Day 2: Skinny dipping

Trespasser and private lake.




"And I'm done!" said Lucy to herself with a satisfied tone as she moved the empty jar into the cupboard and noted to herself to buy some cookies at the grocery store tonight. "Can't wait to enjoy the festival with the girls!" she continued cheerfully while preparing tea, she also imagined a fun time with her friends.

Or I can text them to do it for me on the way here, she added silently after giving some thoughts.

A soothing feeling enveloped Lucy as she sipped her tea slowly. Her eyes wandered to the sky from her kitchen window. She saw the white clouds gently swaying along with the wind and unconsciously she smiled to herself. "This is my kind of day," she murmured before sipping her tea again.

The blonde girl lazily stretched out her hands over her head. She tried to ease the soreness that she felt after cleaning the house this morning and she stopped just before the cuckoo clock told her it was time for lunch. While waiting for the right mood before cooking a light meal, she continued enjoying the view in front of her.


Or so she thought.

When her eyes followed a few leaves that danced in the wind before falling to the ground, she saw something suspicious.

"Oh my goodness!" she shouted in surprise.

Lucy hurriedly ran to the back porch and grabbed the nearest thing she could think of as a weapon. The poor door slammed behind her.

Soon she stopped.

The warm rays of the sun shone gently, falling through the trees in front of her… and there, under the shade of trees, a shrouded figure basked in the small lake.

"TRESPASSER!" She shouted with all her might.

She hoped her voice can be heard by the figure with black hair that now is illuminated by sunlight.

The loud scream from outside the small lake area broke through the man's daydream. He whipped his head over his shoulder to see a blonde girl who looked furious.

On the edge of the lake, the blonde girl began swinging a baseball bat while shouting, "What are you doing there?! Get out! This is a private property!"

He jumped out of the water, panicked. Water trickling past his shoulder and down, down, down as he rushed out of the lake.

Awesome, Gray! You're in trouble!

The dark-haired guy looked down at the girl before him. She was still holding the baseball bat tightly. With a weapon like that, she could be the next Harley Quinn if she wanted, he thought.

Not knowing where to start, he just touched the back of his head, giving a simple response, "Um… sorry…"

Lucy didn't reply immediately. Being up-close with the trespasser she reacted as any normal girl would do when faced with an unusual situation.

She gawked.

He was naked. Naked and dripping with water. But he looked so innocent.

Her face flushed. It took a while to find her voice again due to her being shocked.

Lucy cleared her throat. "Whe-where's your clothes?! How did you get in here?!" she asked with a lower voice than before. She tried to look at his face. Only his face. Although there's a part of her that wanted to look down and peek a bit.

Focus, Lucy!

"And who the hell are you?"

He raised his hands up to his chest as if to calm her down. "I'm lost." He started to explain to her but wasn't convincing enough as she kept her harsh glare to his dark blue eyes.

It's not wise to use the same tone with the blonde girl, he thought. He took a deep breath before speaking again.

"Okay. Okay. Listen here… I'm not a bad guy. I'm a backpacker and I'm traveling here because…" he continued while staring back at her brown eyes, calmly. The dark-haired guy chose his words carefully and when the girl kept silent and listening to him, he took that as a good sign.

"See, I'm not lying. It's really because of there's a festival here. You can also check my blog if you want."

With the same calm tone, he finished his story. The blonde girl before him no longer crossed her arms.

He gave her the same reason with her friends. They will come this late afternoon and stay at her parents' cottage to join the festivities of her hometown festival, a festival that's stated by a famous travel site as one of ten festivals that must be visited this year.

She had to solve this problem before they came, otherwise, it could get worse. Lucy hurriedly shook her head as bad thoughts flashed through her mind and her ponytail moved in sync.

"Okay. I think I can believe you. For now," She narrowed her eyes at him, still alert. You may look attractive, but one who can casually leap into someone's lake just because it feels hot, can't be trusted just like that, she added silently.

"Take your belongings and come with me inside. I need to check your ID… what's your name again?"

"Gray. Gray Fullbuster."

"Don't do something funny because I can kick you out of this universe!" she added. Her bare feet stepped on the thick grasses when she walked back into the house.

"Yeah… yes. Miss blondie…" he replied casually as he followed her from behind after collecting his belongings from under the tree.

"Lucy!" she spun around and added, "And please put on your clothes first!"

Oh gosh!


Written: around May '17

Post: Sun, 17.12.17

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Notes: why am I so late to post this? It's because I want to add a few sentences there but in the end... ah well, never mind, this is enough I think... so yeah! Hahaha~