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Was it worth it? If you ask me why I question myself like this, that is because as I remember correctly, in order to save an idiot dog that jump onto the road just to catch something without noticing that the black limousine is approaching it with high speed, I ended up sacrifice my leg and let that dog survived. What going on afterward is obvious; I was transferred to the hospital in order to heal my injured leg. But what I didn't expect is that my leg is the first part of me that get injured. Then how much injuries I have? Enough to get me into ICU. As I mentioned this to you guys I felt like my survival rate has decreased slowly. That's why I asked myself whether is worth or not.

Thanks to that damn coincidence my high school life is postpone until I have survived and fully recovered. God. Please show me some mercy and let me survive since I still have Komachi and her family to protect (Don't get the wrong idea, Komachi and I are blood related and shared the same parents but both of them dote her more than me in an obvious level) as I don't counting on my own luck. Not anymore. So are Gods of Romantic Comedy whether you exist or not.

Then some voice break my train of thoughts. Who are they? I couldn't see them as my eyes are too heavy to open at this time.

"Zamasu, do you know the reason I brought you here?" said some old man

"To let me learn more about human like you usually guided me back then and fail right?" said some young man

"And you already expect that this time would failed as well so nonchalantly?!" said the same old man

"Then why you're so sure that I could realize human's worth this time Kaioshin-sama?" said the same young man

"Neither gods nor humans are absolute, both are need to learn. And I have learnt that just observing human won't do in your case. So I think you need to be with them" said old man

"You already mention that Kaioshin-sama. And you also order me to pick a human that I could allow myself to be with even just a mere second. So I decide that this man is the one. But how can I be with him? Clearly I'm neither any of his relatives nor any of his acquaintances. Doesn't it impossible in the first place?" said young man

"That's why I order you to pick a human. In order to make it possible you need human to cooperate with you for a moment." said old man

"How?" asked young man

"Take off your left earring Zamasu."

"Kaioshin-sama, don't tell me that you planning to-"

"You and him need to be merged"

"If both him and me merged using Potaras, Won't I unable to return to normal?"

"Since neither you nor him is Kaioshin as you being Kaioshin apprentice doesn't count as one, so the fusion will only last for 1 hour. Just do it and endure for 1 hour Zamasu"

"I understand"

What a weird conversation. God? Human? I must dreaming somehow. But then again, dreaming in the middle of thinking something else? Is that even possible?

My train of thought is disturbed again as I felt like something small capture my left ear.

I move my head to the other side of the bed to shake whatever that touch my ear earlier.

That thing didn't leave my ear as if it was an earring. Wait, did I just said 'earring'?

I finally got the power to open my eyes and notice the presences of the two men whose conversations reach my ears recently.

The presence of the younger man. He was an average height individual. He had pale green skin, gray irises, white eyebrows, and white hair in the style of a mohawk. He wore a violet long-sleeved shirt under a gray and yellow coat, a light blue sash, darker blue baggy pants, and white boots. He also wore an orange earring which I assumed being called Potara on his right ear.

The older one had light, yellow, wrinkled skin, pointy ears, and white hair in the style of a mohawk flipped to the side. He wears a gray and yellow coat with a violet long-sleeved shirt underneath, a light blue sash, darker blue baggy pants, and white boots. He also wears gold and green Potara on both of his ears.

Then I touch on my left ear and found that it was actually have earring put on it.

Which mean …..

What happen afterward is that I found myself standing in front of my bed in hospital and next to the old man from earlier. Then my consciousness start fading away as if I was governed by something or someone

This is hellish. I accidentally awaken new ability that allow me to transform into my human fusee with my consciousness as a main one. As a result, even 1 hour have passed I still remain unseparated. Kaioshin-sama analyze me and said that this transformation allow my stamina being reverted to the human fusee and treat my condition as a non-Fusion form so the remaining time for remain as a fusion form is paused until I manage to change back to the fusion form. I guess I should namethis transformation 'Human mode'. But what really irritate me the most is why do I have to learn about human by becoming one of them? This method of all things. Well at least Kaioshin-sama let me be the one who choose which human that gonna be my fusee. According to Kaioshin-sama's random research, a human name Hikigaya Hachiman is the only one of those humans that manage to pique my interest. Despite being a mere human but he accept that humans aren't fit for words like 'perfection' and have distrust toward them and don't adapt to any other humans just to save himself. Compared to other humans, this person is marvelous. Kaioshin-sama give me a deal after I awaken the 'Human mode' in my current state as godly human, that if I still find that humans are worthless to protect despite learning about them that close in three or more years then he will give me the permission to do anything to them without his interferance. But if I find them worth to protect then he will promote me into a new Kaioshin without any further learning. Compared to what I gain then it worth accepting the deal. But I guess it better if I go with 'Hikigaya Hachiman' name. How troublesome.

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