Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

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CHAPTER 2: War, war never changes

A man in his thirties with a neatly trimmed brown mustache and beard leaned over the tactical map of the Hill. He was General Atticus Cassius Cyprian. This man was the commander of the expedition force that was set up quickly by the order of Emperor Molt Sol Augustus right after he and the Senate received the news about the Gate's appearance on the Hill.

The commander of the expedition force, Cassius by name, gained the leadership position due to his battle and command experience and because he was a highborn noble in the Empire. Also because of his strong family connections in the Senate.

Of course, despite his marital status, he worked hard to earn this position. As his wise father always said, "Do not rely on your wealth and family status son, because you can lose everything at any moment." He carved this advice into his head and lived according to this in all aspects of his life. He had a beautiful wife and two children, a girl and a boy, along with wealth and a high position. Everything that a man could wish for.

The Senate and the Emperor gave him a sizable expedition force to invade the other side of the Gate and link them to the Empire. Further strengthening the might of his country and bringing glory to his family and his country's name.

He drank a sizable sip from his golden goblet that he placed beside the tactical map after he finished drinking from it.

He could not predict what will be waiting for his men on the other side of the structure. Who could? He only hoped the enemy forces would be weaker than the force which he sent forward. If his troops managed to secure an outpost on the other side and build strong defenses around the structure on the other side, that would make his work a lot easier.

Suddenly, one of his messengers stepped into the command tent. "General Cassius! Sir! Some of our soldiers came back from the other side."

Cassius pondered for a moment. "Strange. They crossed the gate about two hours ago. My troops managed to secure the other side in such a short amount of time?"

"Our forces managed to secure the other side in such a short amount of time?" he asked.

The light armored messenger bowed his head. "No, sir. I am afraid not. Those few survivors who managed to come back spoke about some kind of monsters on the other side. They barely managed to escape from them and according to the healers they had to restrain them before the survivors could harm themselves."

The General looked to his soldier with an angry expression. "What?! I am not in the mood for jokes soldier! You better not try your chances with me."

The messenger gulped, and sweat ran down his face. "I-I am not joking, General. I swear! I-I just relayed the message to you. If you want to speak with the survivors, they are in the care of our healers."

The General, feeling the honesty from his soldiers words, nodded. "Thank you. You can go now. Tell the healers I'll see them and the survivors later."

The messenger saluted to his General and left the command tent. "Alas", the General sighed. . "And just when I thought this would go smoothly."

A few hours later the General finished his meeting with his Legates whom he had called due to the news of their defeat on the other side. Before the meeting, he had walked down to the medical wing of his encampment and personally questioned the surviving soldiers.

All of them were in a hysterical condition as the messenger had reported and wanted to either flee away from the battlefield as fast as they could or commit suicide, despite that being treason towards their country.

All of them spoke about some kind of armored skeletons and black armored demons on the other side. Of course, when they first arrived on the other side, it seemed that everything was normal and all that the Legate found was a small defense force that their numerical superiority quickly overpowered.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, those armored demons with their impenetrable armor and dreadful magic weapons arrived. Of course, they managed to bring back around seventy slaves from the other side. But after the arrival of the demons, everything turned into a living nightmare. The creatures massacred the veteran soldiers of the Empire without mercy, without remorse, without regret.

Seeing his soldiers' state, he decided the best course of action would be to strengthen their defenses on this side until further orders arrived from the Emperor and the Senate. He had sent a whole legion and a fifth of the expeditions Wyvern rider forces as a vanguard to the other side. Yet, only around fifty of them had returned. During the process, all of them had lost their minds.

Seeing no other real option, he decided the best case scenario was to strengthen the defenses on this side, not allowing those 'demons' to capture the Hill and with it suffer the lose of their remaining advantages. If the enemy managed to gain a foothold on the Hill, that would be catastrophic to the future of the Empire.

General Cassius was not arrogant like other citizens of the Empire. No. He knew. The Empire was not invulnerable. If even a little bit of what the fleeing soldiers had told him was true, the Empire had just poked a sleeping dragon.

After the Legates and the General finished their meeting, the officials of the expeditions army went back to their legions to relay the commander of the expedition force's orders. There was no time to hesitate.

Scene Change: Two and a half weeks later:

Numerous figures walked in the seemingly endless dark. Every step echoed through the infinite darkness as the numbers marched forward to their destination. From their boots' echoes, you could explicitly say it was a whole army which was marching towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

The movement was led by black, spiked armored undead who held tower shields and a massive sword in their hand. Of course, amongst them were numerous, though not as bulky and tall, skeletal armored figures holding enchanted weapons.

