It's easier if I just say it now, yes I'm using the anime to work off of, I'm sorry! I don't expect a certain part in this to agree with the lore, but let's just ignore it this time so I can continue the story, let's just say that it was due to the appearance of a foreign factor that everything's going so bloody weirdly! Anyway, let's go!

Super hero time!

Kiriya: MODEMS vs the great Consequence! What's going on!?

MODEMS: Kiriya, your data was transferred into a different world and given a physical form. Interesting.

Kiriya: Well, it's certainly got more space than Bakusou Bike did! anyway, being data let me go to the Mightydimension!

MODEMS: The term 'Mightydimension' is not registered in my memory. what is it?

K + M: Second gear! Start up complete!

They had made it to the shop in the slums, only a slight pant to their breaths as they knocked on the door. It all seemed so familiar, the grunted greeting, the small jokes that the olds man Rom made during the small talks; it if hadn't have been for the fact that the two knew they were about to potentially risk their lives, then maybe they would be able to enjoy themselves more.

"Hey old man, did you water down the milk or something? It tastes nasty." Felt complained as she put the cup down, a gasp coming from the shopkeeper.

"I give you something out of the kindness of my heart and this is how you want to repay me?" he replied with a teasing smile. Reaching out with a giant palm, he began to rub the girl on her blonde hair to her displeasure. They had been fortunate enough to arrive at a similar time as they had done before, meaning that everything was still working to plan. Subaru had his phone ready in his hand and if that somehow didn't manage to work this time, then they at least had the gamepad Kiriya held in his position to continue with.

"Are you sure that everything's going to go alright Kiriya?" the boy asked, Kiriya giving a sigh with his folded arms as he answered.

"Oh don't worry yourself like that kid!" the coroner replied with a firm hand upon Subaru's shoulder, Felt giving a small snicker under the caring palm of Rom.

"Come on, don't talk like a wuss to your dad when you've got a face as scary as old man Rom's." the thief remarked with a bright grin, Kiriya still feeling that small sense of indignation at the name.

"I don't actually look that old do I? I'm only twenty seven for your information." He rhetorically asked, a glance downward still showing the exact clothes he had worn during the entire escapade. Though there was truly no reason for it to appear so, the man thought that there were a few patches that seemed to be darker than usual, but it seemed that his clothes were restored each time; they were exactly the same as they always had been.

"Then that means you are old enough to be a dad! Maybe next time you should try and dress your age rather than some sort of weirdo."

"People have told me a great many things, but you're saying that I could compete with this old guy!?" Subaru asked with a fierce look on his face, no less indignant than the first time he had heard the statement. Felt didn't let it get to her though, only holding up a hand in surrender.

"Okay, I guess I did go a little too far this time. Sorry bro, guy."

"You three aren't in some sort of conspiracy to try and piss me off, are you?" the elderly shop keeper asked with a tired, yet still angry look on his face. In response, Felt placed down her cup, turning to Subaru and Kiriya with a smile.

"Well then let's get down to business before old man Rom explodes." She declared. "How much are you guys willing to pay for the goods?"

"Well, we have something very special to offer for you in fact." The jacketed man declared, an elbow into the hikikomori's shoulder having him hold up the mobile phone.

. "This is a special device that can stop time for anyone, anywhere! I call it, a 'cell phone'!"

"I've never seen anything like it!" Felt exclaimed in awe, the two watching as Subaru opened it up and changed to the camera app. Holding it up in front of the two, Subaru held a confident pose as he made sure they were centred in the image.

"Take this! Nine shots per second-continuous shot!" pressing the button, both the old man and thief were stunned by the camera's flash, recoiling and complaining loudly.

"Woah! Hey! What's that sound!? And that was too bright!"

"Are you trying to kill an old man like me? Don't you go making light of me with dodgy tricks like that!"

Subaru interrupted them by holding up the camera, the saved images staring right back at the two, though Felt had managed to get the red eyes.

"Wait a minute, them's mine and Felt's faces!" old man Rom declared in intrigue, Kiriya watching form the side in approval. "What sort of magic is that?"

"Well, it is actually a magic machine that allows for the freezing of moments in time for future records, as I said before." Subaru boasted.

"Ah, I see… I've never seen anything like this in my life. Is this one of those metia I've heard people talking about?" Rom wondered aloud, a cheerful nod coming from Subaru.

"Why yes it is! I haven't… what was it… opened the gate? So I wouldn't be able to use this sort of magic otherwise!" the boy declared.

"I'm more concerned about the price. What can I get out of this metia?" Felt questioned to Rom in concern.

"Well it's also my first time using a metia to, so I'm not quite sure…" Rom admitted, looking at the silver cell phone intensely. "However, there's a definitely great chance that it will fetch more than the insignia will; probably any metia would." Ah yes, Kiriya had to look worried here, but the luminescent smile that grew upon Subaru's face wasn't faked in the slightest..

