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Mai was groaning on the chair she is occupied with at the moment. She was still sleepy when Naru come knocking on her door at three in the morning for they need to be at least one to two hour early to arrive on the airport before their flight in which in her opinion was a bit too much. So here she was sitting on the waiting area/ (observing deck? - not so sure) trying to get at least be comfortable while waiting.

Hirota-san arrives twenty minutes after them, not long after Father John joined along with Masako. They are currently waiting for the some more members; namely Monk, Ayako and Yasuhara, Mai is trying not to doze off. The last remaining three was finally here with their usual loudness banters and teasing, making their presence very well known.

The group is now headed to the gate terminal of the plane. Mai was grateful that the client was the one who paid everything on their transportation and their hotel they'll be staying and the fact there in high class seats on the planes means they're probably going to stay on a high class hotel too.

They're able to find their seats. Arrangements are Ayako and Bousan on their left side then on their back is Masako and Yasuhara, Father John together with Detective Hirota a seat a head on their back is Lin seating alone typing away on his laptop and on the back of his seat is Mai together with his narcissist boss Naru beside her who currently reading the an incomplete file of the case they're request from his father to assist.

The flight wasn't that exciting as Mai thought it would be since all you'll be doing is sitting around for almost twelve hours, in which for Mai's case she might actually die from boredom. She tried to at least entertain herself by dotting, checking every button she might find, and turn left and right from her seat making fuss in which got her scolded from her Boss. So seemingly she able to find something to entertain herself by watching some movie named "Carrie" (I know you know this movie and it was awesome!). The plot of the movie was interesting and the fact that it is paranormal makes her want to watch more so she stay quiet and make herself fully focus only on the movie. Beside her it seems that her boss, Naru let out a relief sigh the moment he notice that Mai was finally behaving herself and not being a kid whose like seeing everything for the first (which probably she did) and being curious and all manage to push every button much to the attendants dismay, being master of moving the chair up and down even sideways, and memorize some cheap and lame song playing on the headphone and much more. Now he solely focuses on case on hand without any much more disturbance.

Naru read the file again that he manage to get through Hirota-san. Naru have thought that they being in the same if the other was alive and having the same birthday is very too coincidental for him. The decease daughter of their client is too very similar on Mai, and the fact that Mr. Hirota had shown him the file makes it a bit more too complicated. If the Spouses would see her it might cause some breakdown and some question to form. Which is now forming on head, the theory of some sort is forming on his head is very impossible indeed. The only proof he has was they don't have the same blood type, but also form another question on him. Why the daughter is, doesn't have the same blood type as the parents. In fact the one matches them was…

Naru turn his head on right and observe the now sleeping brunette on her seat. The movie is playing on the mini screen which is now playing a new show. Mai's hair is longer than before. She became much more beautiful for the past years she is working with him and known her. But the fact he and his brother had feelings on the same girl doesn't suit right with him. He doesn't want to make the girl who his brother travel for half way across the globe just to see her only to die then fall in love with the other brother who has the face, who is somehow able to manage to be able to connect with the dead twin confusing her that they are the same person, manage to confess to him only because she thought he was him who isn't!, only to cause two heartbreaks unconditionally unintended, make everything so complicated and nonsense.

He stop his thoughts for a second, and slowly breath making his frantic mind rest a bit and calm his nerves somehow, and forget the unnecessary thought he had for moment. He doesn't need to think everything right now. The matter right now is the upcoming case on hand and how to be able to help his father on it.

Reviewing the important detail again, memorizing it and highlighting only the important details for the others to review. As turning the page in which detailing the case of death of the daughter he was able to see again the gruesome file photo of their daughter. After all on every accident and cases it is important to have some photographic evidence and such, he grimace and make a painful face and immediately closing the file again. Even though he practices himself looking on such things, yet cannot fathom to look on the image the daughter. Every time he did he can't help but remember Mai and somehow also Gene.

He must compose himself though and not get emotionally involve after all. It wasn't her. It was another person. There's nothing to it, they are not related. She is just look exactly like her, in which a 100 million to one of the probability that across around the earth of the possibility that you have someone that can have the same face as you. It was a fact, Maybe she just one of those. He just wants to make sure of it.

She isn't Mai…

In which Naru for the first time he is wrong.

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