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The Tooth Hurts

Another dawn arrived in Amber Beach City. A light dew covered everything as people began to get into their daily routines. One of these people was a seventeen year old who was already in the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn. He had arrived at the Amber Beach Track and Field, that was located near the high school. It was open to the public whenever the school was not using it.

Riley spent his mornings here. He knew that a scheduled run and exercises at the track would help his body build more strength, increase in agility and lengthen his stamina. He would first stretch his muscles and then jog two laps around the track without picking up or slowing his pace. Next would be twenty crunches, followed by twenty push-ups.

By the time all those exercises were complete, Riley's body would be exhausted and he would lie on the track for a few minutes. Once his energy returned, he would get up, gather his stuff and head off to the museum. Since he and his friends had a task from Kendall that pertained to the Gold Energem, Riley didn't have to work the morning shift. He could easily squeeze in some practice with his Dino Saber and the tennis ball launcher that was in the base.

"Hopefully Angela would will be awake from her deep sleep. She might have some pointers for me with my Dino Saber. That and she has been asleep for two days now. The sooner she wakes up, the sooner we'll all feel better." Riley left for the base, hoping that Angela would be up and about. Practice, along with advice, went together.

Like frosting on a cake.

It was another normal day on Sledge's ship for almost everyone, prisoners and passengers alike. However, for Poisandra, today would be her day for trying out several desserts prepared by one of Sledge's bounties that went by the name of Cavity. By her command, Cavity had created many sweets, ranging from huge cakes to tiny cupcakes. Just looking at one of the desserts could easily give anyone a sugar rush.

"Let's see what the chocolate's like." Poisandra dug her pink tasting spoon into a large chocolate cake that had way too much chocolate frosting.

Curio watched, wanting to join in on the taste testing. "I want a piece."

The monster's request went unheard as Poisandra squealed at the taste of the chocolate cake. "This cake dee-vine!"

"Excellent." Cavity bowed his head slightly towards Poisandra. "It shall be your wedding cake."

"Absolutely not!" Poisandra shoved all the deserts off the cart and into the trashcan right near it.

"Oh, yum," was all Curio uttered before diving head first into the trashcan after the discarded treats.

Poisandra had a different approach to her perfect wedding cake. "I need a cake so awful, so disgusting, that the guests are sure to remember my wedding for a long, long time." She giggled too herself for coming up the brilliant idea.

Cavity found the idea to be a bit backwards logically but didn't dare argue to the fiancé of the one who imprisoned him in the first place. "As you desire. I shall return soon."

*ten minutes later*

Cavity returned to Poisandra with a brand-new cake, that looked just as dense in sugar as the others had been. "My masterpiece. This beautiful cake is filled to the brim with decay."

Poisandra hopped out of her seat. "You mean, tooth decay? As in a mouthful of unbearable pain?"

"That no one will ever forget." Cavity confirmed.

"Setting prisoners free to bake your cakes? How dare you!" Fury trudged into the room, a bit annoyed that Poisandra had let one of his master's prisoners free.

"This isn't just any cake." Poisandra spat back. "I'm picking out the perfect wedding cake."

"It's a waste of time."'

"Oh Fury, don't say that until you've tasted it." Poisandra put a slice onto a plate and walked up to the warrior.

"Well," Fury didn't see a problem with the offer. "Maybe just a bite." He picked up the slice with his claws for hands and ate it in one bite.

"So, what do you think?"

"Needs more vinegar." Fury suggested. Other than that, he found it to be a rather decent cake…until an agonizing pain was suddenly felt in his mouth. "My teeth! What have you done, you pink Bridezilla?" Fury fell to his knees as the pain showed no signs of decreasing in intensity.

The door to the room slid open. It was Sledge's turn to stomp into the room. "What's going on here?"

Poisandra spun on her heels to face her husband to be. "Cavity baked me an evil cake, and Fury tried it."


"Yes, sir? Sledge, sir?"

"Bake that cake for the Rangers and that blasted Jedi. Make them suffer, and then…" Sledge aimed and fired this arm canon, obliterating the cake that Poisandra had wanted. "…bring me the Energems. And if you can manage, bring the Jedi back alive. If you are forced, I will accept her dead body instead."

"Yes, sir!"

Riley arrived at the museum and entered the base through the secret entrance. As he let his Energem fly into the charging station, he saw Chase was already here. He had his feet propped up on an unused counter of the lab.

"Hey." Chase greeted.

"Hey." Riley walked past Chase to see that Angela still asleep on the couch. "Oh man."

"Yeah." Chase kept his gaze on his phone as he spoke to Riley. "I was hoping she would be awake when I got here. Koda said he kept an eye on her in case she woke up during the night. He said in his own words, 'She like rock. Didn't move at all'. Too bad she didn't tell Kendall how long she would be out."

"I doubt Angela knew how long she would be asleep." Riley walked by Chase again and pulled out the tennis ball shooter that he regularly used to practice deflecting with his Dino Saber. He set the timing for the shots and then summoned his Dino Saber.

Riley got into position. He held his Dino Saber backhanded in his right hand and focused all his attention at the shooter. The shooter fired the tennis balls at Riley. He deflected the first few without issue. As the pace of the shots sped up, Riley struggled to keep up and began cartwheeling and dodging several of the balls. He managed to flip back into the direct path of the shooter before it fired off three more balls. Unfortunately, Riley only deflected two of them as a sudden slurping noise behind him caused him to lose focus. He slipped on the floor slightly in an attempt to hit the last tennis ball, which failed to make contact with his Saber.

Riley turned around, a bit irritated that Chase was still loudly slurping on whatever carbonated drink was in his cup.

"Hello! Chase!" A tennis ball randomly fired form the shooter and grazed by Riley's shoulder. He only gave it a side glance as he tried to yell past Chase's headset. "Hey!"

Chase happened to see Riley talking to him out of his peripherals. He pulled his headset off and stopped sipping on his drink for a moment.

"I'm trying to focus here. You should know how hard that can be."

Chase threw Riley a questionable look. "But, bro, you just keep practicing the same sword move over and over."

"I have my reasons, okay?"

"Which are?"

Riley saw Chase motion with his hands, as if to say "well, what reasons?". He would explain, hoping that it would help Chase understand. "Look, when Fury attacked me to get the Green Energem…I wasn't able to keep up. That's why I practice, so next time I'm ready."

"That's a good reason to want to practice."

Both Chase and Riley look towards the voice they knew. Angela had finally woken up and was standing near them. She was slipping on her jacket, which had its Morpher-blasted hole patched by Kendall while she had slept.

Chase got up from his seat out of shock and Riley just stood there as he greeted her first. "Hey, you're finally awake."

"Finally? How long was I out?"

"Nearly two days." Chase answered.

"Wow. That's…longer than I would have guessed. Oh, Chase, did Kendall happen to slap you?"

