"Hey!" the young Gohan shouted at the stunned Vegeta, turning into a puppet of the mysterious woman. "Your fight is with me!" He charged the Saiyan prince with a fury the Titans had never seen before, throwing all he had through teary eyes as the Saiyan brushed him off with a knee strike to the stomach. A familiar short and bald monk shot toward him from behind but Vegeta sensed him coming from a mile away, kicking him through a rocky plateau.

"Save it, child," Vegeta said with an ominous laugh, his growing purple aura shocking the three time travelers with his increasing might, "give up now and I might just make you my apprentice."

Gohan wiped his tears away and fell into a stance Starfire recognized as Piccolo's. "You hurt my father, hurt Krillin, and killed my friends," he said bitterly, his anger rising. "I won't let you get away with this!"

"I'll get back to you, insolent brat," he said, staring at Trunks waiting for him on another plateau. "I have more pressing matters, at the moment."

"The jerk, he was," Starfire said, her eyes widening in fear as her master burst toward them with killer intent.

"Who was that woman, Trunks?" Robin asked.

Trunks grimaced at the mentioning of her. "Towa, she and Mira are wanted time bandits, they steal crystals from powerful warriors and revive them, using them as puppets for their own crimes along with changing the past. We need to put Vegeta down, or else Gohan will stop existing and I will have never existed."

"Why would they be after Gohan?" Starfire asked. "If they resurrect him first, I could not even imagine the harm it would cause."

"We need to take them down at all costs," Trunks said, "and believe me, we'll be seeing them again."

The three heroes jumped just before Vegeta destroyed their plateau. The Prince fazed out, throwing a punch at Robin that sent him flying. Robin flipped back, throwing multiple Birdarangs that popped in Vegeta's face as a series of bright flashes. Vegeta dodged a kick and grabbed him by the leg, throwing him into the young boy trying to return to the fight. "Give me a challenge, Time Patrol!" he shouted, his ki exploding and turning the sky dark.

Robin helped Gohan to his feet. Robin saw the rage in the boy's eyes, the pure hatred for the Saiyan prince his onyx eyes showed. He had a rough life too, but fighting for your life at just five was a level of hardship Robin would probably never understand. "Who are you?" Gohan asked, his voice shaking and quiet.

"I'm Robin," he said, "you don't know it now, but you're Earth's strongest fighter."

"That's my dad," Gohan corrected, balling up his fists, "I wanna be strong enough to stop Vegeta!"

"The four of us together can take him," Robin said with a reassuring smile, "then your dad will be safe."

"You mean you're gonna help me and Krillin?" Gohan said with hope.

Robin and Gohan took off after the Saiyan fighting his son and student. "Always," Robin said painfully, watching his friend as a mere child throw himself into the fray.

"Masenko-Ha!" Gohan announced, firing a thick, yellow flash of ki at point blank range. Vegeta's hand shot through the attack and clutched Gohan around the throat.

"No more mercy," he hissed, beginning to squeeze. Gohan beat at Vegeta's arm, his face quickly turning purple. "Now you die." He blocked a kick from Trunks but the angry Tamaranean wasn't about to lose Gohan here.

"Release him, you fiend!" Starfire cried out, hitting him in the eye with a green ki blast that sent him reeling back, holding his face in pain.

"I'll kill all of you!" Vegeta barked, opening one eye and drawing his hands to the side of his face. "Galic Gun: Fire!"

Starfire swept Gohan off his feet, dodging the purple wave. Robin dodged the attack and held his hand over his head, forming a yellow, spiked disc spinning at deadly speeds. "Kienzan!"

Vegeta cursed under his breath and turned the wave toward Robin, swallowing his attack. "Your training won't help you here, human!"

Trunks deflected the wave and cruised in with a knee strike to the chest. "And taking control of my father is only delaying the inevitable, Towa!" He turned Vegeta's cheek blue with a punch that blasted him across the rocky mountains, but the Prince was as resilient as he was prideful with a wide volley of yellow energy waves that forced Gohan and Starfire to backpedal for their lives. Their backs hit another plateau and they jumped, looking down in fear as the plateau was turned into dust. Vegeta appeared in front of them with an evil smirk.

