Willa pov

It was a quiet night at Disney, and when Willa crossed over she was confused. No one had said anything about crossing over tonight. She looked around to find the silence kind of scary. That's when she say it, or rather her. Maleficent had been standing on the top of Cinderella's castle, waching her. Then the which attacked.

Jess pov

"Jess wake up"

Jess was suddenly woken up from the dream by her sister Amanda.

"why it's, " jess looks at the clock" 6:00 why didn't you get me up sooner. I am going to be late for school"

Jess didn't hear Amanda's response because she was already in the bathroom taking a shower. After her shower she rushed to her closet and grabbed random clothes, a black and white striped tank top, black skinny jeans, and her white converse, got changed and ran out the door. The buss was just picking up Amanda from the stop. Jess got on the bus just before it left. Then she was off to school.

Amanda pov

Why was her sister always late, she had no idea. But right now she had no time to think about jess, it was the day everyone dreaded, the math final exam. When she Finnish she got a 86, not too bad but could be better. All the rest of her classes we're boring and soon she was on the bus home. Just as the bus approached her stop, her phone vibrated. It was a text from Finn,Willa was crossed over last night, be here asap.Amanda was suddenly nervous, what if the ot's have her, what if they take another keeper, or her or jess.

-Authors note

I do not own the kingdom keepers books, sadly!

sorry for the short chapter and all the spelling mistakes(I am really bad at spelling) please tell me what I could do better, and give me ideas on how the story should go.

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