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Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

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Chapter 41: The Tale of the Exile Prince (part 2)

"And so, we left the inn, going to the discussed place." Beelzebub continued the tale.

"Oh! So exciting! It starts to build up! Wonder what will be the finish. It is like a spy story! It starts to build up slowly, and closing to the end, it will become more and more action-packed! I can't wait to see how it will turn out!" clapped Esdeath. She seemed genuinely excited, like a child listening to the grown-ups telling a tale.

"Yes, khm! Well, as I said, our meeting took place in an isolated place, a few hours later. One of the few places which the guards of my sister didn't follow her. Or rather, she found a way to keep them busy for a while."

"You met with her on the toilet?" Esdeath asked, deadpanned, scratching her head confused. Or, at least, she seemed to be confused. In the Supreme Beings case — more so in this exact Supreme Being's case — one can never know.

"Ho-How crass!" Piña's face went full red, turning her head away blushing. People of high status should not speak about such vulgar things, especially before others.

"Hmph! How childish!" Molt huffed, disgusted by this display and vulgarity of this person.

"You know the catchphrase, Molty! Where even the Emperor goes alone!"

She laughed, leaning back in her seat, wiping away a phantom tear.

"Ah! But surely, you can't understand. Your kind was always so hypocritical. No matter the place or time, they rarely change. Not even admitting they shit, piss, or obliging their biological needs like everyone else." the Supreme Being shook her head, offering a half-smile. Almost like she laughed but also cried on how nonsensical such a thing was.

"Nonetheless, I bet you make the biggest farts in your room, Molty. Ain't that right?" she giggled sultry, covering her mouth with the top of her fingers. "How naughty…"

"Yo-You! How dare…!?"

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Being offended by something everyone does really is nonsense if you ask me. It makes you an "assmouth." And assmouths we don't like. Asssmouths can get offended easily, and as such, can't enjoy small things. They can't learn from their mistakes out of their sheer pride and hypocrisy. Also, they usually live a much shorter life thanks to all that stress they could avoid if they could just ignore things instead of getting offended, and deal with their own business."

"As a godly being, as well a leader of your people, you should know what's appropriate and not, and not act like a child. A leader must always show an example for their people! A leader…!"

"As a "godly" being — as you call me — and a leader of my people. I do whatever I like and want. And not stress about the consequences that much." Esdeath crossed her arms and legs, raising her chin slightly — almost like she looked down on Molt.

"WhileI am in control, I determine what's appropriate or not. What's right, or not. While I am in control, I am justice! Anyone who disagrees with me can challenge me anytime and any place to take this privilege from me — as it was written in our constitution. In our nation, the strong rules, helping the weak to reach their full potential. Based on this, I await your challenge, Emperor Molt. We can do it here and now for all I care. I give you a blade that can potentially hurt me, I as well take a blade, and may the best swordsman win. If you defeat me, I'll even apologize and oblige your request. Well? Are you up to the task? Or chickening out?"

"Miserable brat! I…"

"Father! Don't…" Diabo pulled back his Father as he stood up — and was on to pull his sword out — trying to hold him back from doing anything reckless. He can't help but have goosebumps even thinking about Molt clashing with this girl!

"Smooth! Your kid has good instincts. Better listen to him in the future." The Supreme being winked at Diabo.

"Diabo! Stay out of this! As a man and the ruler of my people, I can't let a chit like her sully my name, make fun of the Empire and the royal family! It would…!"

"Your son is right, Emperor Molt." Beelzebub glanced first at Molt, then Esdeath. "Despite how she looks, she, as well as Father earned their power through hard work and endless battles. Even if your power were equal, I doubt you have the skill even to touch her."

"But she is…!"

"She is, what she is, Emperor. She is just testing your patience, how far she can go. She, like always, collects information and learn about others. Don't underestimate her, or you will end up… well, Hardy." he gestured to the goddess being used as a chair beforehand.


"IT IS NOT FUNNY!" Hardy having enough, shouted at the Supreme Being.

"Chill, Hardy-chan. We all learn. Now, it is your time to learn. Eventually, the gloom will pass, and you will rise better than ever."

"D-Do you think so?" Hardy didn't want to believe it. Until now, she tortured her, and now the same person who is keeping her captive encouraging her to improve? Just what's going on?!

"I am sure, after all, I believe in second chances. Yet, second chances needs to be earned. Just like in your case, just like in the Emperor and his family's case."

"I-I see…"

"So all of this is just a test for you? That's it!?" The Emperor glared even more. His gaze is basically burning a hole in the Supreme Being's forehead.

"Well, yes. You can say that. You know, during our long existence, we, with Ainz-kun, learned patience and knowledge are their own reward — and pride and haste are the biggest enemies of a person. They brought forth the fall of so many nations and people — even gods..." She glanced down at Hardy. "…One can't even count anymore. Like in the case of you, the inability to admit defeat and learn from one's mistakes wasted so many lives. Ah, yes, I hear their screams even now. I hear their curses in their dying souls as our armies trampled over their dead bodies."

"Hmph! So, this is some kind of test? This entire ordeal my Empire is going through?"

"People learn all the time, Emperor. Their sensors pick up the data, transforming it into information. If they can compare using the information recorded previously and conclude new things to avoid past mistakes, that's only up to them, and them alone. In the coming days or weeks, your Empire and our Kingdom will decide which path to follow. Destruction due to their inability to adapt and learn from past mistakes, or evolution through fast action, conclusion, and adaptation. That's the rule of nature! The ones who can adapt and learn survives. Who can't or are unwilling, die. After all, the only place we are equal is death, and death alone."

"Hmm… I see." Molt lowered his head, admitting there is something to what the girl says. As an Emperor, he would have put things differently, as well, with more charm. But maybe, this straightforward tone was needed for them to wake up and start to act.

"Anyway, I robbed your precious time already. Please, continue…"

"Yes, as I said, we proceeded to the meeting point." and thus, Beelzebub continued his tale.

Scene Change: Meeting Point: A few days ago:

"Where are we?"

"In an alley, of course." approaching a simple wall, Beelzebub looked around. Pushing several bricks and whispering an incantation. Right away, a [Gate] manifested before them!

"Come, it will remain open for only a few seconds."

The princess was afraid, but she obliged. She came too far to back down now!

Stepping through the concealed dimensional portal, an entirely different world opened before the two of them! Or, better said, an underground, dark chasm, with a huge, ancient looking mirror that was guarded by two towering and menacing stone gargoyles!

"Wha-what is this place?"

"A command post."

"A command post?" the princess blinked, confused. Why would there be a command post underground?

As a knight herself, she received training! She was even sent out with her Rose Knight order a few times to the battlefield — only for minor skirmishes, true, still, participating in battles a few times. As such, she saw a command post before. And this place didn't resemble one! Not at all!

"Yes." Beelzebub nodded, proceeding towards the door. "During a siege, we issue commands from places like this."

The two gargoyles' eyes immediately flashed as the two reached closer, and a ray of light scanned the two newcomers. "Don't worry. They just scan us for identification. They guard the entrance. They will attack anyone coming here without a permit. If we are enemies, a base-wide alert is issued."

"I-I see…" Piña gulped. It was already too much for her weak heart how many things these people did differently than her people — From their strange magic to the dreadful creatures that served them, entirely to the "God-King" who ruled over them. Things started to overwhelm the princess, who hardly experienced such a thing before.


A shattering sound came from the towering mirror before them, it's surface vibrating for a moment, before turning water-like, rippling gently. On the other side a dark corridor revealed immediately.

"Come…" without further explaining things, Beelzebub stepped through the mirror without hesitation. The princess stopped before the surface for a moment, pulling her hands before it a few times.

"Cold…" Indeed, the surface of this thing emitted a cold aura, even its edges were frosted.

"Piña, there is no time to waste…" Beelzebub's head appeared suddenly from the mirror. It was strange, as the rest of his body was not visible after stepping through the other side, just the dark corridor awaited them.

"So-Sorry…" Accepting the hand the first heir offered, she hesitantly stepped through the other side. What awaited her was the same scenery that the mirror showed.

"S-So dark!" Looking around, she was barely able to see anything. One more crack, and the mirror behind them returned to its original solid state.

"Don't worry. Lights will activate as we go forward. Command posts are usually in a dormant state to spare energy if they're not used." and indeed, as they proceeded forward, the magical proximity sensors sensed their presence, activating the [Continuous Light] spell in the lamps embedded in the walls.

"Why are there so many doors?" on both sides, many of the same looking doors lined the seemingly endless corridor. Near each door, motionless metal armors lined in neat pace — made from mystical looking metals and carrying enchanted weapons.

"Most lead to a trap room. Where carelessness will find their end from the summoned monsters or numerous deadly traps stationed there."

"Are such security measurements really necessary?" What kind of invaders do they expect that warrant such paranoia?

"Believe me; we faced enemies that warrant such measurements. That's why we don't keep important command posts on the ground anymore."

"On the ground? What do you mean by…" Piña was more and more confused with each second. Just what did the first prince mean by that? What kind of nonsense was he speaking about?

"You will see." Beelzebub stopped before a door that looked just like every other. A few clicks heard behind the walls, then, the closed stone eye above the door opened, scanning the heir intensely.

After a few seconds, an unknown voice spoke.


"Come…" stepping through the door. An entirely different world awaited them.

It was unlike any command post the princess saw before. In truth, it was a sizable room with an ascending structure and sloping design — Having multiple levels connected by a long stair in the middle and the two sides.

On each level were numerous stations where undead and automatons did their work restlessly and operated the magical interfaces and strange magical devices under their hand.

On the highest place of this place, facing a wide, blurry window, a floating throne sat with intricate, spiked design, made from some shiny, smooth onyx material — and emitting a dreadful black aura.

Two floating entities with four skeletal arms — that still had some rotting flesh and muscle — operated their magic near the throne. Rotting tentacles hung out from the bottom side of their cloaks, barely touching the ground. Even looking at them, Piña felt all the life sucked out from her, leaving only emptiness and despair.

