The Other Hawke

By: Ryu Katanna


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Chapter Two

It had been six months since Harry had come to stay as a guest of the Sabrae Dalish Clan. After the first night of having found himself in a different world than the one of his birth he had told the Keeper Marethari of his past. Since then he had lived among them as almost one of them. The Keeper had explained how this new world around him was. Explaining to him patiently of elves, dwarves, qunari and humans. Of mages, demons, and templars. Of darkspawn, wardens, and the Blight. Harry had found his head spinning after the first two days. Even now a lot of it was still sinking in. With Harry's previous status as a wizard they had found that it was very much the same as the mages of this world, but a bit different than others. Keeper Marethari had taught him of how to guard himself from the whispers of demons, but his talents were unusual, and something she found she could not help with.

The more Harry learned, and the more time passed, Harry could feel that he would not be able to return to the world of his birth. He could see no way to replicate the magics used to send him here in order to get himself back. As much as he knew he wanted to return he would not allow himself to cling to what may very well be a false dream. He knew that it could be something the demons wishing to possess him could use to tempt him, and through talking with the Keeper had realized he could not let it consume him. If he ever found a way then he would return. As it was now Harry found himself living by the day, and doing what he could rather than worrying about maybes. He mourned the loss of Sirius, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Weasleys privately, but refused to let the grief break him.

Through the months that had passed he had found new friends within the clan. The elves were a hard working people who cherished their kin. While he lived among them he had learned much of their beliefs, and the way they lived. He had found a best friend in Lyna Mahariel- the hunter who had brought him to the Keeper and the only other to know his past. As well as good friends in Merrill- the First to the Keeper, Master Ilen- the clan's master craftsmen, Maren- the keeper for the halla and Hahren Paivel- the clan's story teller. Lyna had taught him enough hunting so as not to starve. Maren had taught him much about the halla as Halan'ghilan had stayed nearby, and Harry had taken interest is his first companion in this new world. Merrill and Hahren Paivel had taught Harry much of the old stories, language and history they knew of their people. Master Ilen, Harry had found, was the one he spent a lot of time learning from. Ilen had taken the young shemlen and taught him how the make weaponry and dalish armor. He would not teach Harry ways only known to the Dalish, such as working with iron bark, but he taught the boy enough to be able to make a trade out of it. Most mornings Harry could be found helping Master Ilen.

Now, it had been about six months, and Harry was getting ready to set out. He was a mage, and there was only so much the Keeper could teach him about the world around him. He would be forever indebted to this clan for everything they did. Now, as he packed his rucksack with a few provisions, he looked around the small camp. He would miss it here. While he knew from the others that it was not always so peaceful; he felt like he was taking a part of them with him.

"Aneth ara, Lethallin. Did you get everything you needed?" Lyna asked as she approached him.

"Yeah, I think I'll have enough to get me to one of the human settlements." Harry responded as he tied his bag shut and turned to follow her.

"Master Ilen wants you to stop by and see him at his aravel before you meet the others. Everyone has gathered near the fire. I'll wait for you there." Lyna said as she turned to head that way after receiving a nod from her friend.

Harry made his way to the master craftsmen's aravel with his curiosity brimming just under the surface. He had expected to say goodbye the the elf with the others, and wondered what this was about. He soon came upon Ilen's aravel and knocked. He didn't wait long before he was let in and motioned to come over.

"Harry, there you are. I have something for you." Master Ilen stated bruskly in his always consistent no-nonsense tone.

"Master Ilen, you didn't have to-" Harry started to say when the elf gave him a cutting look.

"I know I didn't. I wanted to." Master Ilen then pulled down a beautifully crafted staff made of iron bark.

The wood was intricately woven to look like the horns of a halla as the shaft flowed sleek and smooth. Harry knew from the time he had spent with his friend that this staff had taken hours upon hours of work. Looking over the detail, he took it into his hands and felt how light it was and the height was just a little tall for his frame. It would allow for use after Harry had grown a bit more. Speechless, Harry looked back to his friend. It took him several minutes before he could utter a word.

"M-Ma serannas, Hahren." Harry said as he gripped the staff tightly.

