Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

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It was a bright day in the capital city of the Sorcerous Kingdom of Nazarick. Everyone in this country was performing their daily routine just like any other day in their life. However, all that activity was suddenly put on halt as a strange construction with an archaic design appeared out of nowhere. The people of the capital stood stunned for a moment upon noticing the unusual structure.

The structure was massive. It was 40 meters tall and 20 meters wide, quite a strange sight to see for the people of the sorcerer kingdom. However, the people soon realized that this maybe was one of the miracles made by their ruler and master. For the people of this kingdom are ruled by a wise king named Ainz Ooal Gown, the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. And under his leadership, the people never truly suffered any sort of shortage of daily needs due to their king's revolutionary ideas and foresight during his 200 years reigning as their Lord.

The people of the Sorcerous Kingdom saw many miracles performed by their wise King or, as many of them called him, the 'God of Death', but the people of the Sorcerous Kingdom had never seen such a thing like this that suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the main square of the capital of the Sorcerous Kingdom. All of them thought it was simply another miracle that their Wise King had manifested for them. So no one was afraid seeing a strange structure mysteriously appearing in the middle of the capital.

As they watched the strange Gate, the head of the Guards in that district emerged from the crowd after spotting the large, bizarre structure from afar.

"What the hell? Where did that large... gate... come from?" he yelled as he inspected the strange structure. As his men arrived, pushing their way through the crowd behind him, they asked, "What happened Captain? What is that strange edifice?"

He looked back to his men. "I don't know. But it is better to lock down the area and send a message to the mayor about it." He looked at the strange gate with a suspicious expression.

As he was inspecting the structure, all of them heard a screeching sound coming from the infinite darkness inside of the structure. From it, many Armored Wyvern-like creatures flew out. On top of them rode strangely armored men. Everyone's eyes widened in the main square. No one amongst them ever expected such things arriving from the structure.

Not long after the flying creatures and their riders, horses neighed and the sound of numerous metallic boots marching towards the light could be heard from the black tunnel. The first ones who appeared from the dark were armored men on their respective horses. All of them wore similar armor to that of the Wyvern riders from before, but slightly different.

To the captain, the foreign soldiers were strangely familiar. He had seen that armor somewhere, but he was not sure where. Maybe in one of the book's illustrations that he had read back then under his tutelage. After the Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown had established his Kingdom and conquered the known world, he introduced many reforms in his Kingdom. For example, free primary education for everyone, hospitals where real doctors and healers worked and a fully functioning sewer system.

Of course, the churches of the Six Great Gods had protested against this furiously, saying this was their job and that the Sorcerer King will destroy humanity one day.

But as time passed, their voice became quieter and quieter thanks to the pressure from the masses, until the church supporters became completely silent and some people founded the religion of the Forty-One. It worshiped the Forty-One Supreme Beings instead of the Six Great Gods. Of course, the religion that worshiped the Six Gods still existed. But their influence had become greatly diminished with the conquest of the Slane Theocracy and the death of its six head priests.

The leader of the small squad in the main square knew. This was not their wise king's newest conjuration. This was an invading force. As a proud soldier of the Sorcerous Kingdom, he must protect the civilians of the capital until the reinforcements arrived. He needed to buy some time for the civilians to escape. The captain commanded his soldiers to rally the nearby barracks, Death Knights, and Nephalem Guards and began to herd the crowd to a safe place.

But it was too late. The first wave of soldiers had already come through the enormous Gate. The figure on his horse that, according to his uniform, seemed to be the leader of the invading force had already raised his short Gladius-like weapon and commanded his soldiers to attack. He spoke some kind of unknown language that none of them understood.

All of the remaining forces of the Captain who were not shepherding the civilians stood up in a defensive line. They knew that, despite their enchanted armors that increased their strength and reduced their equipment's weight, they did not have a chance against this kind of numerical superiority. As the proud vassals of the Sorcerer King, they must hold the line until the civilians were herded to a safe location and the reinforcements arrived from the nearby barracks.

The attacking army carried a flag with a strange symbol that the Captain of the guards had never seen before in his long career. Its basic color was claret. With a golden cross and with four dragon wings between the four sides of the cross. Behind the symbol, there was a red dragon. All of this was framed by an ornate golden outline.

"In the name of the Saderan Empire and the Emperor Molt Sol Augustus! Give up barbarians!" yelled the leader of the invading forces.

No one understood what they said because of the foreign language that they spoke. The Captain gritted his teeth seeing the almost hopeless situation.

