Author's note: After much needed thinking and consideration I've decided to carry on the sequel to Fairy tail dragon slayers story. The sequel to Naruto the Moon rabbit, I present to you, Reading Naruto the New moon rabbit.

A book came flying from the door and slammed in Weiss face. She was sent flying with flailing limbs as she crashed into Ruby. The book had an orange aura surrounding it and a with the title glowing yellow.

Naruto the New Moon Rabbit

"The New moon rabbit?" Yang questioned as she grabbed the flying book and using it to conceal her breasts from any eyes. She couldn't pinpoint how but SHE knew she was being watched, or read like some piece of fiction!

"Yes. A new edition. And you're going to read it to suffice for the last book you destroyed." The voice told them.

"As if! I refuse to read this book and that's final!" Weiss shouted as she got off Ruby with a red face. She was still nude and so was she. Things touched and she'd LEAVE it at that.

"Then rot here." The voice told them.

"Wait! I'll start!" Ruby shouted as she grabbed the book. "But before we read... can we have our clothes back?"

"Certainly." The voice acknowledged.




Blake, Ruby, and Yang all were all clothed and glad to be back.

Weiss waited impatiently as she tried to keep her sensitive parts covered by any means necessary. She looked over her team to see them all glad to be back in their clothes.

She wasn't though.

"What's the big idea?" She asked.

"Your outburst was taken as an insult. So for that you'll be in your birthday suit for the remainder of the chapter."

"I hate you." Weiss said with an angry face.

"Trash talked by many. Even hated by some. Guess how many fucks I give? It's less than one." The voice said as they all frowned.

Even Ruby.

"Don't curse." She said to the voice as she started to read.

*Knock Knock Knock*

The knocking of a door could be heard all through out a rather well sized apartment.

"Who could that be?" A younger, 17 year old, boy wondered out loud as he got up from where he was sitting.

The boy was on the shorter side, being 5'6" in height with a well-built, but lean frame. He had muscle, but they were thin and leaned down muscle that were currently mostly hidden by a tight black pants and a long sleeved black shirt as well. The rest of his outfit was lying on the ground around him, orange and brown clothing visible among them. The boy had short, spiked up, blond hair that he kept trimmed to a respectable length... just barely in front of his eyes. His skin was a light peach color, and he had startling blue eyes. On each of his cheeks, he had three whisker marks.

Finally, on top of his head he bore two long brown rabbit ears that, if they counted towards his height, would put him at nearly 7 feet tall... if they were sticking purely straight up.

Naruto Scarlatina.

"It's bae!" Yang shouted with glee.

"Bae?" Ruby asked Yang.

Blake leaned over. "Before anyone else." She answered.

"Ha! No man has earned that title but my sweet Naruto!" Yang shot out.

Weiss looked at the screen and nodded to herself.

Yep, still handsome.

She wondered though what was going to happen next.

The reason his first name and last name were different languages? His mother was a Rabbit Faunus from Menagerie, while his father was a Rabbit Faunus from Mistral.

"That's interesting." Blake said at Naruto's lineage being explored.

"I've heard of Menagerie." Yang said. "I wonder what it's like?"

"It's crammed and overpopulated with Grimm." She said gaining a few odd looks. She looked back at them with an odd glance before realizing she might have spoken too much. "I mean... I've read up about it." She answered.

They nodded and went back to reading as Blake gave a sigh of relief.

Naruto walked across the hallway, because the knocking didn't stop the entire time. Naruto didn't really need to guess who that was once the knocking hadn't stopped after a few knocks. Even now, the annoying knocking was still going on.

"What's going on anyway? A party?" Weiss asked as she heard all the clutter.

"Him at a party? That's weird." Ruby said as she thought of Naruto. He really didn't like being around anyone... Or anything besides Iron.

Unlocking the door, he opened it.


"Oh no..." they all muttered simultaneously. They all knew VERY well who wore that much green. Other than a forest there was one person.

