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As soon as she reached the common room she ran upstairs tears spilling down her face. Slamming the door to her room behind her, none of what was supposed to happen this year happened. Threatened by Lucius Malfoy, being second fiddle to that twit of a professor, having her emotions toyed with by Severus. That last one hurt the most and cut the deepest, did he really resent her that much or was it just an honest mistake. He had always been jealous of James Potter due to Lily, but he wasn't the only one Snape held a jealous torch for, Sirius Black was on that list too. The thought of Sirius made the purple haired girl sob harder. She would never see him again, locked away in Azkaban for all eternity for betraying the Potters to Voldemort and killing Peter Pettigrew. Dahlia couldn't believe that he would do anything like that, he was gentle and kind.

Dumbledore's niece pushed the unpleasant thoughts aside; no time to dwell on them. Albus would be round to pick her up so they could leave soon and she still had to pack. The task seemed almost unsurmountable. Robes and books with stray pieces of parchment strewn about, smart as a whip but not the slightest bit tidy. The chaos of the room actually made her think better, gave her comfort, like the study at home. If there was one good thing about being forced to leave she would get to see her father again. She missed him, they corresponded every week, sometimes more than once, but a letter by owl is no match for a fatherly embrace. That's what she would look forward to, seeing Aberforth again. She could cry on his shoulder about Snape and to a degree Lockhart, which the younger Dumbledore sibling found rather amusing.

Letting out a sigh she stared out her window for a few moments, taking in the breathtaking scenery, it was a clear and quiet night. Turning back to her mess she let out a breath pulling out her wand, "Tergeo."

All her books, robes, and parchment straightened up and moved into her trunk. A sheepish smile scrawled across her mouth, not such an impossible task after all. Now more waiting, the thing she dreaded most, being in the quiet to have all the thoughts that had more or less been pushed away just waiting at the edge of her mind for a silent moment to return.

A clap of thunder interrupted her pending thoughts and clouds rolled across the dark and starless sky. Something was happening, something that would change things, whether for good or worse couldn't be determined. She watched the massive clouds roll form her window when her door opened and her uncle came in.

"What's happened?"

"Ginny Weasley has been taken, the governors thought it best that I stay on," a sly smile crossed his lips.

"What do we do Albus," Dahlia asked her eyes wide with fear.

"We wait my dear niece; all will be clear by morning. Sleep if you can," he said turning to move out of her room.

"Albus," she called to him, "wait, why?"

"Sleep Dahlia, you've been through enough tonight," he moved to her side on her bed, "you must have faith that all that can be done is being done as we speak," he put a comforting arm around her, "I can send you home if you wish."

Disbelief took over the headmaster's niece, "Home? How do you know what happened?"

Albus gave her a knowing side glance, "You should know nothing happens without my knowledge. Sleep Dahlia, you need it," he kissed her forehead and left her room silently.

The girl sat on her bed looking confused at the closed door. This wasn't the first time and certainly not the last time that Albus Dumbledore would leave her flabbergasted in the wake of advice. Still bewildered at the suggestion of sleeping and waiting, but she trusted him, the elder Dumbledore had not led her astray in the past. It seemed that the exhaustion over the day and everything that transpired over the past months had laid itself heavily on the lilac haired assistant as she dropped her head on her pillow and almost instantly fell asleep.

A dreamless and restful sleep overtook the young witch until first light poured into her room waking her. Not even bothering to straighten her hair Dahlia bolted to her uncle's office. Whatever he couldn't tell her last night he surely could this morning. The door was closed but outside was a pacing Molly Weasley.

"Molly?" Dahlia said softly approaching the red head.

Mrs. Weasley stopped her pacing and gave a friendly smile to the purple haired girl, "Dahlia dear," she opened her arms for a hug which Dahlia gladly accepted. Molly's hugs were famously amazing and warm and to be on the receiving end of one made your day. "Are you alright?"

Dahlia had to think a little longer than normal, so much had happened, she looked into the bright hazel eyes of the Weasley matriarch and knowing that her family had been through more, decided against telling her the whole truth. "For the most part," she smiled slightly, "is Ginny ok?"

"Yes," worry lines creased in her forehead as she spoke, "awake and talking to your uncle along with Harry and Ron."

A revelation came to the teaching assistant, "of course, Harry, that's what he meant."

"I'm sorry dear?"

Dahlia shook her head, "Nothing, just making sense of my uncle's riddles," a light laugh passed through her lips and Molly gave an amused smile.

The door opened to Ginny and Ron leaving Dumbledore's office. Ron had papers in his hand, most likely Hagrid's release papers and Ginny was escorted off by Molly as Ron headed to the owlery. Dumbledore's niece let out a light sigh; it looked as if things were going back to normal. Straightening her appearance she turned to see Madame Pomfrey running up to her.

"Miss Dumbledore," she said slightly hurried, "I was wondering if you could assist me."

"Of course Poppy," she agreed and followed the nurse down the hallway.

Lucius Malfoy met them halfway down giving Dahlia a sneer as she passed him but said nothing. The little victory that she was still here and he had to see it was enough for her and a massive grin was plastered on her pretty face.

Once the pair reached the hospital wing, Dahlia found out why Madame Pomfrey had called her. Gilderoy was sitting on a bed looking completely confused and bewildered at his surroundings. The smile was replaced with concern as she looked upon the DADA professor wondering what happened to him.

"He was hit with a memory charm," Poppy said pulling her to Lockhart, "poor man doesn't remember a thing; I thought maybe you could help him."

"I will certainly try," Dahlia said a bit unsure. Memory charms are permanent and can almost never be reversed. She approached the blonde cautiously, "Gilderoy," she said and he turned to her voice.

"Hello," he said looking at her somewhat disheveled appearance, "is that my name, silly isn't it?"

Dahlia smiled at his almost childlike innocence, "Yes, that is your name, Gilderoy Lockhart."

He took a good look at her, almost as if he remembered her, "You are beautiful," he said, "your hair looks just like a dahlia," he leaned in, "that's what your name should be, Dahlia."

Laughter erupted from her mouth as she looked at this utterly ridiculous man. The girl laughed for nearly five minutes and Gilderoy looked as if he had offended her. She came to her senses, "It took a memory charm to backfire for you to remember my name." She kissed his forehead, "I think you'll be just fine, if I may suggest writing a book," she winked at him and walked out of the wing laughing to herself, not only did it take him forgetting everything to remember her name the promise that he would end his term like Quirrell had come true. "That man really knows everything."