He stepped forward and glared at the leader of the man who spoke. "I need to buy time for the reinforcements."

"In the name of the Sorcerous Kingdom! State your business here!" Behind him, his men were in full readiness. They prepared to charge and save their Captain if the situation warranted it.

"What do we do, Legate Octavianus?" asked the enemy commander's right hand man in the unknown language that resembled Latin.

The Saderan Commander grinned. "Barbarians. They don't even speak Saderan. Massacre everyone who resists. Capture as many as you can and transport them to the other side. They will make good slaves. For the glory of the Empire."

His right hand saluted. "As you wish, Legate! For the glory of the Empire!"

His right hand signaled to the first cohort that had already arrived through the Gate and settled in neat rows. The soldiers held rectangular shields and their armor resembled that of a Roman soldier's light armor. The Wyvern Riders had already started their little piece of the massacre. The first cohort and the cavalry that had already arrived began their charge towards the guard forces of the capital.

The Captain of the Sorcerous Kingdom and their men braced themselves, knowing they most likely would not survive this battle.

Despite their training and enchanted armor, they could not possibly survive against this kind of numerical superiority. Their primary task was peacekeeping in the capital city, after all. Not fighting in a war. All of them held their shields and swords firmly. As the first wave of arrows arrived, the Captain ordered his men. "Raise shields!"

His men raised their shields, and the arrows bounced off of them thanks to their unique enchantment.

As the first wave of cavalry charged and clashed with the weak peacekeeping force, it almost mowed all of them down. The captain and a few of his men only survived due to their higher education in war tactics and their contribution to the previous war.

The Captain's men tried to hold the invading force back but, it seemed the enemy force was endlessly streaming through the strange structure. The few nearby adventurers joined in the defense. However, against this kind of numerical superiority, they did not have even the slightest chance. The invading soldiers started to massacre the civilians and the Captain's soldiers who tried to protect them. The Captain in charge had seen how some of them were dragged through the Gate while screaming for help. As he watched the horror, one of the invading soldiers managed to knock him down to the ground.

He looked around. Almost all of his men were dead. A few adventurers who had joined the defense of the city still held themselves firmly, but it seemed that slowly and steadily, the numerical superiority would grind them down.

He knew. It was the end for him. His last battle. His final thoughts. His last act as a living being.

Thinking about this churned his stomach. Then a miracle happened. The invading soldier who was preparing to slit his throat looked up to the sky, seeing how a black armored angel-like figure had just sliced in half one of the Wyvern Riders and his mount with a single slice with its massive energy sword.

After the first flying black armored figure's appearance, many followed it and started to hunt down the enemy aerial force with great speed and efficiency using their swords, spells and energy bows. The Captain began to smirk and used this opportunity to stab the invading soldier in his neck with his weapon, slicing through his artery and making him choke on his own blood.

He hastily stood up and continued the fight. Not long after the black armored angel's appearance, enormous undead looking figures appeared in organized rows. They were led by a robed figure.

The armored undead were Death Knights. They were huge creatures equipped with an armor made of black metal with red bloodlines engraved on it. The armor had sharp thorns everywhere and looked like an incarnation of violence. Two demonic horns emerged from the helmet, with the face being visible underneath. It had a disgusting, rotted face whose empty eye sockets were filled with hate and killing intent, glowing with a pulsing red light.

In its left hand, it held a tower shield that covered three-fourths of its body and in its right hand a serrated sword. The sword was nearly one hundred and thirty centimeters long and coated with waves of terrifying red and black fog, agitating the surrounding air like a constant heartbeat.

Death Knights have two very important special skills. The first is the ability to attract the attacks of an enemy. The second one can be used only once, and allows the knight to always survive one lethal attack as long as it has a certain amount of HP left. Because of these two special skills, the Sorcerer King enjoyed using Death Knights as a shield for his forces.

The robed figure that led them was an Elder Lich. An old and luxurious robe covered its body of rotting skins and bones. It held a twisted staff adorned with gems on its end. Beneath its rotting exterior lay a pair of evil eyes brimming with intelligence. Its aura of negative energy covered its body like a thin fog, giving off a menacing atmosphere.

Seeing the abominations and their quickly failing aerial forces, the invading soldiers started to tremble. The Commander of the invading forces gritted his teeth. "Forward! For the Empire!" he exclaimed while raising his sword and charging with his horse into the battle. His soldiers followed behind him.

As the black armored angel looking creatures, who had black and white energy wings, finished with the massacre of the Wyvern riders and joined the ground forces, all of them equipped their respective weapons. Swords, energy based bows, and magic, they started to march towards the invading force. Closing in on them from all three sides.

