said, and many of them true. Perverted, ambitious, petty, fond of exotic artifacts gratifying the maniac, and a long etcetera. He couldn't even dream of him receiving the princess' attention. But if he possessed a Sacred Guardian he could gain it. Mott only had to call a few favors across the border and it was more than possible that a Germanian regiment would stray inside their territory. An error that could be interpreted as a hostile act. But then, when the fate of Tristain would be at the stake, he would appear with his guardian to annihilate the honorless Germanians. Only that would equal the Heavy Wing's actions. And from there to war would be only one step, a war that Tristain's small army would win thanks to the selfless help of a certain Count and his tireless Guardian. At that time he would take advantage of his popularity to woo the princess, and being king... His imagination flew by the girls of the service, by the princess, now his queen, young and delicious nobles who prostrated themselves in front of him. As he left his reverie, he raised his wand and the device and began to recite a spell to try to bind the presence. The hand withdrew and Mott leaned into the opening, dodging what was left of the guard, and continued reciting the control spell in front of the guardian's face. For a moment he looked upset, it wasn't the one he wanted, he was more humanoid than the one he was looking for, smaller too. Not as threatening than the other, but it had some kind of huge weapon on the shoulder. The noble decided not to complain, the construction seemed quick and agile, maybe that would be better for him.

"Zunmoi fen xi ist!" He finished chanting and shot a beam of light at the Guardian's head.

The polarized crystal darkened when the cockpit was hit by the beam, but the indicators told Kyle that there was no appreciable damage or other effects from the discharge. Whatever the light the mage had thrown did, it was useless against his Mech's crystal and cockpit. Kyle activated the manual control mode of the right arm and grabbed Count Mott with the same hand that had crushed the guard. The nobleman was surprised and began to shout, trying to say something. Kile activated the external microphones.

"I have the sacred artifact! Obey me, Oh guardian!" He said raising an archaic neurohelmet with his free hand.

"By the Forefather!" Kyle swore, before activating the PA system. "Where did you get that neurohelmet from?" He pointed the object with the other Mech's hand.

"From a fool trader who I get rid of him long ago. He didn't want to give me this power. He said I was crazy. But ... who is crazy now? Oh, guardian! Now I am your master!" Then the noble noticed how the hand's pressure increased. A pain in the back of Kyle's head triggered.

"I only have one master! And she does not rape and kill helpless freeborns by the virtue of a power she does not deserve!"

"Ahhh! Wait- I have- y- you- you're my sla-" With a fast movement, Mott's body exploded in a rain of blood and gore under the hand's pressure, before half of the upper body fell to the ground with an unpleasant splash. Kyle shook the Mech's hand against the ground trying to clean it up until the gave up the battle, he would have than doing it by hand.

Kyle jumped out of the 'mech with Derff unsheathed, dressed only in the cooling vest and his mechwarrior shorts. For some reason, he felt stronger when he carried it, just like when he was piloting his machine. He entered the warehouse. He took out the flashlight from the survival kit that he attached to a pocket of his vest before shut down the machine and swept the area. Finally, the light illuminated a pair of legs in the ground. It was Siesta, who was sobbing in a fetal position.

"Siesta?" He exclaimed. "I am Kyle!"

"Kyle?" Answered a muffled voice followed by sobs. He feared he was late. He ran to her and illuminated her body with the flashlight, her maid's dress was torn and she had a bruise on her check.

"I came to rescue y-" The girl began to sob and hugged the boy.

"I was very scared! I- I thought- I thought that h- he-" Kyle smiles at her.

"He will never try that again, Siesta. He is dead." He clenched his fists. "He had a better death than he deserved."

"Y- you killed a noble?" She broke the hug and looked at him with a rictus of terror on her face. "Founder! Kyle, you don't know what you've-"

"H̕e̵ ̶ki̶l͢le̸d̛ ̴a des͘p̶íca̸b̧l͘e͡ ̴b҉e̶įng͝,͞ ̶not a ͢n͏ob͝ļe." That was the same voice that the girl heard before, only that the sphere no longer existed. The voice came out of the darkness, from some point they couldn't see. Kyle turned to where he thought the voice was.

"Show yourself!"

"I ҉hope you҉ ̕r̵éce͜ived ͡t̨h͝e ̸tr̨an̷sm̶i̧ssiơn҉ ̴we͠l͘l.̀ But..͡. ̸gi̕ven ̶t́he ̡ŕe͝su̴lt͞ş I̴ w̕ơu͝ld̨ say ҉ye̵s͏."

