Hey guys! New story here. This is going to be a Once Upon A Time / Harry Potter crossover fic. Hermione, as always, will be my main character from the HP series, and then

we have our fave characters from OUAT

Now mind you, I did not finish watching season 5 of OUAT yet, therefore this novel is a bit AU (AU within an AU—but you'll see how later). This is set during Season 6 of OUAT post-Underworld and HP will be set just Pre-WWW II.

Enchanted Forest

The screeching neigh of horse near by startled her out of her reverie. The scene being much too hauntingly familiar to her she quickly turned around and scanned her surroundings. Not too far off in the distance she saw a black horse galloping at a dangerous speed towards the market she was at. If the horse continued, not only would it kill a few pedestrians, but it would go straight off the port and drown the small being holding on for dear life.

"Help me!" The little girl cried.

She sprung into action, giving her basket of bread and berries to the man standing beside her. He called after her in concern after noticing the speed of the horse approaching, but her only focus was on stopping the horse from barreling into the town market.

She stopped just at the entrance of the market and stood still, with her hand stretched out in front of her.

"Halt!" She commanded, the horse hesitated a bit, but continued on. She yelled it once more, her tone carrying a forceful baritone that immediately made the horse skid to a stop. She quickly rubbed the horse's snout gently, after noticing its' wild eyes. The horse had been spooked.

She went around to the side of the horse at the sound of heavy breathing. A small heaving body laid on the horse, a thick, purple velvet cloak covering the body of the child.

"Are you okay, miss?" She asked in a soft tone.

The girl jumped, her back going straight and green eyes met brown ones.

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you so much. I don't know why Siren acted that way, she never has before. It was very peculiar."

The beautiful little girl talked a mile a minute. She had lightly-tanned skin, pure black curls that hung down to her waist, and light green eyes. She had a small, regal nose and full, dark red lips. When she smiled, a dimple appeared in her left cheek, and in her ears laid two tiny emeralds. She was absolutely stunning.

"Are you alright," the woman asked, she had to be sure.

"Yes ma'am, all because of you. What is your name?"

"Regina. Yours?"

"Morgan Jane. Morgan Jane Jones."

Storybrooke, Maine

"Emma, where did you want me to put this?"

Emma looked up at her father to see him carrying in a large box labeled 'winter coats'.

"You can just put that in the basement for now. We have a long while before it's winter here again."

"And winter can't come soon enough, love." She felt strong arms wrap around her. The distinct smell of leather and rum filled her nose. She leaned backwards into his comforting embrace. Months ago she thought she'd never be able to feel this man's arms around her again.

She felt him kiss the spot right behind her ear. "I know you're thinking about all those months ago love. Knock it off. It is over. We're happy." She smiled tightly at him and squeezed his arm.

"I know. But for how long?"

Killian sighed. "For as long as we can get. Because of this damned town and our luck I know something will come up, but let's just hope we can at least get a few weeks of peace before then."

A throat cleared behind them. Killian quickly let go of Emma and turned to find David glaring at the two of them. Emma rolled her eyes.


"I know Emma. But just because it's been awhile for you two doesn't make it any easier for me to watch." David smiled softly at his daughter. "I'll be out of your hairs soon, don't worry."

"Now that you have officially re-moved into your house, I say we celebrate tonight." Mary Margaret suggested walking in with Neil on her hip. David walked over to them, giving each one a kiss on the forehead. Neil giggled and reached out for David, who happily took the smiling baby boy.

"Party at Granny's tonight?"

A resounding "No!" went around the room. Snow looked surprised at Killian, Emma, Killian, and even Henry in the doorway.

"Well, why not?" She demanded putting her hands on her hips.

"Grandma, no offense, but every time there's a party at Granny's something goes wrong."

Snow was about to protest but Emma beat her to it.

"It's true. Face it, Granny's is a jinx." Emma unpacked the new silverware and put it away in the kitchen.

Killian nodded, "And some of us would prefer to have some peace for a while."

"You all are just being silly, now. Granny's is not a jinx and there have been plenty of times that we have all gone to Granny's and nothing bad ever happened." Snow argued.