Needless to say, the invading soldiers were trembling at seeing the terrifying creatures marching towards them in a calm manner and organized rows. It was like a well-oiled machine at work. The massacre happened in a synchronized manner. As the enemy soldiers charged towards them, the creatures raised their weapons and simply cut them up or used their ranged attacks to completely annihilate them. Despite this, as proud soldiers of the Empire, they continued their attack. The enemy had lesser numbers than them. But it seemed that in spite of their numerical superiority, they were powerless against the newly appeared creatures. The terrifying creatures were not even bothered by their assault. The huge Death Knights simply brushed it off with their massive tower shields. Slicing them up immediately afterward. The winged creatures tried to use their swords and ranged attacks to destroy the invading force.

Only a few of them managed to fly back where they came from before another large black armored angel like creature and a huge ten-meter tall undead appeared from underground and blocked the way back. The invading forces were surrounded. Cut off from their reinforcements they were helpless. It was not a battle. After the arrival of the strange, horrifying monsters, it was not a fight. It was a massacre.

Strange ghost like creatures started to kidnap their soldiers one by one and the attacking army soldiers that were killed by the armored undead knights began to rise again as low-level zombies.

Startled by the defense force of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the Legate of the invading force fell from his horse. He looked around and gritted his teeth. There was no hope. There was only death around them. "What have we brought upon the Empire?" he murmured in a terrified tone.

Suddenly he felt one of the wraith-like beings grab his leg and start to pull him away.

Scene Change: Office of the Sorcerer King:

In the big office. Behind his expensive looking wooden desk, sat a robed figure. He had the appearance of an Overlord, an undead skeletal creature who was devoid of skin and flesh. He wore an elaborate, jet-black academic gown adorned with gold and violet edges. He had a dark red glow inside the empty eye sockets, and a dark halo-like object glimmered behind his head.

His office floor was black marble covered by a red carpet that was laid upon it. Several paintings were hung on the walls of his room.

In the current scene, he reviewed the reports that came from all around his Kingdom. Of course, he could have left all of this to his subordinates. But he liked to know what was happening in his Kingdom in case he might think of an idea about what needed to be improved.

Suddenly he heard knocking on his door. "Come in," he commanded in his deep characteristic tone.

The door automatically opened as the messenger stepped through the door and bowed deeply. "Ainz-sama. It seems a few invaders have appeared in the capital city."

The messenger was Sebas Tian, Ainz' personal butler. He had the appearance of an elderly butler and he was dressed gracefully in his traditional black uniform. His hair was entirely white, which matched his immaculate beard. He had visible wrinkles on his hollow face, which made him seem gentle in appearance but, his eyes were as sharp as an eagle's.

Ainz nodded. "I am well aware of that Sebas. Call Demiurge, Albedo and my son to my office." The head butler bowed deeply and then left.

As Sebas left, Ainz looked before him and let out a phantom sigh as he wondered about the events. "According to the information that I received through my mental link with my summoned servants, the attackers looked like Roman soldiers from old Earth; it seems they came through some kind of strange Gate." Then he continued to review the reports before him. "This gets better and better. I wonder where that unusual structure leads to?"

As Demiurge and Albedo walked gracefully towards Ainz' office, the two of them discussed the report that they had heard from Sebas.

The previously mentioned Demiurge was an Arch-Devil. He was about 1.8m tall; he was a demon with dark skin and neatly combed black hair. Behind the round glasses were eyes so squinted that they weren't generally visible. Wearing a British suit with a tie, he was dressed like a gentleman. Behind his back trailed a silver tail, covered with metal plates and six long spikes at the end.

Beside him, an impeccable beauty walked gracefully. Albedo was a woman with lustrous, jet-black hair and the face of a goddess. She had golden irises and vertically split pupils; on her left and right temples were two thick horns protruding crookedly, and on her waist were a pair of black angel wings. She wore a pure white dress with silky gloves covering her slender hands and a golden spider web necklace that covered her shoulders and chest.

"Did you read the report?" inquired Demiurge as they walked towards Ainz' office.

Albedo nodded. "Yes, some despicable creatures tried to invade Ainz-sama's capital city. We need to prepare a counterblow and teach those despicable humans the consequences of invading the sanctity of Ainz-sama's domain."

Her tone was completely calm, but Demiurge knew the Guardian Overseer enough to observe her small gestures of rage. The boiling rage inside her was immeasurable if a normal person looked at her face. Her acting was perfect. A normal person surely could not recognize the small omens of her sinister nature.

