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A young brunette was running on the street of Shibuya, carrying several of things in both of her hands. She was trying to maneuver herself on the crowds of people to get to a certain part of a street.

'I'm late I'm late' thought the brunette as she continued her way thru. She was sure as hell she will get a nagging later from a certain boss of hers. Her boss always riled her up. She knows it's his way of teasing but still, insulting her intelligence make her want to prove herself more and fight back down against him, make it at least to let him know she wouldn't just give up just that and make her point well known.

The young woman made it to street where a certain building she was working on was standing. Along the parking side was Black Van that they always use to get to the clients house when they have a Case.

She walk thru the building and make her way to the staircase, their office was located on the second floor of the building. If you look closely; it was a nice place, well too nice for their field of work.

The teen made her way thru the office and slowly open the door. Quietly tiptoeing her way in the office; she look left and right then to the close door office of her boss and make her way to her desk, she released a sigh of relief as guesses she is safe from being scolded. But she guess wrong; the minute after she was able to relax in her seat the office door of her employer opened and revealed a young boy on his nineteens, cloth in black long sleeves collar button shirt and black slacks pants. He has smooth dark thick black hair that seem to always flow gracefully every time she sees him, a beautiful shade of deep indigo, sapphire eyes with long eyelashes boring holes into her being. His skin is flawlessly silky pale that make any super model girls to shame. Lean, boarded shoulders and good shaped body can be notice if you look properly since it was hard to notice with the clothes he always wear. The young man has a commanding posture, he wears an unimpressed expression and narrowed eyes as he gaze the girl on the desk, a frown can be seen that seems permanently sketch on his beautiful face that like he never been smiled.

"You're late Mai! What's your excuse this time?" He said to her with authoritative voice. As he eyed her, he notices the bags that is sitting underside of her desk. Decorative paper bags that contain boxes and gifts; also flowers can be seen and it seems to build a distasteful feeling in him as gaze the items.

Mai Taniyama is a 17 years old girl who's working as a part time assistant. She had silky shoulder length auburn brown hair that turned into hue of sunset red when hits by the lights. Adorn with a heart shape face and beautiful big amber brown eyes with thick eyelashes that's holds purity and kindness, rosy pale skin in which hiding under her creamy white long sleeves with a red ribbon on the black like collar of the school uniform matching with a black mini skirt, a high tight black socks and black shoes. She often dresses comfortably, preferring to leave her hair down most of the time.

Although not dumb, Mai is the least experienced in the industry her working in, and appears not to take schoolwork seriously. She is very intuitive and good with people, rather than traditionally intelligent, something her boss likes to poke fun at. She is usually the one who ends up in danger, but can usually take care of herself. She often believes the best in people despite not knowing then very well.

In two months before summer vacation Mai is turning eighteen. It was her last year being a high school and it's been two years when she'd meet everyone and start working at SPR as an assistant to Naru. She had grown since, she become, well almost a woman now. She gained an attractive curve; her height increases at least two or more centimeters, a certain two bump upfront grows from being A to B (it is possible right?) and a sexy attractive blossom on the back. Though the changes wasn't didn't go unnoticed by others, Mai on the other hand didn't notice any of it at all.

"Sorry Naru, I was held back in the school"

"Why's that?"

"Well… first is my locker is full of gifts and flowers, then my shoe locker have so many admiration letters then, two freshman boys confessed…"

"Confessed?" He cut her off, not knowing why. But the statement itself makes him a bit angry?.

"Well yeah, but I turn them down even though I felt bad about it. Sorry boss..." The girl known as Mai said it dejectedly having no good reasons of being late.

His boss as she called Naru who is apparently the girl's boss just hummed as a respond. Mai's answer seems put him at ease at least. He turn around ready to return to his office but slightly move his head sideways and said, "Tea" then continue his way inside.

Mai only sigh then proceeded her way to the kitchen to make the Narcissist favorite Early Gray tea. At least he didn't scold her since being held back by some boys at school which was really unexpected so it wasn't totally her fault and didn't really know they confess since she know, she not that special and also they didn't know her at all.

Once inside the young lad release a sigh then walk around the office, to his desk and sit to his chair. He makes himself busy as he waited for his precious tea to arrive.

