Unsurprisingly, Kon hadn't been able to get off early—in fact, he'd been out even later than expected because of a traffic jam and a Mr. Freeze-driven attack on the convoy transporting Croc back to Gotham—but Tim also hadn't minded all that much. It wasn't uncommon for the unpredictable to interrupt the League's plans, and Tim had actually been kind of thankful for the chance to do some things around his and Kon's room without the rest of the family breathing down the back of his neck.

Kon had stayed on the phone through the entirely of Tim's flatbread and about half of Tim's pint of ice cream, but the transport truck had shown up eventually and he'd ended the call with promises to keep Tim updated on his progress.

Tim hesitated only long enough to eat another four or five bites of his ice cream before he set the tub aside and scooted himself back off of the bed. Another pain stopped him in his tracks for a moment, but three or four minutes later he was grabbing one of the laundry baskets that Alfred had placed inside of the door some time earlier in the day so that he could start folding the clean clothes and towels inside. Alfred had offered to fold them—just like he'd offered to do any number of other things for Tim—but Tim was painstakingly particular about how he wanted his laundry folded, and with all of the new additions that Tim and Kon had acquired in preparation for the baby, it was just easier for him to do the folding by himself.

Besides, it was therapeutic for Tim—made him feel like he was accomplishing something in his restricted state, even if Kon would have to put most of it away after he'd gotten home.

Changing the linens on the bed had taken longer. It was hard for Tim to spread out the sheets and get them flat like he wanted with the size of his belly, but the height of the bed had helped, and Tim knew all of his struggles would be more than worth it in the end. Tim had detoured to the bathroom for a third time after that—the second trip having taken place while Tim was folding the laundry—and then he had taken a half of an hour or so to finish packing the diaper bag for the baby. Tim's "safe" labor date was still two weeks away—and his due date another two weeks beyond that—but he figured that he might as well go ahead and get everything ready for the hospital so that he didn't have to worry about it as they stepped closer and closer to the day.

Personally, Tim was trying very hard not to think about how far along the baby and his body had progressed because the birth plan that Tim had laid out with Dr. Thompkins was not the one that he wanted at all, but it was what Bruce, Clark, Alfred, and Dr. Thompkins thought was best, so Tim had relented…at least for his first labor—Bruce and Alfred had another thing coming if they thought that Tim wasn't going to fight tooth and nail to get his home birth if he and Kon were ever blessed with a second miracle. While Clark had been able to give Tim and Bruce some insight as to what Kryptonian births and babies were like once Bruce had finally been able to convince him to come to the Cave, Tim and Kon still had no idea what to expect once their pup had decided that it was time to come out. Tim's womb clouding over around the second month hadn't helped anything, and Tim had little reason to believe that that the effects of the Kryptonian Cells would stick around after the placenta had been detached and delivered (for the organ was what was allowing Tim's body to absorb and process the cells anyway). Dr. Thompkins wanted Tim at the hospital around the "infinite" number of supplies with the thought process that at least something was going to go wrong, but Tim honestly didn't see the point. The Cave was better stocked and equipped to handle the baby, and either Tim was going to be okay or he wasn't. Trying to explain away the damage to the surgeons or nurses attending to his case would be more trouble than it was worth, and Alfred and Dr. Thompkins would end up being the ones to handle Tim in the long run anyway.

The diaper bag stock had ended with a fourth trip to the bathroom, and once Tim had finished washing the soap from his hands, he'd decided to take a shower in the hopes of relieving some of the mounting stress in his back. Showers had been one of Tim's few comforts as his body and his baby raged war against each other, and it was always nice to dry off afterwards and slip into a clean set of clothes.

Steph had gotten excited and ordered literal trucks full of maternity clothes after she had found out that Tim was pregnant (though, they were only small trucks), and Tim had tried for the first couple of months. He'd gotten up and gotten dressed and put quite a bit of his newfound free time into looking the part of the homebound omega, but eventually Tim had given up and sent most of the clothes off to various second-hand stores and charities throughout the city when he'd realized that a pup didn't make him any more of a "trophy mate" than he was before he'd gotten pregnant. Kon's clothes fit just as well as anything else, and they didn't make Tim feel like he was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tim hadn't meant to fall asleep after he'd crawled his way back up into his and Kon's bed. He was only going to lie down for a moment to catch his breath and relieve some of the swelling in his feet, but the pillows had been so comfortable and Tim had just been so tired… The next thing that Tim knew, though, the hallway door was creaking open and he was blinking his way back to the world of the living as he struggled to sit up underneath of the weight of his stomach.

"…Kon?" he called groggily. "'S 'at you?"

"Yes, love," Kon answered, and Tim felt his panic subside enough that he could flop back down against the mattress as Kon quietly closed the door behind himself. "It's me. Are you okay?"

"Mhmm," Tim gave an incoherent noise of reassurance as he nodded his head against his pillow, and a second later he smiled as Kon's hand smoothed over his hip.

"Good evening, love," Kon brushed a kiss to Tim's forehead.