Behind them were black armored tall figures with energy wings and closed helmets who held either two handed swords or two one-handed weapons constructed from pure aether energy in each of their hands. The black armored figures almost looked like the angels from the Diablo series with their closed faced helmets.

After these creatures came the undead cavalry marching on their dreadful horses. The horses which the undead knights rode on were not regular ones, but Soul Eaters. (Soul Eaters are skeletal horses with an aura that shines a light from their chest.)

A Soul Eater has a broad range of attack skills, and it can receive a temporary powerup buff for killing its target, making it hard to defeat. It is an undead with area-affecting abilities. The Soul Eaters could consume the souls of the deceased for sustenance and grow stronger with each new soul they ate. The creatures radiated an aura of fear. Without at least a 3rd-tier magic caster, even facing them was impossible.

Behind the cavalry were heavy plated soldiers in all shapes, sizes and from various races holding different weapons. Shields with short swords. Massive two handed halberds, claymores, and many other weapons hung from their sides and backs. Amongst them were brutish looking Beastman soldiers, elves who specialized in close quarter combat, Lizardman, dwarves, goblins, etc.

The Sorcerous Kingdom did not despise any race. Instead, Ainz brought them together while allowing them to keep their own culture and traditions. The Sorcerer King only used drastic methods to change a race's way of life when he saw they were trying to force other cultures to live by their way or had traditions that went against the Kingdom's policy about equality between the races and advancement through the ranks by way of hard work.

For example, The Baharuth Empire was a country that had a history where slavery was commonly practiced as a tradition and business. After the country became the Sorcerous Kingdom's vassal state, the Sorcerer King banned slavery altogether from the country immediately. Another example was the prohibition of eating humanoid citizens of the Kingdom. This mostly affected the demi-human and heteromorphic races of the Kingdom. Beastmen, goblins, ogres, etc.

Continuing the army's composition after this little side story...

The cavalry was followed by the archer and the robed mage units. The archers were mostly elves due to their race's natural talent with ranged weapons. But you could find crossbow bearing dwarves and Beastman amongst their ranks who carried many huge javelins on their backs.

The magic caster unit of the expedition force was mostly composed of humans, elves, and goblin magic casters. Of course, amongst them, there were a few black-robed Elder Liches who led the magic caster units. The Liches were either naturally spawned undead or created by Ainz himself.

After the magic casters, the same black armor wearing winged angelic creatures who armed themselves with energy bows and other ranged weapons marched forward in the tunnel. From the black face of their closed helmet eyeholes, white, brightly shining eyes stared forward into the darkness.

The end of the marching army was closed by the Griffin Riders and the Adventurer Parties who voluntarily signed onto the expedition. The adventurer's gear was not uniform due to the nature of their work. The different parties wore various high-grade equipment made up of light, medium or heavy armor. They marched in the back due to their worth on the battlefield and the tasks that the parties will be used for later when the expedition force built a foothold on the other side.

This was the army. The attacking force was followed by numerous massive golems and slowly marching skeleton workers used by the Sorcerous Kingdom its labor work in various situations. In the dark tunnel, the magic casters of the kingdom provided light by using their [Continuous Light] spell which was one of the first spells that every one of them learned in the Kingdom's Academy of Magic.

The expedition army marched through the black tunnel in only a couple of minutes. In the front line of the military walked two figures surrounded by Death Knights and Nephalem Guards. One of them was a young girl who wore a white militarized uniform with a long coat that seemingly was a mix between a lab coat and a trench coat and an inscription was written on the back of it in Kanji. The translation of the writing was 'Enforcer.'

Beside her walked a young looking man in gray armor which was engraved with golden symbols. From the sides of his head, two demonic horns curled forward and looked just like his mother's. The young man inherited his mother's positively beautiful features. In another word, he was lady killer handsome. He was Beelzebub Ooal Gown, the Commander of the first expedition force and the first son of the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown.

The young looking girl sniffed the air like a predator sniffed out her prey and started to smirk as she began to speak to her nephew.

"Well kid, I feel the fresh air and the enemy forces from the end of the tunnel. Are you ready for some fun?" asked the young looking girl while she smirked.

Beelzebub nodded. "Yes, aunt, I am ready. Are you sure we brought enough force in this expedition?" her nephew asked as he turned his head towards her.