"Don't worry. You will get used to it…" Beelzebub tried to reassure her, casting his magic to shield the princess from the negative effects.

"Tha-thank you. Whatever you did…"

"No problem…"

Now, as her vision adjusted to the new light setting, Piña recognized that it was not a window that faced the throne, but rather a huge multi-sectioned mirror. Through it, numerous different scenes played through rapidly. Always changing, monitoring the city below and the area around the Capital. Showing scenes from inside the building and outside.

"This is… impossible!" Disbelief filled her face when recognition dawned.

One of the scenes showed they were above the clouds, way above the Capital! Almost like they saw things from the perspective of a dragon! Then, the scene changed again, showing the lives of people from close! Changing again, they saw the city's new towering walls and the adamantine alloy gates. The traffic entering and leaving the city.

The pictures and scenes changed rapidly one after the other in many mirrors, leaving barely enough time to analyze them properly — at least, for a normal human mind.

"W-We are flying? What city is this?" Thanks to the major renovation, she first didn't even recognize the place where she grew up — at first. Not to mention, she never saw it from above!

"The capital of yours, of course."

"The Capital? But it didn't look like this before! It didn't…"

"Let's just say. The renovation proceeded rapidly while you were imprisoned — a renovation that is far from finished if you ask me. And let that be enough. I will explain later."

"Bu-But aren't we in…"

"An outpost, yes. But as I said already. Most of our most important command posts are usually positioned elsewhere, not directly at the place we intend to defend. Either deep underground, above the clouds. Or well-hidden. Well, somewhere else."

"Somewhere else?" Piña blinked, confused. Where else than above the clouds or under the ground? She was more and more flabbergasted with each moment!

"Somewhere else…" That was the only answer of Beelzebub provided.

Wordless, he proceeded forth and up in the stairs without further explanation. The princess followed close behind, and finally, they reached the topmost levels of this strange place.

The automaton and undead workers seemingly paid them no heed at all. Neither the different animated armors stood motionless near the walls — nor the arachnomatons hid on the ceiling. They just continued to weave their metal webs in the great silence.

"You finally arrived." the throne turned around smoothly as they reached closer, revealing Serene full clad in armor, sitting on the throne.

"Sister…" Beelzebub nodded, reaching close enough.

"Brother..." At first, Serene's expression was cold as the night, almost like she held some kind of grudge against her brother.

"I…" Only after the heir reached closer, and a few seconds of silence passed, she acted! Without warning, she stood up! And faster than the eye can follow, she jumped forth, hugging and clinging to her brother's neck!

"Onii-chan! I missed you so much!"

Beelzebub seemed to expect such welcome and awaited the hug with spread arms, hugging his youngest sister to his chest.

"It is alright. I am here. You don't have to worry anymore." Beelzebub caressed her double-colored hair, smiling kindly.

After her momentary surprise, Piña smiled for a moment, embracing this touching sibling reunion. If only her relatives, if only her Father cared about them this much, maybe, their country would have ended up differently.

"Onii-chan! I was so worried! You were imprisoned without proper reason, and then! And then…!"

"It is alright, I am already here." Once more, the heir caressed his worried sister's hair, trying to reassure her, everything will be alright from now on.

"Why are you here? It is dangerous for you to come here. If they find you here, they will…!"

"The wardens were already here?"

"…" Serene nodded wordlessly, looking worriedly down.

"I see, just as expected."

"I sent them away, saying you are not around, and to look for you elsewhere. They said nothing and left…"

"Thank you."

"…" nodding wordlessly, the youngest daughter of the Supreme One glanced towards Piña, almost annoyed this woman trying to steal this touching moment. "What is she doing here? Ain't she was a captive?"

"I freed her. I have my own reasons. Let that be enough. Returning to why I am here. I need your help."

"I received your message. I'll do what I can, but I promise nothing. What is this all about Beelzebub? Your message was… foggy in the highest sense." Serene tilted her head. The small coded note from Beelzebub left much room for speculations and guesswork.

"Let's move to the map. There, I can explain the situation better."

Serene nodded, and the two proceeded over to the tactical table not far from them. It was a sizable table, made from a white marble-like material. Under the surface, different symbols and the faces of dead people flowed endlessly. Even looking at it made the princess shudder in fright.

Pitch black liquid was on the top of this table, moving, shuddering, almost overflowing like it was a living being. On the surface of this slimy substance, the map of the city and the surrounding area from above displayed, changing according to the sensory data inputted from the outside.

"Let's see the continent…"

After giving the command, the city's magical hologram blinked and disappeared. The black liquid shuddered, slightly emerging and retracting, drawing a new map of the Falmartian continent. Above this black, slimy surface, a new map of light was drawn — and with this, giving more detail to the map.

The whole continent was displayed on this map, adding borders, bigger cities, forts, and many more important locations for detail. All displayed with different colors contrasting the black surface underneath the hologram.

"This is the Falmartian continent, with all the current known borders, kingdoms, bigger cities and forts."

"Yes, and?" Serene raised her brow, clueless about what her brother intended to say.

"Now, let's put up the position of our forces, the Empire and the JSDF. Before Jaldabaoth's invasion, adding a number indicator." immediately, the last data the database of the command post contained about that timeframe was called up and drawn to the map.

It was clear as day, before the invasion, most of the Sorcerous Kingdom's forces were housed by Fortress Gown, and big groups did not wander far from that position. Obviously, the JSDF mostly did the same — with a much lesser number than their current one supported by the UN.

"Now add the forces of the nearby nations before Jaldabaoth's invasion.'' Once more, the hologram changed, displaying the former vassal nations' military power after the arrival of the JSDF and the Sorcerous Kingdom.

It was evident, after the Empire called them to arms and their unified force suffered a major blow, they retreated behind their borders. These nations took a defensive position, making an effort to reinforce their borders and separate themselves from the Empire entirely.

"Now, let's fast forward the events with the data gathered. Let's see what happened after Jaldabaoth's attack. With the known movement of forces, and new structures erected all around the Empire."

Rapidly, the unit movements changed, showing the massive result of Jaldabaoth's invasion and the rapid passing of time. New armies drawn on the map, as well new structures emerged from the surface.

It was clear as day. Massive force movements were conducted during the passing months. Basically doubling the Sorcerous Kingdom Stationed forces in the region, happening the same with the JSDF supported by the UN — true, in their case, the Empire's vassalization by the Sorcerous Kingdom heavily restricted their supervised area and movement in the region.

Instead of really moving around, the JSDF, with the UN's help, were busy reinforcing their only real standing in the area and this world — hill Arnus and the surrounding region.

All around the map, the forces of SKEF moved around the Empire, reinforcing different regions, erecting new structures and forts — slowly fragmented as they tried to keep more and more area under control — Struggling to secure the whole Empire.

"After our and the JSDF counteroffensive, the Empire lost most of its capability to fight. In truth, your nation does not even have enough soldiers anymore to secure its own borders and sustain its sizable territory. Not to mention, the situation turned even more dire after Jaldabaoth's invasion…"

Beelzebub explained to Piña, and the map changed, displaying which areas are lost and the Empire's new borders — also, the amount of loss the Empire suffered in numbers and percent.

The Sorcerous Kingdom gave up several not key regions to be able to secure the Empire as a whole. But even like this, their numbers seemed to struggle to keep everything secure and safe.

"Busy with our conquest in our own world too, we can't really spare more forces to send here. Not without risking the security of our nation and our positions."

"True…" nodded Serene with a cold expression. "What is more worrisome is the sizable army appeared near the western borders and the sea…"

"Wha-What army!?" Piña gaped flabbergasted! The western border? Only snowy plains can be found there! No significant nations live there outside a few barbarian demi-human tribes there — who can bear that climate.

Serene pointed towards the western border and the sea in the next moment, pulling her finger through the area. Right away, several new armies appeared on the map.

"They appeared not long after Jaldabaoth's invasion. According to many of our tactical analyst's, the two phenomena are connected, and the work for the demon Emperor."

Due to this new looming threat, multiple fortresses and defensive structures were also built near the western borders, relocating many forces to keep the possible enemy at bay and the people of that region safe.

This, of course, further fractured the already thinning forces of the Kingdom, distracting them from Dalnus, the Central, and every other region that would require their attention.

"Let's forward the time now and see the demonic presence all around the Empire after the invasion of the Demon Emperor. Let's see the cultist and detected demonic presence. Add another layer to the different groups chasing them."

Once more, the map changed, further dots added, displaying the detected demonic and cultists presence and movements after Jaldabaoth's appearance — Adding the scattered teams who pursued them.

Once more, the numbers stationed in the regions lowered. Making the situation seem more dire than ever.

"What do you want to say with this, brother?" Serene knew her brother wanted to show something important but was not sure just yet.

She already knows their numbers were barely enough to keep everything in check. Even paying a significant sum to adventurers and mercenaries to help out, it just never seems to be enough.

"I know well. Our forces have thinned greatly. Thanks to the Empire's reckless waste of men and lack of sensibility when it came to tactics and proper thinking, the task to protect their borders from their former vassals and invaders entirely fell to us. Not to mention, keeping order inside their territory is not easy with all the recent happenings. You wouldn't believe how many of their men turned coat and became a bandit after their constant defeats and our takeover. But really! What did they think, throwing away so many good men when victory was clearly impossible?"

Of course, this forced the forces of SKEF to maintain patrols even in the most remote locations to keep the villages and people safe. This, of course, forced most of their free soldiers to be on patrol most of the time — leaving almost nothing as reserves in the region.

"…" Piña glared at the heiress. She knows well that Serene had a point. Her Father and the Senate made many reckless decisions when these invaders arrived — hoping for fast conquest and victory. Still, it was hard to bear someone criticizing her home and her Father's lack of sense back then. Molt was her Father, whether he was sensible or not.