"Hello Iron." Naruto greeted as he looked up towards the source of the green.

"So Naruto's the same and so is Iron. How different can this universe be?" Yang questioned.

"Naruto could actually have a backbone this time." Weiss said as Yang's eyes flared red.

"Talk about him like that and I'll punch you." Yang told Weiss who nodded slowly.

A 7 foot tall man, of the same age as Naruto, who had originally come from Mistral as well. The man had lighter skin than Naruto, but he was visibly bulky when it came to muscle. His muscles were bulging, and if it were not for a tight green jumpsuit he would break out of his own clothing. He had a black bowl hair cut, with the back of it growing out longer than the bowl cut in the front. The man had rounded eyes, with thicker lashes, and SUPER thick eyebrows that were impossible to not notice.

"Those eyebrows... they're so BIG! Shave them off for the love of dust!" Yang pleaded to the picture of Iron.

Iron Lee, son of Copper Lee, and grandson of Gold Lee.

"Odd naming concept." Blake noted.

Those of the Lee family always named their children after minerals that were closely related to a color.

"I'll say, me and Ruby have different name meanings. But they put creativity in it. Mine especially." Yang leaned back.

"My names creative!" Ruby said childishly to Yang.

"Not as flareful as mine!" Yang boasted to Ruby.

"Flareful isn't a word." Blake corrected Yang who made a face at her.

"Hello my friend! Are you ready for the Costume Party!?" Iron shouted as he wrapped Naruto up into a tight man hug.

"And they still seem gay." Weiss said at the overly abundant contact they shared. Or Iron put out to Naruto.

"Well I'll be. Naruto's going to a costume party! What's he going as, a dust bunny?" Yang laughed as Blake groaned at the next attempt at a pun.

"Really Yang, you've gotta stop." Ruby told Yang seriously.

'This is why people think you are gay.' Naruto thought with a small roll of his eyes, but he was smiling lightly as he got out of Lee's tight hug like he usually did.

Naruto blinked.

"Did you forget about the party?" Iron asked Naruto, who nodded his head.

"He did. I know that look. That's the look I have when I forgot about homework." Yang said as she crossed her arms. "Or Blake has when I borrow her book."

"You mean the one you drew dicks in?" Blake questioned.

"Yea-No." Yang dejected.

He wasn't exactly a party bunny.

"Bad joke." Ruby said.

"I think I will just sit this out." Naruto mentioned as he looked into his apartment. He was still packing up his stuff for Beacon in the coming month. This was only a temporary apartment that he had gotten away from his family while he was getting ready to attend Beacon. Now that he was about to go to Beacon, he was packing up all of his things.

"See, I knew he wouldn't go." Weiss said.

"Like you since you're never invited to anything?" Yang said to Weiss who sputtered. Blake winced at that insult, it was pretty mean actually.

Iron placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"My bunny companion, I believe a party is just the thing you need to help with your shyness! It will bring your youthful blood to a boil! I even got you a costume!" Iron shouted as he reached behind himself, and he pulled out one of two costumes. One was obviously for Iron, the size was too massive for Naruto, while the second one was clearly for Naruto.

"That's... a costume." Blake said mid pause.

"He HAS to go!" Ruby shouted at the book. She wanted NAruto to branch out and stop acting all afraid of anything social... Even if she was the same.

"Are we not going to go over the fact he got a costume without Naruto knowing?" Weiss asked.

"So? What's wrong with him being a friend?" Ruby asked.

"It's probably the wrong size that's all I'm saying." Weiss said as the team looked at each other, agreeing.

Naruto sweatdropped.

"How do you know my pants size?" Naruto asked when his keen eyes noticed that Iron had perfectly gotten a costume that would fit him.

"Okay creepy." Blake said.

"That's not creepy, talking to your weapons is creepy." Yang said to Blake but agreeing with her nonetheless.

