Chapter Zero: Interlude: First Look Interviews (Preview)

"We are on the set of Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair with the actors who play Ayano, Ayumi, Kotarou, Kuzuri, and Santiago in the flesh! Now tell us, what were your reactions to the first murder and trial of the season?"

The five castmates share a glance between one another as a brief moment of silence passes over them before the oldest of the group speaks up, "I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was something that nobody saw coming."

The basketball star chuckles, "Says the one whose screen time came from being in bed the whole time."

Ayumi rolls her eyes and refutes his comment, "Now Santi, I wouldn't say the whole time, but my character did help contribute to the investigation."

This earns a raisen eyebrow from the dark-brown, eyed girl in the group. "Do you have no sense of rationality? There is no way in any of the infinite universes that that could be correct. Last time I checked, my logician's set of skills practically carried every being during that investigation duration."

"Well would you look at that, Oshiro-san is as much as a geek as her character in real life." The electrician retorts as his right hand loosely points a screwdriver at her.

"Not to mention as cocky as a fucking rooster." Kuzuri playfully nudges Ayano which only earns him a pout from the logician in return.

Hey guys! So, this is a preview of what the official next update is going to look like since it's basically going to be four sets of group interviews with the cast of FCD. Reason why I'm not uploading the whole update is becauseā€¦

Yeah, it wasn't till I was more than halfway done with the interviews when I was like, "Wait a minute, maybe I shouldn't just assume people want their OCs portrayed like this when the actor version is technically a different character than the FCD character."

So, I'm giving you guys a chance to change anything about your characters for this side story whether it's their whole name or appearance or personality, etc! This is completely optional, so if you don't want anything changed about your OC, then just tell me that you like them as it is, or you can fill out this short application with the things you want to change and PM it! You don't have to completely change everything about your OC and can leave the sections that you want to keep the same as blank (Ex: If you want to change the name but not the appearance or personality, then just leave the appearance and personality section blank or put N/A).

P.S: Once I get the all clear from you guys, I may or may not delete this chapter and swap it out with the whole update. Also, hope you guys have a nice day or night wherever you are!

~ First Class Despair: Optional Actor Adjustments Form ~

Actor's Name: (Western Order with first name, last name. Also, you could change just half of their name if you want, for instance, for Akira and Ayumi, I kept their first names the same but changed their last names. )


Real Age: (I mean, there's so many times when an actor would play a role with the character's age younger than their actual age. Ex: Sometimes a twenty something year old play a high school teenager.)

Sexual Orientation: (There's times when a straight actor would play a LGBT character or vice versa.)

Appearance Changes: (This applies to the physical aspects of your character that may or may not be different from the passenger they play on FCD. Maybe the eye color they have in FCD isn't their eye color in real life? Maybe they had to wear makeup in order to conceal tattoos? Maybe the hair color and style in FCD is completely different in real life and they had to use dye or a wig? Those sort of things!)

Clothing: (Does the actor's clothing style differ from their character's? This also includes contacts/glasses and accessories as well!)

Personality Changes: (How different is the actor from the character they play personality-wise? Maybe they share the exact same cheery energy offset? Or maybe they're the polar opposite with being a jerk on screen and a sweetheart off screen or vice versa?)

Speech Changes: (Does the actor's speech pattern differ from their character's? Maybe a smooth talker on screen is actually a stuttering mess off screen? Do they have an accent?)

Other: (Is there anything else you would like to change about your character that hasn't been covered?)