Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, Chosen One, Man-Who-Conquered, and Master of Death, was lost. He stood awkwardly in a crowded street of busy people, confused and faint. Harry groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose to ease a stinging headache. Letting out a shaky breath as the memories returned to him.

He angrily stalked down the streets of Knockturn Alley, fuming over the argument he just had with Ginny. Fuming in anger, he hardly noticed the crowd, much less the one man following him. Harry's magic swirled furiously inside his chest, eager to burst free, but Harry held it back. He stepped into an alleyway with fewer people, leaning his forehead against the cool bricks of the shop when he sensed someone watching him. Feet planted themselves in his peripheral vision and a wand rose.

Instinctively, Harry let his magic loose as the spell was shot out in a sickly green color of the Avada Kedavra. Magic clashed with the spell, expelling a torrent of wind, and crackling the air full of energy. Runes lit up alongside the floor and walls surrounding Harry, completely foreign and unintelligible to Harry. His eyes, matching the sickly green curse, glared back to the man as his magic somehow absorbed the curse and targeted the man. The man reared back as if struck, stunned and baffled. Harry watched as, once more, the Death Eaters magic was ejected from his body and swallowed by his own before Harry's magic ripped through the man with all the viciousness of a protective mother.

The others in the alleyway were in stunned paralysis, staring at Harry with surprise and horror before they recognized him a moment later and begun whispering. This brought attention from the rest of the alley and some from Diagon Alley as people whispered of dark magic. Just another reason Harry was sick and tired of the wizarding world. It held none of its beauty or wonders anymore now with all the stares following him wherever he went and the expectations shoved down his throat.

Nowadays he spent most of his time hiding in Grimmauld Palace, in the library away from a flirtatious Ginny and nosey Order members. Hermione would be proud to know a number of books he's read since the war if she wasn't so busy with Ron and starting their own family. They hardly had time for him, visiting occasionally but always trying to suggest getting back together with Ginny. Harry never even told them how many times he'd been attacked already by vengeful Death Eaters or how his magic had eaten their magic without Harry needed to utter a single spell, acting on its own will to protect Harry much like it had all the years living with the Dursleys.

Harry's magic crackled in warning when they started to crowd around him, nervously shifting into a thick ocean of energy surrounding Harry. Harry just couldn't deal with this anymore, not the stares and whispers, nor the constant attacks by both the paparazzi and the remaining Death Eaters. He just wanted to leave. And so his magic did as requested.

A hand on his arm startled him, making him jump to the side and only make his headache worse. Letting another pained groan escape, he flinched when a voice addressed him. "Are you okay?" The young woman, wearing muggle nurse clothes, quickly assessed him. She even pulled out a flashlight to flick it in his eyes and snapped her fingers to check his response time.

Harry pulled away, feeling nauseous at a stranger's touch. "I'm fine, just a headache." He hated it when strangers touched him, even if they brushed by him on accident made his skin crawl unpleasantly. Probably the fault of his lovely relatives, of course, for raising him in such a loving and caring environment. Any more sarcasm and Harry might vomit.

The nurse seemed to notice his aversion to her touch and her hands hovered uncertainly near him when Harry staggered unsteadily. Reaching for his magic, Harry was devastated to find it exhausted for some reason, but at least it was recovering quickly. His both sagged, mind numbing and his body falling back, caught by the concerned nurse.

Tired. The word repeated in Harry's head and his magic hummed tiredly in assurance, telling him without words that it will protect him even in its exhausted state is need be.

Forcing his eyes open before he fully passed out, he muttered a quiet, "Sorry" for the poor nurse who was likely to be the one taking care of him. Before his blurry eyes, he thought for sure that her face shifted into something vaguely doe-like and an expression of awe overcome her features.


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