"You leave Crescent Rose out of this!" Ruby shouted as she raised the book above her head, intending to hit her.

"Did I ever mention crescent rose?" Yang asked.

"..." Came from Ruby.

"..." came from Yang who gave her a playful look.

"..." came from Weiss who watched the scene unfolding.

"..." came from Blake who raised an eyebrow.

"I'm... just going to sit down." Ruby said dejectedly.

"Your mother told me." Iron commented instantly.

"Does she think they're gay?" Weiss asked.

"In this story who knows." Yang said to Weiss.

"Fine, I'll go." Naruto spoke with a sigh of defeat. If his mother knew of this party, and wanted him to go to it, then it would seem that Naruto had little choice. Naruto grabbed the costume, and Iron closed the door behind him. Naruto looked at Iron, and narrowed his eyes at the excitable giant.

"Well this should be interesting." Blake said as she watched the scene unfold.

Iron turned around, and started to undress himself so that he could change into his costume as well.

"Not interesting!" Ruby yelled as she covered her eyes. Yang was slightly turned on, but this was Iron who had WAY too much muscle going on. Not to mention the hair and eyebrows were a real turn off for her.

Weiss followed suite with Ruby as she looked away.

Naruto didn't like undressing with anyone, even other men, around him.

"I'm okay with watching that though!" Yang yelled in excitement.

"Yang you have a sick mind!" Ruby yelled.

"I will give you privacy my shy friend. Seeing as we are eternally bound rivals, I chose our costumes based on that!" Iron shouted as he started to step into a very large fur-suit. The suit covered his entire body, and added claws to his hands and feet. His body was covered in brown fur, and he slung a wolf head hoodie over his head.

"That's a scary costume. As in he looks like a giant walking carpet." Weiss insulted. She was in a bitchy mood for not being able to wear clothes.

Naruto took off his shirt and pants, standing in his orange boxers, before he slid on black pants... of a different style, and he put on a white button up shirt and a red vest on over that. Finally, over the red vest he put on a black jacket, and he tied a black and red cape on over his shoulders.

A Werewolf (Iron) and a Vampire (Naruto).

'He can drink from me anytime.' Yang dreamed in her mind.

Naruto stuck the top hat on over his ears, so that they were completely cover up, and he finished it off by placing fake fangs in his mouth. Sticking them to his canines, they weren't the childish fake teeth, they stuck to the mouth with a little bit of teeth putty.

"That's neat!" Ruby said as she looked at Naruto's costume and then... Iron's. "His is good too."

"As a rug." Blake said as Weiss laughed a bit.

"I'm done... and this looks-" Naruto muttered to himself as he tried to find the right words for how he felt about his own costume.

"Sexy, handsome, gorgeous, cute, at the foot of my bed maybe?" Yang suggested as Blake sat their in disgust.

"Amazing! Your lean frame brings the best out of that costume!" Iron shouted out with two thumbs up.

"His what hahaha?! Who says that?" Ruby laughed at Iron's enthusiasm for Naruto.

"... lame was what I was going to say. I don't like being the center of attention." Naruto said with his eyes showing he was uncomfortable with this. He didn't even like parties, but at least he wouldn't have to worry about being picked on for his long rabbit ears. Why couldn't have gotten something like his eldest sister... she didn't have rabbit ears, she simply had a fluffy tail, something she easily hid with a large shirt. It didn't attract attention even when she was not hiding it... which she never did.

"She did? Which one was that?" Ruby thought out loud.

"You don't think his relatives changed? Did they?" Weiss asked.

"We can't assume yet." Blake told Weiss.

Naruto didn't hide his rabbit ears either, but in a party he was pretty sure people might not like that a faunus would be attending.

Blake knew the feeling all too well.

Iron always tried to push him into social events.

"Sort of like me with Rubes!" Yang said as she grabbed Ruby in a headlock.

"I have plenty of friends I just don't talk about them!" Ruby yelled back.