Naru as Mai nickname him short for narcissist ("narushisuto" in Japanese) is actually Oliver E.J. Davis aka Kazuya Shibuya a name that he uses as a cover while he's in Japan. He is known to be moody, a narcissist and very confident in what he does. He hires Mai as an exchange for his other assistant being injured by her and the camera she'd broke. Naru in general has a cold, narcissistic, analytical personality. He has little tolerance for weakness-his own or other people. However, he does show genuine respect for people's talents.

Also he like make fun of Mai since she is the only that doesn't seem to be afraid of him. He is often derisive about her lack of intelligence, which she resents, and they often clash over Mai's heightened sense of compassion for others. Naru is generally very impatient, but this too has an exception with Mai, especially when she criticizes him.

Naru originally come from England. He is only in Japan for personal purpose of finding the body of his dead twin Eugene Davis or Gene as his nickname who is a victim of hit and run and then dumped his body on a lake. After a year and more than a half of staying he is able to find his brother and later on the whole team find out his true identity. After two months after the burial he came back to continue the business as his excuse.

He is the owner of the establishment whereas Mai worked. SPR short for Shibuya Psychic Research. It is a group of ghost hunters who find and exterminate ghosts upon request from their clients, for a fee. They do this scientifically; they gathered data of facts information and history before they accept a case from a client.

The official members of the SPR are only three but they also have other irregulars that helped them on cases when needed.

Though the company received fund from Naru's parents company of BSPR, means British Society of Physic Research. At first the solely purpose of the company is a cover up to find Gene body; but as how the company grow in years with the cases that's been solve. It been proven to keep the office open as it contribute big source of research and findings about paranormal activities in Japan. It also gives the BSPR finds Physics people especially children that in need help. All in all Oliver likes everything he was doing in Japan he gets to get close to Mai and at the same do his research.

Eugene A.J. Davis is Naru or Oliver Davis identical twin brother, who is a victim of hit and run. Gene was more gentle, friendly and easy to associate with. However, despite his gentleness, he had a mischievous streak and loved to tease his brother, much to Naru's dismay.

The two were very close; not only were they identical twins, they also had a strong psychic connection. When Naru discovered Gene's death through psychometry, he wasted no time in traveling to Japan in order to find his body.

He was what is called a "perfect medium"; when he channeled spirits, he would speak in whatever language the spirit spoke, regardless of his own knowledge of it.

This was seen by Oliver as proof that he was truly channeling the spirit, as opposed to simply using psychometry to communicate with it.

Though they are twin Naru was not comfortable with Gene. Maybe it was because of their differences personalities but then as Mai came, with the same cheerfulness as Mai he was more appease with her than him.

"It is because you like her!" An annoying voice echoed in his head as he distinct fully known who it was.

"Get out of my head stupid medium" his irritated replied to his stupid twin.

"Awe, come on Noll, you're comfortable with her because she understand you more than me." Gene said softly to his brother.

"Even if it's true, You like her too". Naru said saddened that they like a same girl.

"Noll, I have Ai"

"You said she is 'Ai' she had the same name isn't it, you might not remember her face since the incidence but, there's only one Mai Taniyama in japan. I know that's one of the reason you came here other than studying the Shinto rituals"

"I know… but I know she like her like Mai but, I know deeply it's not her. The feeling I have with Ai to her is different it's much lighter and I know it's not love Noll"

"And I am for sure she not my 'Ai'"

Naru didn't reply he just lost in thoughts as his brother make that statement. Even though it true…or not the thought itself scare him, also the fact that Mai is Gene who he called 'Ai' is not Ai makes him a relief feelings within. Though the thoughts continued on, and fact they met before why Mai can't seem to remember. Yet it seems to her Gene and her never really met. 'Cause if they did met, she might have recognized me a long time ago we are identical after all, maybe she isn't really "Ai"?!. That's why he needed to stayed to know things more about Mai and to find Gene's 'Ai'.(again finding someone Naru) but the first reason was more heavy than the last.

A minute later, a knock on the door pulled him out of his thinking. As the subject of his thoughts came in with his Tea on the tray balancing it carefully not to make a spill. Mai put the tea down and handed it to Naru whom she doesn't seem to notice that he is looking at her softly.

Mai finish preparing the tea. She also makes two other extra, one for herself and for Lin. She put everything in a tray and easily balances it as she makes way her to the personal office of her coworkers. Before she enters their offices she first put down her own tea on her desk then continues her way. She first knocks on the tall assistant to give him tea.

"Here's a tea Lin" she said enthusiastically to the man.

"Thank you, Taniyama-san" The tall man in his late twenties reply to her with a small appreciative smile.