"Surprise!" he exclaimed, opening up his palms to two powerful ki blasts that doubled the young warriors over. He whipped around, spiking his demonically enhanced aura, catching two strikes from Robin and Trunks. "You're outclassed, outdone! This planet will be the seat of my new empire!"

"Not while I'm here!" Gohan shouted, letting out a battle cry only to get slapped away into the dirt. Gohan rolled to his feet and dashed forward, landing a kick that started an ill-fated clash for the young boy.

"How do we beat this guy?" Robin asked, catching his breath. "Everything I've thrown at him hasn't affected him in any way other than tickle him!"

"You said you had contingencies for everything, Robin," Starfire said through hard breaths.

Robin panted, feeling a burning in his ribs unlike he'd ever felt before. "Even you have to admit that the chances of going back in time to fight our overpowered mentors were slim to none."

"We have to allow Gohan to defeat him as he did originally, otherwise he'll keep wearing us out," Trunks said, letting his aura explode with the Super Saiyan transformation, his hair golden and his eyes emerald. "In the meantime, beat my father into submission."

"You really don't like him, do you?" Robin said.

"He's beating children!" Trunks shouted, fazing out and stopping Vegeta cold with a kick to the stomach. He threw Vegeta over his shoulder to the ground and followed with one of his signature attacks. "Finish Buster!" he exclaimed, lighting up the mountain range with a bright explosion that sunk deep into the rock. He looked over at Krillin, watching him take a sparkling blue ball of spiritual energy from a broken man who could barely keep his eyes open.

Robin and Starfire followed up with volleys of their own, bathing the Prince in hot, blinding pain. The screams from the center of the explosion came with a return blast, scattering the three time travelers. Vegeta flew up from the wreckage, seething and huffing through his teeth. "Make sure Gohan's alright, I'll take it from here!" Trunks said, catching a punch and twisting Vegeta's arm in a lock, kicking him back down to the ground.

Starfire and Robin listened to his warning, rushing over to Gohan and peeling him out of the rock. Gohan's bottom lip quivered and angry, hot tears swelled in his eyes, holding the back of his head in pain. Starfire went to comfort him but sadness quickly turned to rage once again, his face turning red and his white chi spiraling around them. "I'm not gonna let him hurt my daddy anymore!" he screamed, pushing through the Titans and sliding in between the father-son battle. He kept screaming, pummeling Vegeta with a mixture of martial prowess and sheer bloodthirst. Gohan crushed Vegeta's nose with a loud pop and fazed out, appearing overhead and placing his hands on his forehead again. "Masenko-"

Vegeta countered in the knick of time, punching Gohan so hard in the stomach he sunk deep into a boulder and fell out with his eyes closed, shaking on his hands and knees. Vegeta kicked Trunks in the face and dropped to the ground, beginning a run of death toward the young warrior. Starfire shared in Gohan's emotions, her eyes glowing green and rushing toward the Saiyan. Vegeta deflected a punch and nailed her in the cheek with an elbow strike. Starfire followed with a kick to the shin and hit his nose again with a cross. Blood sprayed from his nose again, only making the possessed Saiyan laugh. "You fight just like a Saiyan elite, it's almost as if you learned from me, but it's too bad-" He tossed her aside, continuing his run. "-you're wasting so much talent, just to die."

Robin stood in front of Gohan as the poor boy tasted his breakfast for a second time all over the dirt. "Come and get it," Robin said, throwing several smoke bombs and delivering what damage he could before Vegeta tossed him aside too.

"Would ya just throw the damn thing, Krillin?" a gruff voice hiding behind a boulder shouted. "The kid ain't got all day!"

"Alright!" Krillin said, holding the divine attack over his head. "Let's do it!" Vegeta's attention snapped toward the attack as it barreled toward him.

Vegeta whipped around and jumped, the attack just barely missing his thigh as it sailed toward Gohan instead. "Oh Florgnok!" Starfire exclaimed, watching Gohan weakly put up his hands as if he was going to catch it. She darted forward to push him out of the way but stopped cold, watching a white mist over his head take shape and harden into the second white diamond. Gohan grit his teeth and clenched his eyes shut as the bomb hit his hands, flattening him to the rocks as the ball bent his arms, intent on crushing him.