"How can you send a radio signal in this world?"

"I'̢m̷ ͠a r͟e҉sou͝rc̶ef̶ul p̸e̛rsǫn̵, ҉íf͘ ͜I̡ c͢a̶n̕ ́us͞e͡ t͜he ͏t̢e̸rm̀ ̴ṕe̡rs̵óņ.̢ Althoug̷h, ͘I m̕ust́ ̴a̛d̴mit ̵t́ha̶t̛ ̴if̵ ͡yo̴u̢ ̀had͘n't͏ a̴ppear͏ęd̷ ͏wi͠t͏h ͡t͟ha͟t bat͏tlęmech ̸I ̡s̢ho͞u͘ĺd͘ ͡have s͘uŕr̵én͞dȩr͝e͡d҉ and͜ ̀to͢ld M͡ot̴t҉ ͏ev̢e̛r͏y͡t҉hi͜ng̡.̸ ͜ I̧, ̸l̛ik̛e yo̸u, wa͡ǹt t̶o̡ ͜pr҉ot̵ec͡t͜ ̵S̛iest̸a͏.҉"

"Tell him what? Who are you? Answer me now!" Kyle took his flashlight again.

"M͘o͞tt ̷w̧ant̨ed͜ t̸o ̀kn͘ow̵ ̛how͡ ̀tǫ c̷ǫn͘t̀ról͠ a͝ "G̷u͞a̡rdi͠àn"̧, t҉h̀at͞ ́is, a ͘Ba̴ttle͟mec͜h. ̷He̕ w̸as̸ v̨er͘y ̧s͠tup̸i̢d҉,́ ͏h͜e͡ sti̛ll b̀e͢l̶ie̷ved͠ ̵t͠ha͟t͟ ͞t̨hey ͢w͘e͞r̷e l̵i͜k̡e s͟t҉on̷e ̧g҉ole͏m̧s̛. I̧t was͡ S̡ie̢sţa'̢s̨ ̨fath̵er w̶hò ͡to̸l̵d h̀i͘m̸ ̕t̕h͠a͟t̴ ̸l̴i͞e͟.͝ ͏He͢ ͝t̴h͝o̕ugh҉t ̴thát ̸i͢n ̕t͡h͢a͢t̢ w̡a̴ỳ ͢he would s͜to͟p͡ ͡t́ryi̢n̨g̀ t̵o̢ ̶o͜f͡f̨e̛r u҉s͜ m̵on͏ey͢ for ͢som̴e͜thi͡ng̛ ͠w͜e d̀id̶ń't͜ want́ t́o ̨g̴iv͢ę ̀hi͢m." The voice stopped for a second. "He d͞i͠d̀n'̛t̵ ̀g̡ive̶ up͟. Jús͘t af̵te҉r̨ ̶you̸r̶ ̴fath̷e͏r'̧s disap҉p̵ear҉an̢ce ҉he͏ ͢ca̴pt̡ur̀ed͠ me in ͟t͜h͝at m͜agic… thing.͏" A shadow moved in the warehouse. "I͠ RE̕A͟L̸LY ́HA҉TÈ MAGIC̸!͞" They didn't understand the last sentence but the tone was terrified.

"My father? But he-" Siesta spoke.

"D̵o͠ y̴ou̴ r҉ememb͢er wh͘a̶t your fa̧ther was working on?̧"

"Yes, my mother told me that at first, he helped in the field. But later he started to buy an sell exotic objects and relics to the nobles, and that is what I remember when he was with us. Then, when he disappeared, we sold almost everything he had in the warehouse but we barely gain enough to live."

"Sorr͢ý,͜ ͜i̡t͠ ͏was̡ ͢my̛ du͟t̷ty ̶l̕ookin̨g ͞fo̕r͜ y̵ou̷ if ̛he went ̨m̡issing͟,̢ but ҉the Ćo̷u̕nt͢ to͞ok áḑva͡n̛t͘ag̡e̛ ̴of̵ t̡he҉ a͝ttack ͝o͘n ͟th͏e ͢to̵wn͟ ͜a͘n̴d t͏hat̶ I w͝a̵sn't ҉w̨i͡th̢ ̸y͘oųr f̀at͘hȩr to͟ c̨ąp̷tu̶r҉e m҉e.́" A shadow approached slowly in the dark, it was huge. "Y͢o̧u͢ŗ f̢a͜t͠h̡e͠r͜ ̵ha̡d̕ ̨a҉noth҉er̸ ͡w͝ar͢ehouse̡." Despite Kyle's warnings, the girl approached the shadow.

