AN: After Voldemort is defeated, the Muggle government with a relatively new Prime Minister (PM) (Tony Blair) decides to deal with the many terrorist activities from the two previous wizarding wars. MI-5 is brought in to deal with this — and they have some muggle born wizards and witches on their service. There will be no tolerance for aggressive actions on the part of witches and wizards against any muggles. This is a post Hogwarts story and it ignores the Epilogue and some little play with a twisted notion of Voldemort actually having had a child, despite Bellatrix not really having had time to hide away somewhere, pregnant, and pop out a baby…

So, basically, the Prime Minister who actually achieved peace with the IRA will deal with the radical witches and wizards in his own way, so that the rest of the UK us protected from the horrors of the Death Eaters and their kind.

This does not have a definite pairing for Harry Potter.

There will be character death.

There will be many OCs...

It will contain violence...

I do not believe that any country would react this way — it is based on a wild idea I had — how would a muggle government react to a hidden group of people who have special (magical) powers when those people have a subsection that don't care if they hurt or kill the citizens (i.e., muggles in the UK in the case of this situation). I took an idea and ran with it….

Life During Wartime

"This ain't no party, this ain't no disco,

this ain't no fooling around

No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,

I ain't got time for that now"

LDW - 1

Harry Potter woke up in his bed in the Gryffindor tower dormitory for the first time in almost a year. It was the first night in years that he slept well. Harry slowly came to consciousness and initially he was more than a little disoriented. Then the events of the past forty-eight hours came rushing back into his mind, quickly followed by his memories of the past year. He let out a long slow moan as the weightiness of everything he had actually accomplished came into realisation in his mind. He had survived, most of his friends had survived; and Voldemort, his nemesis since before he was even born, was truly defeated. This time he was gone and there was no way the nearly immortal sycophant would return. Harry slowly sat himself up and then stood up and stretched, greeting the new day and the rest of his life with a smile.

Harry turned and looked around the room, Ron was not in his usual bed, and Harry quickly assumed that he must have gone home to be with family after the loss of half of the twins, as Fred was one of his friends who had not made it through to see the victory. Harry closed his eyes and silently offered a prayer for Fred and the rest of the Weasley family, understanding their loss as he had experienced so much of his own for so long. He knew that it would not be easy for any of them, especially for George.

"Finally awake I see," commented Neville from his bed behind where Harry was standing.

Harry was startled by the voice of his friend. Harry was grateful for everything that Neville had managed to accomplish during the time that he and Hermione were on their scavenger hunt while being hunted by the snatchers all at the same time.

Harry smiled as he recalled Neville's mighty blow that severed Nagini's head from the rest of her body, and thus destroying the final horcrux which made Tom Riddle mortal once and for all. "Hey, Nev, good morning!"

"Its almost noon," replied Neville with a slight smile. "I wondered if you were ever going to wake up today."

"No rush to get anything done now, is there," stated Harry as he stretched, "the war is over, the battle is won. I can finally rest while others figure out how to put our school and our world back together."

Neville chuckled slightly at Harry's response. "You are a fool, Harry, to think anyone is ever going to let you relax. You were once known as the Boy Who Lived, now they're all trying to figure out new names for you. The Man Who Conquered. The Vanquisher of Voldemort. The Bane of He Who Must Not Be Named. Those are a few of the monikers I already heard people knocking about last night."

Harry sat back heavily onto his bed. "Why can't I just be Harry Potter, plain and simple Harry?"

Neville smiled as he shook his head. "You are definitely not plain and you're definitely not simple. You're even more of a celebrity now than you ever were before."

Harry sighed audibly, "I just want some peace and quiet, and to not have to worry about anyone trying to track me down or to worry about my friends being in danger."

"The war is over, mate," proclaimed Neville. "You'll have plenty of time to rest and enjoy this peace, I'm sure, but the ministry and the people won't let you rest."

"But what about the Death Eaters, and their families, and all of the blood supremacists who supported Voldemort? I'm sure they won't be happy with any of this," added Harry, starting to lose some of his excitement over the end of the war.