"Still, I think we'll manage. With the reinforcements that command sent recently, the pressure eased. I assure you, the situation is under control."

"Oh, dear sister. How wrong you are…" Beelzebub shook his head, knowing well what will come to pass. "I think our enemies wanted exactly this… more meat into the meat grinder. Us, to be fractured..."

"What do you mean by that?" What kind of nonsense was her brother speaking about?

"Look at the forces, even with reinforcements..."

"Please, Nii-san! I have eyes! I see we are stretched to our limit! Tell me if you know something I don't! Withholding it is…"

"Ah! I see, you still don't understand, sister. Let's add two more things…" Once more, Beelzebub pulled his palm above the holographic 3D map, adding further data.

"What are those? One is the invading demi-human army. Yeah, we recognized they are marching up and down. But we thought they just wanted to invite us to attack them and leave our reinforced positions behind so another group of them can sneak in through the hole in our defense and raid the area. They are still outside of the Empire's border, so we…" Serene muttered, glancing at the exact area.

"Wait and see, now let's add the sacrificial sites these cultists left after themselves, and the demonic sightings all around the Empire." many dots were added, displaying in malicious red where these cultists organized massive bloodbaths, or demons sighted.

"S-So many!" Piña gasped, the map full of these red dots, positioning all over the map. Not only in remote locations but even in major settlements and cities.

"Still, I don't see how this changes things? According to the reports, most of these sightings were documented. The cultist and demons were either captured or destroyed, the sites cleansed from any foul presence."

"Oh, dear sister. You still don't understand?" Serene started to get annoyed, not seeing what her brother implied. Is he just playing with her, or is there something that eluded her attention?

"Haah! Very well. Let me show you." Beelzebub recovered a data crystal, placing it on the black surface, which swallowed it in under a moment. Instantly, the whole map changed!


"I connected the dots of these sites, adding the new forts and defensive positions — and a bit more information I picked up. What does it make you remember?"

"Ho-How could we never recognize this?" Serene bit her armored finger so hard, her teeth left a visible dent on the enchanted metal — which of course, dented back right away, thanks to its self-repairing property.

"And now, the finishing touch, let's add all the battle sites that happened in the last thousand years. Since before the Empire existed. All the places where a massive amount of blood shed in the name of evil, in the name of greed! All the places where malice triumphed over sensibility. Most importantly, add Dalnus and Arnus. The two focal points where the dimensional barriers bent the most, a hole torn in the space-time continuum, and where most people died of all the places! Two places where the energies of different worlds are poisoning this one, even now."

"IMPOSSIBLE! IF THIS TRUE, THEN…!" she doesn't even want to think about what such a massive ritual can bring forth! What terrible consequence it will have on the stability of the world!

"We are a hairbreadth away from a total occult catastrophe, sister. Whoever planned this, that person has been preparing for a long time—inciting people for slaughter, doing evil acts, and shedding blood in discreet sites. A little bit more, and this large scale ritual will activate. It seems we are fooled big time. A part of a big plan, for someone unknown who is preparing this for a long time."

"St-still… these are just random dots without a line to connect them! Random dots can't activate a ritual! That needs a flow of…"

"Massive flow of magical energy? Or malice? A line to connect them? Yes, malice is quite a good conductor. According to my information, our forces started to map the continent's ley lines not long ago. Is that correct?"

"Ye-Yes… what of them?" Serene remembered reading a report connected to this, requesting more specialists, staff, and equipment for the work.

"Care to add the current known leylines?" Beelzebub waved towards the map.

"…" Serene gulped, visibly sweating, fearing the worst. Nonetheless, she added the known leylines that were already added to the command post's magical database.

"Now then, let's complete them according to their rough direction." as Beelzebub gave the command, the flow draws a grim picture of an even darker future.

"It cannot be…!" Serene's worst fears come to light as the graphical interface made the modifications on itself — Finishing the incomplete leyline map.

"The available lines were perfectly aligning the lines I drew. The sacrificial and battle sites of the past around a thousand years serve minor and major focal points for the energy to flow, changing functions and property." almost like a circuit with its different parts and the lines connecting them.

"You know where I am going with this? Don't you, sister? What this symbol makes you remember? You as well suffered through that advanced ritual course father insisted we learn. Didn't you?"

"Ye-Yes…" even thinking back at it, the girl shuddered. It was that hard, and their instructor was also extra strict.

"Still! The flow of magical energy in the earth erodes the effect of bloodshed and the alien, unnatural presence after a while! The world is getting rid of the "disease" and healing itself naturally! That means the effect of those past battles and foul sacrifices already eroded enough not to be significant, or able to trigger any ritual, or even to be able to serve as focal points! Which means the whole ritual symbol is botched and can never activate, to begin with!"

"Oh, sister… Malice, evil, violence can leave a scar on the fabric of reality—the fabric of the world. No matter the healing, the scar remains for thousands of years. Even if the demonic presence is cleansed by divine magic, even if ritualistic symbols are erased, even if the world heals itself, a scar, the mark remains! The place remembers the evil act. Like a disease, it seeps through the cracks and infects the very lifeblood of the world! Blood rituals, more so have such effect, leave a deeper, blistering mark capable of mutating. A theory recently came to my attention."

"Wha-What theory?" Can it be even worse?

"You know, one of our famous leyline researchers? Gildroyd Vergilias La'Chante… yes, that was his name as I remember it right. He started to publish recently on this topic."

"Umm, sorry, brother, I don't really read such things." indeed, she would rather concentrate on improving her battle capability, learning new techniques, and training than reading dusty tomes. True, she learned the basic things her Father insisted, but outside of that, only that much to be able to counter her enemies.

"Then, let me explain as shortly as possible. Demonic and blood rituals can even infect leylines! If strong enough, Malice can also leave a lasting mark and infect them.'' This theory was not widespread. In fact, magical researchers only recently started to examine this phenomenon.

"And this infection… even with our current knowledge, it is close to impossible to detect before it is too late. Impossible without directly accessing the leylines to examine them. An infection that is subtle beyond all known reason. I hope I don't have to explain, you know it well too, Serene. The basic cleansing procedures we do to sanctify and secure previous ritual sites bother not to dig to the leylines directly and examine them — as normally, this corruption is either too weak to reach that deep or washed away by the excess energies always in circulations in the veins of the world. Yet, in this case…"

"…" dread started to fill both women as they listened to Beelzebub's explanation.

Serene, because she knows what Beelzebub referred to. Piña, because all this seemed too absurd, and she was more and more confused as the explanation proceeded — yet, deep inside, she felt something bad would happen with her country and people.

"...Even if these ritual sites are properly cleansed. Remains of malice already infected the leylines before our specialist teams dismantled them. Which means…"

"Tumors…!" muttered Serene, her eyes widening in terror.

"Tumors?" Piña tilted her head, confused by the word. She heard this word from somewhere. Maybe when she received some basic biology lessons from one of the wise men magicians from Rondel — her Father hired to give them tuition. Yeah, that must be the case.

"Let me explain to you, Piña. Places, where violent and evil rituals were conducted are often the spawning points of evil spirits, nasty, uncontrollable monsters, and even anomalies. They can even evolve into focal points that can affect the whole area and make the ground cursed. You understand that, right?"

"I-I'm trying to…"

"These infected areas are hard to cleanse fully, not because of the strength of the evil intent infecting them, but because the malice, alien energies, or the curse itself is so deeply rooted, it is capable of reaching entirely to the core leylines of the area. Infecting and corrupting them."

"Which means…?"

"Haah! Let me give a simpler explanation. The world you live in… most worlds have a world soul — according to Father. Worlds you live in are like living beings. If we had to compare them to humans, leylines are the veins where their very blood, the very essence of the world, circulates. Blood delivers the nutrient to different cells all across the body. Think about it! What happens if it gets corrupted? What happens if you get sepsis?"

"I-I get sick, I guess…" she remembers. Many soldiers died from blood poisoning on the front lines — according to the reports she read before. Even amongst good circumstances, a cut that was not cleaned right away was enough for people to get blood poisoning and die.

"Yes, they get sick. Of course, one or even a few cuts, not a problem, as even a world has an immune system. It creates these tumors to either isolate the infection and eventually purge them. Or get revenge on the people's lives in that area out of sheer malice. But too many of these tumors? Even the strongest immune system can't handle that much! These tumors can also burst once the pressure inside them grows too big, making the infection even worse and spread! And this spread… well, according to this theory, can even tear up previously sealed scars, spreading the effect even further! A chain reaction that can spread until it either consumes the whole world or run out from the things it can spread to."

"I-I see…" this started to sound more and more dreadful. Not entirely, but Piña started to understand what Beelzebub wanted to say.

"Usually, it takes time for these tumors to mature. In most cases, they even disappear before they can reach the final stage of their maturation. The world is usually naturally healing itself and getting rid of them. The flow of energy is usually enough to wash them out from the system or dilute them until they are neutralized. But not in this case."

Beelzebub inputted a few more bits of info on the table, making the whole map change perspective. Showing the underground structure of the world, showing the leylines themselves.

"Wha-What is that?"

"Those are…!"

"This is a calculated map of how the leylines look now according to the data I gathered."

On the Leylines, many pockets are attached all across the continent's map. All are aligning perfectly with the sacrificial sites and the areas where a great amount of blood is shed. "It seems our coming just hastened the process. All the bloodshed, all the malice! Usually, it would disperse in time and have no lasting effect. But in this case…"

"It is not!"

"Exactly. The Empire's reckless campaign to push out the invaders. The massive death toll of the vassal nations exceeding the last few hundred years! The Demon Emperor's coming, and the rituals the cultists conducted…. The two fucking interdimensional holes wherefrom continuous foreign energies vomited on this world — continuously poisoning it! And we can go on with the list! Serene! All are aligning too well! Someone has been planning this for a long time! Nurturing and isolating those "tumors" so the world can't heal them!"