"Yeah," he rubbed the side of the face that had received the blow from Kendall. "Don't worry. I quickly accepted what you said. Thanks."

Angela smiled at him. "You're welcome."

"You completely healed from a direct hit in two days." Riley was amazed at the feat. "That's incredible."

"From what I know it is." Angela finished that conversation and started up the one Chase and Riley were having. "So, what's this about you practicing, Riley?"

"Chase here doesn't understand that practice makes perfect."

Chase immediately had a response for that. "Well, Riley doesn't understand that attacks aren't always the same, even if it's with the same enemy."

"And?" Riley asked, more frustrated with every word Chase spoke.

"And if I was you, I'd use your instincts and adapt, so that you're ready for any situation."

"Okay. You, giving me training advice? Right. I've never seen you train. Not once."

"Just because I don't train the same way as you, doesn't mean I don't train."

"Are you two done bickering?"

Chase and Riley slowly looked over at Angela, who they both forgot was awake and standing there. They don't answer her and just wait for her to say her input. Surely, she would settle this and say who was right.

"From what I've seen out of both of you, you are both right."

"What?" Chase asked, puzzled at her response.

"How?" Riley questioned the logic behind her answer.

Angela sighed at the both of them. "Riley, you learn best with repetition. Chase, you learn by trusting your gut. Hate to break it to you both but sometimes, there isn't one simple answer for everyone. For example, the way I learned how to fight was by repetition, instinct-" A tennis ball fired from the shooter. Angela caught it with her hand without taking her gaze off the two boys. "And listening constantly to the Force."

Chase and Riley looked at each other, then back at Angela.

"Look," Chase spoke up. "That may work for you, but you're someone that can use the Force. You're in your own league."


"I agree with Chase." Riley added. "You may learn with all of those but for people like Chase and I, practice is key."

"Instincts." Chase corrected.




Chase was fed up arguing with Riley. He picked up his drink and skateboard and walked towards the base's exit, letting out a frustrated sigh as he called his Energem from the charging station. "I'm going out."

"Yeah, whatever." Riley fired back.

Chase responded back with the loudest, most irritating slurping noise he could muster. Riley turned and shot him a glare before he was struck in the face with a flying tennis ball. His anger only grew from that coincidental strike.

Angela shook her head at the two of them. She knew it was going to be an interesting day between them. "I'm going to head upstairs and wait in the café for the others to get here."

"Wait, don't we have training or something today?"

Angela shook her head. "Why would we? I haven't had time to make any since I was sleeping. Besides, you and Chase are already learning your next lesson." She gave him a pat on the shoulder as she left the base.

Riley paused briefly. "Wait. What lesson?"

She didn't answer. And she wasn't going to. Both and Chase were going to learn this one the hard way.

Tyler, Shelby, Koda and Kendall soon made their way into the already open café. Kendall had messaged Riley and Chase to do the same. By the time the hotshot and genius got to the café, the others were already taking to Angela, asking the usual questions of "how are you", "are you alright" and "are you sure you're up for the task at hand, today". She assured them that she was really okay and ready to help out with whatever Kendall had planned for the Rangers today.

Once Kendall gave everyone their job for the day, she left them to tend to other tasks around the museum. Shelby was dressed in jeans and a pink tank top, as she was just finishing up her short morning shift. The others had already gotten into their tan jumpsuits that they wore for digs that the museum would go on.

"Free cake samples, compliments of the chef." The chef shouted from the kitchen.

Shelby sighed in annoyance as she turned to grab a tray of cake slices off the serving counter. Her annoyance faded slightly as she saw the cake was neatly cut and had purple icing overlaying a white and pink center. She found it to be kind of cute. Since her friends had found a place to lay out a plan at a table, she headed over with the treats.

Tyler and Koda were on one side of the table, Chase and Riley were on the other side and Angela sat on one of the ends. A map of the Amber Beach City area had been laid out before him.

"Kendall says we should check the southwest creek beds." Tyler pointed to the creeks that were outlined on the map.

Riley spoke next. "Okay. We're looking for Pterodactyl fossils. According to Keeper, that's the dinosaur that bonded with the Gold Energem."

Angela sighed. "That's a lot of creek bed to cover. It doesn't help that we don't have a device that can scan for Energems."

"We kind of do." Koda answered.

"We do?" Chase asked.

"Yes. Angela can…feel Energems."

Everyone laughed, except Koda. What Koda said wasn't technically wrong but also not exactly what Angela was trying to get across.


"You not wrong, Koda. But I meant that it would be nice if something such as the Dino Coms could be used to scan for Energems. That way everyone would have one and cover more ground faster."

"Oh." Koda frowned but then smiled as he put it together. "That would be nice."

Shelby walked up to the table carrying the tray of cake slices. "Free samples. Chef's trying a new recipe." She set the tray down on the table that had yet to be covered with the map.

"Awesome." Tyler said with his usual, chipper attitude, taking a slice.

Koda took his slice but stared a bit at the fork that accompanied it. He couldn't remember specifically how to hold it but, on accident, managed to hold it right on his first try.

Chase took a slice for himself, treating it like another snack he would enjoy greatly. He was always snacking on things whenever he wasn't busy with anything else.

Angela didn't move for a slice. "Thanks for offering, Shelby. But, I never liked sweet treats. You can have mine if you want it."

"Aw. Thanks Angela." Shelby gave her a small hug, as best as she could since Angela was sitting in a chair.

"You're welcome." Angela didn't fight the hug but also felt slightly uncomfortable receiving one. She wasn't used to it.

Riley was about to reach over and grab his slice but stopped when he looked up and saw an unnerving event happening in the café. He instantly slapped Tyler's slice of cake and the bite that was on his fork onto the table just in time.

Tyler looked down at the smashed cake then up at Riley. "The cake was a bit tasteless."

"Nobody touch it."

Everyone stopped in place. Koda pulled out his slice of cake out of his open mouth before he had even tasted it. "No cake?"

Angela knew Riley was on to something when she felt a slight disturbance in the Force. She too began to look around the café.

Chase was even more annoyed at Riley today. First, the situation in the base and now this. "Chill, bro. A little cake never hurt anyone."

"Yeah?" Riley pointed to other people in the café. "Tell that to them."

Everyone looked around to see that the customers had also received the free samples of the cake and were now in pain. They were holding the sides of their faces in their hands. It was as if all of them caught a contagious form of a toothache.

Chase instinctively looked into the kitchen and was met with a monstrous gaze. "Hey!"

All of them turned to see the monster in the kitchen just before he bolted out the backdoor. Tyler's leader skills kicked in. "Chase, Riley, you guys take the front. We'll go through the kitchen."

The team split up. As Chase and Riley left out the front, Tyler, Shelby, Koda, and Angela entered into the kitchen. They walked around the island and saw the real cook on the floor, tied up and gagged.

