He remembered what she felt like. What she looked like. The feel of her short hair through his gloves. The look she gave him before she died. One of fear, and disappointment; betrayal. He had not been able to save her.

Neuro! What are you doing!

Heh, you will see slave, don't ask questions if you cannot immediately comprehend the situation.

But really... What is it that-

Why it's a puzzle of course! Is it not obvious?

-Her bewilderment always amused him, and she overreacted to so many things. Like the demon fish he had left in the hot springs. Really, it wasn't that big a deal, was it?-

Neuro... what?

A human should get it.

-Her hair was silky and short, easy to run his fingers through.-


Try to guess.

-Her lips were stiff, the first time he kissed her. She didn't understand, as she often didn't. His demon ways were just too alien for her world to comprehend, yet she did a better job at it then many other humans would have. But humans did understand kisses, and that was why he did it.-


Yes, that is my name.

I don't get it...

I suppose the human word is 'love'?

-She made a lovely corpse. Sicks on the other hand was not so lovely, after Neuro had finished with him.-

I love you too...