"Just in the right moment to pop them…"

"Our coming and intervention just hastened the process! It would have happened eventually. Now, it only needs a trigger, and all the dormant "metaphysical tumors" will burst at once! People didn't recognize it yet, but this world is sick, dying. Almost rotting from inside out! If the ritual triggers…"

"It dies, or transforms into something dreadful…" Serene muttered, already pale enough to look sick.

"Tell me, Serene, what would happen if those forts and defensive positions, all the major cities became the place of enormous bloodshed?"

"They'll most likely trigger the continent-wide ritual! The lines aligning, the dots connected! The sigil is completed. The metaphysical chain reaction starts and consumes… everything."

"Just as you say. And believe me, neither of us wants to experience what this stored malice is capable of. Neither of us wants to experience what the objective of this continent-wide ritual!" Which can be even planetary. Thinking of the whole globe was not yet mapped; it is possible this conspiracy expanded all around the world.

"W-We need to notify Father! The Supreme Beings! The guardians!" all pale, Serene fell on the nearby chair, her entire body going limp from the dread, almost panicking.

"I sent a message to them at the moment I realized the truth — which was not long ago. Also, I left a coded message to Creon with the details and notified everyone needed. Strangely, I can't reach either Father nor aunt. Nor any guardians. I suspect they already know about this but either are too occupied, their hands bound, or want to test us. Whichever is the case, we need to act fast! Or all is lost! I don't know how you see things, but I have no intention to wait until this ritual triggers and consumes us! Or even fail a possible test the Supreme Beings set for us! How would that look?"

"Yes, you are right! Please, brother! You need to help me! I-I don't even know what to do…"

Beelzebub offered a bitter smile, looking away. Unfortunately, he as well had little to no idea how to stop the mess they found themselves in.

"We will figure something out. First, we need…"

Suddenly, the communication crystal that hung from Serene's belt started to glow and give away a chirping sound.

"Yes? What is it?" she barked, annoyed, then turned to Beelzebub. "Nii-san, I need to…"

"Already started?" asked the first heir with a raised brow.

"A-A war council is called. I-I am sorry, I need to be present. I will allow you to enter my room in the meanwhile." pressing a few buttons on the console, a gate opened on the other side of the room. "You can wait for me there. No one will disturb you two, I promise. Just wait for a moment."

Serene proceeded through the Gate, then, after a minute, leaned out from the gaping hole in space-time.

"You can come now."

Stopping through the [Gate], an entirely different world was revealed before them. Piña never saw such a luxurious room before. It befitted to the daughter of the Supreme Being, yet, was somewhat strange. Not the room of an average girl, nor resembled the one she possessed. For that, it was maybe a little bit militaristic for her taste.

Several armors were neatly placed on dolls near them. On the walls, pictures of battle, portraits of strange beings, and mystical weapons lined. Armors and weapons made from different materials, crystals, metals that gave away an otherworldly vibe. There was even a practice dummy inside the same room that seemed to be alive.

Naturally, of course, looking a little further, she spotted the vanity mirror every girl needs in their room—a golden framed mirror, embedded with huge precious gems all around the frame.

The gems emitted strange lights, the mirror having a swirly inside resembling water, or rather quicksilver, making it look alive. Each gem on the frame most likely worth more than the whole Empire. She doesn't even want to touch it, fearing she would ruin their beauty.

A strange, demonic creature sat on the top of this vanity mirror, colored gold, and gems like eyes on top of this mirror.

"They are my guests. Treat them according." Serene gave the command, and the two beautiful succubus handmaiden awaited in the room bowed elegantly, standing beside each other. "I will be back soon. Ask anything from them, and they will recover it for you. Damn! I need to hurry to the meeting point to change places with Pandora's Actor before anyone recognizes the trickery!"

With that, Serene left, leaving the two alone in her room.

"Wha-What is that two-horned woman? They resemble…" Piña whispered after the heiress left, seeing such demons before while she was still out, still, not daring enough to ask — also, they somewhat resembled Beelzebub and his mother.

"They resemble me, I know. Just like mother, they also belong to the succubus archetype of demons. Like mother and me…"

"Succubus?" Piña blinked, confused. She never heard this word before.

"Lust demons. More precisely, they are high ranked succubus handmaidens. They are created to serve us and our needs." Albeit Beelzebub didn't say out loud, these two handmaidens probably also served as her sister's bodyguards.

They looked quite frail and soft with their seductive build, sizable bottom, and front — not to mention all the high quality and seductively revealing maid clothing they wore.

All things pointed towards the fact that they were rather used in the bed than fighting, yet, in truth, the two were strong enough to erase the Empire from the ground in a short time and exterminate every single being from the earth. Compared to them, Apostles were weak humans, disposed of by just a slap from these two.

"I-I see… they are… fit a royal heir." Piña's face heated, even looking at them.

The two were beauty and lust incarnate. One look from their slit cold eyes was enough to charm even the most loyal soldier, make armies stop and turn against their Lord.

Beelzebub and his mother were beauties in their own category, but these two were not far behind them.

"How can we serve?" the two stepped closer and bowed, their bat-like wings flapped gently.

"Do you require something to eat, my Lord?"

"Or some, other services?" the two started to close with just a step, leaning on Beelzebub and sandwiching his muscled arms in their sizable cleavages — licking their lips lustful. Piña can't help but feel jealous.

"Bring some tea and cake, please." elegantly, Beelzebub shook them off and took a seat, crossing his legs. "Anything for you, Piña?"

"I-I am fine, thank you. I mean, the same as you, please."

"As you wish…" and the two mighty beings bowed, subserviently left to prepare the snacks. Not looking offended, just accepting the decision of their Lord.

"So, here we are. Closer to our goal." muttered the heir while leaned on his fist.

"What do you think, what will happen?" asked the princess, uneasy as she took a seat near Beelzebub — Still trying to fend off the aphrodisiac effect of the two succubus handmaidens.

"Honestly, I don't know," admitted Beelzebub, looking out of the window. "But I am sure. This sudden war council has something to do with it. A storm is coming, Piña. And I can only hope we are in time to stop it."

"I already wanted to ask, but can't you do something for my brother? My Father? I mean, they visited me a few times. But…"

"Were they acting strange? Asking unlikely questions?"

"Yes! How do you know?" she blinked, all confused how the heir knows such things.

"Those were… not them."

"Not them? Wha-What do you mean?!" her eyes wide, the princess can't believe what she heard!

"The ones who visited you since your house arrest were doppelgangers. In other words, shapeshifters. They are employed by us. Your real Father and brother didn't visit you, but them."

"Doppelgangers? Shapeshifters." what was Beelzebub spouting? What are doppelgangers? "Th-that's impossible! I know my own brother and Father! Anyway! What is a doppelganger? Beelzebub! Please, tell me if you are aware of something I am not!"

"Haah! Let me explain. Doppelgangers are shapeshifters. They have the ability to read everything from people's minds and mimic not only their appearance but movement, mannerism, even their memories, all of this by simply meeting them once. Simple people who have no protection against such copy skills can be easily mimicked and replaced by them." just as they did so many prominent figures of different nations.

The Sorcerous Kingdom often employed the tactic to simply replace one of the enemy nation's ministers, people of connections, even royalties by doppelgangers, gaining control over the whole nation with just a simple move.

Why his Father didn't use the same tactic with the Empire? That was beyond Beelzebub's understanding.

The people of this world were more prone to be affected by simple mind control and manipulation skills. Not even able to differentiate between a simple shapeshifter and the real thing.

Hell, a simple area effect mind control spell or even the Succubus [Hypnotic Gaze] skill would be enough to order their whole army to commit suicide or turn against their former Lords. All in all, compared to the nations of his world, it was embarrassingly easy to conquer the Empire.

If you asked Beelzebub, they wasted too many soldiers and effort to gain control with this invasion.

"But it cannot be helped. Maybe Father and aunt are just bored and want to use a different tactic this time to conquer. Let their people do some work by themselves to improve…" that was also a possibility. The highest amongst the possible reasons why they let all of this happen. "…Or something else. Honestly, in the Supreme Being's case, one can never know."

"Bu-But why would they do this!? Why would they torture me in such a way!?" Piña's eyes were teary already. All the things that happened recently were too much for the young girl.

"Because the suspicion still lives — you or your brother is behind the kidnapping of Zorzal and the planned assassination of the still comatose Emperor. Not to mention, those assassins breached the palace, endangering the lives of the head figures walking the halls of this palace. Because even if you are not aware of it, your memories can be forged. Because even if you don't know, there is a chance you and your brother were the culprit behind the breach that happened not long ago." and many similar reasons. Honestly, Beelzebub can list them all day.

"I… We are not, I swear! And my Father is still in a coma!?" she can't believe it! How can she be deceived so easily!?

"I am afraid, yes." Beelzebub lowered his head. "Why they keep him that way, that's beyond me. But I am sure. Father has a reason not asking a high ranked healer from Nazarick to nurture his state."

"Then… we need to save them! We need…!"

"Piña…" the young heir kneeled before the princess, grabbing her hands. "I promise you, once this is over. I'll do everything in my power to help your family. But now… but now we have more urgent matters at hand. Matters that if we don't treat right away might end your whole Empire, this whole world! And possibly endanger mine too!"

"I… I understand, still…" the door opened in the next moment, and the two succubus handmaiden returned, bringing the tea and the snacks.

"Anything else you need, my Lord?"

"No, thank you. That's all."

"…" the handmaidens bowed, placing down the things they recovered and returned to their usual position.

"Are you sure they will not betray us?" Piña whispered, glancing at the two succubi who only offered a cold expression, motionless all the while stood on the two sides of the sizable bed.

"They are the creation of the Supreme Beings. They rather slice their own throat than betray the royal family."

"I-I see… so they recognize you, even like this?"