"Shelby, Koda, help him." Tyler said. Koda and Shelby kneeled to help the cook.

"Angela. Try to catch up with Chase and Riley to help them. We'll catch up as soon as we can."

"Consider it done." Angela rushed out the backdoor and ran to catch up with the Black and Green Rangers.

Chase and Riley were already running up a flight of stone stairs to catch up with the monster. When they reached the top, they saw the monsters some ways off in the distance.

"We got a visual." Riley informed the others on their Dino Com and quickly put the device away. Both of them already had their Morphers out.

They spun the barrels in unison. "Energize. Unleash the power." They ran into the power they shot from their Morphers and instantly changed into their Ranger forms, continuing the pursuit. Their Ranger form gave them a slight boost in speed. They were quickly closing the distance between themselves and the monster. They aimed their Morphers and began firing at it.

The monster heard the Rangers' weapons fire and began to dodge as he continued running from them. "Out of the frying pan and into the firing zone!"

"We're so closer." Riley said.

Chase focused on a centered shot on the monster. "And we're about to be closer."

Both of them fired at the same time and both of their shots landed on the monster's back at the same time. The monster screamed as it stumbled in its run. This was the Rangers' chance. They front flipped over the monster and landed several yards in front of him, successfully cutting off his intended escape route.

The first and most noteworthy thing both Riley and Chase noticed about their enemy was his teeth. They were as black as tar.

"Someone needs a dental plan." Chase pointed out.

"I'm going to rot more than just your teeth. After all, my name Cavity means I can rot anything I please!" He fired two blasts of purple energy from his teeth.

Riley and Chase dodged out of the path of the shots, the attacks hitting the tree that was behind them. Both instantly saw the tree turning into the nasty black that Cavity's teeth were.

"The tree's decaying! This guy's serious." Riley looked over at Chase, hoping that Chase would take this matter more seriously than he did training.

"Don't let him get away, you two." Angela shouted as she ran towards Cavity with both lightsabers ignited in her hands.

Cavity turned around for a moment to see that it was the Jedi that Sledge had mentioned to him. Sledge told him to bring her back, preferably alive. But he also had two Rangers to deal with. He figured that he would call out his backup plan. "Vivix, attack!"

Angela was stopped in her tracks as a gang of twenty Vivix jumped into her path to Cavity. Oh, how cliché. It was like the Imperial stormtroopers again. The upside for Angela was that they weren't unique in the Force. They weren't actual living creatures with a conscious. They were made to be mindless soldiers. She found her center and used her sword techniques and Force skills to take them all on.

Cavity wouldn't have to worry about the Jedi for a few minutes. He turned back to face the Black and Green Rangers. "I'll beat you two like eggs!"

Riley took out his Dino Saber and held it backhanded. "I can take him."

Chase twirled his Morpher in his hand as he decided to let Riley go. "Be my guest. Let's just hope he shoots tennis balls at you."

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Riley's tone was seeped in contempt as he turned his head to face Chase.

This was a free chance for Cavity. "Decay time!" He fired a shot from his teeth.

Riley quickly spun around and deflected the shot up into the sky with his Saber. Cavity was stunned but not surprised at the action. He immediately let several more shots fly at the Green Ranger, who once again blocked and deflected all the shots.

"Hold still." Cavity shouted in frustration as kept shooting.

Riley continued to expertly parry all the attacks. The anger that had surged from Chase's comment had been focused on Cavity and it was working to the Green Ranger's advantage.

Cavity decided to switch it up and ran towards the Rangers. "Open wide. This is going to hurt!"

Riley got into a defensive stance, ready for the confrontation. Chase, however, walked up to him. "Nice job, Riley." He shoved Riley out of Cavity's path. Chase had decided it was his turn to fight Cavity on his own. "Now let me show you what my training can do."

Riley ran up and roughly spun Chase to face him. "Stop goofing off. I had him."

"Bickering babies." Cavity relentlessly delivered a blow to each Ranger. It was enough to send both of them flying backwards and falling to the ground.

As both of them struggled to find the strength to get up, Riley caught a glimpse of Angela defeating the last Vivix standing with a single slash of her lightsaber. "Angela!"

"Hold on, guys. I'm coming." She ran past both Riley and Chase and focused her attack on Cavity.

"Not right now, Jedi. Next time."

All it took was for Angela to blink once and Cavity had completely vanished from her sight. She sighed as she turned off her lightsabers. "That monster is crazy fast." She sensed three more Energems and saw Tyler, Shelby and Koda morphed and running up to everyone else. "He got away, you guys."

The three Rangers checked on Riley and Chase, who were slowly getting back up on their feet.

"What happened, guys?" Tyler asked.

Are you okay, Riley?" Shelby asked out of concern. She was answered with a slight shove, which was out of anger he had towards someone else.


He stomped over to Chase, fully ready to say what he thought without any regrets. "You need to quit messing around. One of us could have gotten hurt. Or worse." He would have said more but stopped himself. Riley was never one to go too far with words. Instead he walked away from everyone. He would head back to the base on his own.

Shelby shook her head at both of them. "Man! What's going on with you two?"

"He just doesn't get me." Chase replied.

Silence fell between everyone after that. All of the remaining Rangers demorphed and Angela hid her lightsaber hilts back inside her inner jacket pockets. The base wasn't far away from where they were, so they all didn't rush the walk back. Tyler and Shelby walked side-by-side. Chase and Koda did the same. Angela was in the back, silently thinking to herself about the fights. The one with Chase and Riley and the one with Riley and his anger.

I thought that those two would have learned to accept both of their fighting styles and use them together. I guess I'll have to speak with Keeper. Hopefully he can get to them better than I can. But I'm more worried about Riley. The anger he had in him. He turned it from Chase and focused it all on Cavity. It did help him parry all the shots but what if he does it again? No. I'm going to talk to him about it before we have another fight with Cavity. I have to get him to see that fighting in anger can be dangerous.

Once everyone was back at the museum, the team split up into groups. Angela had gone into the base to talk with Keeper. Tyler, Shelby, Koda, and Chase were busy cleaning up the café, since Kendall had closed it down for the day. Kendall and Riley were gathering up the cake slices onto a single table to figure out what part of it caused the toothaches and figure out an antidote for it.

"These are the leftover pieces of the poisoned cake." Kendall informed.

Riley nodded. "Okay. We need to record how much was eaten by each person, and then whether it was the cake or the frosting."

"And hopefully come up with an antidote."

Kendall and Riley together picked up three pieces of the leftover cake and sat them down at the bar.

"Alright. Victim number one." Kendall readied her pen and clipboard that held a chart to write all the information down.

"Okay. Two cake bites, one frosting."

"Victim number two."

"It looks like three cake bites and no frosting."

Chase had started cleaning up in the kitchen and was now making his way through the seating area. With a red bucket in hand, he walked over to a table that had all the leftover cake slices.

