Waking with a raging headache wasn't fun for anyone. No matter how good the party the day before, the migraine just wasn't worth it.

"Damn party animals. Never throwing another party like that again."

Two hands clapped together, as if going to magically clean up the mess. Of course it didn't as plastic cups and disposable plates were still strewn about. A few snores here and there from the few who truly got wasted the night before. With a quiet sigh and a promise to clean up when the thundering migraine was gone.

"Off to bed."

The chubby woman left the room, slowly walking down the hall, seeing the various doors leading to her thoughts she had either once pondered or had hand picked to nurture. In a quiet gesture the first door was open. Sleeping teens all gathered together with unique features. One all too similar to a mummy, one an insect and another a cephalopod. A little deeper were two latiƱo males near a man in a green suit and a woman in a lan coat. All certain and set, their story already told.

The door shut silently as eyes wandered to the placard reading Generator Rex.

Small hands left the door as the woman looked across the hall. An equally old door stood still, an uneasy energy thrumming with the lack of completion. But she opened the door to see childhood cartoons dance about with magic soaring everywhere. A small chinese girl brimming with energy and excitement. The door was shut equally quietly. The placard said Jackie Chan Adventures.

Doors opened one by one, some with great joy, others with regret. Some not even fully formed, mere shadows of what they could be. Young Justice, Blue Exorcist, Secret Saturdays, Soul Eater, Kill la kill, Amazing Spiez, Xiaolin Showdon, Justice Leavue, Rise of the Guardians, Harry Potter and Teen titans, so on and so forth as they interwove and intersected. Near the end of the hall were a set of doors that had the Spider symbol. The man of the hour no doubt turned in after her memories grew hazy from her drink.

But like any good parent, she opened the door to check on her self aware "son".

The door opened just like the others but unlike the others, the room was bare. Not a soul to be seen. A sharp jolt coursed through the woman's being. In a concerned rush, she ran to the other door with the spider symbol. With no tact or grace, she threw open the door.

As the door slammed the wall, aggravating her migraine, she could see everyone who should have been there. Everyone, but Spiderman. A rumble burned in her chest as a shrieking roar escaped her throat. A primal rawness burned in her throat akin to agony itself.

"Peter! Peter where are you?!"

There was eerie silence with the lack of response. She ran back to the other room and began tearing the room apart looking for anything that could help her find Peter. Throwing open a closet door, going through his desk drawers and eventually pulling back the comforter on the bed. She paused seeing a pile of grey dust. Fury ignited and her brown eyes burned brightly.


I figured why not? As a writer, I figured having a nod to my other stories would be interesting. So, for the idea of the snap... yeah.