"Who knows." Beelzebub sat back to his seat, elegantly raising his cup. "I only know, their loyalty is unquestionable. Towards the Supreme Beings, the ones from Nazarick, and the royal family."

Piña doesn't pursue the topic further, remaining silent for a while, trying to digest all the things she heard and experienced today.

An hour or more passed with small chatter, when finally Serene returned.

"Sister, you're finally back! What happened?"

"…" Serene's face was paler than usual as she stepped into the room, closing the door behind her back.

"I-It is as just you divined brother. Something up to the air. We just lost contact with our border fortresses. The last message sent from them described massive forces approaching them, from all fronts."

"From all fronts? A synchronized attack?" Beelzebub's eyes squinted

Just now, he cursed his bad luck.

He would give his all if he could be wrong just now. He would not be even mad wasting all this time with his search and journey. He would even gladly go back to prison in exchange for the safety of this world. Alas, it seems, lady luck was not with him just now, and what he divined was slowly coming true.

"Possibly, we don't yet know—something blocking teleportation all around those areas. Some interference also makes communication all but impossible. We already sent a few scouts to check out the situation. But it takes some time for them to report and assess the situation."

"Haah! Just as suspected, it is already starting. And by losing the communication line with those places, I fear it is already too late. You know what I mean, don't you, Sister?"

"Yes…" nodded the heiress bitterly, biting her lower lip. "The defenders will answer violence with violence. Even outnumbered, the Death Knights and veterans stationed to those posts should be able to deal with whole armies of fodder alone. Which means…"

"Huge bloodshed. Exactly, on the place of the focal points."

"By the Supreme Beings…! You were right! They planned it from the beginning! If there is bloodshed on those points, then…!"

"There is a high chance the continent-wide ritual will activate."

"We need to reach out, Father, or anyone from Nazarick! We can't handle this situation anymore!"

"I already told you! I tried. But no one has answered until now! We…"

'Beep! Beep! Beep!'

Once more, the communication crystal buzzed on Serene's side.

"What is it!?" she shouted, losing patience for a moment before returning to her collected self once again. "I-I see…" then, after a moment, the girl muttered, speaking with the one on the other side. "Start the evacuation of the surrounding areas right away. Send someone to Dalnus and notify them about the situation, now!"


"Yes, today is big trouble, it seems." she ended the call. "Further reports indicate the gathering of demons from all around the Empire. If it wouldn't be troublesome enough, a few clicks away, another huge army appeared, stepping through some kind of dimensional portal — somehow avoiding our vanguard posts. They are riding right towards here! Many high-level demons and unknown creatures are also with them! At the worst possible time!" Serene bit her thumb, slightly sweating. "All of this is getting out of hand! Our hunter units left not long ago to hunt demons. Which means…"

"Which means, the offensive capability of the city rapidly dropped. I wouldn't be surprised if your communication is cut soon! I advise you to call them back as soon as you can." true with this, the people out there remain alone—free prey to all the invaders, bandits, and stray demons that started to emerge from the shadows. But what other choices did they have? If the city and the main force fall, the smaller groups will be easy prey for the invaders.

"Haah! Why is this happening to me? Why all this sudden?" A few details were missed, and they face an invasion that appeared out of nowhere. Serene started to get exhausted from the sudden happenings.

"An all-out invasion starting just before our eyes, and we were too blind to recognize and act in time! If we kill, if we shed too much blood, the ritual can trigger. If we don't fight back, they will conquer and kill us, and the ritual will possibly trigger anyway! What can we do in situations like this?"

"The situation is worse than we imagined…"

"Brother, I have a request for you!"

"I will do my best to oblige, but the situation…"

"I can't move from my post! I have a city and people to defend! I have a responsibility to uphold! But you? You can! Find Father! Aunt! A guardian or even Mother or sister! Or anyone who can help our situation! We can't let such disgrace come to pass! For the sake of the world and the Supreme Beings! We can't let our fresh territory fall to the enemy's hand! Even if it cost our lives! We must defend the place the Supreme Beings entrusted to us!" her double-colored eyes flashed red, filled with zeal and some kind of craze.

"You can count on me!" Beelzebub nodded, placing his hand on his sister's shoulder. Albeit, he found her zeal a little bit too much. It was just a territory. If they lose it, they can always retreat and come back later to conquer.

"What did one of our famous generals say once? Ah, yes, I remember! We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction!" Of course, that general won a war for them with his "tactical retreat." He kept casualties and loss at a minimum while causing huge loss to the army that pursued him — to an army with overwhelming numerical superiority and better equipment.

"Of course, at the end of the pursue, the odds considerably changed, and the pursuers simply forfeited — In exchange for simple basic necessities like food, water, and medicine."

It was one of the biggest victories in their history not achieved by a Supreme Being or someone from Nazarick. Proving might can be countered by craft.

"Yet, if we die for some reason…" Well, they have auto resurrect items gifted to them by their Father. Still, dying sucks — as their aunt put it.

"Of course, there is a possibility there will be nothing to resurrect once this ritual triggers and consumes our essence." a possibility he would rather not experience.

Still trying to completely assess the situation, Beelzebub recovered two scrolls from his dimensional storage.

"What is this?"

"For emergency situations. When my "secret helpers" helped me escape, they left me a few items to help me out during the investigation — and with them, instructions. This one is strangely labeled for you. Don't ask why. The instructions dictate I had to hand it to you and say: only use if all hope is lost!"

"I see, thank you!" Serene knew well, her Father and the other Supreme Being worked mysteriously. But even then, it was too strange even for her. Nonetheless, she took the scroll, treasuring it greatly.

"Now then, let's see what is in store for me?" Beelzebub read the instructions issued for the emergency scroll. His brow raised immediately.

"Wha-What does it says?" Piña asked, uneasy.

"It says: If all hope seems to be lost, seek the solution in the mouth of the underworld, where the goddess of hell waits for her due patiently. Seek me there, where your view gazes over the whole city of worship!"

"What does this mean?" Serene asked, still confused, starching her head.

"Most likely, one of aunt's riddles. Dammit her and her riddles!" always in the worst times. She came up with such games. Beelzebub clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Beelzebub! Tha-That's blasphemy! Hold your tongue. She is a Supreme Being, after all! Even if she is a little childish…!"

"I know! I know! Sorry! It is just frustrating she always does this in the worst of times! Oh! There are a few sidenotes!" suddenly, he spotted the extensive notes on the lower part of the paper. "Bring some snacks… bring my hentai collection…" and he continued to read a few more elements until he reached the end. The list contained many elements neither Piña nor either heir had an idea about.


"Fetch me the head of the Emperor and the Crown Prince! Tonight we dine in hell!"

"Wha-what!?" Piña's face drained from all blood. Hearing the nonsense request was too much! She was already all pale. Now hearing this, she almost fell on her bottom, losing her balance for a moment. "Beelzebub… yo-you can't!"

"Tch! She and her games again! Very well, we will oblige her requests!"

"But Beelzebub! My Father! My brother! You can't just!"

"Don't worry! I have an idea!"

"Idea!? Sh-She wants their heads!" What else Beelzebub concluded she was not aware? This was too much! Piña wanted to vomit from the sheer stress!

"That's true. You know the law, Beelzebub! The will of the Supreme Beings are absolute! Their request needs to be fulfilled in order to gain their favor!" Serene recited the unwritten law — which was known by all who lived under Ainz Ooal Gown's banner.

"I will figure something out on the way. Remember, sister: Every contract contains a catch or two, small print, which nevertheless changes the ultimate meaning of the request, pact, or contract."

"Yes, I remember." She remembered what the Supreme Beings taught them about contracts and pacts—remembering those things too vividly to forget.

"Which means, this little game of minds challenges us to think creatively and smart. Obviously, most of the list's elements are either out of our reach, or we don't know what they are! This means we need to be creative with our solution and find substitutes if needed that fit the description! In any case, we take the comatose Emperor and the crown prince with us, then figure things out on the way."

"Good! I do my best to hold out and try to contact Dalnus and the Kingdom! But brother! You need to hurry! I fear, if what you said is true, and there is a huge ritual about to trigger, no amount of reinforcements can save us! In the worst case, not even Father or aunt can save us!"

"I am aware! Take care, sister! I will do my best to solve the situation! And do not dare die!"

"Take care! And don't worry, I will not die before I fulfill my dream." they hugged, maybe for the last time, saying their goodbyes.

"Come, Piña! We have many tasks in front of us before we can gain an audience!"

"Escort them on their way!" Serene ordered her handmaidens. "None will stand in their way, or they will face me!"

The handmaidens bowed and followed the two.

The heiress of the Supreme Being leaned over her table, watching the small holographic map of the city concerned.

"There is something more in this, I feel it…"

Scene Change: Belnageo: Present time:

"After this, we recovered Prince Diabo and Emperor Molt — and a few more items from the list. Strangely, the package left for me for my escape contained the antidote for the Emperor's comatose state. Strangely…" Beelzebub eyed the Supreme Being as he muttered, finding all of this too coincidental.

"Ah! Pure coincidence, I assure you." The Supreme Being folded her fingers under her chin, looking all innocent.

"Yeah, coincidental. Sure…" Beelzebub rolled his eyes.

"What? Your mother insisted on packing all kinds of unnecessary stuff. I told her so. The boy needs some challenge during his test, or he will never improve! But no! Her little son can't suffer any shortage, or he might learn to be creative with limited resources. And people are wondering why creativity and imagination are dying? That's why…!" the Supreme Being jumped up, pointing at the heir accusingly.

"So it was mother…?" he can't find the words. Even if she was his mother, he never imagined she was so courageous — or rather daring — to even defy a Supreme Being. All of this for her son!

"She packed some high tier universal antidote, in the case you get poisoned, or cursed, or ill… that's all."

"All of this knowing I am half-demon, half undead?" Which means he can't get sick or ill or even poisoned. "Mother, you really worry so much."