"That's it!" Trunks exclaimed, hearing Gohan let out a roar as he mustered the strength in his tiny body to push the ball away. The diamond completely hardened and Trunks made sure the attack hit its target this time. He delivered a stunning punch to the kidneys, diving out of the way with the attack expanding and absorbing the Prince in crackling light energy that made him scream as if his soul itself was being damaged.

Starfire snatched the crystal while Gohan passed out from the stress, watching the Prince get carried higher and higher into the sky until he was a mere twinkle.

Trunks walked up to the two Titans, reverting to his normal form. "Towa's influence, it's gone."

"Is that her usual trick?" Robin asked, his head pounding from the blows he took.

"I'm afraid so," he said, looking down at the exhausted five year old and joining them in their newfound respect. "However, if this little guy could do all that, then Towa is nothing but a speed bump."

He led them back to the time machine. "Where are we headed next?" Robin asked, barely strapping in before Trunks took off into time itself.

"Planet Namek, for three days," Trunks said, "I'm arriving two days before the event so that I can recharge the ship and we can watch Gohan more closely; if we get the jump on Towa, it would make this mission so much easier."

"What will we observe on Piccolo's home planet?" Starfire asked. "Gohan mentioned a man named Frieza once, during our conversations."

Titans Tower

The glass blew in. "Garfield get down!" Rachel shouted, tackling him to the floor and holding her hand out to catch as much glass as she could.

Cyborg yelped in pain as a shard cut his forehead. "Really?! 98 percent of me is metal, and that's the part that gets hit!"

"What is it, Rae?" Beast Boy asked in awe and a little fear, watching a hulking, veiny, muscle bound humanoid with black cornrows with coal black skin and four glowing red eyes float in through the window. He grinned a rotted, yellow grin with worms crawling through the holes in his teeth. He popped out jagged claws that were green from infection and caked in brown, dried blood.

"Hey, Sis," he growled with a deep, American accent, "long time no see. You know father's looking for you, right? We're keeping the Z-Fighters busy, just to bring you back. You've stopped responding to our messages, and you wanna know something?" A black energy like Raven's split the floor and dimmed the lights in the room. "It's startin' to piss me off."

"Jared," Raven said, standing up and letting a mixture of her training in the light and her heritage in the dark mix into a grey aura around her. "I won't let him take over my home. Leave now, and I won't have to kill you."

The demon cracked its neck, opening his hands mockingly. "It's already begun, Rachel," he said, "the gates are open, his armies flood the earth, the sea, and the sky, and once you see that it's futile to resist then you'll come around. You are the last gate, and he has the key."

"And this gate will stay closed, forever!" she shouted, pointing her hand at him and spiking a black ball of underworld energy. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

The bolt shot through his cheek and out his neck. He barely winced. "Oh, sister," he said, darting toward her with incredible speed for his size. "How terribly we missed you."

Cyborg rolled in between them and shot up with an uppercut, feeling the toughness of the demon's skin like thick leather. "You want her? You're gonna have to go through us first!"

Jared slapped Cyborg aside and stepped forward, absorbing several spells and reaching forward, grabbing her by the face. "You must have forgotten who I am," he said, whipping her through the kitchen. He dashed forward and batted the green panther away.

"Wrath!" Raven called out. "I demand you to leave, under the name of the guardian of Earth, Kami!"

"Wrath?" Beast Boy said, morphing into a green grizzly and clawing him in the back of the head.

"Don't make me do this, Rachel," the demon said.

"Your physical form is limited by the fact that you're a slave to yourself!" Raven put her hands in a diamond on her chest. "Ki Blast Cannon!"

Cyborg caught the manifestation as he was launched back, wrenching his back over his knee and whipping him toward the edge of the shattered window. "You've done it now!" Cyborg said, leaping toward him in a spin kick.

"Victor, no!" Raven screamed, watching Wrath laugh and catch Cyborg's leg, taking several cannon shots to the face as he ripped Cyborg's leg clean off with ease.

Victor continued firing, seeming not the slightest bit bothered by it. "Resilient, this one is," Wrath chuckled, "but no longer able to fight me."

"I don't have pain receptors you ass!" Cyborg shouted, throwing his cannon directly in Wrath's face for a similar result.