"Sush. How should I know little one? I am only here to keep you out of trouble and of course to have fun. Whatever army is waiting for us on the other side, we will endure. No matter what. As the saying goes, you either break under pressure or adapt to it and become stronger. How many times do I have to tell you! Don't call me aunt, it makes me feel old."

Beelzebub sighed. "You are very confident in this, aunt. Where does your confidence come from?"

"As I said, don't call me aunt!

"Sorry…." Beelzebub lowered his head shamefully.

"Answering your other question. I dunno… Maybe my slight insanity and hunger for challenges?"

The gray-armored figure smiled as he turned his head towards his aunt. "You never change do you?"

The girl smiled. "Why should I? Everyone loves the cute little monster that I am!" she pointed to the two sides of her face while smiling and turned her head towards her nephew.

Beelzebub just chuckled at his aunt's behavior. He knew her well enough not to try to change her. She maybe acted like a child at times, but the young looking girl always kept in mind the interests of the kingdom before her own.

Beelzebub looked forward as he spotted a faint of light from the corner of his eye. "Prepare yourselves!" he relayed his command. The messenger mages beside them sent his commands and the tower shield bearing creatures prepared their weapons.

After five minutes the first spiky armored Death Knight stepped out from the structure.

Meanwhile back in the Saderan Empire's camp near the Gate:

Everything had been going fine during the last few weeks. Of course, the General sent through a few more scouts, but none of them ever came back. So he used his forces to construct a defensive line around the massive structure preparing for the worst case scenario.

Surprisingly, that terrifying enemy did not send any retaliatory forces against them and the soldiers of the Empire managed to build up quite a decent defensive stand around the Gate.

The Emperor and the Senate even recalled two-fifths of his expedition force to another front and left what remained of his troops under his command to hold the line just in case of the enemy appearing from the darkness of the structure.

As Cassius ate his lunch that consisted of finely roasted meats, eggs, cheese, various fruits, bread and the finest wine that you could find in the Saderan Empire, one of his soldiers stormed into his tent without warning.

"General! Sir! Enemy soldiers appeared from the structure! What're your orders?"

Cassius put down the meat from his hand and wiped away the leftover juices from his mouth with his towel and stood up. "Rally the soldiers. Take the defensive position and wait for further orders. I want all Wyvern riders readied in the worst case scenario."

The legionnaire saluted. "Yes, sir!" Then he left to relay the order.

The General grabbed his high-quality cape and put it on his back. "It took quite a long time for them to send forces against us. I wonder how our enemy looks."

His forces quickly stood up behind their defensive positions. Trenches and wooden spikes closed the vital choke points where the enemy could break out from their ring. The soldiers of the Empire stood in turtle formations, and numerous large and muscular humanoids with gray, green, or purplish skin and pig/ape-like faces held firm the points of the battlefield where their aggressive nature could be used in the best way. The ugly looking creatures were Goblins. Although many people referred to them as Orcs or Trolls.

In the back lines, numerous mages from Rondel stood. Rondel was the city of mages and the home of the Magic Academy. The mages volunteered for the expedition and in exchange the Empire promised to finance every mage's research and support their studies.

The siege weapons and the Scorpion arrow throwers were in position, fully loaded while the Wyvern riders and their Wyverns rested on the ground waiting for the command to throw themselves into battle.

Everyone waited patiently in position for the enemy's first move. The first enemies who stepped out from the darkness of the structure were massive bulky figures with black armor and a tower shield in their hand.

Due to the distance, no one saw the bulky, tall figures' terrifying rotten faces. The enemy forces continued their march and positioned themselves in regimented rows. They were followed by tall, broad black armored figures and soldiers of various sizes and races.

Cassius did not want to send his men to their death without reason. He ordered them to wait until further orders. The attacking army seemed less in numbers than his own. If you looked at their numbers, his forces outnumbered the invading force by a large margin.

At first glance, the forces that appeared from the massive gate could not be counted more than 20,000 persons. But he was not stupid. The enemy soldiers seemed to wear sturdy armor with oversized weapons, and he saw numerous robed figures amongst their ranks.

The robed figures were most likely mages, and he knew well enough how dangerous a mage could be towards his simple soldiers. With a small mage squad, a clever commander could turn the tide of a seemingly lost battle.

Seeing the enemy troops' terrifying spiked black armor and the seemingly skeletal horses which they rode on, the rookie soldiers in the expedition force started to tremble. The veterans who had experienced many battles just steeled themselves, thinking that the invading force only wore skeletal masks. The terrifying looking black spiky armor and their mounts masquerading as skeletal horses was an act of psychological warfare.

