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Blake had woken up with Naruto breathing on her with his cheek pressed up against her and their lips closer than they had been when she was knocked out. How long had she been out? Why was he on top of her? And did she feel something hard poking her thigh? Blake pushed him off and looked up to see an amused Yang, a worried Ruby, an annoyed Weiss, and an enthusiastic Nora.

"Why... are you staring at me like that?" Blake asked, and noticed there was spit on her chin.

"Oh nothing Blakey... but uh for future reference, can you not suck on my boyfriends neck like he were a pacifier? Thanks." Yang said while Blake's eyes snapped to Naruto and on the lower left side of his neck was a small bruise forming. She put both her hands up to her mouth where the spit was and realized it was hers... mixed with the taste of Naruto in it.

And it was tasty.

The aftertaste was almost... Intoxicating. The feeling of his warm hand cradling her and his barrel chest were just much for her. His scent and heartbeat made her womanhood cradle. There was just something about the blond haired bunny fauna that was

Blake slowly sat up before going to the bathroom... to do stuff.

"And where are you going so soon? Wanna hear what happened last chap?" Yang asked with a all too knowing smile.

"I'm going to wash the spit off and no, I don't care." She said rudely before slamming the door.

Weiss didn't know what to say about Blake's behavior, but she could admit that Blake wanted to leave rather quickly. Not to mention she didn't want to hear what happened in the previous chapter?

What's up with her?

Yang pulled Naruto up on the couch and picked up the book. Handing the book to Weiss, she nodded and gave Weiss a thumbs up. Weiss groaned while looking back at the bathroom, wondering when Blake would be out. She then looked down at the first page and began reading the first line.

'A rabbit?' Ozpin thought with a blink as he looked at Naruto, standing on a launch platform with a small rabbit balanced on his head. Right between his ears, as the rabbit nibbles on a lemon, and he himself was chewing on a lemon. He took a sip of coffee and the rabbit stared him in the eyes for the moment.

"Ozpin's always had an eye for detail." Pyrrha noted, getting her attention from the people next to her. "I was saying that because he's always alluding to something bigger."

Yang was picking at her ear. "Like what?"

Pyrrha explained. "He's not as dazed and confused as people take him for. He's wiser than we all make him out to be." She then pointed. "What he has to say, will without a doubt be a correct assumption."

The rabbit seemed unnaturally intelligent.

Weiss nodded. That rabbit did seem odd, intelligent yes. But odd all the same. Come to think of it, it was summer and this rabbit had on the wrong coat. This rabbit... was someone's pet. Or possibly not a regular bunny at all.

Why did this all sound familiar?

This was new, even for him.

'That rabbit is quite adorable.' Glynda thought to herself as she pushed her glasses up. She would normally speak up against an animal being on the person of a student, or a student having an animal. Well, she would speak up if a student ever tried to actually bring an animal to school. Very rarely do they try to bring animals, and it wasn't against the rules, so usually she just talked to them.

Everyone, including Nora, were shocked that Glynda had actually shown an interest or some decent emotion for once. While they knew Glynda wasn't a pessimist or a robot lacking emotions she was still so mundane and strict at times people took her as a misanthrope. Team RWBY knew of this to an extent since they had the youngest member on their team and were expected to be seen as adults. Even if one of them was only 15.

Animals trained in the use of aura were known, she had heard stories from a teacher at Patch (Taiyang) that he had managed to train a corgi in using aura. The very same dog also knew how to use a can opener to open cans, and use the toilet like a human or faunus would.

Ruby nodded. "That's zwei for you."

Jaune looked at her strangely. "Your dog can use aura?"

Ruby nodded again. "He sure can-"

"You trained your dog to use the toilet?" Ren cut her off with Ruby nodding, this time slower. "I'm sorry, it's just that I've never heard of a toilet trained dog."

Pyrrha scratched her head a bit. Who in their right mind could train a dog to use a toilet?

"Cute rabbit." Ozpin commented to Naruto, who blinked.

Yang stiffled some laughter.

'Is he hitting on me?' Naruto thought with a grossed out look for a brief moment. He had completely forgotten that he had a small rabbit in his hair. He blinked again, before he remembered Miss Fuzzybreast the First that had taken residence in his wild hair.