Nice. He held the bucket under the side of the table and pushed several of the cake slices into the red bucket.

"Wait!" The noise didn't go unheard by Riley, who quickly ran over to the table. "Stop, stop! Just what are you doing?"

Chase was confused. "I'm cleaning up. That's what I'm supposed to be doing, right?"

Riley's frustration at Chase had returned tenfold. "No, not these. We need to figure out what's going on first."

"My instincts tell me that what's going on is that if you eat the cake, you get a toothache."

A spark of anger lit between them as their voices becoming louder and louder.

"It's not that simple."

"It is that simple."

"We need to analyze it first."

"Oh, you always love to analyze things."


"Look." Chase overturned the red bucket and slammed it down on the table, the trash and smooshed cake falling out onto the wooden surface. "Analyze that."

Kendall had let the shouting match go on for long enough and intervened by walking between them. "Oh, enough!" Both of them snapped their focus on Kendall. "Both of you, out of here. And don't come back until you sort this out."

Chase was more than glad to leave. He dropped the bucket and walked over to the entrance. He picked up his helmet and skateboard on his way out. He started to ride on the board before he had even left the doorway of the café.

"Can't skate in here!" Riley shouted at the now gone Chase. He then looked at Kendall, who was giving him her signature glare. The glare that told anyone who received it to become silent and immediately leave the area.

Riley had found his way down to the base. He was going to train some more with the tennis ball shooter. He set up the equipment, while Angela kept silent at the table that was off to one side of the base. She appeared to be writing more notes in her journal, so Riley decided to keep to himself and train without asking for any tips from her.

The tennis balls were soon flying and Riley was doing rather well. He was taking out his anger by doing this. It was going well. But then, he imagined Chase in his mind and deflected a tennis ball harder than he had the others. He was about to move his Saber up at an angle but when he went to do so, he couldn't move it.


He looked over to see Angela with her hand outstretched towards Riley's Saber. Only when he loosened his grip on his Saber did Angela let go of it with the Force as well.

"Come sit down for a moment. We have to talk about this."

Riley walked over and sat down at the table, laying his Saber on the table between them. Angela did the same with her notebook as she closed it.

When Riley truly looked over at Angela, he nearly flinched as he saw that Angela's eyes weren't blue but red. Kendall had already explained to everyone that she got them while she was healing herself but to actually see them personally, was rather unnerving for Riley. "Your eyes are red. I thought that only happened when you were healing yourself."

"No. It's just that they are usually red because I'm healing. However, they also turn red when there is an abundance of Dark Side energy near me and I'm not prepared enough to block it out."

Riley was smart enough to catch it. "You felt my anger."

"I felt your anger since early this morning, Riley. It was when you centered your anger and used it aggressively just now that it affected me." Angela paused before continuing. "Riley, anger is a powerful emotion. But, it is also one of the most aggressive ones. Just one unfocused moment is all it takes for it to take control of you."

"I think I get what you're saying."

"And what is that?"

"Don't fight out of anger. Keep a clear mind."

Angela thought on this for a moment. Riley's answer threw her off her train of thought. "Well…yes. It's better to keep your mind clear of emotions when fighting. It's a way of fighting that I use and find it the least damaging to me and others. However, if you do fight with emotions, there is nothing wrong with that either. Just be sure that you don't let your emotions completely control your actions. Sometimes, they are misplaced."

Riley nodded. "Yeah. It makes sense when you put it that way."

"Good." She smiled over at him. Then, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She opened her eyes again and they were back to their normal blue hue. She got up and put her notebook into one of her inside jacket pockets. "Well, I'm going to head out and see if I can help track down Cavity with the others."

"Kendall already fixed your Dino Com?" Riley asked.

"Actually, she already had another one made." She pulled out the Com to show Riley before putting it away. "Kendall also suggested that I should try to not let this one get damaged so quickly."

"Uh well, in that case, may the Force be with you and your Com."

"Thanks. I will see you later, Riley."


Angela exited the base, but not before passing Keeper. She had talked to him earlier about the problem between Chase and Riley and he said he would talk to whichever one appeared to first. Luck had it out for Riley.

Keeper walked up behind Riley. He could tell that Riley was still frustrated. "What is on your mind, Riley?"

Riley turned in his seat to face Keeper. "Nothing's on my mind. I'm just having an off day."

"Hmm…" Keeper sat down next to the Green Ranger. "Quite off, I should say, for you to hide your true thoughts from me."

Riley wasn't going to keep this to himself anymore. "It's Chase. He doesn't take anything seriously."

"Chase's intentions appear to be as sincere as yours, yet you judge his approach?"

"It's all a big joke to him. That monster's on the loose, and where's Chase? He goes skateboarding."

Keeper sighed. "Things aren't always as they appear." He got up and picked up two tennis balls that were on the floor near him.

"Tell me this, Riley. Is it not possible…" He tossed one of the balls into the basket of the tennis ball shooter. A straight path.

Riley stood up instinctively as Keeper continued.

"…that two different paths can lead to the same destination?" He threw the other tennis ball at Riley, who ducked under it. The tennis ball bounced against several different walls and some of the metal beams in the base before it too landed in the basket like the first one had.

"Maybe you and Chase aren't as different as you think." Keeper walked over to pick up his staff and left Riley to be alone with his thoughts.

Riley put both Keeper's words and Angela's statement from earlier that morning together. The lesson. Was Angela referring to Chase and I practicing differently? Maybe… Maybe she meant that in order to understand each other we will have to combine our different skills together.

Cavity had been met in an alley by Poisandra and her crafted friend Curio. The fiancé of Sledge was not happy that Cavity was still busy with her husband's mission. She wanted Cavity back under her command as soon as possible. "As this rate, we'll never get back to testing wedding cakes."

"I don't have time for your cake." Cavity snapped back. "Not when there's Rangers and a Jedi to destroy."

Curio, in disappointment, sat down on a step. "Oh, sprinkles and frosting! I wanted cake!"

"How dare you!" Poisandra stomped closer towards Cavity, intending to let all unladylike words fly from her mouth at the monster.

Cavity's eyes flashed red at her. "My loyalty is to Sledge!"

"Well, I never!"

Cavity focused deeply on his anger and power. He became slightly taller, tainted in dark power and his aggressive attitude was intensified. "I have real work to do!"

What's going on? Curio kept to himself and watched what would transpire.

What transpired was Cavity pushing past Poisandra.

"Out of the way, Pinky!"

And quickly disappearing around the corner of a building. He was ready to finish his mission.

No alien bio-signs within this quadrant.

Both Shelby and Tyler looked at each other, both of them disappointed that Cavity was nowhere near them according to the scanners in their Coms. Koda had heard the voice from the Com and dropped down into the backseat of the jeep, from his perch in the tree. The sudden landing made Shelby jump and Tyler's eyes to widen as he looked to see that Koda had landed perfectly in the back.

