Hello readers. all 4 of you if I'm lucky. welcome to the first Kamen rider/Re:zero crossover! Consider this a tribute to Kujou Kiriya, may his race never end. Anyway, Let's go!

Super hero time!

Kiriya: Medieval RPG? Wielder of warriors? Elwyn of Aneron, summon your heroes!

Elwyn: Pay your fee and get a +1 up! Kiriya, kamen rider Lazer!

Kiriya: Hey, you ever heard of a man called Brave?

Elwyn: Not really, but he sounds like a fearsome warrior, right?

K + E: Second gear! Fight for your right!


It was one last memento of what he had done, what he had discovered and yet failed to reveal. He could be happy at least that as the world turned white around him, he had managed to get that final message out that would hopefully get the secret out into the open. All this time, holding secrets and giving away lies, and yet when he finally had something important to say, they heard him out without hesitation, though that was probably likely that the big reveal before that had swayed their minds.

'Man, and here I thought life would get more exciting after that.' The man mused, licking the blood off of his lips and savouring the metallic flavour. 'I guess all races need to have a finish line though, otherwise it's just a bunch of men going round in circles.'

He, unlike many others, was not one who would simply follow the leader until he became it himself. Instead, his time as a medical coroner meant he was trying to find things out, explain the unexplainable and simply solve the mystery, even if it required a little bit of mischief and… not entirely legal movements.

'Like bribing a CEO to grant me access to the latest technology that was meant to help fight against the virus only to find he gave me the one tool that was near useless without someone else behind the wheel.' He thought with a chuckle, blissful reminiscence helping him ignore the constant searing pain that surged through his body. Perhaps in the next life, he would take a quieter job, one that would place him in an office. He could even be an author. Maybe somehow remember what he had done in his life and transcribe into a story.

"Masked Armour Racer, with help from the Dai Tensai …Yuuno." The dying, well he had to come to terms with the idea that he was already dead, man spoke aloud in a dry croak. 'Flows off the tongue as well as it can.'

There was darkness that soon covered his vision, like a hand of a mother preventing him from seeing the surprise party. What would he find once the darkness lifted? Peace? Bitterness? Would he be content with knowing that his previous world may possibly be destroyed by a virus even if he couldn't recall it? The longer he remained in the all engulfing blackness, the more he grew restless, hoping that there would be more, that he wasn't just stuck in limbo, that he had actually earned the right to-

And then Kujou Kiriya woke up.

It was black, but then it was white. It was silent, but then it was busy. It was raining, but then it was sunny.

It was death, but then it was life.

Kiriya had to place his hands over his body to ensure that he was still what he believed himself to be, but when he felt the familiar red leather of his jacket, saw the floral pattern of his Hawaiian t-shirt (Which many of his colleagues deemed weird, but he continued to wear regardless) and felt the cool metal of his round sunglasses, he let out a genuine smile. Perhaps he had made it to heaven or whatever the world had for the next stage. The coroner highly doubted that hell would have the constant background noise of people happily going about their daily lives or be filled with the fruity scent that came with open air markets, so the answer was simple, right?

"So why on earth are there all these hybrids?" Kiriya wondered, placing the glasses on to prevent the glare of the early morning sun from irritating his newly opened eyes. Around him were a wide variety of humanoids, conversing with humans like the whole scenario was perfectly normal. At the stall nearby, a crocodile man was happily bargaining with a wolf that was keen to squeeze all he could for a few apples. A man decked in armour was happily chatting to a green haired girl as she regaled him with epic tales of her adventures through the playground. Keen to start exploring this new world he had been placed in, Kiriya turned to the nearest stall, only to find out something disheartening.

"I can't read a single thing here." He muttered under his breath, making sure to keep his gaze like he was simply perusing the wares. They were very clearly apples and from what he had heard eavesdropping on a few conversations, they spoke the same language, but it would be highly suspicious if he wasn't able to read any of the more basic scripts.

"Hey, can I do anything for you?" the shopkeeper asked politely, a jovial plump man with clothes befitting a successful merchant. "The Appas are in season and absolutely the sweetest on sale!"

"Oh no, simply taking a look, but my travels mean I have to carry light. I don't think I'll be taking any of the fruits." The biker returned equally as polite and cheerful. He had experience with lying to many people about many things, so to fool a stranger who did not know of him was a simple task.

"Oh? So where will you be going?" The man asked, leaning upon the wood of the display casually.

"Wherever the roads take me. I'll be seeing you." With a little wave, Kiriya was on his way, not having entirely lied to the man. After all, he had absolutely no idea where he was going accept the straight road forward. The shopkeeper waved, turning to the next passer-by in the hopes that they would choose to buy something as Kiriya gave a smirk as he lifted his hand to take a bite of an 'appa' as he had called it.