"Y- you- Wait! A- another warehouse?" She raised a hand towards the shadow it reeled back.

"Ye̸s͘,̸ ̧I ̧h̨e̵lped h͞i͢m b̧u͞ild̵ i҉t҉ ̨and̷ mo͠ve ̷ev͞ery̢t̸h҉ińg tḩer͟e̛.͢ ̀In T̶a͟rb͘e̢s' ̷war̶e̡hoùs͝e w͏ere o͝nly҉ ̸thín̡gs̢ ̷of ̕littl̢e͜ v̷alue͞ t͜o͝ avoi̕d̕ t̨he tem͜pta͜t́iơn̵s of̸ ͡somȩ ͜thi͝ef͞s ơr҉ ̛ambit͢i͡ous nơble͢ś."

"You?" Siesta put her hand over her mouth. "You're Sann!"

"That'͠s ri̕gh͟t,̡ l̨ittle͘ one҉. I ̀kņow̵ ̵h͏e ͜t͝old́ ͘yo̸u̸ ̨a̶b̀o̸ut me, bu̶t͞ y̶ou̴ ne̶v͡e̷r͟ s̕a̕w ͞m͝ę.̀ ́N͝ów̕ yo͡u k̀now̕ ̕w̴hy̡.̶" The shadow entered the zone of light cast by Kyle's flashlight. Kyle took a step back in fear. It was like seeing a pile of black sand moving like a living thing, the grains were wiggling and moving within the shapeless silhouette, its size was like that of a small hovervan. A peduncle came out of the dough and approached Siesta, Kyle tried to say something, but he was petrified. The appendix caressed the girl's face cleaning her dirty face. "He ͞loved̨ ͘y̴o̷u̶ mơr̛e thán͜ an͡y̢t̢hing̴ i̧n ̧the ́w͞o͢rl̸d͠,͞ ͡ev͏en̢ f͢r̕o͢m̢ ͡his̸ ow̵n̶ ͟w͟or̶l̨d.̡." Siesta touched the thing with her hand.

"His own world?" She asked.

"H̛e ̛c҉a̵me ͘from ͠t̢he s̢a̶ḿe̡ ́wor̡l̢d̡ of ͘tha̢t ҉bo̧y.̧" He said pointing at Kyle. "He̢ a҉rŗiv͢ed̷ w͜o͠u̡nd̶ed ͞a͏n̡d ͠lo̷śt.͏ ̷W͜hen̸ ͏he̛ ̷d̡isc҉ov͟er̕ed̛ what r͞ea͡l͘l̵y̨ had ha̷p̀pe̢n͝ed͢,͡ u̶ńa͜ble t͠o r͝eturn̡ to his fami̛ly, ͠he ͡de͢cide͢d͜ t̛o l͢i͞v̀ȩ ͘h͝e̴r̛e ͠as ̨a no̵rmal ̡m͢ań,̨ uńt̨il͡ the l̴ast͏ ͞co͞ns̛e͡q̸u̸en͡ces.̨ H̵ȩ hi̡d h̴is'͠ ̡M͏ech,͘ wa̧l͝kéd to̕ t̵h͡e͜ ̵neàr̵e͘s҉t tow͢n. ͏Then̕ ͝the҉ villa͝g̨er̡s͘ of̡f̶er̵e̷d̷ h̀im r͠e͠f̛u҉g͜e͡ ̶ąnd ev̷entual̀l͜y͠ ͢a ̶h̕ome͟ and ͜fa̸ḿil̛y. B͝u̶t ͝hȩ al̡wayş ̧reme͘m̡b͞e̕re͏d ̡wh͟o he͞ was, t͡h͞e͡ ͢art̛ífac͢t̵s ̀h̀e̷ s̶o͠u͏gh̢t͏ wi͞th͏ m̕e,͜ ̵ma̷n̕y w͜ére ̨f͢ro͏m ̡his̴ wo̶rl̵d ͢ánd̸ t͏he̛ ̀m̛o͘śt d͞a̧nger̶ou͡s ones ͢he͏ ̶k̨ep̸t͞ iń h́i̡s ̢other c̀a̕c͜he ̧to ͟pre̴ven͡t a͏nyone҉ wi̴t̢h d̨el͡us̢ion͜s of g͏ra̧nde͝ùr̨ ̨f͘ro͝m̴ ̧u͢s̨i̵ng th͜em̧ ͡a͞g͞a͢ins͜t ci͜v͝ilians.͠ ̴I͏ h͡av͞e to͠ ͘g͜o ̀t̛ò t̴ha͞t w̕a̛r҉eḩo͟use tò s͟e̴e ̸if͞ ͜in t̸he̵se҉ ͝t̡en ͠y̨ea̸rs͠ ̨i̷t h̢a̡s̛ ̧be͢en͠ ͘looted̡, if ̴sơm̧eon҉e has͡ ͞fou̶n̕d̷ ̀it͏ ... it̢ w͠o̧uld̸ b͜é ̡ho̢r̶rib̸le͠.̛"