"I see no monster." Koda said.

"Let's search north-east." Shelby suggested.

Tyler shifted his jeep out of park and drove towards the north-east.

Everyone's Coms beeped and automatically opened the channel.

It was Angela. "My Com is not picking up anything in the south-east area. I'm heading for the east sector."

"We read you." Shelby answered back. "We're heading for the north-east."

"Roger." Angela answered and closed her end of the Com.

Chase was riding his skateboard in the east part of Amber Beach City. He too was looking for Cavity. He had just decided to do it his own way. He had a pretty good idea where to look.

"If I was that rotten creep, I'd go where I could cause the most decay." Chase thought that the business distinct, which was in the east sector, would be the target at this time of day.

Several people ran past him, some of them screaming at whatever they were running from. "I guess my gut was right." As soon as he caught sight of Cavity, Chase hopped off his skateboard.

"This should bring the Rangers out!" The monster was quickly approaching his destination as he fired destructive, corrosive shots at several of the large skyscrapers around him.

Chase wasn't going to fight this one alone if he had the choice. He took out his Com. "Anybody there? I found our cake maker in the east sector of the city, and he's rotting more than teeth. Better hurry." As he put his Com away he saw Cavity run off in a different direction. He got back on his skateboard and rushed to catch up with him.

"Hold it right there, pastry face!"

Cavity grinned menacingly to himself as he stopped and turned to face the Ranger.

"I could smell your decay a mile away." Chase expressed to Sledge's goon.

"Just a mile?" Cavity had his first Ranger here. He figured he could just take out this one before the others would arrive and sprinted towards Chase.

Chase instantly took out his Morpher and fired a direct hit at Cavity, sending the monster tumbling back onto the concrete. He then pulled out a charger, stuck it into his Morpher and transformed into his Black Ranger form.

"Don't mess with the hotshot." Chase aimed his Morpher at Cavity yet again.

Cavity was ready to fight one-on-one. "It's time your teeth matched your black suit."

"I reckon that'll be tough, mate. I floss."

Cavity let several shots fire from his rotten teeth. Chase flipped and dodged all the shots. "You're just too slow."


Chase spun the barrel of the Morpher. Gotta take out those teeth. He ran up directly in front of Cavity, nearly shoved the Morpher into Cavity's mouth and fired. The shot hit Cavity's blackened teeth and ricocheted back, hitting Chase directly in the chest. The power from the shot caused Chase to fall backwards as he rested his hand on the spot where he got hit. Luckily, the suit took the damage and he was only feeling the forceful impact of the ricochet.

"These cavities aren't going away that easily." Cavity took advantage of the situation. He fired a shot from his rotten teeth, hitting the downed Ranger in the center of his chest.

Chase demorphed from his Ranger form as a toothache quickly set in.

"How does it feel, Ranger?"

Chase wasn't going to answer the monster. He wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. However, that didn't make the pain any less intense. My teeth!

Just what Sledge ordered. Cavity towered over Chase as he grinned sinisterly. "And now, the icing on the cake. Say goodbye, Black Ranger."

"Excuse me."

Cavity spun on his heels to see the Jedi once again. She was slowly walking towards him and Chase, both hilts of her lightsabers inactive in her hands.

"I believe you said that next time we met we would fight. It is next time, is it not?"

"I'll deal with you after I kill this ranger first." Cavity took his gaze of Angela.

That was a mistake.

Angela called upon the Force and threw Cavity towards her. He landed just off to her left but quickly rushed back onto his feet to avoid another surprise attack from her.

"I told you that I would fight you after I deal with the Black Ranger!"

"I'm impatient." She switched on both of her lightsabers.

"Very well." Cavity didn't waste another second as he began attacking Angela.

She expected for him to immediately shoot out his decaying shots from his teeth. Instead, he opted for physical attacks with his whisk of a hand. While Angela kept up with his attacks by dodging and parrying, it didn't matter. Every time Angela's sabers slashed against Cavity they did no visual damage. The monster didn't so much as flinch at the intensely-hot blades.

"Yield." Angela insisted.

Cavity pushed Angela back a few feet. "Why? You're already losing."

Angela shot him a quizzical glare. "And how do you figure that?"

"How?" Cavity shouted back. "You're already beginning to decay from the inside."

Angela was done with this conversation. She didn't want to hear another word. Something about it upset her because it was true. She knew it was true, even though she didn't know how it was true. She lost control for just a moment. But a moment is all it takes for anything to change. She yelled as she channeled more Dark than Light side energy of the Force.

She had let her emotions rule her and it was going to cost her in a way she was could have never expected.

She expected her strength to intensify as she channeled the Dark, her eyes turning from blue to red in the process. She anticipated the arcs of electricity to dance around her fingers. What she got instead was the sudden loss of consciousness. Angela's lightsabers rolled out of her hands as she fell to the ground. She was unpredictably out of this fight.

"Angela! AH!" Chase yelled and was punished with a jolt of pain piercing through his teeth.

Cavity stood in place, a bit taken back at what had happened. "That was rather unexpected…and disappointing. I wanted to fight an actual Jedi." Cavity shrugged and walked back over to the downed Black Ranger. "Oh well. Once I destroy you, Black Ranger, I'll take both the Jedi and your Energem to Sledge personally." He pulled his whisk of a right hand back. "Say goodbye Black Ranger." He swung down.

His attack was halted by a Dino Saber, just mere inches from Chase's face.


Riley said nothing back to Chase, keeping his glare on the monster.

"Excellent." Cavity spoke in a joyous yet sinister tone. "Another Ranger to destroy."

Riley used all the strength in him to throw back Cavity's whisk causing the monster to stumble back. Riley and Cavity kept attacking each other while Chase went for a single lower punch. As he hit Cavity though, another wave of pain shot through Chase's mouth.

Riley shoved him out of the way of Cavity's downward swing. "I've got him. Go."

Chase knew what Riley meant by that and ran over to Angela. He nearly fell to his knees as he checked for a pulse. As he felt for a heartbeat he looked over Angela for any visible injuries. He didn't see any. He did however feel a very faint pulse on her neck. "Angela. Can you hear me?"

Chase quickly looked over to see Riley and Cavity still going at it.

"If you hold still it'll hurt less." Cavity kept flutily swinging at Riley, who kept flipping and rolling away from all of Cavity's attacks. Riley kept silence, which only angered the monster more. "Are you even listening?!"

Chase put his focus back on Angela. "It would be really awesome if you could wake up now. We could…really-" He trailed off as he saw both of Angela's lightsabers laying on either side of her. His attention went to them as both of his hands seemed to have a mind of their own. Just as he was about to touch them, Angela's hands moved and grabbed both of his wrists. Chase nearly jumped from his kneeling position.