Neville frowned momentarily then smiled as he answered Harry's concerns. "They're not really a problem. Their great and powerful leader was soundly defeated, and quite publicly at that. Even when they thought He Who Must Not Be Named was possibly coming back, they mostly stayed in the background. The worst of his group died in the battle, and others were rounded up and returned to Azkaban. I heard that they will be using magical guards for the prison from now on, not dementors. The ministry is no longer under the control of the Death Eaters. Did you hear that they have appointed Shacklebolt as the interim minister? Things are going to be different, Harry. And it's all because of you!"

Harry nodded and smiled as he listened to what Neville had to say. "You've got a point, Nev," he said thoughtfully, "but I wonder, what will this peace really be like for me? After all, it's not like I've ever had a quiet year at Hogwarts, not one bloody year. So, who knows what to expect now?"


10 Downing Street, Monday 4 May 1998

Tony Blair sat at the table in his main conference room. His cabinet members had just arrived, and several of them clearly had looks of frustration. John Prescott arrived after conversing with another gentleman at the door to the conference chamber. He then quickly made his way to his seat at the table.

Blair looked at the grave facade on the man who sat to his right. "So, John, what seems to be the problem that has you so upset?"

"Well, we have received some important news, news about a number of unusual disappearances of many people, and then of course there was the destruction of that bridge last summer," began the First Secretary of State.

The other ministers all turned and stared at the First Secretary. The Prime Minister leaned forward slightly and indicated with a slight wave of his hand for Mister Prescott to continue.

"I have a special report brought to my attention by the head of MI5 as well as supporting documentation from MI-13," continued the secretary.

Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, coughed loudly. "MI-13? There is no division known as MI-13," he protested.

Tony Blair raised an eyebrow at the interruption from the Chancellor, and then Lord Robertson, Secretary of State for Defence spoke up, "Gordon, opening your mouth and speaking nonsense when you evidently do not know what you're talking about only serves to embarrass yourself further. There is an MI-13 division, and its very existence has been on a need to know basis. And usually, most of you here have not had a need to know."

"What is this MI-13?" asked the Secretary of State for Health, Mister Frank Dobson.

Prescott turned to face the Prime Minister, awaiting for permission to answer the question. The Prime Minister quietly asked Prescott if the matter was serious enough to bring up in front of the entire cabinet, and Prescott nodded as he answered that he believed it was.

The cabinet members all looked at the two men who had just exchanged quiet words, then the Prime Minister cleared his throat before he began his reply. "Now, the information you are about to hear is of quite an extraordinary degree of secrecy, particularly concerning is that most of you have never heard of MI-13."

He paused as there was some grumbling among many of the cabinet members.

"Now, I must make it clear that you must not speak of any of this outside of this room," continued Mister Blair, "not to your staff and definitely not to your families." He waited for a clear acknowledgment from all at the table that they understood the gravity of the information that they were about to hear. "MI-13 has had several roles over the past sixty odd years, but in the early 1970s it began its current responsibility of overseeing magic and those that use magic in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."

"What, you mean magic? Magic like Harry Houdini? Why would we care about illusionists and charlatans?" asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Peter Mandelson.

"No, not like Harry Houdini, or David Copperfield," stated an exasperated First Secretary of State. "Magic, as in wizards and witches," he continued, "and before you get all high and mighty and indignant, let me assure you, they are out there and they are not to be ignored nor are they to be taken lightly."

The room became quiet. Then Harriet Harman, the Secretary of State for Social Security spoke up, "You mean like Merlin?"

Tony Blair replied to her question, "Yes Madam Secretary, exactly like Merlin. In fact, he is one of the first known magic users in the British Isles."

"Bollocks," called out the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Chris Smith. "If they exist , then why do we not know of them?"

"Because they do not want us, the non magicals that is, or what they call muggles, to know of their existence," explained Mister Prescott.

"But why are they hidden?"

"Who does know about this?"

"This sounds ridiculous!"

"Bloody hell, what are we going to do about this?"

Multiple cabinet members called out at once. The Prime Minister actually had a gavel at his side and rapped it loudly on the table. Everyone stopped and turned to face the Prime Minister. "I assure you all that this magic business is real. My predecessor had problems communicating with the leader of the magical society, and so have I, but apparently we have new information from Secretary Prescott. It would be wise if everyone quieted down and allowed the Secretary to complete his presentation. Hopefully that will be okay with all of you."