Yang began laughing with a hand on her stomach. Ruby laughed a bit with Weiss looking slightly disgusted. Jaune and Ren shared a breif glance before grins went over their faces and they started laughing too. Pyrrha watched the exchange as Nora wondered.

"Is Ozpin gay?"

Everyone stopped their guffawing and looked at her. Yang put a hand to her chin and wondered.

Ozpin gay?

Well... Maybe?

She couldn't tell. As far as she saw he was just like everyone else in her team.

Sexually confused.

She looked at Nora and said, "Let the Oz pick who he wants. As long as it isn't my bun-bun we'er good." She said while thinking back to Blake who wanted Naruto... as a treat that is.

Speaking of Blake, was she still in the bathroom?

"Hey, is Blake still in the can?" Yang asked as Weiss nodded while fixing the books pages.

"She is, but if she want's to stay there then thats her choice." She said while looking back to which line she left off from. She didn't want Blake to get any more angry then she already was. The last time she saw her Blake was red faced. Slightly sweaty. And looked like she wanted to kill somebody. Last thing she needed was for her to get physical.

Yang snorted when she looked between Naruto and Ozpin.

"If you are going to keep a pet, then I suggest having it trained in the use of aura and animal combat. Beacon has no rules against keeping animals, but we do have regulations for them. I suggest you read up on those rules and regulations." Glynda informed Naruto. She had no problem with the rabbit, so long as he could manage both the rabbit, and his studies, then she would be perfectly fine with it.

Yang wasn't too thrilled with that. Ruby loved it that Naruto was going to keep the bunny.

Weiss... was still feeling this loathsome feeling from this rabbit.

Pyrrha seemed fine, along with Jaune and Ren.

Nora swooned. "I wanna pinch it's fuzzy cheeks!"

After all, if Taiyang could teach a corgi to kill Beowolves, she believed that a rabbit faunus could teach a rabbit to fight.

"Already knows how to." Yang said, remembering the kick in the face she received earlier, courtesy to the rabbit that sat on Naruto's head.

Fuzzybreast nuzzled into Naruto's hair as the last of the students arrived on the scene.

"All students are accounted for? Very well, hello. Now, I'm very sure that some of you have heard rumor of team assignments taking place today... Those rumors are correct." Ozpin informed the class, and Naruto looked around at the other students for anyone that stood out to him.

"Teams?" Ruby whispered as she looked at Naruto, Yang, and Iron.

The only people that she was sure she could work well with.

'The Schnee logo? Wouldn't a Schnee be more comfortable in Atlas?' Naruto wondered to himself when he saw Weiss Schnee. He was kind of impressed that she was at Beacon, and he was impressed with her looks. She was a short girl, she would be even shorter than Ruby if you took away her high heels. She had soft white skin, and long white hair. Her eyes were the same color blue as his own, and she wore a short white dress with a light blue jacket. She had a rapier, with multiple dust types in the hilt, at her waist.

Weiss felt a bit flattered that Naruto commented on her. That being impressed with her being in Beacon rather than Atlas. In highndisight though her choice of schools, was a rather dreadful one. At the beginning when she was there during Beacon's first days she was scared. Scared at heading to Beacon rather than Atlas' prestigious school because of her father's wrath. It was her sister's example of joining the military that made her sign the forms and get on the next ship to Beacon. Her father brunt her scroll with message after message of what he would do to her if he got her hands on her for defying him.

Winter and her mom were able to calm him down somewhat, and Whitely managed to stir the shit pot by saying more stuff behind her back. Winter informed Weiss of everything her brother was doing though.

She'd get him back...

But she was far too busy relishing being free. It was so thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

A moment she'd never forget for as long as she lived.

However, Weiss was still indifferent on how Naruto viewed her as a whole.

He had no problems with her family.

Weiss' eyes blinked.

Well, that was a bit surprising. Beacuse usually on the grounds of fauna she was viewd as this spoiled child who lavished in her parents wealth. She was seen as nothing more than a lien sign, and branded as

He was simply surprised that she was coming to Beacon. Her family didn't have good relations outside of Atlas, though they shipped dust to all parts of the world, the Schnee family had gained an awful reputation as a whole outside of Atlas. They were well-respected in Atlas, and he had heard that the older Schnee sister had gone to Atlas and joined the military right after that.

