Sometime later they landed on another uninhabited planet. Anakin randomly asked Percy, "Do you know about swordfighting?"

"Huh?" Percy asked, caught slightly off guard. "Please repeat that?"

"I asked you whether you knew how to sword fight," Anakin said, wondering if maybe he had said the wrong term? After all, he didn't really remember what the term was. He was pretty sure it was 'sword fighting' though.

"Oh, yeah. I have a sword," Percy said, taking out his pen. "You?"

"Yep," Anakin replied, taking out his lightsaber hilt. "So you have a ... pen," Anakin was sure it was called that.

"And you have some weird metal thingy," Percy said. "Are you sure this isn't a throwing contest? Cuz if you throw that at me I can probably hit it away."

Anakin raised his eyebrows. "I don't think I will miss."

"You can try to hit me," Percy said.

"Do or do not there is no try," Anakin said, quoting Yoda. "That was just something one of the Council members said. Ready?"

"Yes," Percy replied. "On the count of three? One, two, three!"

Anakin threw his lightsaber at Percy (why would you anyways). Percy ducked, but Anakin used the Force to retrieve it.

"How?" Percy trailed off.

Anakin threw the lightsaber again, using the Force to avoid Percy's ducking and pen swinging.

"Got you!" Anakin said triumphantly. "Now can we sword fight, or do you want to throw yours?"

"I'll throw. The sword." Percy uncapped his pen. Then he threw it at Anakin, with the blade spinning extremely fast. Anakin just caught the handle like it was a piece of cake. Or something because you can't really catch cake, Percy thought.

"How did you do that?" Percy asked. "Catching the handle, I mean."

"My cool powers," Anakin said with a slight smile. He looked at the sword. "Anaklusmos?"

"Riptide," Percy said. "I have cool powers too, you know."

"For example?" Anakin asked.

"I can control water," Percy said mysteriously. He summoned some nearby water, made it into a ball, and shot it at Anakin. Anakin made a pushing gesture and the water ball was diverted around some sort of shield.

"So that's you power?" Percy asked. "Invisible shields against water?"

"No," Anakin said more mysteriously than Percy. "But you will find out soon. Friends?"

Percy nodded. "Friends."

Where the title comes into play. :)

- Kilada