Quote of the day: "Who is this sassy lost child"

Saitama: *outside jogging*

Sonic: *jumps out from a tree* FITE ME

Saitama: *killing a monster*

Sonic: *pops out of the drain* FITE ME

Saitama: looks at a man in a bunny costume handing out candy*

Sonic: *pops out of the costume wielding a Katana* FITE

Children: *loud screaming and crying

Saitama: Dude you fucked up

Sonic: Oh god don'tcry-

Random mom: *Slaps sonic* HOW DARE YOU

Saitama: *laughing his ass off*

Saitama: *taking a bath in the public bath house*

Sonic: *walks in* ah Saitama it seems that our fates are tied together for us to meet in such a place.

Saitama: ?

Saitama: *in bed*

Sonic: *crashes in though the window* Saitama it seems that we are destined to meet.

Saitama: Um.

Saitama: *at the supermarket* Oh look 50% off meat-

Sonic: *jumps out from a pile of 50% off meat* SAITAMA ITS FATE ACCEPT IT


Genos: Sensei do you have anyone you like

Saitama: Yes

Genos: *alert and ready to blast whoever the fuck is trying to get between him and Sensei* REALLY?!

Saitama: the old lady at the supermarket who gives discounts.

Genos: ...

Hero's association: *giving Genos a hero name*Genos is a strongindependent young adult who joined the S rank immediatelyand always managed to take care of the monsters assigned to him efficiently and quickly. He is truly a goodhero. The publicloves
him and from our observations he has many fans and fan pages hemaysoon surpasssweet mask's popularity. His fighting style is very dangerous and effective against a large amount of monsters and is almost like a demon

will be named the Demon Cyborg

Hero's association: *giving Saitama a hero name* *looks at Saitama* let's *stiffled laughter* ppffftt namehim *slap on the arm from someone trying to not laugh* Caped Baldy *loud monkey laughter from everyone accompanied by slapping knees

rolling on the floor*

Meh that's it for today save this story if you like it if this goes well then I might get off my lazy ass and make another one ╮ (一_一) ╭