It was commonly used by every nation in Falmart. Even in the Empire, using various methods to discourage the attacking army and force them to retreat or intimidating the defenders to give up their positions was the best way to win a battle without casualties. Every commander and veteran soldier knew it.

The invading force finished the arrangement of their lines. The bulky black armored figures opened a path in the middle of the army. All of them moved like some kind of puppeteer controlled them.

From the opening, two persons escorted by similar black armored figures behind their back walked towards the front of the invading force. It seemed the two of them were either the enemy force's top warriors or the commanders of the army.

As they left the army behind, the opening automatically closed behind their back. The pressure just grew and grew on the soldiers of the Empire. Waiting for the enemy to attack was really nerve-racking. Even for the veteran soldiers.

But, to keep their defensive position and advantage, none of them moved. A lot of those amongst them did not understand why the General didn't just overpower them with the sheer numbers of their forces. Most of the soldiers thought the enemy was just a bunch of barbarians and didn't have a chance against the highly trained forces of the Empire.

But it was not their place to question General Cassius' orders. The order was relayed, and they would follow. It was no accident that the military leadership existed. Without it, everything would fall into chaos on the battlefield.

The white haired individual turned to the gray-armored man who from his looks wore some kind of strange horned head garment.

"Kid. Here they are." The white haired girl indicated with her hand the enemy army that had already taken a defensive position.

The young soldier and heir stepped forward. "Then we will start the charge!"

Esdeath put her hand on his shoulder. "Kid. Don't you want to relay a message to them before you blindly charge into the battle?"

The gray-armored figure turned back to his aunt with a dumbfounded expression. "Why would I relay a message towards them? They are the enemy." inquired Beelzebub.

His aunt sighed. "Kid. Now it actually seems that you only attacked the enemy blindly without any negotiations in the few battles that you have participated in before. You know the rules of war, don't you?"

He nodded. "Yes, Demiurge taught me about them. But the enemy seems to be weak. Why don't we just slaughter them? Our forces are more than enough to do it."

Esdeath rubbed her eyes in an exhausted motion. "Then let me give you some advice before you charge into the unknown. You are here to gain experience after all. If you die your father will surely manage to make my life miserable. That was your first lesson. Here's the next: Good Captains never come to an engagement unless necessity compels them, or the opportunity calls them."

Beelzebub turned towards the white haired girl and asked, "Then, what is your advice?"

Esdeath turned her face back towards the army. "As I said. Relay a message to them. Make them understand. If they fight, they will die. No one likes the waste of precious resources in war. That only leads to defeat."

The young heir turned his face towards the enemy and reached into his personal storage. A black void swallowed his hand and from it, he equipped an item. It resembled a brooch. The item was a projector that, when activated, projected the wearer's image into the sky.

"Don't forget to equip the translator item that I gave you. The enemy speaks some kind of foreign language. We don't want your speech be in vain, do we?"

Beelzebub nodded and reached again into his void storage. From it, he pulled out a golden necklace. It was a unique item that was enchanted by [Greater Arcane Language]. The enchantment was very rare because only Esdeath could enchant items with such high-grade magic due to her Knight Enchanter job class.

The items enchanted by her were worth quite a sum in the kingdom. As Beelzebub equipped the item, he felt the enchantment activate, and he understood every possible language.

He stepped forward and activated the [Projector Brooch]. His image automatically appeared in the heavens.

"Listen well, commander of the enemy forces!" everyone on the battlefield heard his voice and looked up to the sky where his projection appeared. Everyones eyes widened as they saw his face. He was quite handsome in human standard, but instead of normal pupils, he had two vertically split yellow ones. He had spiky black hair (like Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series) on his left and right temples were two thick horns protruding crookedly. He inherited this, like many more things, from his mother.

Cassius walked closer to the edge of the hill where his tent stood and listened to the young looking man carefully. The rookie soldiers were terrified seeing his pupils and horns. The veteran soldiers amongst them thought this was some kind of trick to intimidate them.

"D-Demon..." Many troops in the Empire's army stuttered.

The demonic figure continued his speech. "I am Beelzebub Ooal Gown. First son of the Sorcerer-King, Ainz Ooal Gown and Crown Prince of the Sorcerous Kingdom." He introduced himself.

