A/N : Hey guys! This is going to be a doc about Stiles and the rest of the gang in college based off of 6x10. The theme is really them dealing with being away from one another, especially when they start having problems with people and other stuff. Main focus on Stiles and Lydia but also Scott and some OCs. The story will take place in the freshmen year of college with flashbacks of t2+ day drive that Stiles and Lydia took to get to D.C. and Mass. in the first place. Enjoy!

Lydia sighed as she set down the last box and looked up at Stiles. "Well," she said, "you're all moved in. What do you wanna do now?"

Stiles stared up at her and smiled. "Come here for a second and look what I found."

She gave him a curious look and sat down. Out of one of the boxes he pulled out a frame. It was the picture of the nemetom she had drawn all those years ago, still engraved with the 'for Lyida' on the back of it.

"You kept it?" She asked.

"Of course I kept it."

She smiled down into it as he handed it to her and continued unpacking the boxes. "It is a pretty tree " she said.

"Especially cause you drew it." He replied back.

"Where you gonna put it?"

"On the desk." Stiles responded lost in thought. She walked over to him and lifted his chin up to meet her eyes and kneeled done in front of him. "Stiles," she asked ,"what's wrong?"

"I don't I mean all of us are going to be alone. Scott has Malia but they're both all the way across the country. You're going to be seven hours away. What if something happens?"

"Nothing is going to happen. Scott has Malia, Liam, Hayden, Mason, your dad, and all the others. Nothing is going to happen to me in Massachusetts. Why don't you tell me what's actually wrong?"

Stiles looked at her. "What about us? We're going to be 200 miles apart. I mean, I read up the statistics of people keeping a long distance relationship and-"

"Stiles I'm not loosing you. No matter what."

"Yeah but like what if a hot, muscalr motorcycle dude just sweeps you off your feet and carries you off into the sunset and you realize what a weakling I am."

Lyida' laughs beside herself. "Stiles, you are the only one for me, weakling or not."

He smiles at her and suddenly feels that everything might work out okay.

Scott helps Stiles put the rest of the boxes into the back of Lydia's car. Ever since high school ended, the two have spent almost all of their time together trying to make up for lost time. And time that they were going to loose. Scott shut the trunk and walked back inside to the Stilinski household to see Noah and Lydia laughing.

"What's so funny?" Stiles asked.

"Just swapping embarrassing stories about you. " Noah said.

"Your dad has quite a few." Lydia agreed making Stiles turn a little red.

"Well that's just fan-freaking-tastic." Stiles muttered with a sigh.

"So when are the rest of the guys going to be here?" Stiles asked Scott as he walked in.

"Liam, Mason , Corey, and Hayden are going to stop by in about twenty minutes. Malia and Peter are going to be here soon and my mom and Chris are going to be here in an hour." He responded.

"So, your mom and Chris. Is that a thing now?" Lydia asked Scott hesitantly

"Yeah I guess so. As long as she's happy I am. It's just a little wired..." Scott responded.

"You mean your mom dating Allison's dad." Sties said softly.

"Yeah." Scott said.

Lydia took this opportunity to change the topic. "So..." She said, "what about you and Malia?"

"What do you mean about me and Malia?"

"Yeah what about him and Malia?" Stiles asked confused.

"Oh come on. The sexual tension between the two of you is making me physically sick."

"I... uh..." Scott said looking towards Stiles. "I didn't uh..."

"Oh come on Scott. Admit it." Lydia said.

Scott was about to defend himself when Stiles interrupted him.

"Dude you totally like her don't you."

"Maybe! I don't know! Look with everything going on, just... don't say anything okay. Malia and I are both staying here so if we have anything... we'll work it out. Just not right now."

"Okay. But it will come out. Trust me." Lydia said putting her arm around Stiles's waist making Scott smile.

In an hour all of their guest arrived and their was a large gathering in the Stilinski drive way. Liam, Mason, Hayden, Corey , Mason, Malia, Scott, Melissa, Chris, Noah and Natalie all stood facing Stiles and Lydia who were standing by the car hands linked.

"Okay guys, so as you all know, Lydia and I are saying our final goodbyes." Stiles said. "We just wanted to say how much each and every one of you has paid a vital part in our lives and how much we both are going to miss you."

"We're gonna miss you both too." Scott said.

"We love you all so much." Lydia said with tears in her eyes. "And we just want you to know that if you need us, we are just a phone call away."

