The skies were black, stormy and cloudy, unusually so for the Bay Area this time of year. The Titans sped down Mission Street past the BART train after a long day cramming for finals toward another incident of Trigon's agents. Robin stood up on his motorcycle and punched the acceleration, riding as fast as he could fly toward the center of the city. "Titans, incoming bogeys on our 11," he said, whipping his bike into the gray-skinned mountain humanoids in black wrestling outfits crawling from the deep lava pit summoned in the center of the street. "Teen Titans: Go!"

Starfire and Raven rained hell upon the Ma-Djinn remnants sporting the symbol of Raven's father while Beast Boy and Cyborg ripped through tiny magma sprites up close. Beast Boy morphed into a human-sized Chinese dragon, blowing large gusts of air to cool them down while Cyborg and Robin swept them away. Two faceless gray wrestlers stood on either side of Robin and quickly regretted it, feeling the cold, hard thwap of his favorite bo staff bashing their heads in. Robin stomped forward and channeled white ki through it in a concentrated beam that sliced through them like butter and looked down the pit. His eyes flew open and he leaned back, feeling the heat of the magma as it spat out three fresh gray fighters. Cyborg's hand morphed into a cannon and he fired, blowing holes through the fighters and dropping them back in the pit. Starfire and Raven landed and worked together, Raven gritting her teeth and her eyes glowing white as black energy around her hands closed the magma pit and Starfire blasted the rest of the demons. Beast Boy morphed out of his dragon form and laughed victoriously, flipping off the wall and throwing a few punches. "We did it, guys! Pizza on me?"

"That's not why we're here," Raven said solemnly, pointing down the street to the coastline at an oil rig. Her father's symbol burned brightly on four conical tanks with a familiar villain cackling as he fired rays of heavy photons at the policemen who blocked off the streets.

"Then let's get in there!" Cyborg said, taking off with his improved rocket boots.

"We must end this quickly," Starfire said, "my hair is becoming the stringy."

Robin hopped back on his motorcycle and wheelied forward down the hill. He made it down the street first and jumped, holding the bike as he spun through the air and smacked the scumbag in the face 50 feet in the air. Robin whipped a Robin-rang into his shoulder and followed up with his grappling hook, yanking him back onto the rig. "It's over, Doctor Light," he said, casually dodging the frantic, thrashing rays getting aimed at him. The bad guy's forehead had the insignia carved into it, bleeding profusely. "Heretic or not, you're going to the hospital, then straight to jail."

"How's that for an itinerary?" Beast Boy taunted, giving him a thumbs down.

Doctor Light's eyes widened at Raven's cloaked appearance and his laughing quieted to mute fear. Raven's red eyes revealed herself to him and no one else. "Take him away."

Cyborg hefted the crook onto his shoulders, walking toward the police. "Here he is, officer."

The policemen merely stared past him at the waters and soon the shadows born from the lightning strikes were covered by a black wall. Cyborg threw Light to the ground and turned around, gasping at the tidal wave heading straight toward them. "Robin!" he shouted, holding out his hands and firing out a sonic boom to push a large circle through the water. "Just what in the hell is going on?!" He jumped back on the oil drum and looked out on the coast. Aqualad stood on top of giant squid swiping at a giant magma slug, letting out a battle cry and raising his silver trident against the beast.

"It's an Asakku," Raven said, "one of Trigon's original creations."

"How do we take that down?" Robin asked.

Raven's eyes glowed red and split into four. "Like anything else."

The five Titans fell into stance from their teacher's styles and fired their signature attacks. "Kamehameha!" Robin shouted, hitting the creature with the world-renowned blue wave of death.

"Dodon-pa!" Raven yelled, piercing it with the dense yellow beam invented by the Crane.

"Galick Gun: Fire!" Starfire shouted with the rage of a Saiyan.

Cyborg's sonic cannon morphed into a conical shaped transmitter with a teal wave rapidly firing out of it. "Buster Cannon!"

Beast Boy wiped his nose with his thumb and spiked his green aura. "Come on guys, get serious!" He formed a diamond over his chest with a dark red otherworldly bomb swelling in his hands. "Cherry Bullet!" He fired the red and white spiraling ball and it latched itself onto the slug's side, bursting in an explosion of hot magma into the waters that downed the beast.

