Hi guys! So, this is the story Brought Together, Forced Apart by Tattooed Wings. I PM'd her and she told me (sorry I'm just assuming that Tattooed Wings is a girl) that I could adopt the story. I will be posting her six chapters that she wrote, with slight edits, and then I will start adding my own chapters. Also, I will be adding a new chapter in between some of hers, and I will tell you in my A/N if that's the case.

Max's POV


"Max, I'm sorry, but she is a better leader than you, a better mother too," Angel said, staring at me with her big, blue, evil eyes.

"H-how can you say th-that?" I stuttered in shock. The rest of the Flock, the original Flock, had called a Flock meeting. I'd sat down in the living room and this is what I heard out of Angel's mouth. I've changed her diapers, I taught her to fly, I risked my life for her, for all of them. And they choose her over me? Their leader, their sister, their mom, their family? She's a clone of me for crying out loud! She's me, I'm her. We're both good leaders. The only different is I'm theirs.

Ever since Fang came back with his gang the flock started acting strangely, always asking for 'Maya' instead of 'Max'. I was just too blind by trust to see where that was headed. The only people that I ever trusted betrayed me. What does that tell you? It tells you that there's only one person you can trust and that's yourself.

"Max…" Fang whispered silently from the corner. I felt tears prick my eyes as I turned to glare at him. This was all his fault. Before I gave him any chance to say anything I turned toward the open window behind me, the cool breeze on my face calming me a little. We had gotten rid of the screen when we got the house.

"She's better than you," Iggy squeaked from the couch. I turned to look at everyone, waiting for someone to bust a gut laughing. For someone to say it was all a joke and I fell for it. But that never happened. Of course, it's my life, so that wouldn't have happened. I'm just a bad luck magnet.

"Nudge?" She turned away from my sad and desperate gaze. This was not happening, not again.

"Please, leave." I couldn't believe that, that was all she said. For once, I wanted motor mouth Nudge back.

I turned on my heel and right before I jumped out the open window I whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, "You'll regret this," I was barely able to choke out the last part, " let's hope we never meet again."

It's been three months since I left and I'm doing perfectly fine. Sort of. I have a new family now. We have three 16-year-olds, me, Jade, and Storm. Then Venus and Flame are both 15. Finally, Shade and Coral are 14, our youngest. We call ourselves the 'Flying Elements'. It's our little inside joke, one that only we'll fully understand. And that's exactly what we want. When the flock kicked me out I changed. I gained several new powers too. It's like being with them was holding me back. Not any more. Now I have telekinesis, control over water, fire, air, and earth, I can still breath underwater, I can go invisible, and I still have my hyperdrive speed when I'm flying.

I made six new friends in my new Flock. Jade's my best friend, though. She understands me, and I understand her. We're like soul twins, always knowing the other person's thoughts and feelings. That might be because of Jade's power, though.

Jade is like the girl version of Fang mixed with Nudge (scary thought). She has long, straight, raven black hair, but instead of dark brown eyes she has jade green eyes with gold speckles. Her wings are black with little tiny gold dots around the bottom. She can read people's minds and control their emotions. Downside of the emotion part is that she doesn't really know what she's feeling most of the time. She, too, can turn invisible so of course that leads to us playing pranks on everyone. She also has control over fire and earth.

Storm has longish dark brown hair that covers most of his beautiful gray eyes. Wait… forget I said that. He has wings look like storm clouds, hence his name. Obviously, he has control over the weather. Storm can also make force fields, if it's really big then it won't last long, but if it's small then it can last quite a long time. However, it constantly takes energy to maintain so he usually makes small ones for a short amount of time. I really wouldn't want to get him mad, because well, let's just say he has a bad temper.

Flame was originally named Blaze by Venus but he thought it was a horrible name for a guy so he changed it to Flame, we're still thinking of names for him. Sometimes we call him Sunny. He has blazing red Hayley Williams hair only shorter, on a boy, and it wasn't dye. He has gold eyes and everywhere we go everyone who's rude enough and brave enough asked if he wore contacts. I can't tell you how many times we've yelled NO! in everyone's faces. Flame could control (if you don't already know it then that's a fail) fire and he was pretty good at it, but like for me and all the others, it wasted a lot of his energy.

Shade is actually kind of scary, with his power. He has power over shadows, hence the name. That means he can shadow-travel, like that character from Percy Jackson. What was his name? Oh yeah, Nico. (I'm obsessed with PJO, sorry if it shows in my writing.) Shade has blond hair that has moss green on the tips (he usually spikes up his hair so we also call him Spike) and bright green eyes. Shade can also make illusions, like make something appear there but not really be there. Like a hologram.

Venus has shoulder-length, dark purple hair and dark blue eyes. She can control the element air, and let me tell you, her temper is even worse than Storm's! But we love her anyway, she makes every day a pain in the butt, but she also makes it different than any of the others. She can also change the temperature, see in the dark, and has super awesome hearing; better than the flocks, almost better than mine. Key word: almost.

Coral is a sweet girl and I really hate that the scientists messed with her DNA, but I'm also a little glad that they did because if they didn't she wouldn't be here now with us, in my new family. She has blond hair with blue and green highlights. Her eyes are the color of the purest ocean and the color of Neptune. You can only guess what her element is. That's right! The ocean or water! She's our little mermaid, minus the tail.

Right now Coral and Venus were talking about the latest J-14 magazine; they were huddled together on a couch laughing at each others comments. I smiled, glad to see everyone happy right now. Shade was nowhere in sight, and that worried me. He's usually not that bad, but the key word is usually, he has his moments, and they've happened more often.

"Yo, Max!" Storm called running down the stairs like he was being chased by rabid Erasers.

"That's my name, don't wear it out," I said in that stuck up way that the girl in the T.V had just done. He smirked at me and my heart skipped a beat. Wait what?

"You need to stop watching T.V," he replied sitting on the counter stool next to me, his eyes flicking back to the steps as if real Erasers were going to appear out of nowhere.

I laughed and bit into my apple. When I swallowed I turned to him and gave him the so-what-did-you-want-and-why-did-you-call-my-name look. "Well?"

"Yeah umm-" This was not going to end well.

"STORM! I'M SO GOING TO KILL YOU!" Jade yelled from upstairs. I turned to glare at a snickering Storm and a smiling Shade. Where was Flame?

"What did you two do?" I groaned, putting my head in my hands. I knew this one minute of happiness wouldn't last.

"They stole my diary!" Jade shrieked from the bottom of the steps. Okay, now I know why he was running so fast. There is only thing worse than the school, than rabid erasers, and that's a pissed Jade. Don't EVER get on her bad side.

So yeah! This is the first chapter of Brought Together, Forced Apart. This was mainly written by Tattooed Wings, I just edited it and changed some ages and powers.

Fly on,