The meeting has the air of being rushed, and the people all seem stricken by the situation, when Tikki enters, carrying the computer and projector.

"Who is that?" one woman asks, nervously.

"She's known as Tikki. She's the woman who acts as a keeper for the Ladybug."

"The Ladybug?"

"World's greatest detective."

"Silence," Tikki says, softly, gently. Nobody in the room is foolish enough to disobey, a hush falling over the crowd. Tikki opens up the computer, holding a microphone to the speakers. A ladybug shows up on the screen, and a scrambled voice begins to speak.

"I am the Ladybug," the voice says. "I have decided to take on the Chat Noir investigation. I will require the cooperation of the Parisian police force. Are they willing to work with me?"

Tikki turns to the Parisian force. A woman with neatly combed hair in a ponytail nods. "We will," Bridgette Agreste promises.

"Good," the Ladybug says. "Because I have a video that absolutely must be broadcasted. Can you do that, Miss Agreste?"

The woman nods. "Of course, Ladybug."


"Hey, kid! There's a message for you!" Plagg laughs. Adrien looks up from the notebook, finishing off the final letters of another name.

"This better be good," he frowns. "I'm less than fifty away from passing the thousand mark."

"Turn on your tv, kid."

Adrien takes the remote, and flips it on. There's a man onscreen, talking.

"My name is Theo Barbot," the man says calmly. "And I am Chat Noir."

Adrien's jaw drops. "What?!"

"I am the new benevolent god of the world. As I have recently demonstrated my power, I have proven that I can kill whoever I wish, whenever I wish. As such, if the world does not do as I say, I will become decidedly less benevolent."

Plagg cackles as Adrien's knuckles turn white. "This man is giving Chat Noir a bad name. I'm a hero, not some asshole with a god complex!"

"As such," the man grins. "You will all swear fealty to me, or be destroyed!"

Adrien shakes with rage. "No. Nobody will swear fealty to this monster. I'll destroy him instead..."

He begins penning the name, but Plagg stops him. "This could be a set-up..."

"Doesn't matter. I'm getting rid of evil, and anyone who uses my name to threaten people is evil." He finishes off the name, and waits... before adding a tiny addition to the death.

The man cries out, and gasps. "No... no, I'm a liar... Chat Noir is..." He slouches over the desk, dead of a heart attack. The screen instantly goes blank.

"So. You are in Paris," the voice sounds amazed. "I wonder if you have green eyes as well?" The laugh is hysterical, and Adrien feels his hear skip a beat.

"They're right," Plagg smirks. "Your eyes are green."

"Yes, yes I'm aware of that!"

"Just saying."

He shivers. The voice continues.

"So, you've just confirmed that you're in Paris, and moreover, don't have to be on sight to murder. Very interesting. My name is, as far as anyone knows at least, Ladybug. I'm going to fight against you with everything I've got. Are you going to kill me next?"

He tilts his head. "No. I couldn't, but I don't care to anyway. Not until you're an actual threat."

"You won't, because you need a real name to kill. Isn't that right?"

"An actual threat, huh?" Plagg snickers. "Well aren't you pious?"

"I'm a hero," he snaps. "I want to get rid of evil... and she does happen to be right."


"Ladybug sounds like a name a guy would choose to you?"

"I don't know what it is with you humans and your obsession with gender. It doesn't matter."

Adrien sighs. "Yeah, well." He rubs the back of his neck. "Anyway. She's smart, I'll give her that, and if she seems like she poses a real danger to this, then I suppose she'll count as evil. A villain, if you will. But until then, I'll deal with what I have to deal with."

Plagg smirks. "You're going to die pretty soon, I think. And right before you do, I'll write your name in that book."

Adrien rolls his eyes. "Stop." A slow smile begins to spread across his face. "She's smart. And clearly got a sense of justice. And she'll certainly make things interesting, won't she?"

Across the city, Marinette is thinking much the same thing. "Oh yes, Chat Noir. The judgement. This is going to be interesting."

"I'll find you Ladybug."

"I'll find you Chat Noir."

Their voices coincide as they murmur. "At last... a real challenge."


Marinette sighs, looking out the window again. "So, according to the times of the deaths, Chat Noir seems like they're a student. I'd guess middle school or high school... somewhere around my age."

"Are you sure this isn't wishful thinking?" the woman looks worried.

"Tikki, look at the times. They match up. I mean, sure, there are deaths during the school day, but look how much fewer. At the very least, it's a theory to consider."

Tikki looks out the window. "Why are you always watching that lately? The view doesn't change all that much."

"I just... I've been working for the world since I was a kid. I've seen the worst it has to offer. Is it that strange to want to know what, exactly, I'm protecting?"

"I suppose not," Tikki admits. "We'll look into the high school student theory. But we are disregarding eye color, understand?"

Marinette gives a slight smile. "Yes, I understand. Thank you Tikki."


He reaches the thousand mark. She begins planning ways to trap him.

They both smile in amusement as the light fades from the day. "I'm going to find you."