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Summary: When Harry gets sent to a camp for the summer he never imagined it would be in Canada nor that it would be airing all around the world for people to see. The question remains whether he will survive until the end or will he be eliminated before the challenge even begins? TrentxHarry.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, slash, canon divergent, mentions of abuse and mentions of character death.

Chapter One: Camp Wawanakwa!

How did this happen?

Scratch that. How in the world did Harry allow this to happen? Standing upon the shining white glamorous boat that headed towards the destination, and glanced at the pamphlet with minor annoyance. Somehow in some twisted sort of way his aunt managed to strike up a deal with a producer in Canada. The plus? He'd leave the house for the entire summer and neither group would see one another until September. Quite frankly, Harry did not know whether to be surprised at her deviousness or praising her cunning. Regardless it allowed him to get as far away from the Dursleys as possible and having some time to himself. And, apparently several others, from what the print said. Not that it particularly mattered.

What did matter had been the method in which his aunt Petunia managed to succeed. Recalling something about an audition tape needed, though, Harry never sent one in. His stomach began to curdle slightly knowing that there had been some ulterior motive behind it all, but what? Harry did not know. And whether he truly desired to know.

In the distance Harry could see an older looking guy with a blue short sleeved button up shirt with khaki pants, black yet almost greyish hair sitting upon his head as his arms stretched out widely and flashed a bright smile. However just behind him had been an number of campers which were already standing behind him; none of them looked to be too bad. Except for the guy with the green mohawk and the long taller dark haired girl that seemed to be glaring daggers at everyone that surrounded her; making a mental note to avoid contact her at each chance available. As his boat began to dock near the edge Harry knew that this had been a sign for him to get off. Grabbing his small trunk and proceeded to join on the dock. The man waved. "And here comes our next camper, with the nearly late entry! Harry! Thanks for coming man!"

"Oh. Um, thanks for the invite." Harry commented, uncertain as how to proceeded properly.

Before anymore could be said a girl with brunette hair tied in a small pigtail walked up to him. Excited energy rolling off of her as she held out her hand towards him. "Hi there. My name's Beth!"

"Nice to meet you, Beth." He responded in kindly, wearing a kind and gentle smile.

"You're British?" The rather big blonde remarked, surprised and staring openly at him.

In fact everyone bar Chris appeared surprised by the revelation gaining him a few odd looks and stares. Normally, Harry had been able to shake such unwanted eyes off of him however this had been different from the other time due to the nature of their staring. Shifting rather uncomfortably as their eyes remained glued to his presence. His eyes averted to the sea trying his best to ignore them. Just what exactly was he supposed to say, let alone even respond?

Before anything could be done one of the guys with the black hair and green shirt with the hand print walked over. "Hey. Name's Trent, welcome."

"Thanks, Trent." Harry gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and a brief smile.

The goth girl gave a nod, and a slight smile. "Gwen."

"And I'm Owen! Totally awesome to metchya!" The big blonde greeted enthusiastically with a bright large smile waving his hand.

The long haired girl gave him a look. "Looks like you'll be stuck with us for the next eight weeks. Fun."

"There are worse alternatives," the boy with the brown hair pointed out before smiling widely. "Oh hey I'm Cody!"

The girl with the earrings gave a short wave. "Hey there baby, name's Leshawna."

"Great we got another dweeb." The guy with the mohawk commented, arms crossed and rolling eyes with a sneer.

Before a retort could even be mustered another girl strolled onto the dock. Relatively tall with brown hair and a tan, with a white blouse beneath a grey sweater and moss green pants stretching just above her ankles. The way she moved revealed a side of gentleness as she paused with her step introducing herself to them. Owen had been the first to react to her practically grabbing her hand and shaking it roughly, her shock had been quickly overrode, however as another person had arrived that gained the attention of every single person there except himself. A rather muscular looking guy appeared with wild brunet hair smiling widely as he stood near the edge of the boat that steadily began to align with the dock. Nearly all of the girls around him were instantly smitten by his suddenly appearance gazing up at him with hearts dancing in their eyes where the guys seemed torn between disbelief, silently appreciation and wariness.