"Well he was right. It's definitely sweet."

His feet had managed to take him into a quieter bit of the city he was in, all the creature drawn carriages and medieval styled clothes furthering the idea that he had been transported into a world of the old age.

"Seems like some place Hiiro would like." The man remarked, looking no more than a strangely dressed man commenting on various tourist attractions. While his admittedly unique clothes had drawn a couple of odd glances, the way he had held himself so far meant that there were none who though him other than a traveller. In fact, he had managed to coax the location of a inn nearby, curtesy of some damsel he had wooed in the street.

"So do we get money or…" fumbling through his pockets, he was about to reach for his rear pocket, where he typically hid his wallet, before his hands grasped onto an item he thought he had left behind when he died. Almost nervously pulling the bulky thing out, he held the neon green mass in front of his face in disbelief, flashes of the few times he had fought with it, questioned it. Died with it. Ducking into a shadow coated alleyway, he gently placed it towards his waist, nearly crying with joy when he heard the attaching sound and a black belt formed around him to hold it in place. Another excited hand dove into his jacket, pulling out the other items that worked alongside it.

"Bakusou bike! Giri Giri Chambara!" He whispered in amazement, the two cartridges fitting into his hand with ease.

The belt was rather bulky, having two slots that conveniently would fit the two cartridges in just fine on the left and a hot pink handle connected to a cover in a similar colour that had 'GD' on the front hiding a screen. He grasped the handle firmly, pulling to the left to open it, just to make sure it was exactly as he was used to. Kiriya was met with a black piece of glass, the other side of the pink screen being done in bright colours to proudly display 'Gamer Driver' boldly.

The two cartridges, Gashats, were made by the Genm game company, designed to grant the user the ability to become a kamen rider and fight the bugster virus. Bakusou bike was done in yellow and moulded to fit the hand, a clear section upon the top with a pattern inscribed upon it. Upon the front was a man on a dirt track riding a motor bike, the name displayed on top. Bakusou bike was a game where you had to come first, no matter the cost and through any means necessary.

Giri Giri Chambara meanwhile was done in pure black, the top clear section having a different pattern inscribed onto it. A samurai, decked out in full armour that barely looked like you could wiggle a finger when in it, took a battle pose on the front, Giri Giri Chambara written in a fancy oriental font on top. The game was completely different to Bakusou bike, giving players the satisfaction of defeating hundreds of enemy soldiers in a single blow. They both were designed to be easy, yet become much better when you truly mastered the controls and Kiriya felt as if they explained him perfectly: honourable, but still willing to get what he wants no matter what.

A breeze blew past the man, causing him to turn his eyes to the sky where a blond figure was quickly growing distant, apparently bounding across the rooftops in single strides.

"Hey, that didn't make you decide to be any less hostile to me by any chance, did it?"

"Actually, it rained on our parade and now we're feeling even worse."

"Of course you are…"

Kiriya turned his head towards the voices further down the alley, where a trio of thugs were threatening a boy, no more than a teen, who by the looks of things, had been shopping and was caught at a bad time. Walking closer, he stopped when they threw the boy to the ground and began brutally beating them, the blue haired leader with pink highlights almost looking as if he was getting off on the damn act.

"Oi, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Kiriya yelled to the thugs, pausing in front of the little beatdown. One was short with an orange jacket and brown bowl cut, another was tall and large, a white cap and green jacket that barely seemed to fit and the leader seemed fairly average, had it not been for the knives in his hands.

We're just teaching this punk his place." The blue haired man retaliated. "If you don't want the same thing happening to you, then scram!" Kiriya gave a small shake of his head, holding the Bakusou bike gashat in front of him.

"I doubt you would be able to." He commented, placing a thumb upon the black button that was sat upon the back, the clear part of the cartridge lighting up in yellow.


"Eh!? What the!?" A yellow wave of pixels crawled along the ground and up the sides of the buildings, leaving blocks in place of flat ground for a brief moment. A hologram burst into life behind him, showing the start screen for Bakusou bike as trophies flew out, positioning themselves around the area. Kiriya span, ending so that the gashat hovered above the driver while a hand covered his face.

"Henshin." He calmly stated, flipping the cartridge upside down and placing it into the driver, it clicked in place with a bright burst of light, a single slit down the front to allow the light to escape.



Upon a yellow circle, various portraits flew around the man as if on a track, several holding faces of people he would never see again, as well as one he was happy never to see again. Lashing out with his foot, he kicked a single one, causing it to flip out of the line as the others disappeared. Golden energy coursed around his body as he last remaining portrait had the word 'SELECT!' glowing in red, gold and black in front of it, the image falling back as the transformation finalised.