"It only happens when parties are thrown and everyone shows up. Like the time Mom and Killian got sucked back in time to the Enchanted Forest, we had a party that night. Or when they came back and we had a party at Granny's and then Mariam showed up. Or the time—" Henry explained.

"Okay, okay. Maybe we just have really poor timing when it comes to throwing parties. It has nothing to do with Granny's being the location of the party."

"I thought you got your stubbornness from your father," Killian whispered to Emma. She only smiled at him, a real smile this time.

"I heard that!"

"Snow, maybe we are being a bit silly about it, but it doesn't make what Henry said any less true. Big gatherings at Granny's usually ends in a new adventure that none of us are quite prepared for. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Underworld was more than enough of an adventure to last us a lifetime." David soothed his wife.

"Literally," Killian mumbled. Snow looked at Killian sadly.

"You're right. I'm sorry," Snow pouted. Emma rolled her eyes again.

"Here we go," she said quietly to herself.

"I shouldn't have suggested a party so soon after what you faced in the underworld. You need more time to recover. It was very taxing on you Killian. You've been put through hell and I shouldn't expect you to be so strong afterwards."

Killian tensed. "Wait. I didn't say I'm not strong enough. I'm fine. Better than fine, actually."

"No, no, Killian. You need more rest." She put her hand on his cheek. "Maybe you should lay down some more." Killian squawked offended.

"And you David, the curse wore off years ago, you're getting older now, you'll need some more rest than you are used to having as well." Mary Margaret took Neil from his hands as he gaped at her.

"I'm not old!"

"Of course you're not Charming." She patted his chest and cmiled condescendingly.

Emma smirked.

"I don't need any rest," David protested.

"Neither do I. Let's have the party tonight. At Granny's!" Killian added.

"Only if you two insist," Snow prodded. Killian and David nodded assuredly.

"Excellent!" She marched out of the house.

Regina walked in, looking behind her oddly. She pointed at the spot Mary Margaret just exited. "Did she give another hope speech? Why does she look like she just ate a bowl of rainbows and happiness?"

"Because she just played David and Killian. She's throwing a party at Granny's for everyone to celebrate our return."

Regina gave her a look, "Doesn't she know that the old bat's restaurant is jinxed. Every damn time we have a party there, we have to fight a new villain or monster that comes out of nowhere?"

"We told her that, mom. But David and Killian were tricked by her into suggesting it." Henry smiled.

"Of course they were," Regina pursed her lips.

"We were not played," David denied.

"Nah, mate. We were. We were played badly." Killian scratched the bit of beard he had. He needed to shave. "Emma, do you know where my blades are?"

"You don't have a hook for that?" Regina smirked. Killian glared before a thought occurred to him.

"That's actually not a bad idea."

"It's in the box in the closet, I'll go get it." Emma said leaving Killian and Regina up to no good, she was sure. The faint sound of buzzing made her shake her head at the two.

Emma opened up the large, twin white oak doors of her—their closet. She had to keep reminding herself that she was now living with Killian. In their house. Henry would have a room for the nights that he would stay over, as he bounced between hers and Regina's. And they still had two more empty rooms, one on the first floor that she considered turning into an office of some sort and another next to Henry's room. She didn't really want to think about what that other empty room could be used for. Not now. Maybe not ever. Maybe when she was ready. If she was ever ready.

"Did you find them love?" Killian's voice brought her back to the present.

She yelled back. "Give me a second." She rummaged through the closet until she found the box labeled 'Killian's manly things' and smiled to herself. He was so afraid of his 'manly things' touching any of her feminine products. He nearly fainted when he realized that he grabbed a box of Emma's tampons when they packed up the rest of Emma's things. The look of horror on his face was priceless.

But something caught her eye.

It was a gold book, the little bit of light that peaked in front of the shades caught the book making it look as though it were glowing. Picking it up Emma immediately tensed. The golden book had words on the covered in a color and font that was all too familiar.


Emma heard the pounding of her teenaged sons feet but she couldn't pull her eyes away from the book in her hands.

