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A week had passed since the mermaid incident.

The school had finally opened again, the water damage and burst pipes repaired. But almost every day since the first attack, there had been another Merperson causing trouble in the small town of Amity Cove.

Because of this, the Fentons had tightened security. A day after the flooding, they had caught a glimpse of a Merman and hadn't stopped inventing since. Sensors were placed along the beach to sense any activity, and weapons were created to fight back against the creatures that were finally proven to exist.

This didn't make anything easier for Danny, of course. After being picked up by the "Fenton Finder," a device that sensed and pointed out directions towards the nearest Merperson, he tried his hardest to keep a low profile. Hearing his parents discuss the first experiments they planned to do once they caught a Merperson made him shiver with fear, but for the most part he hid the truth without a problem.

The main person he was worried about was his sister, Jazz.

She was the most perceptive and intelligent out of anyone he knew. This also meant that she was the first to show suspicion towards his lame excuses for staying out late and rushed explanations for minor injuries. Every time he noticed her curious eyes were focused on him, he couldn't help but wonder if she had pieced it together yet.

It was only a matter of time, he reminded himself with dread. There was no way he could hide his double life forever.

He was so grateful to have his friends, Sam and Tucker. No doubt without them, he would have already been caught and dissected. Together, they had become quite the Merperson-hunting team; they had prevented any major damage to the town for several days in a row when Mers decided to visit. And so far, the public had no idea what was truly behind the flooding incidents.

Little did they know, that would soon change.

Clownfish hid in the long pink annenomi and peered out as he swam by. Seahorses and minnows darted through the water, circling around his inky black tail playfully. Crabs scuttled across the bottom, throwing up clouds of particles in their wake. Sting rays gently rolled across the sand, searching for food. Coral of many different colors, shapes, and sizes surrounded him, making the area look like a child's coloring book.

If he looked out into the blue atmosphere, he would have seen silhouettes of a pod of whistling dolphins. If he looked the other way, he would have observed a lone hammerhead shark calmly searching for its next meal, fortunately keeping its distance.

The ocean was beautiful.

He flowed through the coral reef, watching all of the sea life in wonder. As he went by, several animals looked up in curiosity, and his ears could pick up some muffled, high pitched conversations from all around him.

He approached the edge of the reef. There was a drop off into a dark valley, dark green seaweed lining the cliffs. Seeing nothing especially dangerous, he flicked his tail and dove in, observing the different species of fish that darted through the plants. A few cautiously approached him, flipping lively around him when they realized he wasn't a threat. A few eels slithered out of the darkness in curiosity but remained close to the shadows.

In the darkness, his green-blue eyes glowed fiercely, and the white parts of his tail and fins seemed to glow slightly as well. His presence cast gentle rays of light onto the rocks.

All of the sudden, the atmosphere seemed to go silent. The fish disappeared into their hiding spots. The sound of cheerful chatter from the reef ceased. Even the sound of far off waves seemed to lessen.

An abrupt breath of air left his lungs, and a string of bubbles flew up to the surface.


Danny looked around in confusion and fear. Suddenly, the trench he was in seemed cold and unforgiving.

After a few uncomfortable seconds of anxiously waiting for something to happen, he quickly flicked his tail to escape upwards.

Something moved in the corner of his vision. With barely any time to react, he found himself tangled in ropes.

He squirmed, thrashing around in the slightly glowing net. With no warning, he was pulled downwards.

Never thought I'd see another one of ya.

His green eyes jerked towards the source of the deep voice to see a glowing figure, smirking at his expense.

It was an unfamiliar merman.

Filthy hybrid. But one of a kind. Perfect for my collection.

The merman had shiny grey skin and bright green hair like kelp. His beady eyes were the same shade of green. Around his neck was a black necklace with a white skull on it, which for all Danny knew could have been real. His tail was black with dark purple fins, with some decorative bright blue markings that appeared to glow.

L-Let me go. The boy demanded bravely through the thought-link, continuing to struggle in the tight net.

The merman only grinned. To Danny's dismay, he felt a prick in his arm, and the world faded to black.

He slowly blinked open his eyes.

It was dark.

The boy rose up from the cold floor, looking around in confusion.

He was in a cage.

And still underwater.


He drifted up off of the metal ground. The cage must have been about seven feet square and seven feet tall, because he could easily swim up without hitting his head.

He grabbed the bars and looked out. He was in some sort of large dark room. Other cages littered the floor, and some even hung from the ceiling. What was in the cages made him even more angry.

All around him were sea animals of all kinds, many of which he had never seen before. Most, he guessed, were probably endangered or even close to extinct.
Closest to him was a sea turtle who had retreated into its shell, a large grey fish that boredly circled its cage, and a huge glass container that held an unmoving blue whale. Luckily the whale's cage was partway filled with air, so at least the evil merman knew that whales had to breathe oxygen.