"Now this is interesting. I don't think he is a demon. But who knows. If the things are true what my fleeing subordinates said, there might be demons on the other side. And Sorcerer King? Their ruler must be a strong mage to use this title."

"Your forces invaded the Sorcerous Kingdom, killed and kidnapped numerous innocent civilians. You did this as an act of war. Without any warning or any good reason."

The General listened to the young man's speech with a great interest.

"For this, we came to take revenge for our dead. But we are not barbarians as many of you might think about us. So we offer you a chance."

"A chance?" wondered Cassius.

"Either you put down your weapons and send a negotiator to negotiate a deal about the Kingdom's compensation and the release of our kidnapped citizens. Or you will face the full wrath of the Sorcerer King himself. He will rain down upon your Empire death and destruction because he is the personification of death himself. Surrender or none of you survive. None of you will live to see another day."

Cassius felt something was not right with that army and that boy. They emitted a strange kind of bad vibe towards them.

"I give you an hour to decide. After that, we will commence our movement." With that, the young man's projection disappeared from the heavens.

Cassius considered his options. If he surrenders or tries to negotiate with the enemy that would be considered treason against the Empire, involving immediate execution on the spot.

If he attacks them, the chance of peace will most likely be forever lost. There was no other way. Either victory or defeat. Emperor Molt does not tolerate failure under his reign after all. All who had failed in the past had been executed.

He turned to the man beside him who held two small signaling flags in his hand and a few more in his belt pockets.

"Signal the siege forces to prepare their equipment for a long range bombardment. The forward cohorts take defensive positions, and behind them, the archers line up. Besides this, have all of our wyvern riders prepare for an aerial assault. They have forty minutes."

The man beside him nodded and started to relay the message.

After approximately fifty minutes everything was ready. The Empire's army prepared itself from behind its fortified defensive positions.

"Well, they take advantage of their time. That's for sure." The one who spoke was Esdeath.

Beelzebub nodded. "I don't like the look of this. Would it not have been simpler for you to use one of your abilities, aunt?"

"Sush. If we, your father and I, do everything instead of you or the people of the Kingdom, how could you possibly grow?"

"Right…" the young heir said in an uneasy tone as he inspected the enemy troops in the distance.

"Look, it seems they are trying to bombard us with siege equipment." She pointed happily to the burning pebbles that flew towards them. "What will you do, commander?" she tilted her head playfully.

"Mages of the Kingdom. Raise the shields!" The defensive branch of the magic casters cast their defensive magic and created an invisible magical barrier in front of the army.

The numerous burning rocks collided with the magic shield and were stopped. None breached the protection, but it slightly weakened the barrier. After all, regular mages in the Kingdom could only use tier three magic.

"Shield squad! Advance!" ordered Beelzebub. The undead who positioned themselves in the front lines slowly started to advance while raising their tower shields in a defensive position.

Esdeath gave a mental command to her summons. The close quarter Nephalem guards started a steady advancement towards the enemy position. The ground trembled under their seemingly synchronized march.

The flesh and blood forces were left behind as a backup, just in case they were needed.

The scorpions, trebuchets, and catapults continued their bombardment towards the advancing unit. The summoned creatures reached the line where the archers could reach them.

"Stretch the string." The Legion archers pulled their bow strings as the appointed officer gave the command. "Release!" The sky darkened for a moment as thousands of arrows rained down upon the attacking creatures.

"Mages of Rondel! Rain death onto them!" the mages started to bombard the advancing enemy.

The monsters were not bothered by the rain of arrows or the weak spells raining down on them. The marching skeleton knights simply raised their massive tower shields to protect themselves from the rain of death. The Death Knights were creatures around level 35. Although their attack power was only equal to a level 25 NPC, the creature's defense was higher. It was equal to a level 40 NPC.

Of course, a few mere skeleton soldiers fell under the assault. It was an acceptable loss. After all, they were automatically spawned in Nazarick, and they respawned without cost.

The advancing invaders just came closer and closer with every moment. "First cohort! Advance!"

The first cohort started to push back when the enemy stepped across the border line where their siege equipment and the archers could rain arrows on them without risking their own men's lives.

The Legion soldier's eyes widened, and a chill ran down on their spines. Seeing the attackers from up close, the soldiers realized it was not a mask or a helmet that the shield bearer attackers wore. It was their face.

The creatures were huge. Equipped with armor made of black metal with red bloodlines engraved on it, the armor had sharp thorns everywhere and looked like an incarnation of violence. Two demonic horns emerged from the helmet, with the face being visible underneath. It had a disgusting, rotted face whose empty eye sockets were filled with hate and killing intent, glowing with a pulsing red light.

