"Ella what are you doing here?" Krystal asked. "I came to see you." she replied. Krystal looked at her with a sympathetic look. "Ella as sweet as that is, you can't be here. You have to go back to Asgard." Krystal said.

Krystal knew how to get to Asgard. She did what Thor did. She just thought of where she wanted to go then whoosh they were off. When they got there Ella led Krystal to where they lived. "Thor!" Krystal yelled, but no one answered. "Thor!" she yelled again. That time some one answered.

"Who is yelling?" Krystal didn't recognize the voice. She knew very well it wasn't Thor. Then an youngish man walked out from a room. The man had on a gold suit. "Sorry I'm just looking for Thor." Krystal said. "Hello Heimdall." Ella said.

"Ella what are you doing with this girl and who is this girl?" Heimdall asked. Then he ran down grabbed Ella and made sure she wasn't near Krystal. "Ok, so I guess I will just leave." as she turned around to leave two guards grabbed her. "Sorry but I have to take you to Asgardian prison for questioning." Heimdall said and the two guards dragged her to the Asgardian prison.

"What did I do?" Krystal asked. "We just want to ask you a few questions." he said. Krystal wasn't going to let them take her to that prison so she back elbowed both the guards and used her air bending to knock them down. She teleported back to New York.

"Krystal are you ok?" Leo asked. "Yeah, I'm just fine." She said. She had teleported back to the lair. Krystal wanted to tell her brothers about what happened but she didn't want them to worry. So she just walked to her room and took a nap. When she woke up, she heard someone outside her door and she knew it wasn't her brothers.

So she cracked the door open. Then she breathed in relief. It was Ella. "Ella what are you doing here? I told you to stay in Asgard." Krystal said in a hushed voice because her brothers were asleep. "I'm here because to I have to help Iron Man and Captain America and also save the world." Ella said also in a hushed voice.

"Does Thor know you're doing this?" Krystal asked. Ella made a face that made her look guilty. "He doesn't know. Ella you know that I have to take you back to Asgard." she said then she heard a voice come out of nowhere. "That is not necessary Krystal." she know immediately it was Thor. So she turned around to face him. "Hello Thor nice to see you again." Krystal said. Then notice behind Thor was Captain America and Iron Man. "What are they doing here?" she asked.

"They are here because I asked them to come with me." he said. "Well you're here for Ella soooo here is Ella ... now leave." Krystal said going back to her room. "We also came here for you Krystal." Thor said as she was about to close the door.

"We need you Krystal, We need your powers." when Thor said that it made her mad. "Of course you're just here for my powers. The only reason you came here was to take my power. Well too bad for you. I can't just give my power away!" she yelled and woke up her brothers doing so.

"Krystal what's wrong?" Leo asked then looked over and saw Thor and them standing there. Then out of nowhere Raph ran over to Thor and hit him as hard has he could. "What did you do?" Raph asked about to blow and jack up Thor's face. "I'm out of here I don't want anyone else finding out my secret." Krystal said and started to get things packed so she can be alone.

No one tried to stop her. They were too busy fighting, so she just teleported out. She went to a place that she read about. The place was Arendelle. Well she wasn't in the kingdom. She teleported to the mountain. When she got the very top she made a castle.

Meanwhile back in New York. Raph and Thor were still fighting. Then someone yelled "Stop!" It was Spliter. "Where is Krystal?" he asked. "That's easy. She's right here." Mikey opened her bedroom door and saw that she wasn't there. "Where did she go?" Mikey asked. Then they saw a book.

"Hey guys I found something." Donny pronounced and went over next to his brothers. He had the book in his hand. "Krystal must have gone here." Donny said. "But she wouldn't go to a kingdom full of people. Wait do they have a mountain?" Leo asked. "Yeah." Donny said. "Then that's where she'll be." Leo said.

"How do you know this." Thor asked. "I know this because she's my sister and we know her better than anyone. Unlike you we don't leave family." Leo said almost yelling. Then Thor yelled "She is not your sister, she's my sister and I don't leave family behind!" Thor yelled back in protest. After that Thor and Leo stared at each other for a few seconds. Then Thor realized something, Ella was gone. "Oh no, where's Ella?" Thor asked worried. "She probably went after Krystal." Leo said.

Meanwhile, Ella found Krystal. She was scared to walk in because she doesn't know how Krystal would react to her being there. "Ok I'm going to go talk to her." Ella said to herself. Then opened the doors to the castle. "Wow." She said in amazement. "Who's there?" Krystal said but Ella couldn't see her. "Wait Ella? What are you doing here?" Krystal asked.

Ella was finally able to see her. "I'm here because I need to talk you about what Thor said." Ella said. "There's nothing to talk about. He wants my powers. That's the whole reason he came to me was for my power. Now, leave! Thor is probably on his way here." Krystal said.

"I don't care that Thor is coming. We need to talk." Ella said in a serious voice. Then Krystal felt someone was coming, she knew immediately it was Thor and her brothers and her father. "Uh oh." said Krystal eyes wide. "Why did you say that?" Ella asked. Then the door bursted open.

Thor saw Ella as soon as he walked through the door. "Ella, why didn't you tell me you were going after Krystal." Thor said with a disappointed look. "Because you sound crazy. Why on earth would you want Krystal's powers." Ella said. "Stop! I don't want to hear what he has to say. He's just like every person on Earth and I want all of you to just leave and don't come back!" Krystal yelled almost about to cry but she didn't know why.

She ran up stairs and saw that Leo was about to run after her but didn't. Then Raph yelled "OK NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!" Thor got ready to fight and Raph threw his sia and it caught Thor's cape and the cape and sia got stuck in the wall. As Raph walks over to Thor to hit him, Ella turned the ice that Thor was stuck to into water. Then froze Raph to the ground and said "Raph you need to chill out."

Ella ran in the direction Krystal went. When Ella saw the top of the stairs she slowed down. She reached the top she saw Krystal and walked toward her. Before Ella could get any closer Krystal said "Go away. I don't want you here. You and everyone else need to leave. I'm too dangerous to be around."

Ella gave a confused look and said "Krystal we aren't going to leave without you, your family and your not dangerous." Then Ella looked at Krystal and realized there was a dark shadowy figure standing next to her. It looked like it was whispering something in Krystal's ear. Krystal turned to face Ella. Ella looked at Krystal in shock as she said "When I say leave I mean leave!" Krystal yelled. Then threw ice at her and it hit her in the heart.

Thor came running up the stairs. He looked in shock at what Krystal had done. "Krystal what did you do?" Thor asked and saw that her eyes were ruby red. "Well she wouldn't leave so I just aimed my ice powers at her." Krystal said in a evil voice. Then her brother's came up and saw her. Then her eyes turned back to their original color and she fainted.