"Well then it's settled, right? My phone for the insignia?" Even though he knew the result that would come about from simply reaching out for the insignia, he still had to do it, at least to make it seem like it had done before. "What the hell?"

"Now this is what I expected." Kiriya declared. "Let me guess, you've got other people bidding for the insignia, haven't you?"

"Actually, getting this in the first place was a request!" Felt answered proudly. "I was told I could get ten holy coins for it and I couldn't very well turn down an offer like that!"

"But Felt, you do realise that the metia he has would be worth around twenty holy coins, right? That means he's the bigger bidder right now." The storekeeper interrupted, unaware of how he was almost being led about like an actor by his two customers like the blonde. "In fact, I'm pretty sure we could find some people out there that would pay even more than that for something like the ability to freeze a moment in time."

"Really!? Then that means I can get away with over charging for it!" Felt realised and it wasn't hard for the coroner to see the golden coins in her eyes just like last time.

"So there's going to be a chance for us to meet with this other client then?" Kiriya asked, the small smile hidden from the others as he pulled out the gamepad held within his jacket.

"Sure, the negotiations are going to be held here anyway." Felt dismissed. "If a little thing like me dealt with them alone, then I'd be absolutely sunk if a client chose to bilk on me. I don't have to worry if I've got old man Rom on hand to help me out." A knocking at the door drew attention towards it, the same rhythmic pattern as the one Felt had put in when she had entered.

"Do you think they know the password?" Rom asked to Felt, who gave a small shrug.

"Don't worry about it, it's probably for me. I'll get it." At the side, Kiriya was looking at the gamepad he had with him in interest.

'To think that of all things, this would still be taken with me.' The man mentally commented as he flipped the machine about. 'I can understand the gashats, I can understand the driver, I can even understand why I managed to keep the gifts given by that boy, Egi. But why the game pad? What special trait does it give me?... I'm sure I'll find out eventually.'

"So are you okay with letting her use you like that?" Subaru asked to the shopkeeper who let out a sigh.

"I mean, it's not like we're total strangers or something." He answered. "I've known her for a long time, so I help her out." Seeing the man pick a ginormous bat up, Subaru had to comment.

"I can't help but give a wry smile when I see you like such a barbarian."

"Everyone around here's fighting to survive. Everyone teams up to keep themselves alive. I've got to look after Felt because here ain't no one else who's gonna do it."

"I was right, it was for me. Over here, take a seat." Felt called as she entered, her esteemed guest coming from behind her. Waltzing in with a regal strut, the woman who entered tossed back dark hair, making her way to the bar while Felt stood to the side.

"Well I know this older fellow, but who are these young men then?" she asked, taking a seat at the bar and leaning her head upon her hand. The actions seemed vile now, seemingly innocent motions tainted by the truth of her personality, but they would have to bear it for now.

"These dudes are Subaru and Kiriya, they're the ones who are also negotiating with me." The blonde thief answered, taking her seat at the aged counter with a casual bounce. "Looks like you've got some rivals to beat!"

"I see…"

"So you will be bidding against them and whoever's willing to offer the greatest price gets the insignia." Felt explained, the woman delicately licking her lips as she placed down an empty cup. "I don't really care who actually ends up with the thing, so either side can offer as much as they want as long as it gets higher than the other!"

"You know, I really like that personality of yours." The woman commented. "So how much did these fine men bid?"

"We've got a metia on offer, around twenty holy golden coins, as well as another metia of perhaps a similar if not greater amount to act with as well." The doctor rider announced as he leant back on the wood, glasses on to prevent the dark glare he couldn't hold back from being shown. "It's your move."

"How very to the point with you, but of course, anyone would be able to get a good price for a metia… Unfortunately for you, my client sent me with some extra funds, just to sweeten up the deal." The woman answered with a smile. "However, it is only twenty holy gold coins to match your current offer. Will that be enough?" a sigh overtook the coroner. He really didn't want to lose the gamepad in this life, but sometimes, sacrifices would have to be made.

"Well, the boys have extra to offer and the metia could probably get more if people really want to get their hands on it… It looks like the deal is leaning to them. You should bag up those coins and get out of here miss. You can't complain about theft either; you saw I took nothing from that pile." The elderly shopkeeper declared with a hand to his chin, a small note of disappointment leaving the woman as she recollected her objects.

"It can't be helped. It was my employer's fault for trying to underpay anyway." Elsa stated, standing from the table at the same time as Subaru. "Well, it looks like this deal ended in disappointment for me, but I'll be taking my leave now. By the way, what do you intend to do with that insignia?"

This was the moment they had been waiting for, the words that would determine whether they live or die. Subaru couldn't help the bile that threatened to rise at the mere thought, but he would have to remain strong; they couldn't reveal anything that would give Elsa a feeling as to what was about to happen.