"Hi," Tim caught Kon's thick fingers between his own and lifted them up to his lips so that he could press sleepy kisses to them as he turned himself over onto his back. "How'd the rest of the mission go?"

"Long," Kon gave a soft snort, but his features stayed relaxed as Tim moved his lips up over the smooth skin of Kon's left palm. "But it's over now and I'm here with you."

"That you are," Tim agreed absently as his stomach muscles peaked through an unexpectedly strong cramp before they released again. "Did everybody else get home okay?"

"Yep," Kon nodded his head. "Jason and Dick are out in Gotham with Dami like they planned, but Cass is already in bed and they should only be out for another hour or two."

"Good," Tim hummed with a satisfied air about himself at knowing his pack was safe before he trailed his kisses up to the scent gland on the inside of Kon's wrist and smiled as he watched Kon's pupils widen in surprise and desire.


"Kon," Tim purred back in what he hoped was a seductive tone, and a fresh wave of his pheromones gave away his intentions as he sank his teeth into Kon's scent gland with a soft moan.

"Are you sure?" Kon raised his eyebrows down at Tim—ever the gentleman—and Tim unceremoniously reached up to grab the collar of his shirt in response.

"Yes!" Tim nodded his head as he broke away from Kon's ever-so-wonderful-tasting skin, and a high-pitched moan followed his consent as he dragged Kon's face down to his own.

"Mmph," Kon gave a guttural groan as Tim's tongue slipped into his mouth and demanded the world, and Tim's hands fell to Kon's t-shirt in a frantic attempt to get the fabric up over Kon's head as Kon pushed himself up on to the bed and crawled his way overtop of Tim's frame.

"What do you—what do you want?" Kon panted as he pulled away from Tim's mouth long enough to pull his shirt over the top of his head. "Tell me what you want, baby, and I'll do it."

"Kisses," Tim threaded his fingers up into Kon's shower-damp hair, and Tim felt his entire being throb as Kon pushed up into Tim's grip with a groan. "I want—I want kisses, Kon. Keep…kissing me…please."

"Okay," Kon agreed, his hands slipping up underneath of Tim's shirt as he leaned back down to plunder Tim's mouth like Tim had requested. "I can—I can do that. I can kiss you for as long as you want."

"Mm," Tim let out another high pitched moan as Kon's body settled back on top of his, and no matter how many times the two had been in the same position before, Tim would never stop being surprised at how good the promise of Kon's knot pressed up against his inner thigh felt. "Kon?"

"What?" Kon's lips and teeth fell down to Tim's jaw and throat so that Tim could speak, and Tim resolutely ignored the growing discomfort in his lower back.

"My shirt—I want it—I want—"

"Off?" Kon guessed, and Tim nodded his head as he shuffled in place and tried to sit up again—wiggling his hips to get a better center of gravity before he finally arched high enough that Kon could get his shirt up over his ribcage. "'Course, love."

"Th-thank you," Tim preened as he fell back down against the pillows.

"'Welcome," Kon hummed, his hands back on Tim's aching belly as he bit and sucked his way into Tim's mouth, and Tim reached up to return the touch—to run his hands up over Kon's abs and chest and down Kon's beautiful sides—only to stop when the motion sent a sharp pain through his stomach.

"Ah!" he gasped, eyes squeezing shut and breath leaving him in a gasp as his shoulders lurched forward and his hands flew to his stomach.

"Tim?" Kon was immediately concerned, and he shifted back to his haunches as his TTK slipped up underneath of Tim's shoulders to help support Tim's weight. "What's wrong? Are you okay? Did the baby break something else?"

"No," Tim shook his head, struggling for breath as tears streaked down his temples. "No—'s just a cramp. I'll be fine—"

"I don't know a lot about babies, but I don't think that's just a cramp, love," Kon argued, his eyebrows furrowing as some of the lust-clouded look bled from his eyes. "I can see your stomach muscles moving through your skin."

"Tha's normal," Tim started to protest, but another noise of pain cut off his words as his stomach muscles flexed even tighter. "A-at th-this time in the-the preg-pregnancy—"

"No," Tim distantly knew that Kon was shaking his head, but Tim was too busy closing his eyes and groaning against the pain to acknowledge the movement or Kon's words. "No, Tim—this really isn't normal. I think you're having contractions. We need to get you to a hospital—"

"Can't be," Tim shook his head, his thighs clamping down around Kon's thighs painfully as his entire torso pulled impossibly tight. "Not s-safe for another t-two weeks—"

"Due for what?" a third voice chirped from over by the door and Tim's eyes snapped open as somebody who was quite obviously not his mate dared to enter their nest.

"An audit," Bart flinched at the unexpected sarcasm in Tim's tone as Tim craned his neck to glare at the speedster, and Tim realized belatedly that Kon must have hit one of their emergency call buttons while he hadn't been paying attention. "What do you think, Bart?"

"I didn't know—"

"I think Tim is going into labor," Kon cut Tim and Bart's squabbling off with a concerned edge to his tone as he continued to run his hands over Tim's slackening frame, and his TTK tickled painfully at Tim's insides as Kon tried to get a feel for what was going on underneath of Tim's skin. "Was he having contractions or doing anything weird earlier?"