"Anyway!" Iron shouted as he placed an arm on Naruto's shoulder and started to walk them towards the door. "It is time you and I go to that party!" Iron continued to shout out.

"Yeah a party! Hope he doesn't get drunk though!" Yang said.

"You giving parental advice to your crush?" Blake asked.

"Ah ah ah, we were also married." Yang corrected Blake.

"Were, and that stories gone." Blake told Yang.

"Can it kitten, I bet you my favorite thing that we'll end up married again." Yang swore to Blake.

"It's a bet then." Blake said to Yang, forming a realtionship with them would take months. Getting married, if they every did would take years if not a lifetime.

"So, whatya wanna bet?" Yang asked as Blake smirked a bit.

"Bumblebee." Blake told Yang who actuall looked shocked.

"No, or better yet if we'er going there I want... Hmmmmm, let me think about it and I'll get back to you." Yang said to Blake.

"This is going to-" Naruto grumbled.

-Another Location-

"-an awesome party!" A young woman shouted out with a giant grin on her face as she raised both of her hands up into the air. She had very long blond, wavy hair with a single strand sticking up on top of it. Her eyes were a lilac color, and she had soft peach skin in color. She was about 5'8" in height, and she had a toned down lean body. She had wide hips, a thin waist, and a very large chest (boobs).

"Hey look they're talking about the size of her chest again." Weiss grumbled.

"Hey don't be so cold ice queen." Yang said as she grabbed the underside of Weiss's pair, causing the heiress to gasp at being touched there for the first time by someone other than herself. Yang felt them before saying. "I think they're still growing-"


Yang flew over the couch with a handprint imprinted on her cheek.

Blake shook her head as Weiss fummed. "You cause your own misery Yang."

"I... regret nothing." Yang said as her cheek stung.

She wore a high cut red dress with a V cut out of the top so that her cleavage was much more easily visible. It had no straps to the dress, and it came down halfway between her crotch and knees. It had black lace on the bottom of it, and a black bow tied around her waist. She had a short black cape over her shoulders, and she had painted her nails black just for this party. She had fake vampire fangs in, and a small tophat on her head, with small mask over her eyes in the shape of a bat's wings.

"Sweet we wore the same outfit! This is perfect! Well end up together in no time!" Yang cheered.

"I hope you two end up together. He's the last guy to take advantage of you." Ruby said to Yang. She wanted her sister to have the best.

"Yaaaaaang, I don't even like parties, why do I have to go?" A younger, shorter girl complained.

She was different than the first girl. She stood barely above 5 feet tall, and she had short black hair that turned red as it went to the tips. It was longer on the right side, and she had moon-like pale skin, and silver eyes. She was more petite than her more bodacious sister. Of course, her body was mostly covered by a furry wolf costume, and she wore a red hood over the costume with the hood hanging off of her.

Everyone looked at Ruby who nearly dropped the book.

Yang wore a vampire costume.

Meaning she was going as the same thing as Naruto was.

Ruby wore a wolf costume... and that only other person dressed as a wolf was Iron.

"Ohhhhh." Yang winced. She saw Ruby's face nearly turn purple. She stopped breathing as she looked at the picture longer.

Ruby shook her head. Maybe it wasn't her. Ruby took another breath as she read the next line.

Yang Xiao Long, and her younger sister Ruby Rose.

"Nooooooo!" Ruby yelled in despair. "That can't be! Oh no!"

"Ruby settle down!" Weiss yelled. "There's not a chance in Remnant you'll be with Iron."

"I... don't have any comment." Blake said as Ruby's hands shook.

"Uh, duh, Dad would have never let me go if we both didn't go... I barely convinced him that this was good to wear." Yang said as she gestured towards her outfit. She was a sexy Vampire, and she planned on making the blood rush at the party.

The blood rush to the dicks of men.

All the girls frowned with Ruby gagging.