The murmuring stopped and the attention was once again returned to the First Secretary of State. Mister Prescott then opened the folder in front of him, reviewed the top page and then he looked at Mister Blair as he prepared to deliver his report.

"As I was saying, we have received information from a variety of sources, through MI-5 and through MI-13," stated Prescott clearly, his tone quite serious. "As the Prime Minister has explained," he continued now looking around the room at his fellow cabinet members, "there is an entire population of people who can use magic within our borders. They exist all across the world, and have usually been living amongst us peacefully. Well, at least for the past 500 years or so, more or less. However, we have learned details of events that have occurred over the past several years that were previously thought to have been mysterious acts of questionable report. Some of these incidents have been passed off as supernatural experiences, or many times just simply ignored by those who may or may not have witnessed what had occurred."

The group was now listening intently to the Secretary.

"We have also discovered that there were similar such events that occurred in the 1970s, suddenly coming to a halt by November of 1981. These events were related to what amounted to a civil war that was going on amongst these wizards and witches. A faction, known as Death Eaters," the Secretary paused as one of the ministers coughed at hearing this name. "Yes, they called themselves Death Eaters. Their leader, who was considered one of the most powerful wizards ever, condoned violence against muggles, that means those of us who don't use magic, even murder, rape and torture of non magical beings. This leader was somehow defeated near the end of 1981, but apparently he returned in 1995, and his followers once again began their acts of tyranny and terrorism. His followers had managed to even take over their magical government for a time, and as of several days ago, they were finally defeated."

"So what's the problem then?" asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam.

"I have here with me, a report generated from one of our agents from MI-5, who has worked closely with MI-13," continued Prescott as he started to pass around the folders. "This agent is unusually qualified to gather this information for us."

"And why is that?" queried Secretary Smith.

"Because he is a magical, he is a wizard," announced Prescott. "He has been working for us for some time. And what we have learned, and what I am sure you will all find unacceptable, is the actions of these terrorists, these Death Eaters. As mentioned before we have documentation of their actions that include murders, kidnapping, rape, torture; and not just of adults, but children too. These individuals have no respect for life, at least if it doesn't have magical blood. Their own government is actually controlled by these pure-bloods, although many of them do not publicly acknowledge their support for these actions, it is clear where they stand as a people when their magical government does not typically even investigate crimes against non-magicals unless such crimes might reveal the presence of witches and wizards to the rest of the world and thus violate their Statutes of Secrecy."

"Statutes of Secrecy?" questioned Frank Dobson.

"They have their own regulations about keeping themselves hidden from the rest of the world, and letting the non magicals know about the magical world is punishable as a crime," confirmed Prescott. "And this punishment can and will include stopping the witch or wizard from being able to use magic in addition to what they call obliviating the non magicals of any memory of the events in question."

"What do you mean by obliviating?" asked Madam Harman.

"I mean what it sounds like, they actually have the ability to alter the memories of others," stated the First Secretary soberly.

The murmuring started once again. The Prime Minister also silenced them all with a quick rap of his gavel.

"Please summarise your findings," was the simple request he directed towards the First Secretary of State.

Prescott nodded in acknowledgement of the command from the PM. "Essentially we have a group of people, who have killed hundreds more than the IRA ever did over their entire existence. And this group can do so without our knowledge, and they can even prevent us from possibly even knowing about their actions. And to make it even worse, they have no qualms against attacking women and children."

"But didn't you already announce that this group, or their leader, was recently defeated? Surely this should not be a threat anymore," commented Chancellor Brown.

"On the contrary," explained Prescott. "This group has stayed active even when their leader was first defeated. They managed to control the magical government for a year, and many of their supporters serve on what is essentially the magical equivalent of Parliament. These people are terrorists, on a level that makes the IRA look like altar boys."

There was continued conversation amongst the cabinet as they proceeded to review the contents of the folders before them.