Wrath leaned out of the way and caught it, twisting and ripping with the ugliness of a thousand splitting electrical wires. Wrath tossed him aside, looking forward and taking a rhino horn to the chest. Jared flipped back and swiped for the ledge, feeling a burning sting in his hand from a green tarantula hawk that left it paralyzed. Beast Boy morphed back into his human form and dashed over to Cyborg. "You okay buddy?"

"Bruh!" Cyborg exclaimed, pointing at his arm and leg. "Raven, who is this guy and what is it with him and the limbs?"

Raven looked at her arms, seeing red and orange symbols in an ancient and demonic tongue spread down her shoulders and to her fingertips. "You need to destroy his physical body now," she said, her voice cracking in growing fear, "I thought I learned enough from Piccolo to handle demons like him, but he's brushed off all of my spells."

"Can't we use the Mafuba?" Beast Boy asked, hearing Wrath punch through the wall to climb up the side.

"No, this is just a physical body, haven't you been listening?" Raven snapped. "The others are coming, we have to hurry!"

Beast Boy was torn between caring for his friends and eliminating the threat ascending the tower. "Alright, alright," he said, "I'll be back, hopefully, just- just stay here." He was kicking himself as he leaped out the window, speeding down the side of the building as a pterodactyl that scooped Wrath off the wall and threw him into the water.

Wrath dragged himself out of the bay, watching Beast Boy land on his feet. "You? Just you?" Jared scoffed. "You're weak!"

Beast Boy felt anger swell up from the bottom of his spine and fell into his teacher's signature stance, making his opponent laugh even more. "You might not find it funny in a second," he said, his white aura contrasting the darkness the demon exuded.

"You're the student of Kami?" Wrath said. "After the Saiyan, this is quite a step down!"

"Your head's up your butt if you think you could take him on," Beast Boy said, "I'll be more than enough for you."

"Light versus dark," Wrath said, "divine versus demonic; we used to fear Kami when he hunted us down, so you can only imagine how excited I am to kill one of his own… then you can be with Terra!"

"Why don't you shut up and fight!" Beast Boy spat, flailing himself at Jared with a flurry of high kicks. He didn't care how he knew, Beast Boy just knew that he was going to leave this thing in a lot of pain. Smelling the rot emanating from him filled him with a spontaneous rage, bringing repressed memories he left behind to the forefront of his mind.

Raven's sibling dodged them all, kicking his shin and bouncing him back with a punch in the face. Beast Boy grit his teeth and shook it off, throwing a jab in his guard. Wrath hopped back and curled into a ball, jutting jagged spines from his back and spinning toward him. "I know what you are," he said, following Beast Boy around the island like a homing missile, "the underdog, the unnoticed, you resort to comedy to hide your insecurities because you're small, sad, and no one takes you seriously because you're not worthy of respect."

"I don't know if you've ever been in a fight before," Beast Boy said, using his long legs to batter his face in high kicks, jump kicks, and spin kicks, "but there isn't this much talking."

Jared stumbled back, wiping the blood from his nose. "Garfield Logan, cured of the life-threatening Sakutia and turning your skin green in return, outcast by everyone except for other freaks like them." He reveled in Beast Boy's face twisting into a wolfish growl.

"Shut up!" Beast Boy barked, dashing forward with a yellow, sparkling ball of ki that ballooned in his head and shined under the stars. "Destructive Wave!"

Jared held one hand out, catching the wave and turning the attack black. "Azarath Metrion-" He took a downward heel strike by surprise, letting the wave sink into his chest and blast him into the corner of the Tower. Beast Boy charged again, but this time the demon was ready. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos: Trigon's Fist!" he shouted, nailing the young man in the face with a right hook so hard the entire island shook. Beast Boy roared in pain, landing in the water with what felt like knives running down his neck and into his chest. He morphed into a green bull shark, sinking into the water and waiting for his eye and the rest of the right side of his face to stop screaming at the rest of his body. He looked out of his good eye, waiting in the water.

A large shadowed peered overhead and the Titan shot up, jumping from the water with his teeth bared and ready to behead his opponent with a single chomp.

"You're not fast enough!" Jared teased, throwing his tree trunk of an arm at the fish only for it to pass right through. He screeched in pain with the sensation of knives stabbing him through his back. He whipped around at the werewolf with ten-inch claws snarling at him, slashing across his face and sinking deep into his jaw.