"And that goes for all of you." Stiles said pointing to the small group. "Especially you dad." Stiles said with a wink making the group laugh.

"You wish." Noah responded.

"Well that's the end of our speech." Stiles said. "Go home kids." The group laughed again and Stiles and Lydia bagan giving hugs. Stiles chatted with Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey about tips for dealing with any possible threat and Lydia talked with the rest of them about her college plans. Scott left the chatting group and pulled Stiles away form the crowd. "Look man, if you need anything, anything at all, you call me. Okay?"

"Dude, I'll be fine."

"Just... promise you'll call okay?"

"Yeah dude, I promise. What's going on?"

"You and Lydia are going to be on the other side of the country and I can't protect you. That's scares the hell out of me. What if something happens to you? To Lydia? I'm still alpha, no matter how far away I am."

"Scott, Lydia and I are going to be fine. If anyone should be worried it should be me and Lydia with you, Malia, and the rest of the rest of the gang still is that weird ass town."

"I guess we're both a little scared , huh?"

"Let's not be. Let's enjoy this okay?" Stiles said.

"Yeah." Scott responded pulling Stiles into a hug.

"I love you Stiles."

"Love you too Scott."

They depart and Stiles makes the rest of his goodbyes. He gives hugs to Liam and the rest of his friends, making them promise to text him to keep him in the loop. His goodbye to Malia is bittersweet, they gives and Malia told him to call. He gave a quick handshake to Chris and a hug from Melissa who makes him promise to text her. He gives a quick handshake/side hug to Natalie.

Saying goodbye to his dad was a lot tougher then he thought it would be. They hugged for a while and then the sheriff broken the hug and put his hands on Stiles's face. "Son, you call me no matter what. Text me even every day. I want to know everything okay?"

"I promise, dad."

"You have made me so proud and I love you with everything I have Stiles. "

"I love you too dad."

They break apart and everyone leaves leaving Scott, Lydia, Stiles, and Noah all alone in the driveway. "Scott, look after my dad okay? Make sure he watches his cholesterol. "

"I'm right here, Stiles." Noah said.

"Good. Know that I'll be coming for you if Scott tells me you even looked at a hamburger."

"Got it. Now you two are going to be late, get out of here. "

"Go away. " Noah said.

"We're leaving now, Mr. Stilinski." Lydia said smiling at Stiles. With one last hug to the both of them, Stiles and Lydia got into the car. Before they could pull out, Stiles get a chance to roll down the window.

"Scott! Watch out for Roscoe!" He looked at Scott's confused face. "My Jeep!" He shouted. Scott laughed and shouted back "Don't worry! I'll treat him great!" He shouted back.

And with that both Lydia and Stilss drove away.

Lydia had been gone two days when Stiles's roommate showed up for the first time. He had met him on the George Washington website a couple months ago and the two seemed to get along fine.

"Stop! You're hurting me!" A young voice yelled.

"It's fault you're weak!" Another rang out.

"You two are so dumb." Another said.

"That is not a nice word young man!" An older voice said.

"Could you guys please not embarrass me before I even start the first day of college?"

A young man said. Stiles got up as they approached the door with a knock. Stiles opened it to the sight of a kid his age, what looks to be his mom, and three little kids.

"Hi there!" The young man said "You must be Stiles. I'm Tommie Jones." He said sticking his hand out.

"Nice to meet you Tommie." Stiles said.

"This is my aunt Bailey," he said pointing to the other woman, "those two are my cousins Tim and Max" he said pointing to the two boys who were still fighting with one another "and finally my little brother Jude. Sorry to bring the whole family." He said sheepishly.

"No problem." Stiles said clearing the way for the rag tag team to put all of Tommie's stuff down on his side of the room.

After a couple more trips, Tommie said a quick goodbye to his family, promising to text them every night and FaceTime on Fridays. He smiled to them as he shut the door and flopped down on the bed, giving Stiles an apologetic smile.

"Look man, I promise that'll be the last time I bring them here without telling you."

"No it's totally fine. " Stiles said with a smile. "Don't worry about it."

"Thanks, dude. Sorry for complete lack of roommate 101." He smiled. "So what are you studying?"

"Pre FBI." Stiles responded. "You?"

"Law." Tommie responded.

"Looks like we might be working together in the future." Stiles said smiling.

"I look forward to it. You wanna grab a bite at the cafeteria?" Tommie asked.

"Sure. The foods not as bad as it smells, trust me." Stiles responded.

"Thank goodness."

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