Harry, however, had been unimpressed. "Is that really what girls like?"

"Well," Trent murmured. His hand rubbed the back of his neck, and shrugged his shoulders. "Each to their own."

"Pft. Pretty boy's just that pretty." The mohawk teen remarked flatly. "Bet ya he won't last long."

"Going to agree on that one." Harry stated, with a sharp nod.

The dock rocked slightly as another girl managed to appear with curly red hair wearing an green dress wrapped around her body. The brunette haired girl, Courtney, rushed towards her aiding in getting the girl out of the water before the redhead began to launch immediately into talking going so fast that he honestly wondered if Hermione would have been offended. At the mentioning of lunch everyone managed to pique up with curiosity at the thought of eating, Harry himself felt a bit hungry. His aunt practically shoved him upon the ship without anything to eat seemingly hurried to send him off without a moment's hitch. However, the guy, Chris, shook his head smiling brightly.

"Sorry Izzy, but we still have one final member joining us!" He announced, and smiled brightly just as another boat appeared. Turning his body and clapped. "Everyone welcome our last entry, Li Sue!"

The girl appeared from the boat ignoring Chris completely as her eyes seemed to zero in on him. Her lips pressed thinly together and frowned, walking past the bewildered man as she pushed past the rest of the group ending up standing before Harry. The two of them remained in complete silence staring back at one another.

"Potter." Sue began, without breaking eye contact.


A moment passed. And then, Sue smirked. "If you're here. Things are bound to be interesting. Do try and survive alone enough."

Harry arched a brow silently.

"Okaay." Chris said, resting his hands upon his hips. "Seems two of our campers have history together. Anyway, everyone down to the docks. Gotta take a picture for the promos!"

The group moved together huddling close to one another forming for the group photo. Harry seemingly had been forced in between the tall model guy; Justin, and beside the other brunet whose been in a headlock via from Owen as his eyes glanced over toward where Li had been standing with the blonde girl with the bandana and Leshawana. Everyone apparently had been content smiling. Ever since Colin began to take to following him around during second year, his aversion to photos increased steadily. Managing to keep himself fairly relaxed as they waited for Chris to finally take the photo after commenting on the lens cape. Irritation started to flow through them all. Each of them wanted to the photo taken and done with already. Everyone seemed to be getting antsy without close they were to one another and to get onto the island. Something felt a bit odd about the entire thing with the way Chris had deliberately jumped onto the boat coaching everyone to the end of the dock.


And there it was, the wood beneath them broke as they poured straight into the water.

Thank merlin for Owen's big body.

Drying off? Not so bad.

Chris had each of them gathered around the camping grounds either standing, or sitting upon the logs. Harry ended up hanging near the back with the girl wearing blue and Justin, along with Cody. Their attention had been given towards Chris, though, none of them had entirely forgiven him for allowing them to be dumped into the water. Some less than others. Harry counted himself lucky that he ended up gripping onto Owen once it broke. He had been one of the only ones that managed to remain dry where everyone else ended up getting wet. Quite frankly he felt grateful for small favours before tuning into what the man began to say.

"This is Camp Wawanakwa your home. For the next eight weeks the campers sitting around you will be your cabinmates, your competition and maybe even your friends. You dig? The camper that manages to remain on Total Drama Island without getting voted off will win $1, 000, 000.00!" Chris announced, pleasantly. Tension already seeped into air. Eyes switched from one to another mixed with different moods and emotions some being unreadable to others and some were. It had been obvious that all of them came to the island for one thing, and one thing only; for the money. Judging by the look that the man wore it had been the exact reaction that he had been hoping for. Frankly, long as he managed to remain until September, the others could fight over the money as long and hard as they desired. Not that Harry really needed the money having plenty for the coming school year to cover the necessary expenses.

His mind did wonder as to why Li of all people came to the Island in the first place?

"Excuse me," The mohawk guy, now revealed as Duncan, strolled up to the front smirking. "What will the sleeping arrangements be? Because I'd like to request a bunk under her." Jabbing his thumb towards long haired girl's direction.