"Yes mom?"

"What is this?"

She felt him walk closer and he reached down to take the book from her hands.

"It looks like the story book. But different. Golden and shiny looking." He weighed the book in his hands and flipped through the pages. "It weighs pretty much the same. It's probably another dud, you know. Like the ones in the Author's mansion."

Henry flipped through the pages and gasped.

"Mom." In voice barely above a whisper.

Emma stood up immediately. Her eyes barely looked at the book before she called for Killian, Regina, and David. Her mind was whirring with questions, ones she was too afraid to ask. Ordinarily if she had found a book she didn't remember buying in her closet, she wouldn't have given it a second thought. But the last five and a half years Emma learned to never not give something a second thought. Especially things that had to do with fairy tales and the like.

"Emma what is it?" She heard her father ask.

"Love?" Killian's rich voice was enough to drag her eyes away from the book.

"Look." Henry held up the book. "Mom found another story book. And this one actually has things written in it." Henry continued to flip through the pages, too quick to reading anything.

"Henry be careful with that." Regina warned. "We don't know where it came from or how it came to be in your mother's closet. I think our safest bet would be to just forget about it."

"Mom, we can't just forget about it. At least, I can't. I'm the author mom, I feel this book vibrating, practically begging me to read it—or write in it. I'm still getting used to telling these feelings apart." Henry chuckled.


"I kind of agree with Regina here, Henry. Nobody knows where this came from. It could have been planted here by someone. For now, at least, we keep it somewhere safe until we can have a chance to look through it. But tonight we already told Mary Marguerite we would go to Granny's tonight for some fun. We'll enjoy ourselves tonight and tomorrow reconvene and deal with it then. Okay?" David looked at everyone.

"Emma are you feeling alright?"

David's worried tone had everyone turning to look at Emma, except for Killian who had been staring at her the entire time.

Killian rubbed her arms up and down slowly. "Love?"

Emma brought a hand down to rest unconsciously over her stomach. "I don't know. Nothing, I'm fine."

Killian turned her around gently and held her face in the palm of his hands.

"Are you sure you're feeling well. We can stay in tonight if you want. I'm sure Mary Marguerite would understand."

Emma shook her head quickly. "No I'm fine. Whatever it was it passed quickly."

"Okay." But the look of worry did not leave his eyes.

"I'll put the book in my room with the other one." Henry began to walk up the stairs.

"And leave it up there for the night. I mean it Henry. Wait until the rest of us can be there with you."

"Sure." Henry kept walking up the stairs.

"I mean it Henry!" Regina yelled up the stairs.

David sighed. "Well that didn't last long."

"What?" Killian looked at David.

"The peace. It hasn't been that long since we've been back and I knew it was only a matter of time before something would break the peace once again." David's eyes roamed Emma's face, seeing her eyes distant.

"Yeah well it comes with the territory. Literally." Regina's mouth twisted. "I can't wait to see the look on Mary Marguerite's face when we tell her that the Old bat's place is really is a jinx."

"Not tonight, Regina. Please. Snow's really happy right now and I just want to give her one last night of peace." David pleaded.

Regina looked for a moment as though she was about to argue but then changed her mind.

"Fine. I'm much better at ruining people's spirits early in the morning anyway."

When David and Regina had left them alone, Killian ran his eyes over Emma once more. Her eyes were far away and he couldn't help thinking how he'd never hated a book more in his life. Everything was finally getting on track for he and Emma. They had their dream home, Henry had his own room with them, and now he felt like he had a real family of his own. Something he never really had but always yearned for.

Moments like these he wished he still had his ship. Whenever something was plaguing him he knew the Jolly Roger would always be there to help ease his mind. Emma would have been a vision on his ship. Her hair rivaling the sun's golden rays along the horizon, her flowery scents mixing with the sea breeze.

But then he'd look around at his home—his home—and remember that he wouldn't give all of this up for anything. Emma deserved a house where she could raise her son and and sit by the fire drinking her blasted caramel confection. Life at sea would be too unstable.

"..you go?"

