Preface for Power Rangers: Dino Charge ~Cataclysm~

Here, I will tell you the rundown of this crossover novelization. First off, I hope this story will be enjoyed by you reading it!

This story will take the episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Charge (and maybe Dino Super Charge) and cross it over with Star Wars characters and elements. Pretty cool, right? I'm hope that my writing skills are good enough to finally do a project this big.

The Layout

The first two episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Charge are canon but are NOT included in this novelization, since the Star Wars elements and character don't come into the story until midway through the third episode.

Along with the Power Rangers episodes that aired, there will also be original episodic chapters, FOR THE SAKE OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND STORY ELEMENTS! YAY! In the future, there may be possible cameos from original Star Wars characters! (I can't confirm or deny it lol)

A "Plot" Synopsis

What happens when someone who is powerful in the Force discovers the Power Rangers and the power they posses? As they struggle to find their place on Earth, they will help the Rangers in their fight against Sledge, a powerful alien that wants to possess the Rangers' power, the Energems, in order to take control of the entire universe.

What I Plan on Doing

I want to dive deeper into the characters in Dino Charge. I felt like there were bits and pieces that we never got to see in the show. An example would be Sir Ivan's story of how he was a knight and what type of life he lived before meeting the others. THAT is what I want to write about in a way of how I think it happened.

Why am I torturing myself by writing this?

Mainly because this is one of my favorite seasons of Power Rangers. In a way, this story is more for me. However, I'm hoping other people will love it as well. Plus, Star Wars is life. I love Star Wars and my mind just has to cross it over into other universes.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS, HIT WITH UP WITH A PM OR REVIEW! I'll be more than happy to answer them! I enjoy talking about the fandoms I'm in.

Well, I think that covers it. Time to start the longest journey I have ever created.