Demiurge, despite his always cool headed behavior and tactical approach, was infuriated and almost lost his head when he heard the first reports of the attack against the capital city of the Kingdom. Then, when he read the report further and reached the part where the writer of the report spoke about the enemy, he could not do anything but smile smugly about the foolishness of the enemy. "To attack the capital with such a weak force. Truly despicable. Kukuku!"

A few minutes later the two of them reached Ainz' office, and the two Eight Edged Assassins that guarded Ainz' office saluted them. Both of them nodded in response. Demiurge knocked gently.

They heard Ainz' distinctive voice inside of the room. "Come in." The massive double door opened before them automatically. Ainz looked up from the reports. "Ah. Albedo, Demiurge. It is good to see you two. I see Sebas relayed my message."

Both of them bowed gracefully. "We came as fast as we could, Ainz-sama." Ainz nodded.

"Did you get the reports?" inquired Ainz.

"Yes, Ainz-sama. It was an infuriating act against the Sorcerous Kingdom. To attack the capital city and desecrate the sacred ground of the Supreme Beings. Truly sacrilegious."

Ainz raised his hand signaling to Demiurge it was enough. Demiurge stopped in that instant. "What are the casualties?" inquired Ainz.

"According to the reports, the enemy managed to kill a few hundred civilians and most of the present guard unit. After the arrival of the nearby Death Knights and Nephalem Guards, the tide was turned." Ainz saw the satisfied expression on Demiurge's face and nodded.

"Did our forces manage to capture a few of the invaders?"

"Yes, Ainz-sama. Their interrogation is ongoing," replied Demiurge.

"Splendid work," Ainz said, praising them.

The beautiful double door opened behind them and a figure in gray armor that had gold woven into it stormed into the room.

"I came as fast as I could, father!" he had golden slits for pupils, black hair and two black wings sprouted out from under his armor. He looked at those who were present.

"Demiurge? Mother?" They turned towards him. Demiurge bowed deeply. "Beelzebub-sama."

Albedo just smiled at him with a loving expression and nodded her head.

"I assume you got the report from Sebas?" Ainz continued.

"Yes, father. We must organize our troops to prepare for a counter attack!" he kneeled down before his father and King.

Ainz raised his hand. "Rise." Beelzebub rose from his kneeling position.

"We need more information before that. According to Demiurge, we captured a few of them. Until their interrogation is completed. I want a twenty-four hour guard around the Gate. No one gets in or out from the structure. Lock down the space around it so no one can use teleportation magic. Am I clear?"

The three of them nodded in unison. Ainz looked his son. "Beelzebub. I entrust you with the organization of the expedition force. If you need anything, just ask."

"I will do my best, father. May I ask, why me? I've never led an expedition before. I mean sure, I can lead the soldiers into battle as I have in the past, but a full expedition force?" He bowed in a respectful manner.

"Why? Of course, to implement the things that you have learned under Demiurge's and your mother's tutoring. You will be the King of the Kingdom one day. You need experience."

"I see, father. Thank you."

Ainz nodded then looked to Demiurge. "Demiurge. Help him with the planning."

"As you wish, Ainz-sama."

"Now leave." The three of them bowed deeply then left.

But before Ainz' son could leave, Ainz called out to him, "Beelzebub, a moment, please."

Beelzebub turned back and looked at his father. Then back to his mother. Albedo nodded for him signing, it is okay. As Demiurge and Albedo left the room, the massive double door closed behind them.

"Yes, father. What do you need from me?"

"I would like to ask you to take your aunt with you." relayed Ainz.

"May I ask, why do you want to send your enforcer through that structure? What if something happens while we are away?" inquired Ainz' son.

"It is very unlikely. Besides that, I made the necessary precautions against every possible scenario. And you need a good bodyguard." Ainz assured him.

"Do I tell her about the new assignment or do you want to personally relay it to her?"

"Hmm. It is your expedition, after all. You will be the one who tells her about it."

"Father? You are not telling me something, are you?" Beelzebub glared at his father.

Ainz hummed. "Hmm. Maybe I made her a little mad last time. And she is too perky. She gets on my nerves."

"Again?! What did you do this time, father?" Beelzebub said in an angered tone.

"Go find out for yourself." Ainz chuckled.

Beelzebub sighed. "You just made my work a lot harder than I expected, father."