Killian pulled out of his thoughts and hadn't realized that Emma had begun running her nails along his beard.


"I said where'd you go just now? You seemed so far away."

Killian raised an eyebrow. "Me? I only did what you had been doing for the past five minutes."

Emma sighed. "I'm sorry about all of that weirdness just now. I don't know what it was, but I'm good. I promise."

Killian nodded. "Just let me know if that 'weirdness' come back. It may have something to do with that book."

"Maybe." Emma's voice changed and a smirk appeared on her face. "But I don't want to talk about books right now. Not when we're finally alone."

Killian picked up on Emma's mood quickly and smiled.

"Henry's upstairs," he whispered.

"Then I guess you better keep quiet." Emma pulled his by the scruff of his leather coat.

"It's not me with that problem, love."

Forest of Dean, Scotland

"Hermione behind you!" A dark purple light streaked past her ear, barely missing her as she tucked and rolled out of the way.

She quickly got back to her feet and shot a curse blindly in the direction. She vaguely registered a body collapsing but she didn't have time to stop and stare at her target. She had to keep moving. She couldn't stop, not even for a second. A second could make the difference between life and death and she promised Harry that he would see the day where he had a family of his own. Particularly one with the red head beauty he left behind at home.

"On your right harry! Ron DUCK!" She called out, yelling at them from behind. She felt herself slowing down and pushed her body to speed up.

They were in the Forest of Dean the last few months, but there hideaway was discovered when Ron decided he wanted to discuss what was going on between her and Harry. He had been going on about what he saw in the locket after he destroyed it and it was driving her berserk.

Their voices got really loud and Snatchers found them, destroying all of her carefully laid wards and protective charms.

"SPLIT! We'll meet up at our safe spot okay." Harry shouted to them and without hesitation she turned right.

She continued to zig zag while periodically throwing curses over her shoulder. The trees began to clear out and she worried that she was getting lost. Her map of the forest was back at camp and she hadn't the time to grab it before Snatchers arrived. A glint from the sun caught her eyes.

Water, she thought. If she could just lose him quickly she would be able to hide underwater until the Snatcher went away. Wizards weren't too practical. They didn't use their surroundings to their advantages, instead, relied way too much on their magic.

Looking behind her quickly she noticed with relief that she couldn't see the Snatcher with the hideous face behind her. She could just barely make out the pounding of his feet and forced herself to run just a bit faster. Out of breath she made it to a murky pond surrounded by shrubs and a very large tree, its thick branches expanding around both sides of the pond like large arms.

Without a second thought, she waded into the pond until she was completely covered. She was glad that her parents had made her take those swimming lessons as a child. She still couldn't really swim but she knew how to hold her breath for a long time. Hermione opened her eyes and with surprise noticed a faint glowing at the bottom of the pond. Her curiosity got the best of her and she swam a bit deeper in the pond. A greenish-blue hue glowed from what looked like a bunch of oddly shaped rocks.

She quickly halted in her movements at the sudden intensity of the glowing began to increase. Frantically she moved her arms and legs to swim to the surface but she felt a sucking panicking caused her to lose the remaining oxygen she held in and the pulling sensation strengthened until Hermione felt herself losing consciousness, the glowing turning white in its intensity.

Storybrooke, Maine

In Henry's room, while everyone had danced the night away and reminisced about the year's adventure, the golden book beside its companion glowed brightly, flipping open to the very first page.

That's it for the first chapter.

I'm thinking about changing her name. Here is a list of possible names for Porter.

1. Cordelia

2. Morgan

3. Kai

Personally I'm leaning more towards Morgan (which means of "dweller of the sea" in Celtic). It's also just a really pretty names. I usually like names that are unisex and Morgan fits the bill. I chose Porter originally because it was the first thing that popped in my head when I thought of Killian and the Sea. (Porter...Port—get it?)

Anyway, let me know what you think about the story so far. Like I already mentioned, I already have the pairing I want in mind and this character has not yet been introduced to the OUAT sphere. I just hope I can publish this story completely before he ever is so that if OUAT decides to add this character, it won't interfere with the way I want to portray him.

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