Koujo Lin (Lin is his last name) is Naru first assistant who is also his bodyguard and guardian also a teacher that looks after him. He has a black hair and long bangs that mostly covered his right blue eye while the one which grey color doesn't, he also tall as Mai always considered him as a giant, I mean he is "6'4" foot with her height, she's like a dwarf to him.

He is considered taciturn and solemn, but can rarely be friendly. He usually gets the most unpleasant jobs, working from day through night. Lin is a strong omnyoji and taoism priest at least, having a wide range of paranormal skills from exorcism to summoning spirits that he captures and controls them as familiars (also known as shiki's). He is also the one who taught Naru how to control his physic energy by the use of qigong.

At first Naru and Lin doesn't like each other because of Naru's ethnicity but as the years passed by; and knowing Naru since he was a child, Lin is become his most trusted friend (this is before he meets the whole gang as he considered them close to being friends) since the child had a hard time trusting others. Naru also relays on him for information or his skill as an omnyoji.

"Your welcome Lin, I at least wish Naru can say 'thank you' too," Mai said and mumble the last past.

She bows to the older man as a goodbye and closes the door, and proceeded to her boss's office. She softly knocks on the door and simply enters to deliver his tea. The brunette handed him the tea and slowly back away. By that time, Naru already put his usual stoic mask back and silently enjoy the tea as he sip it elegantly. Mai on the other than is just standing there waiting for a 'thank you' she longed wish her boss to say.

"Anything else? " Naru said coolly as he enjoys his tea.

"A thank you would be nice" grumbled Mai, as she tightly hold the tray on her chest.

"I am not employ to say such words, since it's included to your job to make tea, but it seems to me your just making the same line as an excuse to stare at me, Mai" He knows saying things like that riles her up. After all he also needed a dosage of 'Angry, blushes Mai'

"As if! " Mai screech as her face become red either due to embarrassment or being angry at the same time, as Naru expected her too.

Mai grumble insults quietly as she show her way out of the Naru's office (cave) seeing that he will never say thank you and the again failed to make him do so. Naru watch her amusedly with his usual smirk as she goes out of his office. Being around Mai always made him fussy inside also seemingly happy when she's close. But at the same time it also riled questions on him.

The emotion he feels on Mai is unknown to thru his brothers word he do like Mai but he feels that there's was more to it. He cannot distinguish what is it or what it's supposed to mean. It is also one of the reasons why he wishes to stay; he seems cannot make a conclusion of what he feels. It was just the need to be near her was strong to make him stay, to protect and know she is safe, to be close to her.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the familiar argument of the irregular members of SPR. Naru silently curse as the team seems likely want to hang out in the office than the café shop in the neighborhood. The loudness of the team irritates him and it always keeps him from working. But then their presence makes him light, having the knowledge that this people around him is the closest thing he had as friends.

"Jou-chan, Hello!" A man with a ponytail with light brown hair said as he greeted the young assistant as he enter the office, behind him is a woman with a dark red hair following him inside.

"Hi Bou-san!, Hi Ayako!" Mai replied cheerfully.

"Argh... Move it old man I want to sit down, don't block the way!" An irritated voice come from the woman as Mai called Ayako.

"What'd you say old hag?!"

A loud smack can be heard as now the man called Bou-san is crunching his head where Ayako swing her purse on him because of the insult. She humped then makes her way to the couches that is usually use by the clients. She relaxes herself and turns to the girl and greet.

"Hi Mai! Good to see you! What's with bags?" Ayako said and notice the gifts that are sitting beside the girls' desk.

"Nothing it's just simple gifts from school, you know chocolates, flowers and stuff hehe..." Mai said sheepishly as she rubs her neck behind. Bou-san having recovered by the hit peeks through behind the redhead woman and chuckled.

"Having admirers I see! Someone's becoming popular" He said teasingly as the brunettes slightly blush at the comment.

"What?! No way! I mean, this never happen in my first or second year so there's no way!"

"Come on Mai can you not see the changes on your body! I mean if you ask me, you look sexy! You've grown so much ever since, so give yourself a credit you're becoming a young woman now" Ayako aplomb replied in the girl's insecurity.