"Mala suledin nadas, Len. May it help keep you safe in times of trouble." Ilen said with a clasp on Harry's shoulder as they started walking to meet with the others waiting to say goodbye to the young mage.

Once they approached the fire Harry could see the clan look between Master Ilen, Harry, and the staff. Harry could see a small smile on a few faces as they stopped in front of them. He could also see where the clan was preparing to move for warmer climates during the winter season. Hahren Paivel and Merrill were the first two to approach him after Master Ilen left him. Merrill looked to be on the verge of tears while Hahren Paivel just gave Harry a small smile of understanding.

"I'm gonna miss you, Lethallin. I'm so happy we met. I hope we see you again someday." Merrill spoke as Harry just drew her into a hug.

"I'm sure we will Merrill. This is just something I have to do." Harry said softly before turning to face Hahren Paivel.

"Ma serannas, Hahren. For the stories, and teaching me your history. It means a lot." Harry said softly.

"I would do it all again. Now it is time for you to go and make your own stories. If ever we meet again I look forward to hearing them."

"It seems Hanal'ghilan grows restless here. I hope to see you again, Harry." Maren said giving him a quick hug.

"You take care, Maren." Harry said before approaching Keeper Marethari.

"Be safe, Da'len. Be careful of the templars. I hope one day you can find a place to call home again." Keeper Marethari embraced Harry tightly.

"Ma serannas, Keeper. Ma malava halani. More than you'll ever know, and I'll never forget it. If ever I can return the favor I hope your Creators will guide me back to you." Harry replied as he pulled away.

"I will be attending the next Arlathvhen this coming year. There I will be telling the other clans that you are Vhenallin. If you come into contact with, or need aid of, another clan then tell them you are the Vhenallin of the Sabrae clan. You are always welcome among us, Len. May the Dread Wolf never catch your scent." With that Keeper Marethari stepped back before wrapping a warm cloak around him of bear fur as Lyna stepped forward with Hanal'ghilan.

"I will walk with you a bit." Lyna said as she started for the entrance of the camp.

Harry turned back to the Dalish clan who had helped him, and could not think where he would be without them. They may not be his kin, but they had been better to him than his own blood. He felt a brief moment of loss before he smiled. He would miss them.

"Dareth Shiral everyone. Until next we meet." He said with a wave as he follow Lyna out of the camp alongside Hanal'ghilan.

It was a minute later when he met up with Lyna as they made their way toward the edge of the forest. They talked quietly between themselves. It was an hour away from camp, and coming up on mid-day when they stopped to say their own goodbyes.

"I really hope you find happiness, Harry. I fear I may not be seeing you again, and if I do it won't be for many years." Lyna said as she turned to face her friend.

"Why do you say that, Lyna?" Harry asked with a look of concern.

"It's just a feeling I've been having. I feel like something's going to happen, but not for a while yet."

"Ah. I know that feeling. You stay safe, my friend. I hope we meet again even if it takes us many years."

"You too. Promise me one thing before we part ways."

"Anything in my power." Harry replied as Lyna pulled him into a hug and spoke in his ear.

"I want you to promise me that if you ever, and I mean ever find happiness I want you to hold onto it. If you finally find love I want you to promise me you will hold onto it unless all hope for it is lost. You've told me about your life before you came to us, and I know how fleeting happiness is for you. That's why this is the one thing I want you to promise me. That if you do find it; just don't give up on it." Lyna pulled back from Harry to see a light mist in his eyes.

"I promise you, Lyna Mahariel. Dareth Shiral, Lethallan ." Harry said as he pulled away completely and turned to start walking as Lyna Mahariel watched; shouting before he was out of sight.



He traveled through the twists and turns of the Brecilian Forest for two days with only Hanal'ghilan beside him. She led him to the edge of the trees before she stopped. Looking back at his first friend in this world Harry gave a small smile. He walked up to pat her head as she nuzzled him.

"It seems this is where we part ways, Ma'falon. Ma Sarannas, Halan'ghilan. For everything. May Ghilan'nain guide you home."

Receiving a small push to the south east, Harry smiled brilliantly. She had been looking out for him, and guiding him along since that day in the glade. Turning, he took her direction, and started walking. He looked back just once only to the sight of nothing but the trees.