"He must be a very honorable man." Kyle finally said something still scared by the presence of that being.

"H̕A̢̧̧͢H҉̶A̛͞H̸̶҉A̷͢͝H́A͘H̷̸͝͠A̧͏H̶̴̷̛̛A̡͏!͏̧҉̀͡" It laughed loudly. "O͟h̡,͢ ̸Į h̷ad f̶orǵo͟tt͞e̴n ̛w͟h͝a͘t҉ ͡i͡t҉ ẃas ҉l͘aug͞h̢!͠ ͜Ẁèlĺ,̵ I ca͜n no̶t͜ ͠for̡get, bưt͝ ͠I ha҉ven̶'̡t̨ ̨l͘a͞ugh̀ed ͝i͠n ̧a l̛o̕n͠g ͡tim̶e͝." Then one of the appendages seemed to turn to Kyle "You ͘h͘av̡e̕ no͝ i̵dęą ̶Kyle ̛o͘f t̵h͠e ́Wólve̶s̀. ͡N̕ow̴ y҉ou̵ ̸m͜us͟t͞ ̨go, I ̴will cl͜e̸àns҉e t҉he̡ e͝v͘i͏de͞ǹće o̴f͘ t̛h́e ͢p̷r̴és̡en̢c̷e of ̛y͢ou̸r̴ ̨Me͝ch̸ f̴r͡o̧m ͏t͠h͠įs͢ s̕ite͘ T̵he̴y̸ ̡m̧a̡y n̷ot ̷ye̕t k͟no̧w ҉w̡hat̛ ͟i͞t is̕ ̢b̡ut̶ ̴t̷hese͞ peòp͡l̕e are͝n͞'̕t s̨tu͞p̸id. ̨Íf ͢t́h͟ey̨ se͠e th̀at th̢e p͏rint͜s ͝l̨e̵ft͠ ̵by you̕r͟ m͜ach̀i͡ǹe ̨a̸re ͜sim͜i͡la͏r̢ t̛o̢ w̴hat ̸at̢ta͝cked̶ the man̷or̀ t̴h͠e̷y ͞w͠o̡uld connec̨t ҉the ̛d̛ot̨s v̧e͜ry ͘f́asţ.͟ If t͞hęy͢ ̛a͢sk ̸y̷o̧u̶, you̡ went̵ t͝o ͞r͠escue Siest҉a b҉ut̡ ͏yo̶u f͟ou̴nd͟ h͞e̡r̛ unc̸o͏n͡s̡ciou͘s ̢in̡ t̨h̴i͝s͘ stor̡e̛." Then he looked at the girl. "T̢ell ̀them͠ ̕th̶a̕t ͟C̷o̕ųǹt̶ ́M̡o̕t͢t h̵a҉d a̢ s̵a͠nd҉ ̷e̢le͟m͡e̸nt̨a͘l ͢as a pr͝is͝on͏e҉r.͜ Th̶en it ̵es͜c͢ape̵d ͢an̴d͝ destroyed èv͠er̸yt̡hin͠g҉.̵ I'll mak̶e ͡it ̷l̷oo҉k ̵like ̨th҉at."

"Sand elemental?" Siesta asked.

"W͡e̡ll̷, I'm̡ ̕n̡ót͠ ͞t͞hat b͜ut́ su͢r̢ely ͟I ͏l̨ǫo͡k͠ a l͠ot l̶iḱe one̶.̴"

"What are you?" Kyle tried to look, using his light, to something that could tell him what that creature was, without success.