His fingers tightened on the strong metal bars. How dare anyone do this? How dare that merman keep dozens of innocent animals against their wills just to be admired and gawked at like artifacts in a museum?

Sam would hate this even more than I do. He couldn't help but think to himself.

He turned to an adjacent wall of the cage, which appeared to have the door on it. He began attempting to jiggle it loose. He had to get out of there before that merman showed up. There was a keyhole, but unfortunately he didn't have anything with him that could pick a lock.

It's no use, kid.

He looked over to the meter-long fish, who had stopped circling to look at him sadly. Danny then realized that the fish was a bluefin tuna, an endangered breed like he had observed was a similarity between all of the captives.

The hybrid swam to the other side of the cage to get closer. How long have you been here?

I've lost count. At least a few months. The tuna replied, not sounding very concerned. My name's Skipper. What's yours?


Do you two really have to talk so loudly? The young merman looked over to see the turtle's head had come halfway out so he could glare at the two. Danny observed that there was a sizable crack on the side of his shell.

Don't listen to Caspian. He's a grouch. The fish commented, amusedly flicking his fins.

Grumbling to himself, the sea turtle retracted back.

And that's Delta. Skipper said, turning towards the whale who still hadn't moved. In another week or two Skulker is going to have another blue whale on his hands.

Oh... she's pregnant? The boy realized aloud, looking at the large creature in surprise and sympathy. He had to get her out of there when he escaped. And the rest of the animals if he could.

All of the sudden, Danny heard the sound of a heavy door opening. He noticed that a lot of the animals had frozen in fear.

He looked around to see the merman, said to be named Skulker by Skipper, entering and smiling proudly at his collection. He now wore a belt made of some sort of grey and black scales. Hooked on the belt at his hip was what looked like a sharpened hunting knife and a pair of jingling metal keys.

So you're awake, halfa. Skulker drawled, approaching the younger merman in the room. Enjoy your last few days. Soon your pelt will sit at the foot of my bed!

Ew! Danny cringed in horror, momentarily forgetting that he was the one in a cage. What kind of sicko are you? And how dare you keep all of these animals here like this?

Watch your mouth, whelp! The merman angrily grabbed and shook the metal container. I can do whatever I please, and you can't do anything about it!

As the man was yelling, Danny's fingers twitched behind his back. A gentle current of water nudged at the ring of keys hanging off of Skulker's side.

The keys gently floated down.

The merman stormed away through his chamber, muttering madly to himself and jostling a few more cages on the way to wherever he was heading.

With a relieved sigh, Danny stretched his arm out towards the keys, and a current picked them up and brought them through the bars. Once Skulker was out of earshot, he began trying each key on the lock.

Over the past week, the boy had practiced his newfound skill of manipulating water. Hydrokinesis was definitely a handy trick.

The animals around him had perked up and were now staring at him in amazement.

This kid's a savage! Caspian exclaimed in shock, now fully emerged from his cracked shell.

Skipper circled around his cage excitedly. Woohoo! We're saved!

Click. The cage door swung open. The boy smiled and quickly moved on to the nearest locked cage, which happened to be the one containing the turtle.

Excited whispers filled the room, and Danny sensed the eyes of the other trapped creatures watching him.

In the commotion, Delta had awoken. She slowly swam closer, and now her swollen belly was visible. What's going on? Her voice sounded like the low tones of a xylophone in Danny's mind.

We're getting out of here! Skipper told her excitedly as the Merboy moved on to unlocking the tuna's cage. The whale simply watched in amazement. All thanks to Danny!

Another hybrid? The whale wondered aloud, sounding slightly surprised.

The boy froze momentarily, multiple questions running through his head. You know him? The other one?

Yes. Plasmius is not someone you want to run into. Delta warned, shuddering and refusing to elaborate. Danny blinked, mentally opening his mouth to ask more questions.

But before he had the chance, Skipper darted out of his cage, joining Caspian. We'll have to get Delta out last. She's the only one who needs air out of all of us.

The whale bowed her head meekly. I'm sorry for being so much trouble.

Danny shoved all of his unanswered questions to the back of his mind and moved on to a few more cages, working as quickly as he could to try all of the keys. They seemed to repeat at random intervals, which was making the process take longer than it should've. His hands shook as he hurried. Who knew how long they had until the Merman returned? When would he realize that his keys were missing?


I guess he realized that his keys are missing. Danny said nervously, opening the cage of a grateful manta ray.

I'll distract him. Skipper offered bravely. With a flip of his tail, the large fish sped off.

I'm coming with you! Caspian followed closely behind, refusing to let his friend face Skulker alone.

After a few more minutes, Danny finally reached the last cage, which was full of dozens of little fish that were several different bright colors. Once they were free, they brushed up against him lovingly before swimming away together.

