This story containing about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story until Return of the Jedi (Spoiler Alert!)

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The sky was quiet, filled with street lights, and audible clang hours from afar. That the characteristics of London at night.

Lena Oxton or commonly called Tracer, the former agent of Overwatch and also the former pilot of Slipstream project, she watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope with her girlfriend, Emily. When Lena watch a Star Wars movies, she always wondering to became an X-Wing Pilot but she knows: That just a movie and fiction so she only can hoping and keep hoping. When she get bored, she let Emily sleep on her sofa and then wearing her casual outfit when she still in Overwatch and then leaving the apartment.

She walks amid the bustle of the city life of London at night. At first, she goes to the pub and then she drank her favorite drinks. Second, she goes to the soccer field to watching the kids and teens training soccer at night. After she had enough of taking the fresh air, she decided to back to her apartment.

When Lena walks to her apartment, she seeing a large sized warehouse that is not locked and filled with web spiders and dust. She wants to know what is inside of that warehouse.

"Flashlight on." Tracer turn on her flashlight.

She opens the warehouse door and she noticed that the warehouse look so old because in the future there is no warehouse using a block of wood and metal roof. She surprised when seeing a 'thing' closed with a big sized cover, she thinks the big sized cover is for closing that 'thing'.

"I hope this is not a joke…" Lena's hand shook as she reached the cover to opening it.

What a surprise, when she opened the cover who closing the 'thing' was the plane that has been she wants since she was a kid and also when being a Star Wars fans. It was a wreckage of X-Wing Starfighter. It was not only a wardrobe, it was a garage.

"Oh my god…is this real?" Lena touching the plane and then she climbed the stairs and seeing the cockpit of X-Wing Starfighter is still good, but not for the engines. She seeing the X-Wing engine on the top left was destroyed with TIE Fighter laser cannon. She knows that she can't bring this to the base because it's too heavy and also she want to keep this secret, so anyone can't let her use this and seize this.

"Don't worry love. I will back." Lena ran to her apartment and then she entering Winston lab to taking one of his tools to repair the X-Wing.

"Sorry, Winston. I stole some of your tools."

"L-Lena…where are you going?" Emily asks Tracer with sleep tone.

"Uh…I just want to buy some…tea!" Lena leaving her apartment and then she back to the garage.

"Well, love. I think I will fix you. But it took a long time…" Lena begins to repair the X-Wing Starfighter. She removing the top left engine and then she repairing it with Winston's tool. After that, she assembles the repaired engine to the top left as usually. Last, she begins to wiping all the dust on the X-Wing and then repairing the broken parts.


England, United Kingdom

May 4th, 2075.

Lena's apartment.

Emily wakes up from the sofa. She feels something bad happen in this place because she can't find Tracer, she tries to find her in Tracer's bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, even Winston's lab.

"Where did she going? *grumbled* maybe she goes to the pub and then sleeps in there…" Emily out of Tracer's apartment and using one of the old bicycles to go to the pub.


England, United Kingdom

May 4th, 2075

Old Garage.

"*snoring*zzz*snoring*zzz*" Lena sleep in the X-Wing cockpit after she repairing the cockpit of X-Wing Starfighter. She dreaming she going with a woman using kyber crystal necklace, a captain with his droid, a man who says that he was a former Imperial pilot, and the last she meet a blind warrior with his friend a mercenary. The last scene of the dream was this:

Lena's Dream:

"Who's there?" Lena aiming her Pulse Pistol but there is no one who in there.

"Show yourself!" Lena clicking her Pulse Pistol. After Tracer said that a man with using a black helmet, black mask, black cloak, and holding a red lightsaber. Lena blinking around to distract the man, but she get force choked by him and that makes…

End of the dream

"Ahhhh! *gasp* *gasp*" Lena wake up from her sleep but she gets to hit the cockpit door (glass door).

"Ow…that hurts!" Lena rubs her forehead.

"W-well maybe I dozed off last night…" Lena out of the X-Wing Starfighter.

After then she eats her chocolate bar and her latte because she knows that she will finish her work throughout the night and then she took a bath using bailer. After that, she stands in front of her X-Wing who just got repaired.

"Alright love, let see what you got." Lena entering the X-Wing Starfighter and then she starting the engine. The engine is turning on.

"Well, how about this?" Lena steering up the control wheel and then she has out from the old garage.

"*Tracer speaks in her heart* New journey begins!" Lena pulling up the control wheel and in 5 seconds she has been in outer space again.

"What is this button?" Lena turning on the hyperdrive and then she entering the dimension of hyperspace.

"Whoa! Whoa!" The X-Wing has gone. Now Tracer was not in Galaxy Milky Way. She has been on Outer Rim Territories.

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