"W͡el͝ĺ,̨ Í ̸d͡o̕ubt͜ i͘f ͠I ͝told̡ y̢ou ̡the ̀o͠ff̛içi̛al͢ na͞m͟e͘, o͠r̴ ͘the ̛colloqu̸ial͡ n̢a͞m̵e ͡t͟h̀at͟ i͢s ͟u͜s͠e͢d ̛w̸it̴h ̴sómet͡hing͘ li̡k̵e̴ m̵e̴ y̶ou wóu̷l̀d ̵kno̢ẁ ̡it̴,҉ c̢l͟ann͜er͢.̛ W̧hen̨ we҉ m̕eet ág͝a̡in͟ I͘'̸ll̢ e͏xp͡l̷aiǹ ͟i̴t̷ t҉o yo̴u͠.̨ ̧Me̡a͘n̷while,͞ b͞oy̛, ͘I̸'͡v̡e͜ t̴o ̢leav͝e,͝ that̢ ̛w͞a͢r̀ehous̷e̸ co̴n͜t̸ai͡n̷s ̧r̨ęal͟ly d̕an͟ge̛roús͜ th͏in͜g͡s͞, ̛b̛u͠t I͘'̸ll̕ c͞óńta̸c͘t Sies͞ta̕ an̛d̶ ̢y͢ou̶ ͡s͝o̢on. Me҉anw̨hile, pl͢e͟a̵s̀e̸ ̶p̸r͘òte̴c͠t̶ ̵h͠er f̵oŗ ̕m͘e." The thing said starting to move towards the hole in the wall.

"What are you going to do?" Kyle said trying to make Siesta's trip in the packed cockpit as less uncomfortable as possible.

"What?" Siesta came out of her reverie. Sann had wiped the Mech's hand simply by passing over it, but Kyle decided to take her inside the small cockpit. The night was cold and Siesta's clothes were torn, inside the cockpit at least she would be warner. The girl tried to accommodate behind the command chair and held on in a clamp.

"Regarding your father. It seems that this dezgra freebirth killed him. I am unaware how to help to discover his fate, but I am bound to help you if you want to. Your father was a mechwarrior, a warrior from my world."

"I- I don't know. I have to talk to my mother, she may know something that I don't about him. A clue… something." She rubbed her eyes trying to not cry again.

"Now at least you know how your father lived and fought before he got here." He did a gesture to the cabin.

"Yes… thanks." She ran her hand over the boy's shoulder, despite the goretex and kevlar padding on it. "Y- you saved m- us." Kyle smiled until the remember the creature.

"What in the name of Kerensky was i- him?"

Siesta removed her hand from his shoulder and scratched her chin. "My father always told us that he had a business partner, a friend. He talked a lot about him, but he said he was too shy to show himself in public. My mother and I never got to know if it was a story from my father or if it was real."

Kyle chuckled. "It seemed very real to me, and his appearance explains why you never saw him."

"Kyle." Siesta began. "You don't need to protect me, I mean, you have obligations to your-"

"It is true that I have obligations to my master, but it is also true that I have committed to it. It is my duty and I will not let anything happen to you until we see Sann again and he explains everything to us."

"I hope my father was as noble as you." She said with gratitude in her voice.

"I am sure of it. We are heirs of our forefathers legacy." Kyle raised the hand of the throttle lever raising the thumb, but soon it returned it to put on it and began to slow down. "Hold on!" He said just giving Siesta a little time to avoid falling on the back of the command chair.

"What happens? She asked after she avoided falling by the hard braking.

"M- my master." He pointed to a rider who had just appeared five hundred meters in from of them, whose image had been magnified by the machine cameras. "And she looks angry."

Ok, Sann just appeared, in the original version I made a contest to discover what Sann was. Only one reader managed to guess it. The reward was to be able to insert a character of his choice within the story. On a curious note, his proposal added another level more of complexity to the story in the good way. And also were a canon character.

MasterXMaster: Thanks, all I want is turning Louise to someone more proactive.

As you could see Siesta's father had an exotic arfifacts bussines, why? Because he knew what are these things and how to find them. Siesta's family don't have a temple, the temple is in the middle of Tarbes and is a Church thing. But her father had something better... way better.

See you on the 31st century's battlefield, mechjocks ...