It was a week later before Harry came to any sign of human life. He had made due fine in the wilds along the way thanks to what he had learned from Lyna and her friends Tamlen and Fenarel. The nights were getting colder, and Harry knew he would have to trade for a warmer underclothes when he could barter with a shopkeep. First he knew he would have to make it to a town. He thought on this as he skinned the rabbit he had managed to kill by casting an ice spell at it's legs before finishing it with his Dar'Misu. It was the first blade he had ever crafted under the guidance of Master Ilen, and he made sure to keep it clean and sharp.

After starting a small fire and cooking the rabbit over it he ate slowly as he wondered how much longer it would be before he reached the town Keeper Marethari had told him about. Lothering was supposedly a small town that had started out as a small trading outpost on the outskirts of the Wilds that surrounded Ostagar. He knew he would have to be careful not to attract attention from the templars. The last thing he wanted was to be locked up in a circle. From what Keeper Marethari had described he couldn't decide if it was more like being locked up at Hogwarts all year round or beings kept in Azkaban. Either way he had no desire to find out.

Looking to the sky in the early morning light he decided it would be best to continue on. Standing as he gathered his rucksack, and the blades wrapped in furs he carried tied by a strap. Harry slid his Dar'Misu to his belt, and picked up his staff before kicking dirt into the fire. Using his staff as a walking stick he continued in his south eastern direction. He hummed a few of the Dalish songs he had learned as he traveled and contemplated where his path would take him.


It was fast approaching dusk when he came upon farmland. One small house stood as the only thing he could see. There was no way he would get much further in the dark if he continued walking without knowing the distance to his destination. At the same time he had no wish to stay on someone's land unknown and wake with a knife to his throat. Harry sighed as he knew that he would have to make his presence know to whoever lived in the homestead. The one bonus would be that he could ask how much further he would have to travel.

Seeing a light on in the house Harry decided to make his way over and ask for directions, and if there was no possibility of reaching Lothering tonight then he would figure it out. Even if it meant asking to build a fire somewhere. He didn't much mind another night under the stars, but winter was fast approaching and the nights were growing colder every day that passed. He would need a good fire for the night. As it was he still had a bit of the dried boar meat that Lyna, Fenarel, and Tamlen had insisted he take with him. Once he reached the door he could hear quiet laughter from inside. Steeling himself he raised his arm and knocked twice.

He heard the laughter stop as he took a few steps back so as to be seen from the front window by anyone inside. He set down the roll of furs and blades as well to give his shoulder and back some relief from the weight. Harry knew he should make himself seem as harmless as possible. He didn't want trouble with anyone, but all the same he couldn't take the chance of not asking. Keeper Marethari's stern motherly tone rang in his ear about other humans, and truth be told, Harry didn't have much confidence in dealing with his own kind.

The door creaked a bit as a tall man with long inky black hair peered out at him. His icy blue eyes looked Harry up and down before seeming to relax a bit. When the man spoke it was with a deep baritone. His tone was kind and his eyes soft as he looked out at the teen standing on his stoop.

"Can I help you, young man?" Harry paused only a second in nervousness as he heard at least two other sets of feet on the other side of the door.

"Er, yes sir. I have been traveling for a several days now trying to reach Lothering. I was wondering if I was close? The sun is going down, and I would prefer not to travel so far in the dark."

The man smiled an easy going smile as he pointed south.

"Ah, so you're on your way into Lothering. It's about three miles south. First time traveling?"

"Three miles? Oh, and yes sir. Haven't seen much apart from where I was staying a week ago." Harry shifted to look at the rapidly fading light.

"How old are you? You can't be any older than my youngest two, and for you to be traveling alone..." The man's statement seemed to trail of as Harry stepped back.

"Well, thank you very much for the directions!" Harry replied as he hastily made to leave before he heard the voice of a woman call out to the man.

"For Andraste's sake, Malcolm. Stop him and bring him inside!"

Harry flinched and dropped his staff inside the doorway as he was easily lifted and carried by work calloused hands. He saw the man shut the door from behind with his foot as he was brought into the house. He felt panic as he tried to get loose only to be turned to face the woman whose voice he guessed he had heard the moment before. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was going white-gray with age and green eyes; that reminded him a bit of his mother. There was a bit of laughter as three other kids around his age watched him be hauled into the house and held up as if for inspection.