"Without hardship, there is no improvement." Ainz poured his wisdom towards his son in a pleased tone. "Now leave." Beelzebub sighed, then bowed deeply and left.

Scene Change: Training Fields:

Two warriors stood face to face with each other. One of them was an insectoid with an enormous body size of 2.5m. It had the appearance of an insect walking on two feet - a fusion between a mantis and an ant.

With a tail twice as long as his height, the creature was covered with sharp spikes that resembled icicles and had a strong jaw that could easily snap people's hands. Normally, two of his hands held a silver halberd, while the remaining two hands held a mace emitting black light and a crookedly shaped sheath which seemed to be for a broadsword.

The previously mentioned gear was his usual weapon load out. Right now he held four heavily enchanted katanas in his four hands. With a breath-taking cold air, the pale blue, hardened bone armor oozed out diamond dust like bright light. His shoulders and back looked like uplifted icebergs.

He was Cocytus, the guardian of the Fifth Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, and overseer of the Demi-human races in the Kingdom.

In front of him stood a slender white-haired girl who did not look more than 17 years old. She had heteromorphic eyes with black sclera. One of her eye pupils was blood red colored with red veins in the sclera, and the other was completely white with a barely recognizable white pupil.

She wore a heavily militarized white outfit with a military cap that was adorned with the symbol of the Guild: Ainz Ooal Gown. She wore white gloves on her hands adorned with magical pentagrams with several runes around and inside of them.

She was Esdeath Gorgon, the enforcer of the Sorcerer King. She held a black katana in her hand which emitted a dreadful white aura while black lightning danced around the blade.

She and Cocytus had just held their weekly practice in the training fields. The meaning of their practice was to keep themselves in shape and fight the boredom that always pursued Esdeath since there was nothing more to explore, nor any enemy in the Kingdom. Of course, they only used sword based techniques during their spars to make it more enjoyable.

Besides the large amount of paperwork that Ainz threw at Esdeath on a daily basis and her magical and scientific research, there were also the parties which she always had to attend when there was no one else around. She really hated such fancy things like parties. The other reason why she hated such things was because she had to dress up in something equally unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear to the parties themselves.

The practice had already been ongoing for the last few hours.

As the cyan colored insectoid warrior and the white haired enforcer charged towards each other, they seemed to be blurring in and out of existence because of their incomprehensible speed.

Despite Cocytus great stature, he was faster than the human eye could follow. As they blurred in an out of existence, both of them struck their blades against each other with great strength, causing wind to blow around them and craters under their feet appeared because of the tremendous force that resulted from their vicious clashes.

As Cocytus used his combined four blades to overpower the white haired girl, she held her black katana firmly, grabbing its handle with her two hands while she gritted her teeth.

She successfully blocked the strike, pushing back Cocytus and countering it with an upper blow. The cyan warrior answered this using the two blades he held in his right hands and made a horizontal slicing move.

Countering this, Esdeath back flipped away from the two blades as Cocytus followed with a horizontal strike with his right blades. As she realized what Cocytus was about to do, she changed her direction in the middle of her flip, barely avoiding the two heavily enchanted blades.

As she reached the ground, the white-haired enforcer grabbed her sword in two hands and made a rapid stabbing move. Cocytus countered by crossing two of his swords and using his other two blades to slice his opponent in half.

Before the blades could collide with the petite girl, she smirked and blurred out of existence. Cocytus lost her for a moment then he felt a blade touch his cyan colored exoskeleton in his back. "I. Forfeit." He announced as he breathed out a gust of cold breath.

His sparring partner lowered her blade. Cocytus turned around. "It was a good match, Cocytus-san. I hope we can do it again next week." She tilted her head while saying this.

Cocytus nodded while chuckling. "Kukuku. Indeed. It. Was. An. Enjoyable. Match. Esdeath-sama."

As they congratulated each other, they heard a clapping sound on the practice field. The two of them turned towards it and saw the approaching gray armored figure. It was Beelzebub, the son of Ainz Ooal Gown.

"Ah, Beelzebub. What a surprise." said Esdeath cheerfully.

Cocytus bowed slightly. "Beelzebub-sama."

He nodded his head as he looked at them. "Aunt, Cocytus. It was a beautiful match."

"It would be if we did not slack off in the end." mentioned Esdeath as she glared to Cocytus.

Cocytus nodded. "Indeed."

She looked at the gray armored figure. "Do you need some practice Beelzebub? We are up for it if you want some. Or do you want to learn something new?"

"No, I am afraid the time is not suitable for such a thing. Maybe next time. I came here to ask for your help."