Seeing the enemy up close made even the most experienced veteran soldiers in the Legion tremble. Those empty, hateful eyes only promised one thing: Death and destruction to anyone who stands between them and their objective.

The creatures were not bothered by the defenses which the Empire's army had constructed through great effort. The enemy simply stepped across them or just cut down the temporary wooden spikes around the defensive line.

The creatures' continuous march finally reached the first cohorts in the forefront. The trembling soldiers of the empire could barely hold their rectangle shaped shields due to their shaking hands.

The Death Knights raised their huge serrated swords and struck down the Legion soldiers.

The weak defensive equipment of the empire's soldiers could not possibly protect them from the horrifying creatures. The creatures easily cut in half the first line like a hot knife through butter, immediately killing everyone in the process and raising them as low-level zombies right after that.

Cassius gritted his teeth seeing his quickly falling forces. "Send in the Wyvern riders!" he commanded the flag bearing soldier beside him. The person beside him relayed the message to the Wyvern riders who automatically started the counter attack.

The riders approached the enemy from the air, but before they could strike or use their special mount attack, the aerial forces of the empire were countered.

The black armored, strange, magical sword bearing tall and broad creatures sprouted their wings and flapped them them a few times, raising them into the sky. They clashed with the Wyvern riders, cutting down many of them in the first few minutes. After this, they began to fall towards the ground, seemingly with accelerating speed. The creatures aimed at the archer and mage forces under them.

As the Wyvern riders only watched dumbfounded the unnatural act of the most unusual flying creatures, they did not recognize the enemy aerial forces approaching them with increasing speed. When the Wyvern riders realized what was happening, it was already too late. The first Griffin rider had already reached them.

It seemed to be the commander of the Griffin Knights of the Sorcerer Kingdom approaching. A dwarf with unbreakable resolve who held two huge and cumbersome one handed enchanted maces in each of his hands and wore exquisite golden armor that was adorned with his people's runic symbols. He was Magni Ironbeard, the commander of the Griffin Knights.

"Let's show these lads what it means to mess with the Sorcerous Kingdom!"

Behind him, his fellow Griffin riders cheered and clashed with the enemy. It was not a fight in the air. It was a massacre. One after another, the Wyverns started to fall towards the ground, barely killing anyone from the highly trained Griffin Knights.

Below them, an organized slaughter was conducted by the Death Knights, the skeleton soldiers, and the Nephalem Guards. The winged creatures just crashed through the middle of the mage and ranged forces of the Saderan Empire.

The mages of the Empire, seeing the rapidly descending angel like creatures, turned towards them and used their magic to bombard the falling monsters.

The archers did the same, but it was without avail. The black armored Nephalem Guards just elegantly parried the projectiles in mid-air or did not bother with the projectiles at all.

The unique armor that was part of their body protected them from such weak unenhanced items after all. The dimming eyes under the closed helmets only promised destruction to the enemy.

As the Guardians collided with the masses, every one of them left a big crater in their wake, killing numerous ranged fighters in the process and destroying most of the siege equipment at the same time. The soldiers around them were completely terrified and tried to flee from the creatures' immediate area.

The black armored figures just grabbed their own close quarter weapons and started their massacre on the ground like a well-oiled machine. There was no mercy. There was no escape. There was the only bloodshed and severed body parts flung all over the battlefield.

The orcs did not fare well either. They were systematically annihilated by the Undead Knights and the heavy armored Beastman soldiers. The orcs wild nature did not help them at all against the cold killing machines of the Sorcerous Kingdom and the berserkers of the Beastman province.

None of the Death Knights or black armored angelic figures fell in the battle.

After them, behind the wall of skeletal Knights, the ranged units of the Sorcerous Kingdom arrived. Numerous magic casters from various races, archers, crossbow using dwarves and javelin carrying Beastman soldiers marched in multiple organized rows. The mages were led by black robed Elder Liches and the ranged units by the High Ranked Nephalem Legates. As the long ranged units reached the appropriate range, they stopped and started to rain death upon their enemies.

Cassius, seeing his hastily failing forces, gritted his teeth. But he knew what will happen if he ordered a retreat. He and his family would be executed. There was no other way but to continue going forward.

He turned to the messenger beside him. "Send in the reserves and the cavalry."