"Not even when I'm knocked out." Angela's voice was just loud enough for Chase to understand. He was about to ask if she was alright but she cut him off. "Go help Riley as best you can. I just need a few moments to collect myself."

"Alright. We'll finish that creep off and come back to help you. Promise."

Angela waved him off as she kept her eyes closed to the world around her. She heard him run off to fight beside Riley. She could also sense the others quickly approaching, due to them wearing their Energems. She could take a moment to meditate until all of her energy was back.

The longer the fight between Riley and Chase had with Cavity, the more Chase's toothache grew in intensity. His punches were getting weaker and he was soon doubled over from the pain. Riley stood in front of him, a barrier between him and the monster.

The sound of footsteps made Chase look behind him and see Tyler, Shelby and Koda running towards him, their Morphers out and aimed at Cavity. "Riley, duck!"

Riley did so immediately, allowing Cavity to see three teenagers with Morphers aimed right at him.

"What?" That's all Cavity could get out before the three Rangers fired at him. He tumbled backwards and landed hard on the concrete.

Riley put his Saber away as he checked on Chase, who was now on the ground as his pain was fading for the inevitable return. "You doing alright?"

"As alright as I can be."

"Is Angela-" Riley began to ask.

"She's alright. She said she'll be fine until we finish this creep."

Riley nodded as he switched he topic of discussion. "I thought you were at the skate park."

"Why would I be messing around when that ugly chef is still on the loose?"

Riley kicked himself for thinking that way about Chase. "Yeah, I guess you wouldn't be."

"Trust me, even though we do things differently, we fight for the same thing."

Riley helped Chase too his feet. "I'm sorry. I thought that you were-"

"Forget it." Chase cut him off. Not out of rudeness or not wanting to hear it. It was because the toothache was now becoming a constant pulsing through his teeth. "Let's just destroy those rotten teeth of his."

Tyler, along with Shelby and Koda, walked up to the others. "Good find, Chase. Now let's destroy this chef."

"It's Morphin' Time." Riley took the lead as he went to stand beside his friends. "Dino Chargers!"

"Aaahhhh!" Chase held the right side of his face as his friends looked over at him.

"You okay?" Koda asked.

"Go." Chase pushed the pain aside to grab his Charger.

"Ready!" They all shouted. "Energize! Unleash the power!" All of them transformed into their Ranger forms.

By this time Cavity had already collected himself and was standing to face the Rangers. "You're all mine! I'll rot all your teeth this time."

Tyler scoffed at the threat. "You'll never beat our team, because it's about to get wild!"

"Vivix!" The words of Cavity drew the Vivix out of their hiding places. "Destroy those Rangers!"

"Put a bite in these guys!" Tyler told his friends.

They all ran towards the Vivix as Chase fell to the back. He was fight two battles at once. One on the outside with his fighting skills. One on the inside with his pain receptors in his mouth.

Tyler was fighting rather smoothly with just his hand to hand skills.

Koda held his Morpher tightly. "Dino Morpher, Dino Saber, combine!" The two weapons did so. "Power blast!" A large, blue ball of power shot out of his Morpher and hit a Vivix, instantly vaporizing it and nearby Vivix in an explosive fireball.

Shelby was having success in using her feet to deliver knockout kicks to the Vivix one-by-one. "You can keep coming, but I'll keep kicking!"

The Vivix that had surround Riley were armed with fully-functional circular saw blades. Not a problem for Riley and his Dino Saber. "Good try, monsters, but not good enough."

Chase was dodging the Vivix that had surrounded him as well as firing shots whenever he was certain they would land on the targets. He was soon overrun thought as the pain was beginning to wear him down. Several Vivix quickly grabbed onto him and kept him from moving out of the path of one Vivix that had a saw blade. "Guys!"

Riley shot the Vivix with his Morpher in his left hand, while holding his Saber backhanded in his right. "I'm on it, Chase!" He cut through the Vivix that held onto his friend in seconds and took out the rest of the Vivix near them.

"Not bad." Chase was relieved that Riley had saved him. "Now who's the hotshot?" Had Riley not been wearing his Ranger helmet, Chase would have seen his friend smile at him.

"Just till you see a dentist."

"Thanks, bro."

After all the Vivix were destroyed, the Red, Pink and Blue Rangers stood next to each other. Maybe if three of them were to shoot at once they could do some serious damage.

"Focus the blast on his teeth!" Tyler told the others.

They all spun their Morpher's barrel. "Energize!" Aimed. "Dino Morpher blast!" And fired. All three blasts hit Cavity's blackened teeth and ricocheted back to hit the Rangers full force.

Riley and Chase ran and stood between their friends and Cavity.

"This doesn't look good." Riley said.

Chase shook his head. "The blasters aren't strong enough."

"Who wants to be next?" Cavity asked rhetorically.

Something stronger than our Morpher Blasts. It struck Riley. Maybe combining both his strong suit and Chase's strong suit would turn out to be more powerful than just their weapons separated. "Let's try your Para Charger in my Dino Saber."

Chase took out one of his Chargers from the buckle of his belt. "Hm. Together, that just might work." He handed it off to Riley.

"Yeah." Riley took the Charger. "I'm adapting to the situation."

Cavity just stood his ground. He waited to see what pathetic and failure of a move the two standing Rangers would attempt on him. Still, didn't mean he had to do nothing. He prepared to fire more rotting blasts from his teeth. "This will only hurt a lot!"

Riley took Chase's Charger and clicked it into his Dino Saber. Power Charger, engage! The Charger was accepted by the Saber. The blade of the Saber began to glow an intense yellow-orange from the power Chase's Charger gave it.

Chase had been thinking to himself during the whole battle on how to knock out Cavity's teeth. What could possibly powerful enough to shatter them. Maybe…maybe his own attacks are his greatest weakness. Chase looked at Riley, who was ready to charge towards Cavity. "Riley, he needs to try some of his own medicine."

Riley caught the hint. "You got it." He sprinted towards Cavity his Saber held backhanded in his right hand. Focus and timing were key here. He had both of those.

Cavity began firing his rotting shots at the Green Ranger. The sooner he took them all out, the sooner he could head back to the ship with all the Energems and the Jedi. Sledge would be so pleased with him that he would let him go without a second thought. Much to Cavity's dismay, the Green Ranger deflected all of the shots and was still quickly approaching him. He fired three more shots at Ranger. The Green Ranger deflected two of them. The third he struck back at Cavity, the blast hitting him in his teeth. While shocked, he wasn't too worried about it. His teeth were indestructible.

Riley had hoped Cavity's own shot had weakened his teeth just enough. "Here's a taste of Green and Black!" He pulled his arm back and took aim. "Power slash!" He threw the energy off his Saber blade.

The energy hit Cavity's mouth full force, causing the area around his face to be engulfed in an explosion. He felt as if his teeth had loosened just a bit. As the smoke from the explosion cleared, he was met with the Green Ranger delivering two more strikes to his mouth.