"My goodness, Malcolm he can't be older than the twins! Settle down child; we won't hurt you. Where are your parents? It surely isn't safe for you to be traveling on your own, and in the dark, too." The woman's voice was steady as she looked the teen over as her husband placed him on the arm chair in front of the fire.

"His skin is like ice, Leandra. Marian go fetch the thick blanket from mine and your mother's room." Harry heard the man, Malcolm, tell a young woman with short dark hair who left the room quickly.

"Bethany will you add wood to the fire, and Carver please get him a cup of hot cider to warm his hands? Thank you kids." Their mother, Leandra, asked just before the other two kids started moving and as Marian came back into the room and handed over the blanket to Malcolm who wrapped it around him.

"There now. Let's get you warmed." Malcolm murmured.

Harry could not believe what was happening. He had managed to ask how much farther to Lothering, but now he had been kidnapped and was being 'mothered' over by this couple. Their kids were even in on it as if this was normal. He couldn't do much more then sit there in stunned disbelief. What was he to do? He knew he was small for his age. It came from the little food he had growing up with his relatives. The people seemed to have good intentions; in a weird way. To them he was a young kid, all alone. It stunned Harry a bit because they didn't know him. The elves had treated him not as a child at all, but a young man still learning to fend for himself.

"Eh...thank you." Was all he could think to say as the boy, Carver, returned and handed him a cup of hot cider that took the chill out of his fingers.

The family seemed to settle in as both Malcolm and Leandra looked at the child they had brought into their home. It was then Malcolm noticed what had fell as he brought the boy in. He stood as he went to pick it up only to stare in slight disbelief. Here was this young teen that he had brought into his home, and he carried the most intricately crafted staff. He could tell it was made by a Dalish master. Working with iron bark was a craft unknown to any but the Dalish. Now that he thought about it; his clothing was distinctly of Dalish make as well. This kid had a story; he could tell that much. Malcolm set up the staff next to the door as he turned back to observe the fidgeting teen.

Taking a seat next to his wife he tried to be as unthreatening as he could. Perhaps dragging the boy into the house hadn't been the best, but it was done now. This kid needed help, and he could tell a young mage when he saw one. If this boy had gone into Lothering he very well could have been picked up by templars. He would help him if he was able. The circles these days were no place for a young mage. They needed reform, but they would never be so under the current Grand Cleric. The woman, unfortunately turned a blind eye to the goings-on with the templars and mages.

"Feel better, dear?" Leandra asked as her husband took a seat next to her.

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you..." The teen spoke softly with the same nervousness he had at the door.

"Well, My name is Malcolm Hawke. This is my wife Leandra, and our children. Marian there is the oldest and then we have the twins; Carver and Bethany."

"Harry Potter; sir." The teen replied hesitantly.

"Well Harry, what were you doing traveling so long on your own. Surely your parents are worried. You must only be about thirteen seasons old. Much too young to be on your own." Leandra spoke in a mothering tone as the two adults could see some warmth returning to the boys skin.

"Don't have parents. They died a long time ago. That's why I'm on my own, and I'll be sixteen next summer." Harry replied.

Malcolm held Leandra's hand to quiet her. With this boy being a mage as he suspected that any other family very well may not have wanted to care for him. He was all too familiar to what happened with a mage child. Family often went one of two ways. Either they cast them aside, or become fiercely protective of the child. He shot his wife a look that he knew she would immediately understand. She stifled a small gasp before looking back to the teen who had long hair that was pulled back by some leather twine.

"I see. Surely there was somewhere you stayed before coming to Lothering?" Leandra asked softly.

"I spent most of the last year with a Dalish clan. I was lost and stumbled onto their camp. The Keeper took me in for a time, and Master Ilen taught me a trade to help me. I headed out as they were preparing to move camp." Harry responded as he looked up at the adults with a small smile.

"You couldn't stay with the Dalish? If they took you in..." Marian perked up as she asked; she had never met one of the Dalish people.