"Hmmm! Poisons exist which can affect undead and devils — ailments based on positive and divine energy — so her concern was somewhat real! Excuse her for being worried! She is a mother, after all. Still, as said, she takes away your chance to be creative and improve with this! Evolve abstract thinking by putting yourself close to danger." Esdeath started to eat the snack brought forth by the servants. "If it were up to me, and you would be my spawn, I would have given you a survival knife and a few basic necessities, then let you figure out things on your own. With all this pestering — even unemotionally — they make you weak."

"Yeah, sure." Beelzebub was still skeptical about that but let this slip just now.

"Mmm! Delicvious!" she stopped for a moment, glancing around, seeing no one touched their uniquely prepared meal. "Go on! Partake, enjoy your supper, after all. it might be your last."

"The question still stands, oh, "Supreme One"! Why you wanted my head? Why did you leave me in that comatose state for so long? Why did you leave the heir of your Kingdom's throne in that prison for so long? What kind of game are you playing? ANSWER ME!" immediately, Molt felt like an immensely sharp blade placed before his throat. One move and his head separated from his neck — maybe it already is, just the atoms still connected due to the sharpness of the blade that already sliced through his throat.

"Yo-You…!" that person who held the blade was just in the right position, so Molt recognized his form.

"FATHER! You!? How dare…!" Diabo froze right away, unable to move even a finger. Something paralyzed him completely.

"I would be vary of what I say in your stead, trash. You live because the Supreme One is finding your pathetic charade entertaining, that's it!"

"Ah! Zero, you are here too?" Beelzebub blinked, turning to the automaton.

"Young Master." the automaton bowed his head in respect. "I will start the preparation of your meal right away. Just wait for a moment until I get rid of these meatbags."

"It is fine, Zero. You can release the Emperor and the crown prince. Instead, go prepare something nice for our guests. Alas, probably this will be their last supper anyway — at least, in this world. So, make something really nice!"

"As you wish, Esdeath-sama." Zero removed the knife from Molt's throat, producing a whole kitchen worth of equipment from his inventory, and started to prepare some delicious meals nearby.

"Answering your questions, Molty. I had the request to fetch the head of the Emperor and the Prince. I never specified which ones. As he told you during the story, we — Ainz-kun and me — appreciate craft and creative thinking. Beelzebub could have brought me the head of a different Emperor and prince from our world — or even this, or anything else. Or even a drink, food, or item with those names. More so, never specified if your and the boy's head needs or not to remain attached to your body. It was your inflexible thinking that made you come to that conclusion…"

"Hmph! Excuse us for thinking like that. All throughout our life, this phrase meant the separation of the head from one's body."

"Ah, I don't blame you, that's fine too. As said, the decision which path to follow was his, and his alone to make — like all the time during his investigation. We gave him a few clues about where and what to look. The rest was up to him. He made decisions that his father and I will accept and support wholeheartedly! The decisions he made led one from the many truths and possibilities that we already foresaw. Different paths that eventually would lead him to different places and conclusions existed, but he decided differently, and eventually, ended him, and you all here. The scroll and notes he carries also coded so display things according to his situation, and give instructions according."

"Yo-You mean, you see the future? You foresaw all of this!?" Hardy gaped, startled completely. Even she, or any other god, are not capable of seeing the future! But these beings…!? It was already too much! Just what she brought on themselves?

"Ah! No, Hardy-chan. No one can see the exact future, just the many possibilities it contains—the weave of causality, the ripples through space-time as others might call it. It is always in motion, rippling, and changing constantly. No one can say for sure, just predict what will happen in the future. Remember, the future is always in motion, and like always, in the multiverse, no matter how unlikely the thing is, it happens one way or another. If not here, somewhere else surely!"

"I-I see…" she already suspected this, but now, it gained confirmation. It seems she indeed has much to learn. Maybe, her fall is needed so she can better herself and ascend higher than ever. Now, she saw this.

"Free will, creativity, and choice itself is the engine of our world! Without them, there is no improvement and challenge! Without challenge, there is too much comfort, which leads to laziness. Laziness can lead to everlasting peace and order because no one wants to move to change things — as everyone is satisfied in the unmoving state of the world. All of this leads to absolute order, which eventually leads to stagnation and death. Conflict and chaos is the engine of improvement! Never forget that! Hardy-chan, make notes. So, your people will never make the same mistake again. Like last time…"

Producing a pen and some paper, she pushed it to Hardy. Pressing her index against the goddess's forehead.

"Ye-Yes…" saying nothing more, the goddess of the underworld started to write intensely, making notes.

"That still doesn't answer my question. Why…?"

"Why what?"

"I am the Emperor. Why not heal me? I could have easily told the people it was not the crown prince who did it. I have a few suspects, but even being awake for such a short time, I already know it was not him."

"Umm? Why did we leave you in that state despite knowing we can easily heal you? Easy, you were not important enough to waste resources on you and bring you back from that state. Also, as you see, you served as an important plot device for the young heir to proceed forward with his test. Honestly, you were lucky he picked that route. Else, we would have disposed of and replaced you with a doppelganger in time."

"I am the Emperor! How dare a brat like you…!?"

"I told you, Molty. Or should we play it again? This brat is probably older than your entire universe. I even walked on the surface of the sun, witnessing events so tiny, they hardly happened at all. Witnessing more Empires like yours fall to the dust, rise, then fall again than the amount you can count — which is not much I may say. Seeing the general intelligence of the inhabitants of this world, I am surprised you can even function and not kill yourself by accident. By the way, can you even count? Do you know what the numbers are? Read? It is beyond me how you people can still breathe with such low IQ…" all along, Esdeath glanced away, hiding her mouth behind her folded fingers—not even giving the Emperor the basic respect to look him in the eyes.

"…" Molt bit his lip, still glaring at Esdeath as she so easily and uncaringly disarmed his rage-filled swear.

"But don't bother with me. This "brat" has no mood to argue with "special snowflakes" like you — people who get upset so easily without any proper reason. Oh! Wait! You are not special! Just one of the many! You are born, you rot on this dust ball, then die, and people forget you in time. Like the rest, you are not important. You are not special. Your story is not unique. In all honesty, compared to other rulers in history, you are not even a good ruler. You only care about your own well-being. Your own… ambition. Such people, such tyrants are so many, and as such, so easy to forget once their time passes."

"Tha-That's enough!" Piña had enough of this smear campaign the Supreme Being conducted against her Father! Jumping up from her seat, she hit the table, only to a moment later lower her head humbly.

All her being trembled in fear, yet, she can't bear how this girl sullies her family! No matter the truth behind her words. What was enough is enough! "Please, Supreme One. Please, be a little understanding of my family. They are not perfect! We made mistakes along the way! But we are willing to learn. Please, Supreme One! If you give us a chance, we surely…!"

"Piña! You can't possibly think seriously to lower your head before her! She is…"

"Beelzebub had the reason for bringing us here! She is probably the only one who can help us! Our people! Our Empire!"

"I like this girl! She knows humiliation. Yet fiery, like her hair! Beelzebub! I approve of a relationship with her! Redheads make for good mothers. They are also usually good in bed. Just be careful. She can grow on you and make you henpecked if you are not careful. Like Elysia-chan..." she looked away, smiling broken under her hands.

"A-Aunt, please!" "Supreme One, please!" the two younglings flustered immediately, clenching their hands on their laps.

"Father, I fear, our options are limited. Please, please, just this once, let your pride slip and listen to her offer. Please…" even Diabo tried to beg for his father's change of heart.

They had little to no choice in this regard. Seeing even a goddess bound by this Supreme Being — albeit, he still doubted it was really Hardy — he saw no other way out. They either offer everything they have or fall doing nothing.

"The boy also has more sense than it first seems. He has potential too. Say, Diabo-kun. Are you interested in a new job? It pays well, I assure you. With many benefits and opportunity for promotion."

"I-I…" Diabo doesn't even know what to say! To a Supreme Being who offers him a jobb? He was astonished beyond reason.

"Tch!" Molt clicked his tongue meanwhile, turning his head away. It was humiliating enough this brat cornered them this much. Now even lower his head? Normally he wouldn't do it even if it cost his life. But now… he had little choice. This, or the annihilation of his whole country! "Fine then! What do you want?"

"Oh! You don't even say why are you here? How should I know what your request is without saying, Molty, and what I have to make a counteroffer?"

Meanwhile, Zero brought forth the prepared meals, elegantly placing them before the people around the table.

"Ah! Prismatic Great Wyrm made just as I like it! With a Seraph's soul ground and hinted on top of it. Ah! De-li-co-us!~"

"As it was requested…" Zero bowed slightly, showing no emotion at all.

"Splendid! Mmm! Delicious!" she gnawed on the juicy meat. "Try it, Hardy-chan! It is delicious! And also contains divinity! It is very nutritious for godlings like you! Giselle, want some? Prepare her some too!"

Zero went on to prepare some more.

"Aunt, there is little time. You need to help! Where is Father? Mother? The rest of the guardians! You know something about them?"

"Well, Ulbert-kun, blew them to another dimension as I know… well, Ainz-kun and the rest who was with him. The rest? Probably home, occupied with whatever stuff is in their mind. Hmm, soo good!"

"What!? That Ulbert?! The Supreme Being?" Beelzebub's eyes widened. He can't believe what he just heard!

He already heard from the Supreme Being's return, but his father's old comrade attacking him? That was too much! It was betrayal!

"Ah, yes, it seems, he went too far with his roleplay this time — like he usually does — and blew them up with his [Grand Catastrophe]. He also probably blew up all the other "gods'' who attended that meeting. So, Hardy-chan, you are probably the last astral lifeform who tend to call themselves god of this world. At least the last major one."

"Tha-that means…" Hardy gaped. She already felt a great shake in the astral realm. Feeling as if something important was cut and crushed to pieces!

First, she thought it was not permanent. But they are gone altogether? This was too much!