"Gotcha." Riley rolled off to the side before Cavity had a chance to strike at him.

Cavity felt emptiness in his mouth. His teeth had been obliterated. "My teeth! My beautiful teeth!"

"Nice!" Tyler commented.

"Yeah!" Shelby cheered.

"Now it's your turn for a new combo, Chase!" Riley took out one of his fully powered Dino Chargers and tossed it to Chase.

He caught it with ease. "Sweet, bro." He placed the Charger into his Morpher, locking it into place. Raptor Charger, engage!

"Go, Chase!" Koda cheered on.

Chase fought back the ever-intensifying pain in his teeth as he aimed his Morpher. "Energize!" He spun the barrel of the Morpher.

This doesn't look good! Cavity commented to himself.

"Dino Morpher Blast, final strike." Chase pulled the trigger. Both his energy and Riley's energy from their chargers exited the barrels of the Morpher.

The energy twisted together in the air and came together just as it hit its target. It was as if Cavity felt the bite of two dinosaurs simultaneously. His energy, his thoughts, all began to leave him as did his lifeforce. He became vaporized in an explosive ball of intense heat and energy.

Cavity was gone.

Riley walked over to his friends, rather proud that combining his and Chase's unique strengths were enough to defeat Cavity. "Now, that's a hotshot."

"Good on ya, mate."

"That definitely isn't something you can train for."

Chase laughed then remembered his promise. "Angela."

All of them ran over to her. By this point she had managed to sit upright, sitting cross-legged and resting her head in both of her hands while staring down at the ground. She still heard all the Rangers running over to them.

"How are you doing, Angela?" Riley was the first to ask the question.

"Alright. I'll be able to stand. I just need another minute or two."

"Angela, why did you pass out like that?" Chase questioned.

Tyler, Shelby and Koda were shocked but kept it to themselves, knowing that Angela would explain it.

Angela slowly pushed herself off the ground, with Tyler and Koda's help. She had gained her blue eyes back again, while still having her blonde and black strands of hair.

"I'm not sure. Something about what he said, about me already being rotten, got to me. I also thought that maybe Cavity would be sensitive to electricity so I decided to go for it and focused on the Dark Side more than the Light. Before I for the lighrning, I passed out."

"Maybe you try too hard." Koda suggested.

"Maybe." Angela noticed an all-too-familiar beam descend from beyond Earth's atmosphere. "Prepare yourselves, everyone."

They all turned around just in time to see a revived and nearly two-hundred-foot-tall Cavity tower over all the buildings around him. "It's not over yet, Rangers."

"The rotten teeth are back." Koda informed them.

Cavity gazed down at the tiny Rangers. "Destroying you is going to make my smile even brighter."

Angela looked at each of the Rangers. "I'll keep an eye out for any surprise attacks and warn you accordingly. May the Force be with all of you."

"Thanks, Angela" Tyler kept his eyes on the enemy. The only way forward was up. "We need the Dino Charge Megazord! Dino Chargers!" He, along with Shelby and Koda took out their Chargers and tossed them so they could go into their Zords.

Dino Chargers, engage! They did so and went into the Rangers' Zords. Zords combine! They heeded the command and came together as one, forming the Megazord. Dino Charge Megazord, ready! The Red, Pink and Blue Rangers were teleported into the Megazord, ready to fight Cavity once more.

Cavity scoffed at the Megazord. "This'll be a piece of cake."

The Megazord roared at Cavity in defiance at his words. Even the Megazord as fed up with this monster's interference.

"Rangers, battle mode!" Tyler commanded. They all placed their Morphers into their consoles. "Time for a major tooth extraction."

Cavity fired several fireballs from his left hand, which resembled a professional frosting dispenser. The fireballs had no effect, since the Stego Shield of the Megazord deflected them all and them rammed quickly into Cavity's face.

The Rangers hoped the shield would have knocked his teeth out. But, they were still sitting in the monster's mouth.

"This creep's teeth are even more powerful now!" Tyler said.

Cavity laughed at the failed attack. "Pathetic!"

Chase, Riley and Angela watched as the Megazord and Cavity were locked in battle.

"That is one tough cavity." Chase said.

Riley couldn't stand it. "We need to get in there and help."

"I've got an idea." Chase spoke his mind. "If we knock him back."

"We'll have an opening to get into the cockpit of the Megazord." Riley had thought along the same line.

"Nice thinking, you two." Angela was proud of them. They had overcome their differences and were working together.

The Megazord was taking a beating from Cavity while the Megazord hadn't put a dent in the monster. Chase's voice comes over the speakers in the cockpit. "Tyler, how about using the Dino Blaze Charger?"

"Great idea."

"Deep-fry that chef, and we'll come help."

Tyler pulled out the Charger. "Let's turn up the heat." He clicked and tossed the Charger. It found its way into the T-Rex Zord that was formed in the Megazord.

The three Rangers motioned and shouted in unison. "Dino Charge Megazord Flame thrower!" The fire shot out of the mouth of the T-Rex Zord. All Cavity could do was back up several yards to get out of reach of the intense flames.

Both Riley and Chase teleported into the Megazord to join their Ranger friends. They were all together now. They were going to win this fight.

"Let's see how he handles all five of us." Tyler said as he threw his fists up in the air. He was fully confident now that all of them were there. "Yeah!"

As all of them placed their hands on their consoles, Koda's Zord communicated to him. "Stego." His Zord friend told him he could do something new that would help them out this time. Koda accepted the offer. "Ready for action. We do this together."

Tyler couldn't have agreed more. "You said it. All five, ready!"


The Megazord activated a new weapon. Dino Charge Megazord, Stego Saber! A shield with a sword formed in the middle of it. Perfect.

Tyler, along with the others, already had his Saber out, ready to swing the Megazord's Stego Saber. "You're going down!"

"Stego Saber!" They all moved their blades in one accord. The strikes from the Stego Saber landed on Cavity without yield.

"Don't knock my fillings out!" Cavity kept receiving slash after slash from the Megazord's new weapon. It was putting major damage on him.

"That's the plan." Tyler shouted back at the monster. The Rangers moved their blades and managed to land a blow on Cavity's teeth with the Stego Saber. Cavity's blackened teeth were obliterated for the final time.

"Not again! I'll need false teeth!"

"Ain't that the tooth." Tyler smiled to himself at the clever pun. Had his friends' faces not been hiding behind their helmets, he would have seen all of them cringe slightly at his joke.

"Stego Zord!" They all swung the blade of the Stego Saber in a perfect circle. "Final slash!" They swung the weapon's blade down across cavity's chest.

Cavity didn't say a single word as he left the realm of the living in a ball of fire. He was finally gone for good.

"Extraction complete." Tyler claimed victory.

The Rangers sighed in relief. "Monster extinct."