"Now do you think you want to fight me?" Kiriya asked, holding up his weapon. There was a moment of silence before all three attackers broke out in guffaws, laughing at the ridiculous look of the rider. Fat chunky white armour covered the majority of the body, while black plated gloves protected his hands. It was merely the fact that the rest of the design was so preposterous, for the body was cylindrical and there was no point where the head detached from the rest of his body. Bright blue painted eyes stared in silver rimmed black goggles, which were set in a yellow helmet that had handlebars to act as ears and a large, angular chin. Raising his right hand, the transformed Kiriya merely pulled a trigger, causing the held wheel to release a yellow blast that splashed against the wall, scorching the bricks and startling the trio out of their laughter. He slammed the other hand onto the ground, the barrel-less wheel instead making a large splintering crater in the ground.

"I don't think this is a laughing matter. You better get you backsides in gear and speed out of here." The coroner warned, a smile hidden behind the metal of his mask. He always had a tendency to make racing based puns once he had first gotten the gamer driver and gashat through blackmail that day.

"W-we… Book it guys!" The three thugs left at high speed, leaving only Kiriya and their victim left bruised upon the ground. Lending a hand to the boy, he got a good look at him, fairly surprised. He had black jeans, trainers, white shirt, and normal hair: he almost seemed not of the world.

"I saw your clothes before you did your transformation." The boy claimed. "Are you… not of this world?"

"If you mean earth, yes. If you mean Japan, then yes." Kiriya responded, pulling out the yellow gashat from the driver and returning to his original form.


"Then, how did you get here? If you know then perhaps I can get home! Was it some cute girl summoning heroes to fight for her!?" The boy continued, getting far too close for the coroner's comfort before he grabbed the boy by his orange and black jacket, pushing him back.

"Hey mind your own space kid. This is heaven for me. I had to die to get here; says a lot about your fate, eh?" Kiriya stated ominously, mentally laughing at the fear he had installed with the truth that wasn't quite so true. Perhaps there was another way to enter this second world, but if death was the only way to come here, then…

That's enough from you."

Both averted their eyes to look upon the new arrival, basking in the sunlight of the open air. The girl stood there almost looked ethereal, the light causing her snow white hair to shine. Her fancy dress was done in white highlighted in indigo as well, two pieces coming down the sides in purple with a crest done in gold. Upon the frilled collar, a green pendant sat while a white cloth held her hair in a bun. Violet eyes looked questioningly at the pair, taking in their strange appearances with suspicion.

"Might I ask who you are?" Kiriya probed, leaning against the wall with crossed arms.

"I wish not to speak to the likes of you, so please return what you have stolen now." The female teen replied succinctly, her facial expression never moving from its neutral look. The boy he had saved quietly shifted his gaze back and forth, unsure of what to do. He knew that the man he had chanced upon was strong and able to transform, but that didn't stop him from fearing this new girl!

"Well I'm sorry to say miss that I haven't stolen anything, unless… what's your name?"

"Um, Natsuki. Subaru Natsuki." The teen quickly replied, until he thought through the sentence and gulped.

"Yeah, unless Subaru here stole it." Kiriya finished with a smile, stepping away from the boy. The white haired woman's piercing gaze flitted between the two, from the nervous near-child to the confident man before she gave a sigh.

"I would appreciate it if you returned it, for it is important to me. I would even allow you the other items you have taken, but not that one." She returned, looking directly at Subaru.

'She thinks I took it already!?' Subaru mentally screamed, before he held up his hands in surrender.

"But I didn't take it." He protested. "Though there was that girl who went by just.."

"He's not lying you know." Kiriya added from the side-lines. "I'm pretty good at telling liars from the truth tellers."

"Ah, I see. I must thank you, but apologise for my swift exit. The girl began to run down the alleyway, passing the pair until she stopped upon the small flight of stairs at the end.

"However, I must ask regardless, are you alright?" The girl asked in a kind tone towards Subaru, who was completely unprepared for it, averting his eyes.

"Ah, I see. You avert your eyes due to your guilty conscious!" The girl suddenly declared, startling Kiriya and outright frightening Subaru as ice began to form in her hand. "Looks like your friend here won't be saving you this time."

"Are you sure? I think it was just a natural male reaction." Spoke a deeper feminine voice, a small cat floating from behind the white girl. "I didn't sense any malice at all."

"Wow, this heaven seems to be getting more and more interesting!" Kiriya exclaimed, pulling off his glasses and hanging them off the front of his floral shirt. "I didn't think it would be this fun so soon!"

"Puck, be silent." The girl ordered the cat, turning a focused stare on the boy. "You know who stole my insignia from me, don't you?"

"I'm sorry, bu-"

"We know the look of the person though." The coroner quickly interrupted. "How about you let us help you?"

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