If not for her current situation, she would be overjoyed, of course! All her opponents and rivals' worshippers would flock to her with all the other gods gone — as the only one remaining major god would be she, and she alone!

This would increase her power even further — maybe even that point to leave this planet, chase away these invaders and expand her influence to other realms!

True, there would be chaos without the others at the beginning. Still, the order would return in time, and she grew more powerful.

But like this? Stuck in this mortal body and vulnerable to all these foreign entities? She would rather have those misfits back! Together, they are stronger, after all.

They could probably even stand up with these newcomers if they join hands. Albeit, after what she heard about how they were annihilated, she started to doubt if they ever had a chance.

If she would not be so reckless and short sighted back then, the situation would probably be different, and she would still be the master of her fate.

"But as said, maybe this is a chance to improve myself, and rise higher than ever…" Hardy will never give up to regain what she lost, and gain more!

"That… and you just sit there as if nothing happened?!" Beelzebub hit the table, making it break in two. All the precious godly food shattered on the ground!

"Oi! My food!"

"You didn't answer me, aunt!" be she a Supreme Being or not, this was too much! This was betrayal!

"Ok! Ok! Maybe I should have done something with Ulbert-kun — knowing he always overdoes his roleplay events. But who thought he would overdo it this much?"

"Play? All of this is a play for him!?" he can't believe it! What the Supreme Being thinks just blowing up his Father!?

"Well, we used to play rough back then. You know how boys are with their toys, don't ya? You can't really blame Ulbert-kun for grabbing the chance to experience that feeling and thrill once again after that long time not seeing your father and playing together, do you? Besides, not like your Father can be put down permanently by just being blown up. He will be back on his feet in no time — once he managed to scrape together his bits, of course." crouching, Esdeath poked the remains of her food with her fork, deciding, she stabbed a piece and ate it. "Still delicious!~"

"…" Beelzebub's glare intensified, making Esdeath raise her brow.


"Tch! No matter! In that case, if no one else is available, I would like to request your help. Stop this madness, and restore the balance of the world! Make the Supreme Being stop this "roleplay" as you call it!"

"Very nice of you considering me as a last resort…" Esdeath deadpanned, somewhat sad.

"Don't misunderstand. It is not like you were the last one. In fact, aside from Father and Mother, you were the most qualified and strongest person who can help our current situation. What do you think, what will happen once that ritual triggers, hmm?"

"You will be fucked, I guess," she told them the truth, doing so in a dismissive tone like it was not even important, picking up food from the ground.

"And this is not a problem to you…?"

"Nope. I will be fine even if this or other worlds are gone. I just separate this world from ours and float back to Gown Prime. That's all!"

"You cannot be serious!" For the first time in a long time, Hardy spoke up, standing up with a face filled with dread and anger.

"Unfortunately, I am."

"Wait! What do you mean, separate? Is there more I don't know about?" Beelzebub had a bad feeling.

"I meant… That dimensional portals are like doors, windows. And we all know how doors and windows work. They are two-way streets. They connect things." she motioned with her indexes, touching and separating them multiple times. "And what does that mean?"

"It will affect all connected worlds…" the blood runs out from Beelzebub's face, losing balance and falling to his seat after he realized the possible consequence.

"Hmm, the possibility is high." sitting back on her seat, the Supreme being offered a pondering expression while rubbed her chin. "Considering the portals Hardy-chan opened —

quite amateur works if you ask me. They don't even have safety measurements and filters in place to collapse themselves if something like this happens, and harmful elements, energy or stuff tries to invade the other side."

The Supreme Being caressed her chin, meanwhile Zero cleaned up the broken table and the precious dishes, replacing the furniture in under a moment.

"Alas, there is still time. Chance, to stop the destruction of the discarded child's plan to wrought."

"Discarded child?"

"It cannot be…" Hardy gasped, murmuring.

"La-Lady Hardy! You know something about this?" Diabo asked suddenly.

"Thi-This is an ancient prophecy. Only the gods know about it. About Ragnarok. How the fog will engulf and end everything! Bu-But how do you…?" she looked at Esdeath, surprised she knows about it.

"How do we know about it? Well, dear Hardy. Let that be enough. Deep inside, we, with Ainz-kun, are still adventurers and curious by nature. Also, a big fan of history! What do you think? We just sit idle while there is a… no! Two whole worlds to explore and secrets to exploit? Please!" she chuckled, shaking her head like all of this would be a silly question. "We explored and learned, of course, like always."

"In that case. You and Father already knew about this? All along?!" of course, how else would they be able to provide him clues? In fact, Beelzebub doesn't know why he was angry when he already suspected this.

The feeling just… simply burst out of him.

"Then… why!? Just why don't you do anything!? How can you wait and let a whole world burn?!"

"You are half undead, yet, your demonic side, which is more tempting to increase the effect of emotions seemingly able to counter the undead emotion suppression it seems. Aren't hybrids wonderful?" she watched Beelzebub, like a piece of meat. Like a scientist who administered the disease into the lab rat, and now awaits how the body reacts.

"Yo-You… Ghhh!" suddenly, Beelzebub grabbed his head. Something moved in his grey matter, something that is intensely trying to devour his brain.

"Well, well, well! Don't be so hasty, young one. The dear just loves intense emotions. It encourages it to bite a big chunk from your brain!"

"Yo-You!?" Piña had enough, standing up and slapped the Supreme Being.

Everyone gasped, and Zero was on to torture her mercilessly, but one gaze was enough to stop him.

"Ei! Ei! What a fiery bride, I like you even more." she rubbed her cheek, almost like she felt that weak slap — grinning all along.

"Are you alright?"

"I-It is fine now… I think." Beelzebub breathed haphazardly, still grabbing his head.

"Note 1: The concealing physic effect of the newly developed hybrid tadpole is indeed worth investigating further. It can even be considered a success. Yet, the problem still stands. It is too glutinous, and the amount of "power drop" debuff the bearer suffers can be problematic in the long term. Permanent? The possibility is there. Further investigation is needed to confirm with more test subjects. " She muttered while she held a Dictaphone before her mouth. Leaning closer to Beelzebub and examining him closer.

"Note 2: The new tadpole prototype seemingly able to transform even higher undead, demonic beings if given time into a different lifeform. Even if it is inserted into a higher-level host, the chance it devours brain matter or the start of metaphysical Ceremorphosis is high. Creation of a new mind flayer race? Possible. Further investigation and experimentation required."

She inspected Beelzebub further, using a gun-like device to scan him. Then, inspecting the results.

"Hmm… Note 3: The first stages of Ceremorphosis are present despite the undead and demonic racial traits usually making the subject immune. Mucus plasma in the making in the inner working. Also, everything is set to step into a new development phase. At the current rate, it may take a few days or even a week for the transformation to finish. Recalculating it to a compatible humanoid host: a few seconds, at max! Indeed impressive!"

"Ho-How can you be so heartless? Don't you see he is suffering?!" Piña was already tearful. Seeing Beelzebub suffer made her heart ache. "Aren't you, his aunt? Doesn't family mean anything to you?"

"Above all, I am a scientist, dear." Esdeath's expression was cold as she gazed at the princess, then back to her data. "Only after that, the aunt of his. Science needs sacrifices."

"Sooner or later, there will be consequences of your evil…!"

"Science cares not about meaningless concepts like good or evil, Princess Piña Co Lada. As they are the constructs of society, you live in. Only action and reaction exist in the world of science. Actions and consequences. Different goals. Who bears the might and knowledge, who is triumphant, is just. Who loses is… how do you put it? Evil? For history is written by the winners, by the blood of the losers! For who possess the knowledge and might, can triumph over others."

Tears rolled down on the princess's face, hearing the cold, unmoved words of the Supreme Being.

"Aunt! That's enough!" struggling, but Beelzebub stood up. "If you are not willing to help us, that's fine by me. But I wonder how Father will react once he returns and hear about your treachery!"

"Let me get this straight? You're trying to blackmail me?" Esdeath raised her brow, looking almost annoyed — or was it an impressed expression? Beelzebub can't really place it. He only knows he made a great gamble with this move — a gamble that can easily backfire.

"If it is what it takes to help us save this, and every other world. Then yes, I'm blackmailing you."

"…" she remained silent for long moments, then a huge grin moved on her face. "Ah! To the first heir, to the one who always followed the rules, which I never even heard swear once to break his own rules this way? I am impressed! Well done! Well done! It seems the boy is finally growing into a man!" she clapped, smiling sly.

"So, this too was all a test?"

"What do you think?" she sat down, slurping her tea.

"So, are you helping us?"

"Well, it is up to you? Do you want to finish the test? Or fail it by requesting an unfair advantage? Your choice. A ruler knows which path to choose. A proper ruler knows which is more important and when. Their people. Their pride. Their goal. Or their ambition. Choose wisely, young one. For one path leads to total devastation, the loss of everything important, the other offers salvation. Beware of making a request to the devil, because it might end up with unsavory consequences. So, do you still want to make a deal? Hmm?" leaning forth, she folded her fingers above her knee — her cup floating on her side.

"…" Beelzebub remained silent, considering what she just said.

"What's better than a devil, you don't know? A devil, you do? Am I a friend? Potentially. An adversary? Conceivably. But a savior? That's for certain."

"I see, that means your help involves methods I would not approve."

"Come now. Why play hard to get when you are in deep over your tadpoled head? One skull, two tenants, and no solution in sight. Just like this world, you were infected with an ever-growing thing, waiting to shed the excess skin! And from the carcass, bring forth something new! Do you really want to take this chance away from a baby?"

"Having a baby and growing a tadpole in your head is two different things, you know that well." Beelzebub nudged his forehead, feeling as the tadpole moveding slightly — almost like it wanted to pat his shoulder sympathetically.

"Now, now! Don't you forget who created Albedo-chan, your mother? Your grandfather? Tabula Smaragdina-kun would be devastated if he would hear his own grandson speaking about him like this." she shook her head, playing the sad puppy.