The soldier beside him relayed his orders using the small flags which he held in his hands.

The ground started to tremble as the Empire's cavalry charged out of the woods. Cassius had held his cavalry in hiding within the nearby forest just to surprise the attackers.

Thousands of horse riding soldiers started to charge towards the Sorcerous Kingdom's ranged units. The heavily armored riders almost reached the target. There was only 100 meters between them when suddenly, all of them heard a terrifying sound from the cavalry side. Many distorted, under-worldly horse neighs could be heard.

The legion cavalry stopped the fast charge. The riders almost lost their control over the horses. The horses became startled and frightened hearing the horrific sounds.

The commander of the cavalry unit looked in the direction of the sound and saw an unimaginable terror that he thought he would never see.

Around a thousand black spiky armored Death Knight on skeletal horses with a deadly aura that shone from a light in their chest charged towards them with impossible speed. The skeletal horses were Soul Eaters and radiated an aura of fear.

The captain of the cavalry managed to regain control of his horse and turned his unit towards the newly arrived enemy. He raised his gladius towards the enemy. "Men! Charge!" he started his charge and his men followed him towards certain death.

As they neared the enemy the horses under them were startled by the undead riders and their mounts' horrific aura, throwing off the riders and killing many of them in the process. It was not a clash between two sides. It was a one-sided slaughter after the Death Knight Riders reached the cavalry of the empire.

The Soul Eaters not only trampled into the ground the enemy soldiers, but after they died, true to their name, the creatures even feasted from the already terrified cavalry soldiers' souls. This gained them a buff and made them even stronger in the process.

The reserves that the General sent in to help out his foot soldiers ended up being worth nothing. It seemed the creatures were invincible. Every attempt to kill them failed. The Empire started to lose its numerical superiority with the newly appeared zombie-like creatures who appeared to be their own soldiers.

Panic began to spread amongst the expedition forces ranks. General Cassius looked across the battlefield just to see that while he was busy trying to change the tide of the battle, two new, seemingly heavy armored units appeared on the two sides of the battlefield, surrounding his forces in the process.

The steadily approaching heavy armored units were followed by long ranged units. As the units took their position, they stopped and the ranged units started to rain death down upon his soldiers.

Cassius gritted his teeth. He knew he had lost. His soldiers were dying. There was no hope of wining against such monsters. Suddenly he felt as if there was a knife pointed painfully in his back.

"In the name of the Sorcerer King. Surrender and your men will be spared." The General heard a raspy female voice coming from behind him. He glanced back and saw a short, green skinned creature.

He looked around, and what he saw he didn't want to believe. He was alone. All of his men in his camp were either knocked out and tied up or missing. He wanted to reach for his sword. But the short female creature grabbed his hand and with a strength he did not expect from her, she firmly stopped him. "I would not do that if I were you. You are alone. Surrounded. Numerous snipers are waiting for the right moment to turn you into a pincushion."

The General gritted his teeth. Then smiled as he lowered his head. At least he can say he fought until the very end. "I surrender…" He said with a smiling expression on his face.

The figure behind him nodded and knocked him out. Blackness covered his vision. He did not remember anything after this.

Scene Change: Point Zero. Fortress Gown (under construction). A forward outpost in the unknown region: One and a Half weeks later:

The battle only took around two and half hours. If you could call one-sided slaughter a battle . The Kingdoms expedition force barely suffered any casualties, and those few casualties were due some rookies who tried to play hero. The freshly arrived construction forces had already started to build up their fortified position around the structure.

Golems, simple undead labor skeletons, and zombies did the bulk of the work. They were instructed by the nearby Elder Liches whose task was to guide the construction forces that had been assigned to them. Magic casters and architects who specialized in helping construction aided them in their work, accelerating the process by a large margin.

Thanks to the tirelessly working forces of the undead and the golems, the construction was almost complete in one and a half weeks. A huge fortress with sturdy walls stretched out around the massive gate. The living quarters, the barracks, the storage areas, the stables for the Gryphons and the simple mounts and the administration buildings were already constructed. As undead beings, the Soul Eaters did not have the need of a shelter, so it was pointless to build them a stable.

They even built a few inns inside of the fortress. Because as the saying goes, a fortress without an inn is not a fortress. Some people even requested a temple inside the fortress, so they could make their pleas and prayers towards the Forty-one.

The Sorcerous Kingdoms Crests hung on the walls and numerous torches enchanted with [Continuous Light] spells provided the light for the denizens of the fortress. The night had already come and the troops retreated to their appointed barracks to take a good rest.