She stared horrified. "They aren't co-ed, are they?"

"No." Chris confirmed, shaking his head. "Girls are on one side and dudes are on the other."

"Excuse me," the blonde, Lindsay, held up her hand. "Kyle? Can I have a cabin with the lake view since I'm the prettiest?"

Harry stared, and felt his eyes twitch. "She isn't serious, is she?"

"Well," Cody whispered back. "She is pretty hot."

"Right." Harry was not even going to touch that button barely hearing how irritate Chris sounded as he corrected Lindsay. Unfortunately, things began to go downhill from there as Katie and Sadie began to make an argument about being apart, while the moment of friendship had been touching the excuses that they made nearly made him gag. Were they really that serious?

Gwen stared just as deadpanned as him. "This cannot be happening."

Glad to see that someone shared his sentiments.

"Alright that's enough everyone." Chris held up a sheet. "I'll going to be reading out the teams. When your name is said go over there." Pointing with his finger as his eyes flickered onto the page. "Gwen. Trent. Heather. Cody. Lindsay. Beth. Katie. Owen. Leshawna. Justin. Noah, and Harry. From this moment on you will officially be known as," tossing the group a rolled up green sheet. "The Screaming Gophers!"

Owen's eyes light brightly. "I'm a Gopher? AWESOME!"

"Wait!" The tall girl with pink, Katie, glanced around worriedly over towards her friend. "What about Sadie?"

Chris raised his arm gesturing to the other side. "The rest of you over here. Geoff. Bridgette." The guy with cowboy hat and the surfer girl glanced at each other with smiles. "DJ. Tyler. Sadie. Izzy. Courtney. Ezekiel. Duncan. Eva. Harold and Sue. Your group will be known as the Killer Bass!" Tossing over a red cloth with the symbol of the animal upon it. Harold reached out to grab it before Sue's arm extended pass his allowing the sheet wo unweave. A hint of approval shinned within her brown eyes casting a look towards their competition.

"Hear that, Potter? We're the Killer Bass."

Harry paused glancing back. "You do realize that as Gophers that we naturally have the advantage of being predators and the land. Right?"

"Do you two have something going on or something? Geoff inquired, glancing back bemused.

Sue snorted. "No. After all," She smirked. "He likes older girls."

"You were just waiting to use that one, weren't you?" Harry's face flamed instantly shooting daggers. At her.

"For awhile. Yes." She responded, truthfully and then smiled. "Cho sends her regards by the way."

Harry groaned. "I'm sure that she does."

"Older girls, huh?" Cody zipped right to him, and nudged him in the ribs grinning. "Nice man!"

All that he desired right now was for the ground to swallow him whole. Right then, and there. His cheeks burned brightly trying to suppress the utter embarrassment that coursed through his veins forcing himself to stare at the ground and ignoring the words that she used to taunt him, not even on the island for a full day and Harry already desired to bury himself into a bed. His ears simply tuned into Chris directing them towards the necessary cabins and bringing up the part about the cameras; making a mental note to memorize just encase, and about the confessional recorder in the bathroom. Not that he planned on using it. After all, venting to a bunch of people that he did not know nor cared about knowing about his own thoughts. Internalizing everything inside. That's how Harry survived for so long unless they were Ron and Hermione, there would be no way anyone on the island would be able to force him in using the confessional.

As the girls began to disburse towards their respected cabins the rest of the guys stood giving him looks. Leering quietly with different stares and mixed expressions ranging from curiosity to impressive and to mere amusement.

"So." Ducan began, smirking. "Older girls?"

Cody copied the smirk. "Was she hot?"

"What kind of girl was she?" DJ inquired, politely.

"Was she pretty?" Owen added.

"I sincerely hope for your sakes she ended up being the intellectual type." Noah drawled, flatly and crossed his arms gazing forwards deadpanned. It had been fairly obvious from his comment to whom he had been referring.

Cody rolled his eyes a bit. "Ah, c'mon Noah. The girls here are pretty awesome and smart!"

"I'm going to have to reserve the right to say no comment." He retorted, flatly with a sharp look.