"I am a shemlen. Not elvhen. Not of their people. While I may have been accepted among them for a time, I am not one of them. Even so, I have learned much from them. I understand their ways enough to know my place is not with them." Harry answered the girl who was four years older than him.

Malcolm nodded as he listened to what this teen said. He could tell that while he may be young in body, he was not in mind, and had had to grow up quickly. His understanding of the Dalish was beyond that of a fifteen year old. He took the care of the clan as what it was, and understood he had his own path to follow. Malcolm knew this boy had an unknown past, but maybe...just maybe... He would have to speak to Leandra tonight after everyone had settled in bed.

"You have learned their language." Malcolm stated with a small smile.

"I pick up on things quickly. To better understand them and their ways I listened to Hahren Paivel, and the First of the clan, Marrill. They try so hard to keep their culture alive. I have great respect for the people of the Dales even beyond what they have done for me." Harry replied as he took the last few sips from the cider and allowed himself to relax a bit.

"People are people; no matter their race. Remember that, kids. There are too many different ways of thinking, and many different kinds of people. If you do not take the time to learn of another person's view then you could make enemies needlessly. They may think differently, but in the end they are people much the same as we are." Malcolm stated as he looked to his children.

"Yes, father." Carver, Marian, and Bethany replied as Harry gave a nod of agreement.

"If only all saw as you do, sir." Harry's smile held a small amount of bitterness that Malcolm found he understood.

"How did you end up lost near a Dalish camp?" Leandra asked.

"I...I don't really know. I don't remember much." Harry replied as truthfully as he could.

Harry knew from Keeper Marethari not to be too trusting of anyone he didn't know well. Even then; his past was almost unbelievable to anyone he would encounter in this world. He didn't notice Malcolm's gaze focus on him after his response. Though he knew this child was a mage, he also knew when a question was being evaded. He knew Harry remembered more than he let on. If Leandra agreed with him; Malcolm would be hearing the truth. As it was he was a stranger to this child-no, young man. Allowing it to pass for now he turned again to his own children.

"Alright. That's enough for tonight. We have to all be up in the morning. Time for bed." He said only to receive groans from his younger two.

"That's enough of that, now. Your father is right. Harry, I would like you to stay tonight. It is far too cold to be camping outside." At Harry small nod at her stern motherly look she turned back to the other teens."

"See, now? Harry will be here in the morning and you can ask him anything then. Goodnight darlings." Leandra smiled as she kissed each on the brow before shipping them off to their rooms.

After Carver, Bethany, and Marian had gone off to prepare for bed the two adults looked back to their guest. Leandra smiled as she took the cup from Harry and walked into the other room. Malcolm was left with Harry as he knew he wasn't going to bed just yet. He watched the teen rise from the chair to take off his rucksack and then his cloak. It was then Malcolm could see the blade he carried at his hip.

"May I see your blade Harry?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah, sure." Harry replied and removed it from his hip and handed it over to the man.

Looking at the elvish blade, Malcolm could see the crafting, and thought that had been put into it's design. While he didn't know the name given to this kind of blade he could see that it was a tool used for a few purposes. It was well cared for and light enough not to be cumbersome. It was a good blade, and sized for the teen much the same as the staff had been.

"It's some good craftsmanship. What is it's name?"

"Thank you. It was the first blade I made on my own under the watch of Master Ilen. The Dalish call it a Dar'Misu." Harry answered as he sorted through his bag before pulling out another blade.

It was similar to the one Malcolm held in his hand though a little longer and heavier. The handle was not as intricately detailed, but still a fine blade. He was handed this one while taking his other back as Leadra came back into the room. Malcome looked over this one with as much appreciation as the first. He looked back at the teen and spoke as he held out the blade to hand it back.

"If this is the trade you told us about then your Master has taught you well."

"Keep it. In exchange for the roof for the night, and your hospitality." Harry replied before pulling out a small sack of dried meat and tying his bag closed once again.

"We don't expect anything in return. Surely you could use it." Leandra objected gently.

"I would have traded it at the inn anyway, and I have a few more as well as some pelts. I have enough. This is just how I show thanks." Harry replied with a shrug as he tore a bite of the meat and refused to accept the blade back.