"Actually, miss…?"


"Elsa, we were going to keep it for admiration actually, but who knows? Maybe in the future you might see it again." The boy answered after a small pause. Give no real reason, then give them the chance to believe that they still could get it in the future without violence. There was silence that filled the room, Subaru trying to hold back the trembles that tickled his skin.

"…I see. I do hope that you enjoy your prize then. It was well earned." The final declaration was followed by the sound of a door, matched by both Kiriya and Subaru giving a small sigh of relief.

"I certainly thought that was going to go far worse than it did." Kiriya remarked as he pulled off the sunglasses to Rom's hearty laugh.

"Well you wouldn't be the first ones!" he replied. "After all, I've told you what this place is like. This bat's seen more action than it looks. It's not in a way I really like, but if it means me and Felt get another day, then I'll continue to batter them."

"Ah Old man Rom, you sound like such a pushover!" the thief commented with a fist colliding with the solid wall of muscle that made up his arm, a small hint of a vein appearing on the man's head before that very arm wrapped around Felt.

"Say that again, I dare you!"

"Okay, okay, sorry!"

"Well then, I suppose we must be off. The sun's going down and we need to book ourselves a good night." Kiriya declared, stepping to the door as Subaru gave a small start, following quickly on his tail.

"It was nice to see you." The boy added with a way, matched by Felt until they were outside of the shop, taking in the evening. "So, I guess we're going to find Satella and give her back her insignia, right?"

"Not at all." The boy had to sweat drop at the rapid reply, at least until the man explained himself. "Think about it like this, we've got nowhere to sleep right now and we're in the middle of dangerous slums. Do you think we're just going to risk going out at night after a target that we don't have a location for? She'll most likely be searching the next day as well, so we can introduce ourselves then."

"But where the hell are we going to go considering that the two of us have no money at all?" the jacketed boy deadpanned. "With the economy of today, there aren't going to be many people who'll take in two men who look like they work.

"Be optimistic kid, we've still got light to burn!" Kiriya ordered with a hand to the boy's chest, making sure that the red article was properly upon his shoulders before he started to walk. "All we need to do is find someone willing to buy the gamepad I have and then with the cash we can collect, get ourselves a room at the inn, simple as that."

It would turn out that finding someone willing to buy the gamepad was both ludicrously easy and easily profitable. The idea of having something that could instantly produce relatively easy and interesting games wherever you are, letting the player act as god over whatever character they were playing, that was a big selling point. It was only after having made the expensive transaction with a mother, her rapidly bored child instantly enraptured by the colours and sounds of the Mighty Action when Kiriya took notice of the small beep that filled his ear and the sudden weight that filled his jacket.

"Wait a minute… another one?" the coroner stated as he held up another gamepad, the exact same characteristics in his hand as the one held in eager little fingers. There was no chance he could control the grin that burst onto his face, the sight of easy living now not too far off. For Subaru, it was rather odd to see the man, usually fairly calm and relaxed in his speech and mannerisms, acting somewhat maniacal.

"Yep Subaru, we're going to have a good night's sleep." The coroner remarked with a chuckle, not noticing the sweatdrop that fell down the boy's face. "Now, come along Subaru! We need to find an Inn."

"Hey Kiriya?" Subaru called to the small bathroom, a questioning hum coming from the man. They had been fortunate enough to get there in time for their clothes to be clean in the morning and thanks to the amount they paid, not exactly little thanks to how Kiriya decided it would be prudent to make a further two transactions, they were given complimentary nightwear. "Do you think things will go alright with Satella this time?"

"It should; even if she lied, there has to be a reason." The man responded from in front of the mirror, making sure that there wasn't any unsightly hairs still remaining. Though they had been fortunate enough to get alone time in the men's baths, the coroner still wanted to ensure that he was still smooth in the small cleaning room that came with the stay, but manipulating a knife across the face was still rather awkward at times. "Just remember that she doesn't remember you this time. She hasn't introduced herself to you and you don't owe her for saving you."

"I know, but sometimes it just doesn't want to settle in." the boy admitted, resting with arms cuddling his legs closer. "I see her and it's still the exact same Satella each time, looking like she did when we helped a child with her, helped her search for her insignia."

"And now we have that insignia and the girl that called herself Satella recognises you as the boy that let the very same item be stolen from you." The coroner quipped back. "Things are different now and only you can change her perspective of you into something positive." Looking to the small symbol on the table, lit by the light of a dying sun, Subaru gave a sigh.

Things are different now.

Game pause! Yeah, so that's how we're doing this! If people were able to believe that the cell phone was a metia, then something like a games console was bound to seen the same way. How are things going to go from here on then? I don't have a clue; sometimes this is just being produced by the seat of my trousers instead of following the script I prepared!