Jaune looked at Weiss. "You have a sister? In the military?"

Weiss nodded. "Yes. Winter joined and a few years after that, she was promoted to the special forces of Atlas' military under James Ironwood."

Jaune's eyes were a bit wide with wonder. "Wow Weiss, she sounds great."

Weiss nodded too. "She really is."

Jaune said. "I wish I could've been like that."

Weiss blinked. "Like what?"

"Good." He uttered.

Pyrrha looked at Jaune. "Jaune you are good. You just haven't unlocked your full potential."

Jaune scoffed. "Pyrrha, you've been doing this for years. I haven't killed a single Grimm besides that Ursa in the woods. Which probably doesn't count since I knew you helped me." He said with a bit of a harsh tone at the end.

Pyrrha blinked slowly. "You... knew?"

Jaune threw his hands in the air "Of course I knew! My shield doesn't normally glow black now does it." Jaune scoffed.

Weiss was impressed with Jaune's deduction. "I'm intrigued Jaune, I thought you never noticed."

Jaune looked at Weiss. "Sometimes I play the fool for a reason. It's called acting."

Weiss smirked. "Really?" She could tell when someone was lying, her sister taught her after training.

Jaune's serious look dropped. "Uhh, no. Sorry, Neptune gave me this idea to you know... Stretch the truth of who you are."

Weiss shook her head. Neptune. He was a guilty pleasure. Far worse then rubbing Zwei's belly.

"Please dont pretend to be someone else Jaune. Just be yourself and-" Pyrrha was pushed aside and into Jaune as Yang groaned with her face dropping.

"Oh my god, can we stop with the drama and read! I'm getting sick of this! AND BLAKE I CAN HEAR YOU MASTURBATING IN THERE!" Yang yelled at the bathroom and heard a bunch of stuff falling and hitting the floor in the bathroom. Weiss and Ruby both felt their mouths slowly open and get slack jawed. Ren and Nora both blushed. Nora looked at Ren and said. "I told you Blake touched herself."

Jaune opened his eyes and noticed Pyrrha was layign on him. She felt her eyes flutter open and met Jaune's blue eyes with her green ones. Pyrrha stood up and turned, hoping Jaune didn't see her cheeks red. Jaune dusted himself off and was a bit toungue tied and what Yang just screamed out.

Blake... Masturbating?

What the hell was going on?

Ruby yanked her sister and started hitting her on the back of the head. "HOW CAN YOU SAY NASTY STUFF ABOUT BLAKE YOU DON'T EVEN-" Ruby was shoved back from Yang onto the couch.

Yang pulled her sister up while handing the book back to Weiss. "Listen sis, once you have your shower head spray set to gentle stream to medium jet, you'll know what I mean." She sat down and looked at Jaune. "And you, stop with all this negative crap. It's getting on my nerves!"

Jaune nodded and sat down next to Weiss. Weiss then propped the book on her lap and began reading.

'That rabbit is adorable.' Weiss thought as she glanced at the rabbit on top of Naruto's head.

Blue eyes met with the rabbit's eyes.


Weiss and the Fuzzybreast both narrowed their eyes. For Weiss the world itself seemed to go black, and she got the image of an angry chicken standing behind the adorable white rabbit. The rabbit looked at Weiss, and saw the image of a fluffy female snow hare bunny behind Weiss.

Weiss stood up and pointed at the TV. "I KNEW IT!"

Yang kicked her feet off the table. "Was that... a chicken?"

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, I saw a chicken too."

Pyrrha rubbed her chin. "But why is there a chicken behind a rabbit? That dosne't make sense."

Ren sat up. "It's like they say, some versions of a character have their own tale. We just haven't, or ever will hear about them."

Yang asked. "So, are we getting some kind of spin off story where the rabbits the main character? And it becomes a chicken?"

Ren shrugged his shoulders.

'Dwa dwa dwaaaaaaa.' Yang played cowboy music in her own head, having grown bored with Ozpin talking their ears off.

'Oh, her body is quite well trained.' Iron thought when he looked at the girl standing next to him. He liked to scope out future rivals at all times. Naruto was his eternal rival but it never hurt to have multiple rivals.

Yang flexed her arm. "Yeah we all know I have a rocking bod."

Ruby tapped her shoulder. "Uhhh Yang. It's not you."