"How about that?" Beast Boy growled with a voice fitting for his name, skidding back from a punch in the stomach and leaping forward again.

"You're annoying, useless, a bitch to everyone you know, and you know it," he said, "you couldn't even save your foster parents."

Beast Boy felt a sharp pierce at the top of his spine and he let out a loud howl, lunging forward in blind anger and paying for it with an elbow strike to the skull. A kick in the side rolled him on his back and a clawed, moldy black foot stepped on his chest, pinning him to the ground as if he were under a car.

"Your first love, dead, having never truly loved you," he said, making him howl in sadness as he took layers of skin off his leg. Beetles crawled out of the wounds, crawling into the holes put in his back, "your second one…" He gasped, looking back up at the Tower and back down, laughing with such a mocking, infuriating voice that turned Garfield's ears red hot. "...you won't be able to save! You are a failure, and you will die having saved no one!"

Beast Boy's human voice was lost to the animal within with his feral scream, throwing him to the ground and rolling to his feet. He morphed back into a human, standing across from the embodiment of everything he was hiding.

"So much rage!" Jared laughed, charging forward with two of Trigon's Fists at the ready. "You could become an agent of mine, after this is all over."

Beast Boy stood there silent, huffing with his fists balled up and his white aura exploding.

"Well?" Jared taunted. "Have you nothing else to say?"

Beast Boy caught one of the strikes with an inhuman ease, his hand apelike with dark green claws. "I'm going to kill you."

Beast Boy's other fist met his, shattering through his black shield and sinking through his hand and into his arm. Beast Boy pulled out and clocked him in the face, feeling multiple snaps as he followed through the jaw. Black blood poured from the demon's mouth, rendering him incapable to taunt him anymore.

Garfield whipped him into the air, staring straight at his target as two spiraling yellow orbs of chi swelled over his hands. He grew six more arms, turning all eight into octopus tentacles and quadrupling his output. "Scatter Shot!" he announced, whipping hundreds of the basketball-sized spheres into the air around his opponent. He closed his fist, halting them in midair in a shining field of death. "Nowhere for you to run!" he shouted, watching Wrath look around him desperate for a way out. "This is the end!"

"BB?" Cyborg said in astonishment and a twinge of fear, watching his laidback, forgiving friend execute the demon in a bright, fiery explosion that blinded anyone watching in a ten-mile radius. He finished soldering his leg back on and turned to Raven, watching her cast spells on the inscriptions placed on her in despair.

"Is he okay?" Raven asked pressingly, "what of Wrath?"

Cyborg looked at her with the same shock in his face he had when the event happened. "You said destroy the physical body," he said, "Garfield went a little bit overboard. I'm going to see if he's alright." He jumped out of the window, landing in the center of black, moldy splotches and running to the edge of the island. Beast Boy sat looking at his black eye in the reflection of the water, trying to make everything that pushed him over the edge float away. He saw Cyborg's reflection in the water and felt a small comfort, but Wrath's voice was louder after death. "Hey BB, what hap-"

"I could have saved Terra," Beast Boy said, his voice broken and soft unlike Cyborg had heard before, "right?"

Cyborg wasn't sure which answer was worse. "No, no one could have."

"Slade poisoning her mind, turning her over to the Ma-Djinns as a puppet," Beast Boy said solemnly, "we were watching her the whole time too, and if I had just listened to you then maybe I could have stopped her from walking away."

Cyborg had an idea of why the demon was called Wrath. "What Terra did was a conscious decision," he said, sternly but with concern, "she chose to learn under Slade even after we gave her a way out, she chose to accept the Ma-Djinn curse, she had every opportunity to stop and return to the light, but she continued down her path knowing the outcome."

Beast Boy continued looking down at the water, seeing a ripple distort his face. "That night that she and I left for a 'recon mission,' while you guys were fighting for your lives," he said, kicking through the reflection. "It wasn't a mission."

Cyborg was silent, his mouth slightly agape and his eyes full of sorrow for his best friend and brother in arms.