"All boys are gross!" She yelled.

"They all think the same... with their privates." Weiss agreed.

It might look revealing, but it was no more revealing than the clothes that she usually wore anyway, which was why her father let her wear it. The only reason this was sexier, was because it was a dress and not her fighting cloths.

Her normal clothes said "I'm sexy and WILL kick your teeth in".

"They sure do." Yang agreed. She honestly had a weird fetish for herself sometimes.

Her current cloths said "I'm sexy, and I put out".

"Yep." Yang agreed AGAIN with the book as Weiss frowned further. Why was Yang always the center of attention?

She didn't plan on putting out, but she wanted her clothing to say that she did. She liked the attention, she loved being the center of attention at all times.

'No shit.' Weiss thought as Blake frowned with Yang.

"I'm not that bad." Yang said as Blake looked back at her.

"You can be." Blake told Yang who glared at her.

"At least the costume is cute." Ruby said as she spun around in her giant wolf puppy costume.

"I hope to whatever in OUM's name that I'm not meant for caterpillar brows." Ruby spoke.

She didn't like being the center of attention, or having attention on her at all for that matter. She was just doing this because Yang needed her so that she could go to the party.

"Maybe we can find you a cutie who could be your first crush... maybe some love at first sight eh?" Yang teased Ruby with a nudge, the two of them walking towards a parked motorcycle, they were just about to ride to the party location.

"Never! No one shall ever claim me as a housewife!" Ruby yelled. "My heart only belongs to one! Cresent rose! She's my BAE!"

Yang chuckled. "I guess your children then will be a blast. Like her ammo."

"They sure will!" Ruby yelled.

Ruby scoffed.

"My only love is Cresent Rose... and you don't even believe in stuff like love at first sight." Ruby couldn't help but scoff a second time.

"I didn't... Until the last story." Yang admitted. She looked at Blake with interest. Blake returned the look before finally muttering. "What is it?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"


"Not just a little?"


"Not at all?"


"Is there anything else you can say other that no?"



"NO." Blake told her off.

She could only seeing herself like a guy who was the exact opposite of her sister.

"True, love at first sight? Pffffft, as if something like that will ever happen to me. If I ever become googly eyed over somebody, hit me." Yang laughed as she told Ruby that statement. She had heard rumors of people falling in love at first sight, and then becoming super shy around their love.

Ruby slugged Yang in the arm, causing her to move slightly off to the side of the couch. Yang looked down at her arm and then back at Ruby. Ruby shrugged her shoulders before saying. "What? You told me to do it."

"And you listened to me?" Yang asked with a twitching eyebrow. Ruby nodded proudly before going back to reading.

Apparently, love could change a person.

Even more somebody who was inexperienced in falling in love.

"Okay then, I'll be sure to hit you." Ruby said to her sister with a smile.

"Already did!" Ruby cheered as Yang smiled a bit creepily.

"I'll have to hit you back Rubes." Yang said.

"Okay." Ruby told Yang.

"Not when you're expecting it. So I keep on your guard." Yang wanted Ruby who shot her a look of irritation.

She couldn't wait to hit Yang.

'I can't wait to hit you either Rubes.' Yang thought.

"I'm not going to fall in love." Yang told her sister, deadpan style, at how she seemed to think that somebody like her would fall in love at first sight.

"Why is this so ironic? It's like it all planned out too perfectly." Weiss said as Yang nodded her head.

"I guess me and Naruto were just meant to be in the cosmos." She told Weiss with Blake tilting her head.

In the cosmos? What the hell was she tripping on?

She would believe that when she saw it.

Chapter End!


Weiss looked down and smiled. Her modesty was saved! Her clothes were back on like she had them.

"Okay, who's next?" The voice questioned.

"What do you think loser?" Yang asked. Suddenly without warning, the book was taken out of Ruby's hands from someone who stood behind the couch.

They all spun around to get a look at the face of...

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