"Well, then. Thank you Harry." Leandra said kindly before looking first to the blade and then to her husband.

"Perhaps we could give it to Carver for his birthday next week?" She inquired softly so as not to be heard by the soon to be fourteen year old in his room.

"He has been wanting a blade. It's no sword, but it's fine work, and a good tool." Malcolm responded as Harry perked up.

"Your son it interested in learning to use a sword?"

"Yes. He's been asking for a while. I've seen him practicing, but we haven't made the trip into town." Leandra replied only to give Harry a curious look as he gave a thoughtful frown and bit his lip.

"Just a minute. I may trade you that back." He responded as he headed for the door.

"What do you-"Leandra started only to stop as Harry stepped out quickly before returning with a bundle of furs.

Carrying the bundle in he set it down next to his rucksack. Quickly releasing the binding, Harry unrolled it a bit before they heard the clang of metal. Malcolm could hear him mutter about his son's build and growing elves. He could only watch in confusion and dawning understanding as the clang of metal shifting rang in his ears again. It didn't take Harry long to find what he was looking for before he stood with a sword in hand. He moved over to Malcolm and traded the Dar'Misu into his hand as he handed him the sword. Taking a moment to look at the blade he was handed Malcolm found himself smiling. The sword was light enough for someone still learning and would provide for quicker movement. The blade shone free of any damage and the edges were sharp. Even so, that was not what brought the smile to Malcolm's' face. In the handle, etched into the side if the shaft, was a depiction of a hawk in flight.

"This should be about right for him to grow a bit with as he learns. This is Dar'Misaan. I finished it about a month ago."

Looking at the quality of the blade Leandra gave a gasp. She was starting to see this teen in a new light. He was talented. Knowing how much work much have been put into it she started to object before Harry interrupted.

"Please. Take it. I think this one was meant for him. His surname is Hawke, right? I made this blade after a day hunting with friends. There was a hawk watching us that day which gave me the inspiration. What are the odds." Harry smiled with a small chuckle that in turn made Leandra smile as well.

"It's beautiful. Thank you, Harry. I'm sure Carver will love it. We'll accept it only on one condition." She replied with look to her husband and his affirming nod.

"Yes?" Harry asked as he put away the Dar'Misu and rolled the furs back around.

"That you be here when we give it to him next week. That you stay here in the meantime."

"Huh?" Harry looked up in disbelief.

"This is worth more than the roof and hospitality of only one night. Surely we can offer more in exchange. Carver will be so happy, and I want the one who made this gift for him to see it."

"I agree." Malcolm said with a grin; there may be some hope yet for what he wanted to ask Leandra about.

Malcolm couldn't help the laugh at Harry's dumbfounded expression. He knew better than most how obstinate Leandra could be when she wanted to. They may not have been able to stay together through the fiasco that happened in Kirkwall if she hadn't been. It was times like this that Malcolm was reminded of why he fell for a daughter of the Kirkwall elite in the first place. He watched as the teen seemed to get his bearings back. As he opened his mouth to respond and looked at Leandra he closed it at the look she gave him. Giving a nod and a small smile Harry aquienced.

"Yes, ma'am."


Translations found on various sites. Some may not be entirely correct, but it was as close as I could get without just making things up.

Shemlen: Literally "quick children". The original name of the elves for the human race.

Elvhen: "our people" or what they call themselves

Aneth ara: Friendly/Social Greeting

Aravel: Dalish landship

Ma Sarannas: Thank You

Hahren: Elder; term of respect

Mala suledin nadas: Now you must endure

Da'len: little child or little one

Len: child

Ma melava halani: You helped me

Arlathvhen: Meeting of the Dalish clans, every ten years. Means "for love of the people."

Vhenallin: "friends of the People"

Dareth Shiral: Goodbye

Lethallin; Lethallan: Casual reference used for someone with whom one is familiar. Lethallin is used for males, while lethallan is used for females

Ma'falon: My friend


Thank you all for the reviews. I am working on this story a bit every day and have several chapters already waiting for you. Currently I am working on chapter six. I will update every week on either Sunday nights or Monday mornings. If I get stuck I will let you know if it will cause a lag in the updates. Ma serannas. -Ryu