"We went everywhere," Beast Boy said, "half the night, wasted away feeling normal." A tear strolled down from his black eye. "I didn't feel ostracized, alone, unaccepted, different in the outside world. She was the only one who I thought saw me as something no one else did." A half grin flashed on his face and the ripples returned over his reflection. "We were on the Ferris Wheel that night," he said, "I thought we were ambushed by Slade then, and continued thinking so for my own peace of mind until just a couple months ago."

Cyborg put his hand on his shoulder.

"I fought for her like a dog while she watched me get beat," he said with a bitter grit. "I felt hurt, betrayed, worthless, but I wanted to believe so bad that it was him, not her, that I let her hurt you, my friends, and ultimately herself in the end." The half smile returned, this time with a dry, dead chuckle. "I guess I answered my own question. I'm really as dumb as the rest of you think I am, right?" The smile faded, turning into hot, bubbling anger that he swallowed with a single manifest. "Cyborg, it was my fault, I was the weak one, the disrespected, the fool, the expendable," he said venomously, "but not now, never again."

Garfield wiped some of Wrath's remains from his face. Cyborg saw the chewed nails and picked skin from his friend's hands.

"Yeah, I know," he said, "you don't need to worry about it." Beast Boy brushed Cyborg's hand off his shoulder, quietly floating toward the tower.

Cyborg followed him, wondering what else he'd been bottling up. "Gar," he said, "we don't have to talk about it now if you don't want to, but just listen for a sec."

Garfield looked back, showing a face Cyborg had never seen before. So much insecurity. So much sorrow. So much hate.

"I know that dude down there was messing with your mind," he said, "making you think some pretty messed up things about yourself and the rest of us, screwing with your mind, but none of us see you like you think we see you."

"Raven hits me if I talk to her too long," Beast Boy spat.

"She thinks you're the best partner to have in a fight," Cyborg said, "and she thinks you're funny."

"Robin doesn't let me strategize or lead the team."

"And when he screws up?"

"No one takes me seriously," he said, turning away, "even you."

"I'm your best friend," Cyborg reassured him, "and if none of us took you seriously, you wouldn't be on the team."

"Then act like it," Beast Boy warned him coldly, entering the window. He shot a glare at Raven, a look of rage in his eyes the demon knew all too well.

"Beast Boy," Raven said, "whatever Wrath made you think, say, or do, it was all just to make you lose focus of the fight. I never expected you would be able to-"

"Win?" Beast Boy sniped. "Yeah, you and everybody else."

Raven's unfeeling, cold heart she fought to keep that way twinged a little. "Do you… want to talk about it?"

The words swelled up in his throat, and he kept his mouth shut to keep them down. He used comedy for a reason, but the longer he stared at her the harder it was to bottle it up. "I don't care what you think of me, annoying, idiotic, childish" he said, balling up his fists and stomping. "Okay, I do care, a lot," he bit his tongue, wanting to kick himself harder than Wrath did to him earlier, "what I'm saying is that your father can take you only when I'm dead."

Raven watched him trudge to his room in stunned silence, cringing as he slammed the door. Cyborg sat down next to her, just as surprised by the reversal of character as she was. "So," Cyborg said, "who was he, and what did he do to Beast Boy?"

Raven slumped forward, hugging her knees with her arms. "He's my brother, Wrath. He knows all your insecurities, your anxieties, and your fears, all to humiliate you while he kills you. Beast Boy's the only one I know who overwhelmed him after that much exposure. His presence, naturally, increasing the urge to kill. What Jared said might not have been real, but what Beast Boy felt was."

"What does that mean, Raven?" Cyborg said, the realization hitting him like a sandbag. "You're not telling me he's one of the Seven Deadly Sins, are you?"

Raven nodded reluctantly. "If he's here, then the other five are here as well, that explains why my attacks were useless against him."

"Are those what the tattoos indicate?" Victor asked.

"They neutralize my spells from our realm," she said, "my father had these runes placed on me in case I defected, so that my brothers could find me and bring me to him without a fight."

"Then I guess they'll just keep coming until one of them succeeds," Cyborg said.

"We have to find them and take them out," Raven said, "if my father decides to come sooner, he can use any one of his sons as the gate."

The idea of "sooner" put a gray hair on his bald head. One of his sons acting as a messenger was enough of a reminder that they were living on borrowed time. "Then, why you?"