"Well I supposed... I mean I was late coming in because someone actually confessed to me…"

"WHAT!?" The two adult shouted at the same time as soon as they heard 'confessed' by mean cutting the brunette off. They straightened their selves and readily to questioned the girl but she was saved by the other irregulars coming in the office. A man that have brightly blonde haired and stunningly light blue eyes, he can be easily guess as a boy seen he have baby face but actually he is already at the age of twenties. The other was a girl her age with a black haired that reaches pass her shoulder, she has dark velvet eyes and her skin was pale as white she look like a Japanese doll along with red colored Kimono designed with white flowers.

"Masako, John Welcome! Would you like some Tea?" Mai immediately offer to escape the two adults that ready to question her on the confession.

"Yes that would be lovely Mai-san" John replied politely to her and the girl on the Kimono only nod in approval.

Mai hurriedly escape into the kitchen but she didn't miss the narrowed eyes she gets from the two adult she pass by.

Bou-san or Monk as they nickname him is also known as Houshou Takigawa is a powerful Buddhist exorcist working for SPR. He has light brown haired that always tied in a pony tail and brown eyes, he was at least "6'2" foot in height. He was a previous monk at Mt. Kyoya, whereas his family own a temple. His real job is a studio musician and plays the bass.

Monk is a very strong, skilled exorcist. Although he cannot exorcise people (like John can), SPR can usually rely on him for exorcising places using Buddhist chants.

Bou-san is a very genial person who gets along well with most people, although he often provokes and bickers with Ayako. He often jokes during cases, especially with Mai, and is very playful. But whenever the situation becomes serious, however, Monk becomes more somber, and shows his true intelligence. He has a very good understanding of spirits and psychic phenomena, and is usually the one who explains events to Mai or clients.

"Man, your timing is impeccable guys!" said the Monk

"Tsk. She won't get away that easily, the moment she got back that's were we strike! " Said by the red haired woman.

"That sounded like in the movies Ayako" Said by Bou-san/Monk

Ayako Matsuzaki is a Shinto priestess (in Japanese, miko) who performs exorcisms for SPR. She has a bright red hair and light brown eyes. She always wear to much make-up but beautiful on her own. Ayako is a very "hot-blooded" person. She is often teased by the group, and responds with insults of her own or, in Monk's case, physical retaliation.

Her powers are actually dependent on nature: in the presence of healthy trees, she is a very competent exorcist, being able to summon the spirits of trees and utilise their powers to purify spirits. She also especial on making warding charms and the team mostly depends on it on cases as they were effective and spiritually strong.

"What are you two talking about" said by the girl wearing the kimono as Mai age who she called recently as Masako.

Masako Hara is a TV medium with a gift for seeing and channeling spirits, although it is questionable whether her powers come from possession or psychometry. She is a very calm, composed individual who does not often show her feelings. She has a dark shoulder length hair and light grey eyes. She always wear a Kimono because of doll like features. She is also sometimes snobby.

Masako is a very capable medium. However, out of all the SPR characters, her powers are perhaps the hardest to pin down. She can see the spirits and sense their shape, but sometimes the spirits fool her, or what she sees doesn't make sense in the context of the investigation.

In Oliver Davis' classification, Masako would be an "imperfect medium"; when she channels the spirits, she will only speak in Japanese, no matter what language the spirit spoke.

"Mai! She dodge us, when you two come in seriously wrong timing Man!" Exclaimed Monk to the two arrival who managed to sit down on the couch waiting for Mai to come back with their drink.

"Oh, sorry Bou-san we didn't know, is it important?" Exclaim by the Blonde hair man who's Mai called John.

" Don't worry about it John, don't be intimidated by Old Man!, and yes it is important!"

"Who you calling Old Man you Old Hag!"

"What did you just called me you?!"

Ayako and Monk start their daily worthless arguments and bicker back and forth. But as a good individual like John who has a lovely heart didn't really sit well to watch his friends fight even if it only about nonsense.

"Now now… You two calm down please…" John said ever so softly as always as he always tries to break the two adult who acting like children apart.

"Tsk…children" mutter quietly by Masako who is watching the scene with bored expression as John tried his hardest to calm them down.

John Brown is a twenty one year old Caucasian catholic priest from Australia who learned to speak Japanese with a Kansai accent, thus giving his sentences a rather odd, humorous structure. He has a bright blonde hair and a light blue eyes. He is one of the most trusting members of the group, and also shows a great deal of empathy towards those affected by spirits. He is also seems to be the most humble and is willing to work with Naru the day he meets him, despite not knowing him.