Crashes came from nearby, followed by Skulker's enraged shouting. Danny flicked his tail and swam towards the noise. He saw that Skipper was circling the Merman teasingly, while the sea turtle constantly launched himself towards Skulker and then retracted into his shell to become an oddly-shaped cannonball of sorts.

An odd but effective way to be annoying. Danny couldn't complain.

The Merman looked livid. Once he saw the black and white tailed halfa, his anger grew even more. You caused this didn't you?! Disgusting half-breed! He threw himself towards Danny, sharp claws outstretched. I'll make you suffer!

The boy swiftly dodged the attack, manipulating the water to use the Merman's momentum against him and knock him into an open cage. The manta ray appeared and pushed the door shut, winking at Danny before whooshing away.

The lock clicked.

Danny grinned as the Merman practically attacked the door, screaming words the boy's parents would definitely scold him for saying.

Enjoy a taste of your own medicine! He called back with a smirk as he returned to Delta's cage.

Get ready. We're going to get you out of here. Skipper told her, having followed Danny back. Once the glass door opened, the whale dove down to exit the low doorway. As she came closer, the Merboy just then realized how massive she actually was. Blue whales weren't deemed the largest animals on Earth for no reason.

Thank you so much, child. You have a heart of gold. The gentle giant approached Danny, ever so gently pushing her snout into his outstretched hand in thanks. The boy let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding.

Had someone told him a month ago that he would come face to face with a blue whale, he would have laughed in their face. Yet here he was.

Let's get out of here! The tuna interrupted his thoughts anxiously.

And they did.

When they finally found the exit out of the lair was when Danny realized that he was not somewhere in the ocean like he had assumed.

A constant burst of energy seemed to radiate from his surroundings. There was something about the water that made him feel more awake and energized than usual.

The surrounding atmosphere was a mix of aqua, green and blue. There was no surface to rise to, and no bottom in sight. All around, Danny could see various marine life, groups of fish and dolphins and orcas and jellyfish and octopi and many, many others. Clusters of Mermen and Mermaids swam in the distance, talking and laughing in melodic tones.

Beyond the Merpeople sat a gigantic, endless white city.

Whoa... Danny whispered through the mind-link. The animals simply smiled amusedly at him.

Welcome to Atlantis, kid. Caspian the turtle said, also admiring the beautiful, blinding white structures that never seemed to end.

Amazing, isn't it? Delta brushed up against the hybrid lovingly.

Now we just need to find a portal. Skipper informed, already over the spectacular sight he had seen many times before.

A portal? The boy repeated in surprise.

Random portals between the Earth and Atlantis open up. The fish explained. That's how we travel back and forth so easily.

Suddenly, there was a whooshing noise. A few dozen feet away from the four, a swirling vortex formed.

Like that.

The turtle and fish fearlessly entered the swirl, hesitantly followed by Delta. Danny took a deep breath, looked longingfully at the metropolis in the distance once more, and then followed.

Bubbles were all around him. He could only see white light and shades of aqua. He felt like he was floating up, up, up...

Then he was in the ocean again.

The blue whale was already surfacing a few dozen feet above him. Skipper and Caspian chased each other playfully, clearly happy to be free again.

He swam up to find out where he was.

Maybe a mile away was the beach and the surrounding forest. It looked to be the late afternoon. He thought back to when he had gone for a swim that morning.

He had been gone all day.

"Danny! Where have you been?"

"Hi." He managed to say before he was enveloped in a hug from Sam. "Um, I was just captured by a crazy Merman, put in a cage alongside dozens of endangered sea animals, and then escaped and saved all of them."

"What?!" The girl exclaimed in shock.

"Oh, also, I was just in the MerZone and it was... awesome."

"What?!" Tucker repeated, just as confused and surprised as his female friend. "Wait-wait-wait, back up. You went into the portal?"

"No." The boy replied sheepishly. "I was kind of knocked out for a brief amount of time. I have no idea how Skulker brought me to his lair, but it was probably through a natural portal."

"Knocked out?!"

"Natural portal?"

"Oh, and I learned that the name of the 'other hybrid' is Plasmius."

His statement was met with two blank, shocked looks.

Danny barely stifled a laugh at his friends' responses. "I have a lot to explain, don't I? Well, let me start from the beginning."

Hundreds of miles away, deep in Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, a Merman sat proudly in his underwater armchair. Surrounding him was a large green and gold themed room, several stories tall and filled with exquisite decorations and water-resistant furniture.

Three dark forms slithered in through the open doorway.

Sir, we have received word that there is another hybrid in existence, One of the eels reported to him, off the coast of what humans refer to as California.

Excellent work. You are dismissed. The sea snakes promptly left. Interesting. The Merman's grey and red tail twitched, propelling him upwards to get a better view of the large computer screen on the wall in front of him. A rotating depiction of the globe zoomed in until it showed a small town off the west coast of the United States.

I suppose it's time to pay the dear Fentons a visit.

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