Riley looked over at Chase on the other side of the cockpit. "Nice going, hotshot."

"You too, bro."

On the ground below, Angela could sense the Rangers' joy and relief that the battle was over. She could also feel that the battle for Chase's and Riley's friendship was settled as well. They had realized their differences and had accepted them for what they were.

She took her Dino Com out of her jacket. "Good job, everyone."

"Thanks, Angela." Tyler answered back.

"We'll be back down there in a minute." Shelby added.

Angela smiled to herself. "Take your time. I'll be here."

Now, she had time to think out loud about what had happened with her flux in power, before the others would get back down to her.

"I wonder why I passed out. I didn't the last time I channeled the Dark." She slid the Dino Com back into her jacket, knowing she wouldn't need it anytime soon. She thought about the whole situation up until she passed out and remembered that she had felt something different. It felt similar, if not the same, to what she felt when Spellbinder attempted to control her through the magic of the pendant, that he had stolen from Moana. "It's not the Force. If it was, I would have formed and shot lightning at Cavity without a problem. Whatever this power is within me stopped Spellbinder's attack but it also stopped me from focusing fully on the Dark Side."

A sliver of fear for the unknown power within her kept to being a sliver. Sure, she did not know what it is, its range of influence, what it meant for her, but Angela would continue keeping it to herself. "I won't tell the Rangers this, not until it'll affect them. They have their own worries. I have mine." She looked up as the Megazord disconnected and the Zords left to go back to their hiding places. "My problems are my own."

While the Rangers and the "Jedi" celebrated victory, the crew on Sledge's ship was in low spirits; Sledge was more pissed off than he normally was and Poisandra was in tears.

"That half-baked chef couldn't bring back a single Energem or the Jedi!" Sledge grumbled loudly enough for everyone around him to hear his anger.

Poisandra threw her frustration at her husband-to-be. "I don't care about the Energems! I want to personally destroy those Rangers and that "Je'daii" so we can finally get out of here and have our wedding!" She continued her anger-filled thoughts as she knelt on the floor of the ship. She was already beginning to scheme about how to take them out.

Fury rolled his eyes. "A heart-shaped whiner's not going to take down the Rangers and that Force-wielding freak."

"And who are you to talk?" Sledge fired back at his second-in-command. "You've defeated the exact same number of Rangers as she has…zero!" He shoved Fury out of his path and left the room while mumbling to himself. "Useless monsters!"

Poisandra took one look at Fury and her mood was more upbeat. "Oh!" She skipped after her future husband but stopped halfway out the door. "I think you hurt kitty's feelings." She turned back to Fury. "Better kiss it and make it better." She blew him a bittersweet, magic-filled heart shape kiss.

It travelled across the room towards Fury' backside. He, however, knew it was coming and took his sword to it, slicing it in half so that it dissipated away.

"Don't test me, candy cane!

Another morning. Another exercise session for Riley. He had a lot of thoughts running through his head this morning. Once he was at the track and doing his warm-up stretches he began to think about everything that had happened yesterday. He thought about two things in particular: Chase and Angela.

His first thought process was on Angela, since it was one of the last things on his mind as he fell asleep yesterday. She had retold everything that she had done to all of the Rangers after Cavity had been defeated, since she was the first one to get to Chase and attempted to fight Cavity. She told them that she tried to channel the Dark Side, believing that if she could hit Cavity with lightning that he would hurt him enough to at least slow him down. However, her body couldn't take that much power. She had thought she had healed from the Morpher blast that had hit her several days ago. She overexerted herself. Most of them accepted Angela's statement as what really happened. Riley wanted to accept all of it but some things about it were off.

What Angela said seems truthful. But, my gut says otherwise. Riley chuckled to himself. My instincts. Chase had been just as right as I was, in terms of strategy. Chase… When I see him today, I'm going to talk to him about it.

Riley noticed that his left shoelace was slightly loose. Still sitting on the bench, he leaned over to tie it tighter. As he finished and looked back up, he saw Chase riding towards him on his skateboard. He hopped off, propped the board up against the bench and sat down next to Riley.

"Hey." Riley greeted him with a smile.

Chase smiled back. "Thought I might join you for a run." He focused his attention to putting on the running shoes he had brought with him.

"Really?" Riley was thrown for a loop. Chase was usually the last person to show up for Angela's training in the morning. Getting up even earlier to run with him? It went against logic.

It finally clicked with Riley.

"Chase, I own you an apology. When I was growing up on my family's ranch, everyone used to make assumptions about me, and they were mostly wrong ones. I was totally wrong about you, Chase, and I'm sorry."

Chase had just finished putting on his running shoes. He looked over at Riley to see him looking directly at him. He quickly pulled out his earbuds. "Did you say something?"

Riley let out a cheery sigh and gave Chase a friendly pat on his shoulder. "No. It was nothing. Never mind."

Riley heard several pairs of footsteps behind him and stood up to turn and face them. Chase did the same. The two were greeted with the sight of Shelby, Tyler, Koda and Angela. All three Rangers had tank tops with their Ranger colors. Tyler and Koda wore shorts that went above their knees. Shelby had black jogging pants, instead of shorts. Angela was wearing her usual attire, except for her denim jacket. She instead had her jeans and white, long-sleeved shirt on, the sleeves being rolled up past her elbows.

"Hey." Riley said.

"Hey." Tyler repeated back. "I forgot to mention this yesterday, but you were pretty awesome against Cavity."

"So," Shelby continued. "We figured maybe we should train with you."

Koda spoke up. "Angela said…this our training this morning."

"I did." Angela agreed. "It's all yours, Riley. Lead out however you want."

Riley nodded to her. "Great." He already knew how to do this. "Well, the first rule, is no rules."

Chase's complacent attitude disappeared instantly as he gave Riley a questionable stare. Riley was one to stick the rules. Always. Hearing his friend say "no rules" was a miracle in itself. "Seriously?" Riley shrugged but kept a smirk on his face. Chase then figured it out.

He…he gets it. He gets how I am. How I do things. Now, it's my turn to show him that I understand him too.

"Well, in that case, I'll ride. This is a personal rule I'm going to stick to."

"All right." Riley answered, giving Chase a friendly fist bump on his chest.

Koda was confused about the situation. "So no rules. How can that be rule?"

Riley cleared it up for the caveman. "Just use your instincts and adapt to whatever happens."

Once again, Chase threw Riley a confused look. He couldn't believe his ears yet again. "Adapt? This could be dangerous."

"Just see if you can keep up, hotshot."

Riley gave everyone a demonstration of what he personally considered to be his instincts and his ability to adapt. He ran and flipped over a bench with ease, looking back at his friends who all had excited grins on their faces.

All of them followed Riley. They had their own idea of moves and tricks to do while following their friend. Whether they would use their muscles, brain, power or skateboard, they were all united that morning in their training session.

Their team was stronger than it had ever been before.