The Secretary of State for Scotland spoke up first. Donald Dewar was not happy with what he was reading. "So, you're telling us, you're telling me now, that there is this castle, this school for these witches and wizards, and it is located in my land, hidden somewhere, and there was a major battle fought there several days ago? How come I don't know anything about this?"

Prescott frowned at the comments from Dewar. "The simple answer is magic. Through this magic they can control so many things. They can control what we see and hear, they can hide their buildings, their homes, their very existence from our knowledge."

"And they are a threat to us, to our people, to our well being, to our very way of life," added Lord Robinson. "They have proven they are a threat based on these reports of people being killed, kidnapped and worse. It's no wonder there were witch hunts years ago."

"Those witch hunts of which you speak are the very reason for their secrecy and their wish to remain invisible to the rest of the normal world," commented Secretary Prescott. "The magicals pose a very clear and present danger to our nation and our people."

The Secretary for Health dropped his folder on the table and released a loud sigh. "So, then what exactly do you propose to do about this entire situation?"

"We need to neutralise the threat," said the First Secretary as though it should be clear to everyone in the room.

"You're not proposing to eradicate all witches and wizards," stated the Prime Minister. Tony Blair did not relish the idea of entering a war against such an opponent who could use magic to manipulate reality and even make you forget they exist or what they have done.

"That would be preposterous to assume that we could possibly accomplish such a feat, and besides, to even try to do so would make us no better than those whom we would like to stop," affirmed Prescott.

The Secretary for Defence than spoke up once again, "I have seen some of this information earlier this week, and I presume your coming to this meeting today with this very information includes a proposal. If so, then, let's hear it."

Prescott looked around the conference table and all eyes were now on him. He began to explain the plan slowly, "Within the magical world here in Britain, what we have learned is that the ones who are the most radical, the most likely to attack normal people with little or no provocation, are the pure-bloods. That is, those families that can trace back their magical heritage for many generations, with no one corrupting the family line. There is a smaller group of these families, that take their pure-blood status as wizards and witches even more seriously, and they are known as the Sacred Twenty-Eight. It is this group which I believe needs to be targeted. Not all magicals, hell, not even all so called pure-bloods need to be targeted. Just those 28 families who pose the greatest risk to our nation."


Thursday 7 May 1998

Harry was getting used to sleeping in a real bed at Hogwarts. While the school was significantly damaged, and there was work going on nearly around the clock to repair the damage that had been caused, there were also significant events coming up, starting with the funerals for those who did not survive as they defended the castle, the students and the side of the Light. Even those on the side of Voldemort and the Death Eaters were preoccupied with burying their dead, at least those who weren't in custody of the DMLE or on the run from the magical authorities.

The interim Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, had been busy overseeing the restructuring of the government as well as the DMLE and depleted Auror corps. There had been many deaths and serious injuries due to the battle, and many good Aurors had been killed during the war or quit their positions under the regime that had been put in place under the imperiused Pius Thicknesse and the Death Eaters. Minerva McGonagall had taken the lead on overseeing the repairs of Hogwarts, both the castle itself and the grounds. That gave him only slightly less work to attend to, and the work was endless. However, the entire magical community seemed to be coming out from hiding — as many wizards and witches had basically learned to keep their heads down with the draconian policies of the Voldemort controlled government. Even the former head of the Muggle Born Registration Commission was in custody for her alleged crimes against wizards and witches and their families. Kingsley personally hoped she would be sentenced to Azkaban or whatever ultimate form of punishment this new government would utilise as she had caused so much pain and suffering, not the least of which was for young Harry Potter. While he was perusing the stacks of files on his desk in what had recently become his office, he had a knock on his door.

"Yes, come in," he called out, assuming that his secretary, a young witch and relatively recent graduate of Hogwarts, Penelope Clearwater, was coming to bring him more files to look through.

"Minister Shacklebolt," came the soft reply from Penelope, "you have some visitors here, and they insist on speaking with you immediately."

Kingsley shook his head slightly as he looked at the growing pile of work he needed to deal with in front of him then he turned to face Penelope, "I'm sure you can see how busy I am, whomever it is, they can make an appointment for next week."

"They say they're from the British government, and that they can't wait, or at least they won't wait," was her timid reply as she worried how he would react to the insistence of these two men on the unannounced meeting.