"Grezethoth, Nosferath, Malzus!" she chanted, the searing heat on her skin cutting her spell short. She cursed under her breath. "I'm the original deadly sin, Trigon coming through me means he gets to bring every legion, every demon, general, and prince of ever plane of Hell with him."

"The original deadly sin," Cyborg said softly, already feeling overrun. "Who… are you?"

"I'm Pride," Raven said flatly, putting it all on the table. "My father thought I was going to be the one, and I thought by escaping his grasp I could leave my role in the end behind." She turned to Cyborg, her eyes wide and glossy with tears. "I'm so sorry for this, for everything."

Cyborg put his arm around her, pulling her in close. "You have nothing to apologize for. We're going to send Trigon back to the hole he came from, and afterwards we're going to get some pizza. You heard Gar, we're going to see this through." Raven found his smile comforting. "Okay?"

Beast Boy stomped back out of the room with his finger up in the air. "And another thing, I never get to decide what kind of pizza we get, so what if we never get Tofu and vegan cheese on a full pizza, maybe you guys would like it!"

Cyborg and Raven sat again in stunned silence, wide eyed and apprehensive for what he was about to say next. "Uh, Rae?"

"Wrath's effects are wearing off," Raven said, one of her tears from earlier strolling down her cheek, "he won't even remember anything after it completely goes away."

"In the meantime," Cyborg said, "how do we find the rest of your brothers?"

Raven stood up, pacing the room biting at her nails. "Trigon likes to keep his gates hidden, to strike without warning or probable cause, this keeps his gates from being found."

Cyborg leaned against the wall, folding his arms. "Well, that makes our job interesting; if I had a DNA sample-"

"You wouldn't be able to link it to the others," Raven said, "these are the spawn of Trigon, all with different mothers. Each of them has a full name, and some of them might be walking among us at this very moment."

"Wrath did say while I pounded him into the dirt that they feared Kami," Beast Boy said, "Piccolo would know where to find them since their ki signature shouldn't change."

"No, that's a great idea," Raven said, "if he can link that signature to us, we can find them one after the other. Where is he now?"

Cyborg opened a holographic map on his arm, tapping a Piccolo sprite at the bottom of the screen. The map left the cluster of three circles in California all the way to a yellow dot in Asia. "A mountain range near Tibet, Wrath also said he had guys keeping the Z-Fighters busy, but if Gar said that Kami used to hunt them, I'd say he's meditating."

"Then we need to find him, ASAP," Raven said, wiping the tears from her face. "Beast Boy, do you want to come?"

Beast Boy stomped up to her, feeling the effects of Wrath pinpoint on the tears and pushing him into a tight embrace. Raven no longer felt anger from him at anything anymore, just sadness, but still, this didn't burst her bubble, it teared it to shreds. "Don't cry."

Cyborg's jaw hit the floor at the act Beast Boy had just committed, under the influence of a demon or not.

Raven's face turned beet red and her hands turned black with spell energy. "Garfield?"

Beast Boy shook his head, looking at Cyborg and the broken glass curiously. "Uh, hey Cy?" he said, his voice returning to what it was before.

"Yes?" Cyborg said slowly.

"W-what am I doing?" He looked down over her shoulder, seeing him wrapped tightly around Raven's body. His face turned white with fear and he screamed, reeling back and climbing up the wall like a cat. "Raven?! I don't- I can't-" He melted onto the couch, flinching for the always expected demon punch. "Sorry," he said in a drawn out, apologetic tone.

Raven's eyes burned red with an anger all her own. "Do not do that again," she hissed, turning toward the window, "and treat your eye before you go, don't get it infected."

Beast Boy blinked with his good eye. "Go where?"

"Just get it cleaned," Raven snapped, "we need to hurry."

Garfield figured she'd clue him in on the way and ran toward the bathroom.

"And Garfield," she said, seeing him run around the corner. "You are smart, mature, and only moderately annoying."

Cyborg slapped himself.

The sink stopped and Beast Boy slowly leaned back with a terribly confused expression. "I- I'm sorry, could you say that again?"

Raven turned away again, putting her hood over her head to hide her blush. "No."

"I had the sink faucet running!" he said. "Is this about where we're going?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Just hurry up."