Chapter 1Please note I am not writing in my native language, this is kind of an exercise for me. My vocabulary isn't extremely developed but I thought I would share this little story with you.

Tyler was standing there, admiring the view he had on New York City. It was such a beautiful day. No clouds in the sky, a beautiful sun rising on the city. Tyler thought that this day couldn't be brighter. His relationship with his father was finally getting better. Janine was in the office, standing right next to Tyler. She was admiring this beautiful day too. They felt like nothing could ever break this feeling of peace they had inside them. Nothing could end this beautiful day. But then, a deafening sound broke their moment of admiration. The building started to shake. The beautiful day was over.

Thomas Schell had a meeting that morning. He was meeting Charles Hawkins. He had some work to do with him. Nothing important to Thomas Schell. He was hoping to finish early, so he could meet Linda for lunch. He loved those days. The days starting without a cloud in the sky, without a little incident. The morning was promising an incredible day. A memorable day. Thomas was waiting for Mr Hawkins when he saw that young man entering the office. The receptionist seemed to be unhappy of his visit. But Thomas quickly understood the young man was Mr Hawkins son. Mr Hawkins was late. It was the first time Thomas had to wait for him. Lunch would have to wait. But he didn't got time to check the hour on his phone. A deafening sound came to his ears, and the dark.