Yang paid closer attention.

She was tall for a woman, about 6'0 in height, with long silky red hair. She had fair skin, well taken care of, and toned muscle. She showed off her cleavage, sadly that left her chest exposed for attacks. She wore more revealing armor, having her shoulders and cleavage exposed. Her thighs and most of her arms lacked any real armor, though she carried a shield and spear. She had green eyes, that glanced at him for a moment.

Pyrrha blinked. Then looked down.



She scrunched her nose up.

Why would she need to change her clothes? Yes, while she was at risk of getting hit she hadn't ever had that happen. Then again this was a story... and things could happen.

Maybe she should look into a change of appearance.

Her face paled.

'So... that's Pyrrha Nikos.' Blake thought to herself, also ignoring Ozpin talking. Until she looked over and saw a student get launched from his pad and hundreds of feet into the air above the Emerald Forest.


'What is the word for it... This man is swol.' Pyrrha thought with some amusement, awkward amusement, when she saw how huge Iron was. She looked over to Naruto standing next to Iron, before she looked to see Iron lean over to Naruto.

Ruby looked at Pyrrha. "Hey Pyrrha."

Pyrrha looked at Ruby and smiled. "Yes?"

"What's swol mean?"

Pyrrha said. "Swol mean well built. He's very muscled. Strong."

"Couldn't you have said that instead?" Yang asked.

He had an adorable rabbit.

"Heres hoping the dream team doesn't break up!" Iron shouted at the top of his lungs as another student went flying.

Naruto face palmed.

'Swol and Smol, they are quite the pair. They seem very close... I wonder if they have room for another friend?' Pyrrha wondered to herself. The two seemed very... strange, but not bad. Iron was huge, weird, and he didn't seem to have a filter for his mouth. That was the kind of person who wouldn't judge her. Not to mention, the rabbit faunus was friends with the giant weirdo. If he could accept the weird man for his faults, then he could no doubt accept her as well.

Yang snorted at Iron's name for them. Dream team? Golly, he really could be ballsy when he wanted to be.

Pyrrha couldn't help it but Iron's way of showing affection kind of made him and Naruto look gay. She had nothing wrong with homosexuality but Naruto looked far more annoyed than appreciative.

Not to mention, their dynamic was quite amusing to her, she would like to be part of a group dynamic like that.

'That/This is why people think You/We're gay.' Yang and Naruto thought, unknowingly at the same time.

"HA!" Yang laughed loudly.

"I know right, it would be horrible if me and Ren were seperated!" The shortest girl in the group shouted out in agreement with Iron.

She was tiny, standing smaller than Ruby. She had bright orange, shorter, hair with brightly colored blue eyes, with green mixed in. She was more pale, and she wore a white top with a heart cut out for cleavage. She also had on pink gloves, pink sneakers, a pink skirt... and a silver grenade launcher.

The so called "Ren" palmed his face.

Not the tallest guy round, but certainly handsome. He had lightly tanned skin, with pink eyes, yes pink. He had long black hair with a strand of pink that might be natural? He wore a green combat top, with white pants to go with them. His weapons were concealed in his sleaves, Naruto could see the slight outlines of them.

Nora leaned over to Ren and nudged him. "Hey Ren I think the book likes you."

Ren shook his head. "Nora, the book isn't a person."

"It called you handsome though, which I think is weird since I think your handsome, but in a freind kind of way, not implying a together way, or insinuating that we won't be together. Not that I mean it's a bad thing but a good think but... Hey look it's Blake!" Nora pointed to the book.

Then the door to the bathroom opened, and out came Blake. Her face was red as Ruby's cloak. She looked over at Yang before saying. "For the record, no I wasn't. I had to go... away from here."

"Tried to escape again?" Yang asked while filing her nails.

"Yes, and it's about as easy as finding a tree that grows cookies." Blake uttered as she sat on the arm of the couch. "What's gone on so far?"

"Meh, nothing much." Yang replied.

"Naruto's impressed that I chose Beacon." Weiss said rather boastfully.

"Honestly, I think we all were." Blake uttered.

Weiss turned to her. "What're you saying? That I was too dumb?"

Jaune raised his hand in front of her. "It's not that. It's just that you're from Atlas. Going to that schools harder... I think."

Weiss nodded. "Yes, Atlas academy isn't for everyone."