Unlike many of the group, he does not appear quick to extreme reactions, making him one of the more easy-going members of the group. He is often seen attempting to calm others down and break up disputes though his attempts are oftentimes too soft to be effective (namely Ayako and Monk).

John is one of the more capable people in the group. His specialty is exorcising, particularly humans. His means of exorcism is spraying holy water while reciting the first passage of John from the New Testament of the Bible. In most cases, the team relies on John's exorcisms whenever a human is being possessed by a spirit. He has no power over anything that doesn't fear the Glory of God but his power does not harm the possessed, as Monk's does, and is more consistent than Ayako's exorcisms.

On the other hand Naru respect John more as much as he respect Monk on the knowledge on the paranormal. You can say it is because he might be as a genius like him (not much) but being a exorcist at the young age is a great deal especially in his religion. It not often to see an early twenties to be an exorcist. It deals with great concentration, knowledge and experience to gain such title.

At the moment of the four people having mini chaos scene the door of the office open and another part-timer enters the building.

"Isn't it early for you guys to make a ruckus, I mean give John a break " the young man with black hair and dark grey eyes wearing glasses said.

"Oh hey Shounen!" Takigawa greeted the young lad. Instantly turning his attention to him and forgetting the priests and the priestess.

"Hi! Good to see you guys are still lively as ever!" Shounen as Takigawa called him cheerfully replied.

As the irregular members greet each other Mai finally able to finish the drinks of everyone including the new comer (she predicted he was coming) emerged from the kitchen and happily gives everyone their drink.

"Hello Yasu! How's school?"

"Tiring" was his only reply.

Yasu or Shounen as Takigawa and Mai nickname him is full name is Osamu Yasuhara who's also a part-time worker in SPR. He is the researcher of the group. The wide range of the information he can gathered had impress Naru to hire him as a part-timer. Though Naru can do research himself, it makes faster to have someone else to do it as he saves time to manage other things. Yasuhara was now in college and actually jumping from courses to courses as he now seems to have interest on having related course of parapsychology yet still taking his original course (sorry I'll try to find what is Yasuhara's college course. I forgot what it is)

When they first meet Yasuhara; Yasuhara's schoolmates nicknamed him "Echigoya" (the name of a very old Japanese store), which is a very good indicator of his personality. They say that he has the smile of an old man-innocent, but one never knew what was lurking behind his face.

Yasuhara is a very cheerful and helpful person, who gets along with just about everyone. Even so, he is constantly making jokes, particularly with Monk. Mai comments that her favorite thing about Yasuhara. His joking, even in serious situations, makes her feel like everything will be all right.

The two part-timer started at their work as they don't want them to be scolded by their boss. The questioning seems have been forgotten by Ayako and Monk the moment Yasuhara come in and for that, Mai is glad. As she guess they going to probably tease her or go over board being like a protective parents they are (as she view them). The mild chat the team was having has gone to at least two hours until all them goes home after a proper goodbyes. Now the remaining people left was Yasuhara, Mai herself, Naru and Lin. It almost closing time so Mai is cleaning tea cups in the kitchen and everything else. Yasuhara is fixing the file and arranging them for tomorrows work and neatly gather his thing ready to go home.

"Mai I'm going first, see you tomorrow!"

"Okay take care Yasu! Bye!"

" haha..I should be saying that to you! Bye!" he replied humoredly to her and by that. He was gone.

Mai didn't comment on the insult since it's true that she is often caught herself on trouble. It wasn't intentional and sometimes pure of instinct. So instead she gathered her thing and make her way to Lin and Naru's office's. She bid a light farewell to Lin then next to Naru but then he offer her a lift which he often do more now she didn't comply since at least she will be able to get close to him more. They're friends after all (at least for now XD)

The car ride was silence like always since Naru has started taking her home. But it didn't bother her. She was tired after all and somehow she come to enjoy the quietness especially when she's around Naru. They arrive thirty minutes later to her apartment and bid Naru her thanks and goodbye. Naru waited Mai to enter her apartment room before driving out.

Once Mai inside she immediately goes to the kitchen make a small yet nutritious dinner before going to bed. After the dinner she mildly shower to clean herself and change to pajamas, as girly boxer short and a oversize T-shirt. She make her hair dry and flop herself to her bed. Before sleepiness engulf her, a flash of vision past through her, though she didn't really know if it was a vision or not, as she had distinct fully feeling that it was more of a memory than a vision. But as soon as it came it was gone like a flash.

In the vision or memory she is seeing two of herself.

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