Finding me on AO3 + P..atreon News

Ok I am assuming many of you can not find me on Archive Our Own aka AO3. So here is a link for all of you to type/copy & paste. All you need to do is remove the brackets, spaces and the word dot

archive of our own (.dot) org / users/ xXIyra16Xx

Also I have created a p..atreon for anyone interested. There are 2 tiers:

$2 tier for Week early access to new fanfic chapters before its posted on AO3 and tumblr

$5 one-shots (word count varying from 5,000-7,000)

And for those that have never used Archive of Our Own in order to get an email about new fanfic chapters you have to subscribe to the story. The subscribe button is usually at the top of the page before the story chapter.

So yeah that's about it.

Hope to see you on Archive of Our Own.