"You aren't kidding." Ren noted.

"Nora..." Ren whispered, and Naruto noted the girl's name.

Right before said girl was launched into the air towards the forest. Naruto blinked and looked down at the platform he was standing on.


'He does not belong here.' Blake thought to herself when she looked at the boy standing next to her.

He was a tall, lanky boy. Seemed nervous, had blond hair and blue eyes like Naruto, but he had slightly lighter skin. He had on a pumpkin petes cereal box jacket, with a white breastplate over the rabbit design. He wasn't dressed for combat, Blake could see that very much. He didn't have the position of a trained warrior. She didn't believe he was suited for this kind of school, just by looking at him.

Jaune looked at Blake offended. "I didn't know there was a fashion trend for combat school. I mean look at you."

Blake sent him a sour look. "Watch it Arc."

"You know what no. I'm not going to. Like they said about Pyrrha, sorry Pyrrha no offense," He said to the red haired huntress. "But you aren't exactly dressed for combat either with your stomach exposed. You too Yang."

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, combat skirts and my cape are all I need. No skin showing."

Ren spoke up. "Actually, capes are flawed."

Ruby looked at him like he had kicked her puppy. "Don't tell me I have to get rid of it." She held her cape protectively.

Ren shook his head. "No it isnt' that but capes tend to cause... accidents."

Ruby tilted her head. "Accidents? I mean I know of them, but what kind?"

Weiss said. "Broken neck."

Blake said. "Grimm catches you."

Yang then added. "Getting caught in a typoon."

Everyone looked at Yang. Yang shrugged. "Stuff like that can happen."

Nora then said. "Oh I know, a big engine to a jet could suck you in!"

Ren then said. "How about we go back to reading before this conversation gets any weirder?"

Everyone waited a minute... before nodding and settling back down.

Pyrrha was sent flying.

"See you in the forest Naruto, I'll save a kiss for you." Yang said as she winked at Naruto, and blew a kiss at him. She was sent flying as well, and Naruto watched her go with a raised eyebrow.

"Ignore her, she's still stupid." Ruby commented, before she too was thrown into the air above the forest.

Yang opened her mouth before she bit back a growl. Ruby gulped as she saw how frustrated Yang was at how everything she normally did was being viewd, and no doubt worse stuff was on the way.

'That guy is HUGE!' Jaune thought, and he paled.

Wait, were people being sent FLYING through the forest? That didn't make sense to him, not in the slightest. Naruto got ready, and when it was his turn to go flying, he flipped so that he would spin in the air.

'I have a bad feeling about that rabbit.' Weiss thought with narrowed eyes as she joined many others in the sky.

'Ooooh, I want to chase him.' Blake internalized her feelings when she saw Naruto. His general smell, along with his appearance, made her want to chase him. Blake didn't let her emotions get the better of her, and prepared herself just in time to get launched.

Blake felt glances from all sides at that being said. A few were like pointed daggers, and the others were making her feel HIGHLY uncomfortable.


"So... Can I have a parachute?" Jaune asked, hoping against the odds that the answer was yes.

"Nope." Ruby already predicted.

"No." Ozpin stated, and Jaune was instantly next on the list to learn how to fall with style. Jaune was not falling with style, instead he was flailing his arms and legs wildly.


"That little rabbit was cute. Though, I'm going to tell... Mister Scarlatina that he will need to have it given it's shots. Did that rabbit seem intelligent to you?" Glynda asked Ozpin with a raised eyebrow.

He nodded.

"Not the first intelligent animal. Didn't Taiyang teach a corgi how to understand what people say, use aura, and fight? We often underestimate animals. I'm more concerned about why we aren't getting a signal into the forest." Ozpin said as he lifted up his scroll. There were hidden cameras placed all through out the forest, yet all of them were showing nothing but static. Glynda nodded her head in agreement, and she fooled around on her scroll to try and correct the issue.

To no avail.

"Yes, that is worrying. But it wasn't like those cameras were set up to protect students. They were set up originally to moniter grimm activity. I'll have them looked at once the testing is over." Glynda made a note on her scroll, and set a reminder for herself so that she had no chance of forgetting.

It wouldn't do to have broken equipment

"Well that's over with... Blake, youre up." Weiss said as she handed the book to Blake.