"But we're the government," Kingsley started to say, then he corrected himself, "wait, you mean from the British muggle government? Who are they? Why are they even here?"

"All I know is that they said they are here on business of the Queen and the Prime Minister and that they needed to speak with you right away."

Shacklebolt's eyes widened slightly as he realised that he needed to speak with whomever it was that was interrupting his day. He stood up from his desk and slowly walked around to the middle of his office as he told Penelope to show them in right away. A moment later two men walked into the room without even waiting for Penelope to show them or introduce them to the minister. A tall man with reddish brown hair that was starting to get a few flecks of grey walked in, followed by another gentleman who was a little shorter and definitely stockier.

"My name is Barnes, Regis Barnes," began the first man as he extended his hand towards Kingsley. As they shook hands he continued, "With me today is Middleton, and we're here on behalf of the Prime Minister and the First Secretary of State. Mister Blair and Mister Prescott really do need to have you come and speak with them. They want to express their condolences over the recent unpleasantness and they felt it would be in the best interests of everyone to work on reestablishing relations between Her Majesty's government and the representatives here in the magical world."

Kingsley withdrew his hand from the overly forward man as he looked back and forth between the two men. "Excuse me, but who exactly are you? And how did you even get in here?"

Barnes smiled at the Minister for Magic. "Regis Barnes, I work for MI-5, and the events that have been occurring here within the wizarding world have definitely caught the attention of the ministers in the cabinet. Oh, yeah, I am also a muggle born. Hogwarts class of seventy-four."

Kingsley raised an eyebrow at this revelation. "Then our paths might have crossed," observed the minister, "I was Hogwarts class of sixty-nine."

Barnes smiled slightly, "Perhaps, but you upper years didn't pay us first and second year students much mind back then. Unless of course it was the Slytherins hazing anyone that was in Gryffindor or was a muggle born."

"Those were difficult times for many," agreed Kingsley, "but the past is behind us and we are trying to build a brand new future for our world."

"I'm sure you are," shrugged Barnes, "however, we have a request from Tony Blair, the Prime Minister himself, for you to come meet with him to discuss the recent events and to offer the help of the Queen's government in your recovering from the recent difficulties."

"Difficulties? Events? You're a wizard, and if you're a part of MI-5 you're not a fool, so we both know that you know more about what has been happening over the past several years, no, decades, then just some recent difficulties," asserted Kingsley, looking to get a little more information from this envoy from the British muggle government.

Barnes was initially a little taken aback by the comments from the interim Minister for Magic. "Be that as it may, sir, but the Prime Minister does request your presence. And, he did ask that, if necessary, I remind you, that your own ministry and Wizengamot are allowed to rule magical Britain only due to a consent decree from the royal family."

"That consent decree occurred over five hundred years ago," protested Kingsley.

"That is not at issue, sir," stated the muggle born wizard firmly. "I do believe that 10 Downing Street has a nearby apartment that is equipped with a floo entrance that is directly linked to your office here. Mister Blair does not like to be kept waiting, nor do the other cabinet members who will be present."

Shacklebolt took a deep breath as he resigned himself to attending the meeting. "Very well, then, Barnes was it? I'll meet with the Prime Minister. And when exactly is this meeting?"

"In about fifteen minutes sir," stated Barnes. "I'll go on ahead through the floo network to assure it safely enables travel to the apartment. Especially with how long it was closed down, what with the recent war and Death Eater regime."

With that, Barnes made his way to the floo, grabbed a small amount of floo powder, tossed it into the flames as he called out "Downing Street Connection." Then he disappeared into the coals.

Shacklebolt had little time to consider what to do as the other man just calmly waved towards the floo connection. "Just when I thought this job couldn't get any worse, or any stranger," he muttered as he made his way to the fireplace and then to meet with the British Prime Minister.

AN: Also, apologies to cts, fan-fiction author of "Love Reign O'er Me" (a story last updated in 2012) and his use of song titles by The Who for each of his chapters. Yes, I made a twist on that idea.

Lyrics: © 1979, "Life During Wartime", Talking Heads, Fear of Music, written by: Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz & David Byrne