Tyler grinned, stroking his chin. "But still an OLDER girl?"

Harry felt very uncomfortable with the praise they had been given him. To say that Cho's and his relationships had been anything other than complicated would have been a complete and utter lie; to say the least neither of them should have taken a chance at trying to be together. No after what happened. Not that fast. There had been nothing that could be done now; what happened, happened. There was no changing that. All they could do was move forward and try to salvage a friendship. If there even was one to salvage. After Marietta turned and ratted the DA out; she had lost considerable favor with the rest of the Ravenclaws along with the rest of the DA members for siding with her friend, not that Harry could possibly blame her. One of the traits that he had admired about Cho had been her sense of loyal and friendship, despite his own misgivings about those that broke trust and betrayed. Personally, the spell that Hermione had cast upon the snatch had been a wee bit too harsh for words, not that he had any way of reserving it. Too much had really happened during the previous year for anything to really form between them. Maybe, one day, the two would end up being able to become friends.

One day.

"C'mon guys." Geoff intervened. "Give the dude a little space would ya? The little guy's turning red!"

His eyebrow twitched. "I'm not little."

"You barely reach my height." Cody pointed out. "You're short. And speaking of short, excuse me gentlemen I think I see some lovely ladies that are in need of major assistance."

Justin shook his head, disappointed. "Poor guy's dead meat."

"I reckon he won't last an minute before they throw him out." Harry commented.

Trent nodded in agreement. "We'll have to arrange a small funeral for him."

"I might be gorgeous but I'm no fool to take up that bet." The model commented, running his hand through his hair.

Duncan crossed his arms, snorting. "Kid's persistent. I'll give him that."

"Speaking of persistent. Hey Chris!" Geoff called, gaining the host's attention whom had been speaking with Gwen and Lindsay utterly ignoring the fact that Cody came flying out of the room and drove straight into the ground. "Are there any chaperon's around this facility?"

Chris stared. "You're all sixteen, most of you anyway, Harry's the only one that's fifteen and most of you are around the age where a counsellor in training for a normal summer camp is. So for the reminder of the eight weeks it's just going to be all of you, myself and Chef on this island. So feel free to go nuts! Oh. Meet up in the main lodge in a half hour starting now!"

"Nice!" Geoff grinned, eyes flickering towards his cabin.

"The shortest and the youngest." Duncan smirked, sliding his arm upon Harry's head. "Sucks to be you."

Harry shot a glare. "The taller and older they are, the harder they fall as they say."

"Bring it on shorty." The punk smirked reaching over and smothering his hair. "I'll be waiting for a real challenge."

Before anymore could be said a sharp scream echoed from the Gopher ladies' lodging causing everyone's head to snap towards the source as they rushed towards the doorway to see what all the fuss had been about. Just for them to stare upon seeing Lindsay backed up with her leg in the air shrinking back in fear of a coach roaches that skidded across the floor. Harry did not see what all the fuss had been all about as Harold rushed in with DJ screaming and jumped into the air crushing Gwen's bunk ("That was going to be my bed.") Even as a child, bugs had never bothered him. Having been forced to sleep with a bunch of spiders during his youth, seeing roaches had been nothing short of anything and did not see why they were frightened of the insect. Suppressing the urge to sigh, Harry entered the room ignoring the looks of disgust that crossed many of their faces as he bent down scooping up the insect straight into his palm and ignored the stares received.

"I can't believe that you're touching it!" Lindsay cried, backing away with fright.

Harry pinned a stare. "It's a bug. It isn't going to kill you."

"It's still a roach," Leshawna pointed out. "It's disgusting."

Gwen wrinkled her nose. "Even I can barely stand touching one. And I'm a goth."

"Just get it the hell out of here already!" Heather demanded.

"Right, right. Whatever you say your majesty." His eyes rolled slightly walking out of the room. "It's a bug, yesch. There you are time for you to go." Dropping the insect onto the fence watching it descend onto the ground vanishing from sight, and proceeded to ignore the noise that came from the girl's room.

Trent, Noah and Owen's head peered from the doorway.