Aqualad turned toward the shore as his squid receded into the water. "Thanks for the assist, but I had that!" He flashed his pearly-white smile at Raven, puffing out his chest and majestically whipping his long, black hair back. "Hey, Raven! How are you today?"

"I feel like crushing some demons," Raven said dryly, "don't get caught in the crossfire."

Aqualad's white face filled Garfield with so much joy. "Oh, well, see you later then?"

Raven blushed still, but responded in the only way she could have responded in. "I'd hate nothing more."

Aqualad laughed. "Okay, okay, fine- I'll message you tonight."

"Where did this thing come from?" Robin asked.

"Out of some cave my senior was checking," Aqualad said, "another memory of the whole Ma-Djinn incident, I think, but the symbol on it is different." He saluted the Titans as he sank back into his domain. "Don't worry about the seas," he said, "Atlantis is fully capable of defending itself from whatever may come."

Raven knew it wasn't going to be, but she hoped so anyway. "Let's go," she said, "we have class in ten."

Beast Boy's face slumped toward the ground. "Library until midnight, again?"

"Yeah, I guess," Cyborg said. "I am not excited for our test next week."

"Man, shut up," Garfield said, "the GSI already said you're pre-listed for the dean's list this semester, dude, that means you could fail your finals and still get an A minus in the class."

"Hey!" Victor shouted. "I get to have my problems, okay?"

"Hey guys, guys," Raven said, "maybe you should study how to be quiet. Think of it as training for the library."

The bright, hardwood, multi-level library was not quiet, instead packed with students studying two weeks in advance for their exams like they were tomorrow morning. The Titans sat around a small but reasonable table, each studying as intensely as they fought. Beast Boy and Cyborg argued over a multi-board physics problem while the two girls blazed through long and arduous chemistry problems Robin needed to call Batman to help with when he was a kid. Robin, taking after his mentor and fellow polymath, bounced back and forth while re-reading his political science textbooks. Robin was damn near in every course the rest of the team was enrolled in, always calling that his excuse for not doing as well as Koriand'r or Victor. They started studying earlier and hit the books harder than the rest of the student body before Dead Week, a whole seven days where the campus went silent with faces hitting desks, due to "other obligations." Rachel felt a sharp pain in her hand and she dropped the chalk, leaving a lopsided pentane ring with a foot-long substituent on the corner. Koriand'r picked up the chalk and handed it back, finishing the equation for her. "These 20 problem sets will not finish themselves," she said to her friend, following her eyes to the clock in the back wall of the room. The clock read 11:58. "Two minutes until another milestone of 'the all nighter,' yes?"

"I think we should leave soon," Raven said meekly.

"Yes, we shall continue the studying at Titan Tower soon," the Tamaranean said, glancing back and forth between the board and the door.

"Well," Rachel said, struggling to keep her father from making her slip into the B-plus range. "Let's finish this set again." She noticed Starfire staring at the door and turned around curiously. The boys were gone. "Koriand'r…"

She turned back to the board and gasped, falling back into the leather chairs and looking up at the three devils that surprised her. She looked past the clock, her head pounding as the clock ticked at midnight. "Happy birthday to you," the four Titans sang, holding a green cake slice with a small candle on it and presenting it to her. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rachel-"

"Shut up!" the students running the front desk shouted.

The four crooners hunched over and whispered the last line of the song. "Happy birthday to you."

Rachel stood up absolutely mortified, shakily receiving the cake and at the clock. "How did you- why-"

"We read your student ID," Garfield winked, waving the fork. "It's matcha flavored, your fav kind of tea."

Rachel turned her head from him, closing her eyes and growing hot, venomous tears that trailed down her face.

The light dimmed from the Titans' faces, as well as the lights around the room in general. She quickly returned the green cake to the green man and gathered her books, storming out of the room rubbing her face. He sighed, but he wasn't upset. The team knew this would happen, but Garfield knew never trying would only make her feel worse. "Let's finish chapter nine at home, yeah?" Garfield said to Vic, hurriedly gathering his belongings and running after her. He rushed outside into the night, looking into the sky and watching her faze out into the night. He ran off campus with the rest of the team racing behind him. He jumped into the air and morphed into a pterodactyl, holding the matcha cake on the plate by his beak. He soared across the bay and banked into Jump City, looking out to Titan Tower. His eyes morphed to those of eagles and he could see her unlock the window, run into the living room and stop cold. Beast Boy flew in behind her and morphed back into his human form. "Eek!" he exclaimed, leaning forward and catching the cake. He flipped on the light switch as the other three Titans rushed into the room from the window, facing a distraught Rachel in a circle of her well-wrapped presents.