"That's different…!"

"Why? Because he is a Supreme Being? Please, he as well started as a simple tadpole, inserting, lodging himself into the skull of an alchemist, then through Ceremorphosis, transforming him. Do you want to take the chance from the baby? Your new little brother — even own son? How sad…" she shook her head, almost looking disapproving.

"Nonetheless, make your choice. Take all your time you need — but make up your mind before you start counting down with tentacles. Try to cure the world — or even yourself. Shop around! Beg, borrow, and steal! Exhaust every possibility until none are left! Be creative! And when hope has been whittled down to the very marrow of despair — that's when you will find the needed solution, the trigger for the "good ending," which every gamer seeks! But beware of the wrong choices, for doors which lead to dead ends are so many, and choices which are right are so few..."

"Your riddles again…" snorted the heir, almost disgusted.

"Or… I can simply remove that tadpole, and I let you on your way. But it might come in handy later. Your choice…"

Beelzebub needed to make a choice. Either risk is becoming some brain eater, Ilithid mutant, or removing the thing altogether. It was not an easy choice considering the Supreme Being did and said things out of good reason — most of the time.

"Tick-tock…" several explosions shook the city. "The clock is slowly hitting the spot…"

"Wha-What was this?" since possessing a flesh body. Hardy became much more paranoid, looking around scared.

"Muu! It seems, time is running short, young one." Esdeath recovered her silver pocket watch from her jacket. "The one behind the coming dread already sent its lackeys to take over the city and stain what's beneath. Make your decision fast, or your window of opportunity closes."

Nearby, Zero raised his hand slightly, clenching his fist, and the almost invisible wires cut through the air. Immediately, previously invisible figures collapsed, falling to pieces. "But sending such lowly assassins against us? This is almost an offense…"

These creatures barely resembled humans, emitting the energies of the void. Slowly, they started to piece themselves together, standing up with a twisted movement.

"What's beneath the city?"

As Beelzebub asked, once more, Zero cut the assassins to pieces without effort once again on the side.

"Ask Hardy-chan. What might be underneath the city which houses the main shrine of the Goddess of Underworld?"

"Underworld…?" Beelzebub starched his head.

"Exactly! Hades! Hell! Abaddon! Purgatory! Naraka! Or however, you like to call it! And what do we store in such places? Hardy-chan?" she pointed at Hardy.

"Da-Damned souls…?"

"Exactly. Damned souls filled with hatred, pain, suffering, and above all, malice towards all who imprisoned them, and enjoy the sweet nectar of freedom."

Further explosions can be heard from down below, coming from the gates of the city.

The attackers are cutting through the whole city, killing everyone in their way! Burning, raping, and destroying everything in their way. Amongst them, cultists, demons, and soldiers marching under unknown banners.

Belnago was a holy place, and as such, it had fewer guards than a normal city of the same size — Just the warrior priests and paladins of Hardy and the bare minimum of city guards.

After all, who would be so foolish to attack the city sanctified for the goddess of the underworld? No one in their right mind, one may think. Not even rival gods and their followers would be so daring.

"Ah! It seems our time is cut short it seems. So bad, I enjoyed our chat." she slurped her tea, throwing the cup behind her back, uncaring. "Oh well…" she recovered a bag from her inventory, throwing it before Beelzebub's legs.

"Here is what you need for your quest to be complete. Do your best, kiddo. We will watch you on your journey. You still have some time before that ritual activates and brings forth that catastrophe. Don't forget, if you absolutely can't proceed, just give me a call. If your travel mate became too annoying, just drown the antidote in your bag. Albeit, it is quite sour and may have some side effects. And don't worry anymore about those wardens, considering the situation, I removed your bounty."

"I will do my best, don't worry about me… thank you for your help." stern, Beelzebub stood up, grabbing the bag. He hoped for more help. But he needs to suffice with this much, it seems. Either way, it was better than nothing.

"In the worst case, I request their help and bear with the consequences." which honestly he can't predict. It can be something embarrassing for him or even catastrophic for the whole world. In the case of the Supreme Beings, no one know.

"Ah, well. I let you on your way then. But before that, a few bits of advice for your journey. Free of charge, of course…"

She cleared her throat, starting her little speech.

"Seek out the architect. If you want to save this world, he will be the composer of salvation. The slumbering one is on the rise to take back what was his a long time ago. The reincarnated one knows more than he first shows. His hatred and malice know no bounds. It may even consume all, hinting at the seeds of chaos. Deceiving beyond all reason, the eyes will finally show the way for the rise and fall of everything. But above all… Be aware of the fool. The cockroach may bring more trouble than you expect him. Don't forget: Reading the movements of a slightly-above-average intellect that imagines himself a genius is easier than trying to predict the actions of a complete moron. Proceed accordingly. Happy treasure hunting!" she clapped happy like a child, waving him away. "Good luck! Give a call if you can't proceed!"

"Thank you for your advice. I'll take it to heart."

"Ah, don't even mention it. I just read these in a few dusty scrolls laid all around. Also added to the possible coordinates to the map you will find in the bag. They may not even help you much, but clues to be sure. Now then, leave, before the ring around the town completely closes, leave the city. Zero, please escort them into a safe area."

"As you wish." bowed the servant while holding his palm over his heart.

"Oh, and Beelzebub! Don't forget! Love counters, malice! That's what I can assure you. It is not much, but like in fairy tales, it may be enough to tip the balance towards you. The ruler of fate loves heroic spirits, after all. Oh! And she is mighty, believe me!"

"Thank you…"

"Now go before your opportunity slips. The Emperor and the Prince remains. This adventure is designed for two people. Or three… if we consider your tentacle brother, Belzi…"

"Fa-Father, are you…?"

"I will be fine, Piña, go, save our world! Our Empire!"

"Piña… I…" Diabo just stuttered, hardly finding the proper words.

"Onii-san… I… know. I love you."

"Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Say your goodbyes, or everything will fall."

Hearing Esdeath's urging, Piña said her goodbyes, giving both her brother and father a tight hug. Maybe, this was the last time she saw them. She wanted this one last embrace.

After this, the youngsters left, leaving Belnago and the Supreme Being behind.

"Ah, usually, I don't like romantic stories. But something in these two… just clicks? What do you say, Molty, Diabo, Hardy, Giselle?"

"Wha-what about us? If we remain here…?"

"Hardy-chan! Hardy-chan! So little faith!" The Supreme Being patted her back, encouraging. "Don't you want to witness the great show? The great destruction of your domain? The great finale of this act?" waving her hand dismissively, the alien assassins who reassembled themselves and were about to backstab them were completely annihilated, atomised beyond all reconstitutable bonds

"I thought you enjoyed exciting new things. Don't you? You said it yourself that was the reason for opening those dimensional portals to our worlds — to invite interesting people! Or, do you only enjoy destruction while you are in control? You see, even a simple human like the Emperor can accept things if he can't do anything."

Molt and Diabo just sat, seeing the destruction below, near them, Giselle, gazing at Hardy, awaiting her instructions.

"I only opened one…" Hardy muttered, defeated.

"Such a sore loser you are! Ah, it is so disappointing! Why am I the only one who can enjoy the chaos in its purest form? Why am I the only one who can even find enjoyment when I lose and lose everything? Seeing as everything I love is scorched to the ground, and from the ashes, something new rises to be the better version than what was!"

She stood up, raising her arms towards the air, watching the gloomy gathering clouds above Belnago with a lust-filled expression, almost trying to grab them with her clenched fingers as she reached towards the skies.

"Yo-You are out of your mind?"

"Am I…?" unnaturally, she tilted her head to Hardy. "Probably, yes. Did you realize that just now? Anyway…" she once again recovered her pocket watch, opening and inspecting the time. "We still have time for a dessert! So lucky! Want some? Giselle-chan? It is best to watch the whole world burn while we eat something sweet. Now then, on with the show! I am curious what Ainz and Ulbert-kun have up their sleeve! Whatever it is! It will be the show of the eon for sure! Whatever it is, it will be the perfect ending for the closing according to this great symphony!"

Grinning, she produced some first-class desserts, popcorn, and some other nibbles made in Nazarick, placing them on the reconstructed table. After this, she continued with drinks, pouring some first-class champagne — directly from Nazarick — to everyone.

"Dig in! Enjoy your meal and drinks! After all, it might be your last. Prosit!" after raising her glass, she walked closer to the side of the balcony where she had a better view of the burning city below. "Ah! My dear Fraulein, what will you do when you finally face the Black Huntsman? For now, Zamiel comes to collect... You…" with that, she poured the precious champagne down below, letting the priceless glass fall, shattering in the dirty streets amongst the chaos.

"Mein Sohn, nur Mut." (My Son, have courage)

"Wer Gott vertraut baut gut." (Who trusts in god is always right)

"Jetzt auf, in Bergen und Klüften." (Let's go, in Mountains and Rifts)

"Tobt morgen der freudige Krieg." (Will tomorrow rage the joyful war)

"Das Wild in Fluren und Triften." (The game in acres and meadows)

"Der Aar in Wolken und Lüften." (The eagle in clouds and heights)

"Ist unser und unser der Sieg!" (Will be ours and our victory!)

"Und unser der Sieg!" (And our victory!)

"Und unser der Sieg!" (And our victory!)

And alas, with the song of the Supreme One of war, the bloody conflict, and the final countdown started!

With Belnago on to burn, stained beyond redemption. With the invasion already started and blood on the focal points smeared! The end was near!

Can the Prince and the red princess stop the coming catastrophe, or was it too late?

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How will the story end?

Will it be happy? Or one of the few stories where evil triumphs over good?

As the symphony proceeds towards the end, all pieces eventually fall into place, and the hidden truth reveals!

Figures fall, events unfold, ties knotted permanently!

The final arc is started!

How it ends, maybe even the Supreme Beings don't know!

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