The Death Knights and Nephalem Guards patrolled the area, searching for any possible threat. Inside the forest, the adventurers had prepared themselves for their new adventure in this brave new world. Thanks to the connection with the other side, the forces of the Sorcerous Kingdom suffered no shortages.

Esdeath stood upon one of the walls inspecting the surrounding area while she held a steaming cup in her gloved hand. She was alone. No one bothered her.

As she mused about what would come next, a tall, broad warrior in a fully jet-black body armor with purple and golden markings on it stepped beside her. The hero wore a red cape along with two giant swords on his back behind him.

"Hmm. I see you managed to escape from the old balls and chains." She teased the full-black-clad warrior beside her.

"You know they hate it when you call them that." Replied the jet black warrior as he chuckled.

Esdeath snickered. "I know, right? This is why it is so damn fun."

The warrior sighed, "You never change."

"Ohh, but this is why you love me." The white haired girl smirked.

"So, what do you think about our little fortress?"

"It will do for a while." answered the warrior.

"The kid really needs to learn some patience. His hot-headed nature he inherited from his mother will cause his end one day. He needs to change his ways."

The black clad warrior nodded. "I know. He needs experience."

"So, you want to go out with the adventurers like old times?"

He nodded and turned towards his friend. "Don't you want to come?"

"Hmm. Pretty tempting offer and I think I will take it."

"I am glad you accepted. It will be just like old times."

"By the way. How did you manage to sneak out without your little harem and your bodyguard's knowledge?"

The black-clad figure chuckled. "A magician never reveals his secrets."

The girl beside him sighed. "Very crafty, Mister Harem King... " she rolled her eyes. "So, you just asked Pandora's Actor to substitute for you while you're exploring the other side."

He nodded. "Well then. It's time for an adventure." The girl used her limited shapeshifting ability and changed her eye sclera and pupils to normal colors. The sclera became white like every average person instead of vantablack, and her heteromorphic pupils became jade green and an almost illuminating sea blue. She grew elf ears and her skin tone became several tones darker while she lost a little bit from her height.

After this change, she used her re-equip magic and changed her equipment out. Her white military uniform was replaced with a metallic suit. A long trench coat with an eagle shaped hood appeared above the metallic armor and she equipped another katana from her inventory, replacing the usual black one.

"Ready to go?" asked the black-clad warrior.

"One moment." She grabbed something from her inventory and handed it to the warrior.

"Here. Take this."

The warrior inspected for a moment. "What is this?"

The girl smiled. "Try it. You will not be disappointed."

"I hope this will not explode in my face like that last little prank that you provided me."

"What are you saying?! I am offended! To say such a thing! I would never have done such a thing! Shame on you!"

He frowned at his companion's behavior and equipped the item. The black warrior immediately felt the difference. He took off his helmet and touched his illusionary face.

"Very lifelike. How do you create the enchantment?"

"Let's just say. It took numerous resources, free time and experimentation but, in the end, I was able to create it. This whole body is illusionary. However, it doesn't make you a human. However, everyone around you will feel and recognize you as one. They can come to you and get in physical contact. The illusion works with all six senses. That means even a person with a third eye could not possibly see a difference. Only individuals with tier ten or Super Tiered perception could spot the difference."

"Hmm. Is that so…? Thank you. This will surely come in handy. One more question. Did you leave the instructions with Beelzebub?"

"Yeah, yeah. I planned to stick it out for a while just to explore the nearby area. I left him a note with a few good pieces of advice." she showed a quotation mark with her fingers.

Momon nodded.

"Well, then. Let's hit the road partner!" she said cheerfully.


The fully armored Beelzebub walked towards his aunt's office. He reached the enormous double door that was guarded by two enormous five-meter-tall broad angelic creatures who held halberds in their hands.

The two creatures saluted, sensing who was approaching them. They then opened the door widely for the young man.

The young heir stepped into the room and looked around. He saw a creature about 30cm tall and sporting long bat-like wings, copper-red skin and a tail. It held an envelope in its hand. As Beelzebub reached the massive desk, the imp stood up and flew towards the young Prince.

"What is this?" he asked.

The Imp gave him an envelope. On it there was written, "For the Kid."

He nodded to the Imp who bowed its head and flew away to request another task from an Elder Lich.

The young man opened the letter and became very nervous. "Seriously? Aunt… Why are you always acting like a child? Why do you always do this to me?"


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