Garfield walked up to her carefully, hoping to calm her down. "Rae, is there anything I can-"

"If you knew anything about the day of my birth, you'd know there's nothing to celebrate." Raven brushed past him heavily embarrassed, slamming the door to her room behind her.

The team mulled their disappointment as quietly as they could, retreating to the couch and taking a moment to think on how to approach this further. Garfield looked down at the matcha cake and sighed again, opening his mouth for a bite. His eyes widened as the pastry turned black and raised off the plate, zipping into Rachel's room. He took that as a victory and let a smile overturn his frown for a moment. He leaned back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling, listening to Robin debrief the day's mission.

"H.I.V.E. interference at 10, robbery at noon, Ma-Djinn suppression at three, six, seven, nine," Robin said, his voice empty but well feigned. "Good work, team."

"I would rather get struck by the lightning than fight another magma slug Glorbnoff again," Starfire admitted, looking up like Garfield. Her face twisted into confusion at the sparks generating above her head and she slowly stood up.

"It's just coming outta nowhere," Victor said, taping the phenomenon with his arm camera at an arm's distance.

"I think you might have asked too literally, Star," Garfield said, stepping back as the sparks held as a single glowing ring.

"What on Earth…" Robin reached out to touch the ring but recoiled upon hearing its voice.

"Please do not touch the transmission apparatus," the ring said in a monotonous, 'Siri' tone. "Please stand back." The Titans followed instruction as the ring spread and lowered, just barely grazing the ground. The ring closed in on itself and the room jumped with a flash of bright white and a loud pop.

Raven jumped herself and slowly opened the door, creeping around the corner with a face full of cake to see what would cause the mini-nuclear flash. The light faded to reveal a man, muscular, tan, and of average height, wearing all black with a long, double-tailed and open trench coat, dress shoes, slacks, dress shirt, tie, and sleek sunglasses. Even the sheathe on his back holding his long katana was black, the only splash of color on this man was his medium-length lavender hair and eyebrows. He looked fierce, intimidating, mysterious, yet his presence was relieving. She rushed into the room, facing the man without a shadow pulling out a badge from a thin, black utility belt filled with gadgets not even Cyborg had seen before. "I know it's been awhile," he said with a deep, authoritative voice that would pierce through any conversation. "I was dealing with an alternate version of me that joined the Justice League, the Ma-Djinns were an issue there too, it got messy and I've spent the last month and a half catching up on paperwork-" he smirked. "-when I haven't been pulling the strings for you."

The time traveler took off his sunglasses and tucked them into his shirt pocket. He had electric blue eyes and the face of his father, Vegeta. "We started to believe you would not come," Starfire said, her eyes beaming with hope.

"Well, here I am," he said bluntly, pointing to himself. "Do you like the new uniform? All black, very cyber-spy-ish? I could do without the sunglasses, to be honest, but then I lose a little of the 'Morpheus' feel."

"We didn't wait two years to talk about fashion, Trunks," Robin said gravely.

"Ah, yes, well," Trunks said, clearing his throat and gesturing Raven to come inside. "I come bearing good news," he continued, "I have cleared a solo mission for myself, it's two weeks which should be plenty of time to do what we need to do in order to bring our mutual friend back."

The team's faces lit up in excitement, all willing and ready to hear more. The little voice telling Raven it wouldn't matter stayed silent. Robin stayed skeptical. "Yourself?"

"Here's the issue," Trunks said, "I built multiple prototypes of 'Hope' Mark Two specifically for this mission that could carry all six of us and maybe Blackfire, but the results of my optimization led to a maximum wavelength allowance of three people. I can only take two of you for this mission."

The five Titans looked at each other curiously, but they already knew who would demand to go first.

"The other bad news is the energy consumed by our ship is so large that we would need to find a place to stay once my Capsule house allowance runs out," Trunks continued, "and, naturally, risk of death is imminent."

"Death hasn't scared us before," Robin said, "appearing in the grim reaper's clothes won't scare any of us away."

"Alright then," Trunks said, stepping forward with a confident smile and opening his arms. "Who's coming?"