"They were freaking out over a roach on the floor." Harry informed, blandly strolling towards them.

Noah snorted. "Riveting."

"Kinda glad that I'm rooming with guys instead of the girls." Owen remarked throwing a look of squeamishness.

Harry glanced up at him. "As someone whom attends a boarding school and shares a dormitory with the boys and girls, none of you have any idea how true of a statement that is."

"Boarding school? Ouch." Trent winced. "That's rough, man."

"Even my parents never stooped to sending me to one of those!" Owen remarked, horrified. "A boarding school? Uniforms!"

"Sounds boring." Noah responded lazily. "And undull."

Harry pressed his lips together. "It's…. different from a normal school, I'll give you that. Not sure how things work here in Canada and home but I'd wager that there are a few similarities and such? Though my school is a castle opposed to a building."

"A castle?" Trent's eyes widened. "That sounds sick!"

Owen practically glowed. "What about the food? Is it delicious?"

"I guess?" Harry felt himself a bit at a loss, though Trent's reaction made sense. Talking about home made his heart beginning to twist focusing his attention back onto the bunks that were lined up against the walls, while the room had not been the most glamours it had been fine with him. "Erm guessing you guys have already chosen your bed?"

"I'm already bunking with Owen." Noah jabbed his thumb over towards Owen. "Makes things easier for us."

"Justin's with Cody." Trent pipped up. "So, I was waiting for you to see if you wanted the top or the bottom bunk."

"I'm fine with either. Not too picky," Harry had dealt with the worst as far as he had been concerned back at Hogwarts with Neville and Ron's snoring and Seamus's complaining.

Trent nodded. "Then I'll take the bottom bunk. Easier to get to my guitar."

"Hurry up you guys!" Chris's voice carried over through the field. "Ten minutes left to get to the main lodgings!"

Noah rolled his eyes. "Joy. I can't waist to see what awaits us in this dump."

"I hope that there will be food!" Owen began, stars lightening up in his eyes. "I haven't eaten since leaving early this morning I'm hungry."

And true to Owen's wishes there had, indeed been food, as the campers each lined up waiting with their trays in hand. Upon receiving their food from Chef each wore a look of perplexed confusion and wariness eyeing the brown slop that laid upon their plates the stench carried over from one end of the room to the next, stinking up the place considerably. By the time that it had finally reached him, nearly everyone else had already gotten their meal for the day. The stare which the man gave him said enough, and placed a smaller portion upon his plate. It had been at that moment when Harry realized that Chef knew. That he had been aware of the starvation which Harry had been forced to endure that had been why he received such a smaller meal compared to the others never having had much to eat in the first place and that his stomach could not handle large portions of food like a normal teenager, could not handle larger portions. Avoiding the look that Tent and DJ wore upon their faces shooting glares at the man, whom crossed his arms refusing to budge from his position. Rather than arguing Harry gave his thanks then hurried over towards the Gopher's table not wanting to gain any more attention than he already had.

"I'll snag you a muffin later," Trent murmured under his breath strolling beside him. "That ain't right."

Harry shrugged. "It is what it is, no use complaining."

"Are we sure this stuff is even editable?" Cody pipped, eyeing his sandwich.

Gwen grimaced. "I saw mine move. When I talked to Chef, he took out a hammer and smashed it. I don't think complaining is going to get us anywhere."

"They aren't going to starve us." Beth stated, and then paused glancing at her plate. "… are they?"

"With this?" Trent held his sandwich up warily. "It's possible."

"Welcome to the main lodge!" Chris strolled in smiling brightly.

Geoff looked up. "Yo, my man. Can we get a pizza here?" The axe flew past him nearly skinning him as it hit the doorway causing him to recoil in fear. "Whoa! It's cool G! Brown slop is cool! Right guys?" A mixture of nervous laughter and nodding heads were shared all around as Cody sunk straight under the table petrified with fear.

"Your first challenge beings in one hour!"

Katie glanced at DJ. "What do you think they'll make us do?"

"It's our first challenge," DJ assured. "How hard can it be?"

Famous last words.

Chapter One end.

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