"My help? Why do you need my help?" inquired Esdeath.

"I assume you heard about the invading force and the strange structure that appeared in the main square of the capital?"

"Yeah. I read the reports, and through my summons, I got the information. What about them? Besides their coordinated attack, the attacking forces were nothing remarkable."

"I am here to ask you to be part of the exploration force." Ainz' son bowed his head slightly.

"So the old bones wants to get rid of me for a while." Murmured Esdeath in a sarcastic manner as she looked off to the side.

"If I may ask? What did my father do this time?" Asked Beelzebub. Cocytus turned to the white-haired enforcer being curious about the matter.

"He did the most terrible thing to me that you can imagine…" she trembled because of her rage.

Cocytus and Beelzebub looked at her with wide eyes. Esdeath clenched her trembling fist as she raised it before herself.

"H-He just ordered the maids to change my coffee supply to the type that I despise!" She said in a disgusted manner.

Beelzebub and Cocytus looked at each other nervously. "… Unforgivable act against the sanctity of my coffee supply."

Beelzebub sighed. "That's all? Seriously Aunt, you need to ease off with the coffee. It's made you an addict."

Esdeath overacted and pointed to the gray-armored man. "That's treachery against the might of the coffee gods! Apologize this instant! Or fear the wrath of the coffee monster!"

"Ahhh... This is why you have not found a husband." he sighed.

Esdeath pouted her face like an offended child "As if I needed such a thing as marriage. It is a prison. I don't like to be bound to anyone or anything. It was bad enough when Albedo, your sister and Ainz tried to select a groom for me. But you too, Beelzebub?! I am deeply hurt." She teased her nephew.

"Aside from that, will you help me?" inquired her demon nephew.

Esdeath smirked. "Of course, my little nephew. Your great Aunt is always here if you need help."

Beelzebub smiled and nodded. "Thank you."

"When do we leave?"

"As soon as the expedition force is assembled." He replied.

Esdeath smirked wildly. "Splendid! I can't wait for our little adventure! You don't know how long I've been waiting for an opportunity like this."

Scene Change: capital of the Sorcerous Kingdom: Two and a half weeks later:

Thanks to the advanced military and economic infrastructure of the Sorcerous Kingdom, it took only two and a half weeks to organize a full exploration force. The exploration force contained thousands of summoned creatures that Esdeath and Ainz had summoned using their special skills. Mostly Death Knights with Soul Eaters and Nephalem Guards.

In addition to this were ten thousand regular troops with cavalry. These soldiers were mostly humans. But you could find amongst them quite a few dwarves, elves, and other humanoid races. Besides this, one thousand of the kingdom's magic casters, one thousand Beastman troops, and five hundred griffin riders. Many adventurer parties joined as well to act as backup. Beelzebub decided to keep half of them to guard this side of the strange Gate from a fortified position.

These numbers did not include the golems and undead that they would bring with themselves as a labor force.

The invisible scouting forces that they sent through the Gate had already arrived back and reported to their superiors. According to them, a big army was waiting for them on the other side of the Gate.

As the fully armored Beelzebub Ooal Gown inspected the expedition force while having doubts, he looked to his Aunt who stood beside him. She wore her regular white military uniform with her cap and her usual smirking expression.

"Say something to them, kid! They're all waiting for you." She patted her nephew's back.

Beelzebub took a deep breath and started his speech. "Two and half weeks ago an invading force attempted to ravage our home. Killing and kidnapping numerous innocent civilians and soldiers who were just doing their duty."

Murmurs could be heard among the masses. Beelzebub was silent for a moment, then continued his speech. "Today, we will step through this Gate and show those who dared to defile the Sorcerer King's lands with innocent blood, how terrible a mistake they made! The might of the Sorcerous Kingdom will strike them down without mercy!" he pointed to the structure.

The masses started to cheer. Beelzebub motioned for them to be silent. He then continued, "As of today, those who dared to disturb the peace that we have all enjoyed under the long years of my father's reign will soon learn not to mess with the forty-one headed dragon!"

Everyone cheered in unison. Beelzebub turned to face the huge Gate and gulped. He was a little afraid, knowing only from the reports what will await them on the other side of the strange Gate.

Esdeath pushed him forward. "Go, commander. Show us the way." She smirked.

And with that, Beelzebub Ooal Gown, the first son of the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown, took his first step across the borderline of the Gate followed by Esdeath, the Enforcer of the Sorcerer King and the full might of the Sorcerous Kingdom's expedition force. Their campaign started that day.


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