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For the fifth time Naru sigh as he listens to her mother's nagging. Talking to mother sometimes is tiring since the woman seems never gone out of anything to say. She keeps on repeating on why he didn't often called or talk to her often, asking if he was alright and don't work too much. He was grateful that her mother cares for him too much, but sometimes it becomes 'too' too much and irritating.

"Mother for the last time… I am fine… and please hand over the phone back to Father as I believed he said that this is "Urgent" as he spoken earlier until you steal the phone" Oliver said to his mother impatiently, fingers drumming on his desk as he waited for her to finish her rambling, emphasizing the word 'urgent' as her mother whine in response.

"Oliver! I am just checking if you are fine… oohh okay I'll talk to you after you finish talking with your Father"

'Finally' He thought as his mother made a noise on the phone and calling on his father. 'I need tea for this' As he waited for his Father on the phone. He cover the device with his left hand on the speaker as he shouted the two words that he knows his assistant hated the most which is he also know the she is just coming in now.

"Mai Tea!"

The day started normally on Mai, waking up, having breakfast, taking a shower and go to work. It was weekend so her work starts at eight and just like always she was late. Though she expected a usual sermon of being late it seems Naru is busy to notice her late arrival time, but it's too good to be true. The moment the office door closes, she heard the two words she the most

"Mai Tea!" shouted by her arrogant narcissistic boss.

Mai sigh heavily as her shoulder slump slight and make her way to the kitchen to prepare tea. 'Might as well make some for Lin-san too' she thought as she fills the automatic kettle with water to be boiled. Mai hummed quietly as she makes the tea for both Lin and Naru. As the electric water heater was ready she poured hot water on both teas, while Lin enjoys Oolong tea, Naru likes black Earl grey tea with a little bit of steam milk. She knows Naru like his tea strong but adding milk makes the flavor balance for Naru's taste that is. She carefully places the two tea cups on the tray and makes her way out the kitchen.

Mai first knocked on Lin door office first as it was the first door before Naru's. She heard a gentle 'come in' she immediately put his tea on his table as she heard another 'Mai Tea' on the other room. That was unusual it seem Naru is in the bad mood because he became more impatient waiting for his tea. Mai bow to Lin and make a bee line to the door. Without knocking Mai immediately enter Naru's office.

"Here's your tea! Be patient! You'll have to at least wait for another minute or two?!" Mai scolded as she gives the tea to her demanding boss.

The only reply she got was an irritated grunt and a tired sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand as he still held the phone with the other. His father was still on the phone but he was put on hold as his dad get the files of a certain case that he wanted Oliver to look at. But the moment his father gone comes back her mother as she keep blabbering nonsense and concerns on his well-being and other useless things. He tuned out her mother gibberish and turn to Mai who currently pouting for being ignored and lack of answers.

"Mai will you be able to take a one to two week off at school?" he ask suddenly.

Mai stops pouting and replace by a confused face at the sudden question. Yeah she can have a one to two week off it's not like she is lacking on school, her grades as high enough to graduate and if it wasn't for work she may be able to be a honored student, but due to her being an orphan and living on her own balancing work and school is quite difficult.

"Yeah?" she answer hesitantly but then Naru ask another thing.

"Do you have a passport then?"

Another weird question she thought why would he need to know if she has a passport or not? Of course she has a passport. Are they going to a company vacation or something or a case out of town? And why he still on the phone?! She questioned in her mind.

On the other hand Naru already knew that he will take the case that his father had offered him. His father accepts the case because the family who is being hunted was a family friend of the Davis's. There are the closest friends the Davis's had since his Dad and the husband are childhood friends. They attend each other weddings and do things together before having starting their family on their own. They might not meet more often than before but still contact each other. Naru haven't able to see them since when the Family friend visits he was always on his room or on their library.

"Yeah I do" Mai answers.

The moment he hears Mai answer he immediately responds. He also hears his father on the phone and replied him with quietly 'wait a moment father' and turn to Mai slightly.

"Good inform everyone to come in tomorrow! We will have a case overseas. It will be in Paris, France"


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