"What?" Bart's face screwed up in confusion as he vibrated closer to the bed but very deliberately kept Kon's shoulder and thigh in between himself and Tim's shoulder, and Tim was eternally grateful for that. "No—absolutely, not! He was perfectly fine when I brought him up here, earlier! A little grouchier than normal because the baby was moving around and hurting him, but he would have told me if something was wrong…"

Two sets of eyes slowly fell to Tim's face as realization set in, and Tim found that he couldn't hold either one of their gazes as he sniffed against the tears that were still leaking out of his eyes even though his muscles had relaxed.

"What's going on in here?" Bruce growled from the doorway, but Tim didn't bother looking up at him as he and Alfred stepped into the room. "Somebody hit a call button and there are stress hormones all over—is something wrong?"

"I think your son is in labor," once again it was Kon who answered, and while the words were just a step above a growl, his thumbs were gentle as they rubbed comfortingly against Tim's skin.

"Oh, my," Alfred made a small noise of surprise, and Tim finally forced himself to look up—only to be confused by the second alpha floating behind Bruce, a pair of sweats and a long sleeved t-shirt covering his form instead of a suit of blue and a cape of red no less. "That's quite the accusation, Master Conner. May I ask why…?"

"He's having contractions," Kon answered. "Can you take a look at him—"

"Of course, Master Conner," Alfred eased, deftly stepping in between Bart and Kon as Bart backed a step away so that the butler would have room, and Tim made a noise of discomfort as Kon pushed himself up from in between Tim's legs and climbed back off of the bed. "I hate to be a bother, Master Timothy, but could you possibly scoot a little closer to the edge of the bed?"

"Sure, Alfred," Tim nodded his head as he reached up to wipe some of the tears from his face, and some awkward shuffling later had him laying at the very edge of the bed with his head on a single pillow as Alfred started poking and prodding at his belly.

"So, Master Conner says that you've been having contractions?"

"I don't really know if I'd call them contractions," Tim started to launch himself to a rambling rant about it not being that bad, but Kon's growl from off to his left stopped him.


"Yeah, okay—I'm having contractions," Tim admitted, looking up at the ceiling as not-Kon's fingers brushed over some particularly painful bruises. "Or something that's not right."

"Are they painful?" Alfred asked, his lips pursed in thought as he made certain measurements that Tim didn't even try to follow.

"Well, they hadn't been until just now," Tim mumbled as TTK brushed comfortingly through his hair, and Tim could sense Kon only a couple of steps behind Alfred—hovering worriedly as he watched Alfred work. "I mean I've still been through worse, and it's nothing that I can't handle, but—well—the one I just had wasn't like anything else I've ever experienced."

"I see," Alfred hummed, but Tim knew that Alfred knew Tim's pain tolerance well enough to take Tim's words with a grain of salt. "And how long are they lasting?"

"Not too long," Tim shook his head as he thought back over the mental log he'd been keeping. "Most of them haven't been more than like forty-five seconds, but every few will last a little bit longer. I had one last night that lasted—like—five minutes, but it eased on its own, and none of the rest of them have even lasted half of that amount of time."

"Five—" Alfred's eyes widened in shock—that piece of information clearly throwing him farther off of his guard than it had thrown Timothy—before he readjusted his stance by the bed and looked back down at Tim seriously. "How long exactly have these been happening, Master Timothy?"

"Since about an hour and a half before the team left for the mission yesterday?" Tim wasn't entirely sure what the answer to Alfred's question was—wasn't entirely sure how long he'd been asleep before Kon had come home—but he was fairly certain of that much. "They started out happening like every thirty-eight minutes or so, but they've slowly been getting faster I can already feel a third one coming on, and I've had two others since Kon came in—or, well, I've had one and a half. I think I was coming out of it as Kon woke me up. The full one—the one that Kon felt—was just before you guys came in.

"Well, in that case," Alfred gave another soft sigh as he took a step back from the bed, and Tim closed his eyes as the room held its breath because they all knew what Alfred was going to say. "I'm afraid I have a phone call I need to make. Master Conner, Master Allen—please, finish getting Master Timothy dressed and ready to go. Master Bruce, if you could inform the rest of the family and wake Ms. Cain up while Master Clark goes down to start warming up the car…?"

"Of course, Alfred," Bruce nodded his head, but Tim completely missed what he said next as his back muscles cramped tight and suddenly Kon was back over top of him—the fingers of his left hand replacing the TTK in Tim's hair as the fingers of his right threaded down into Tim's left.

"Kon," Tim whimpered again, squeezing Kon's hand tight as the pain wrapped around the front of his stomach and his muscles visibly started to seize again. "I'm two weeks early. I can't—I can't—"

"Shh," Kon soothed, shifting until he was once again sitting on the edge of the bed by Tim—his torso curled over Tim's chest protectively as he settled their conjoined hands down against his thigh. "You need to focus on breathing right now, Tim."

"But, the baby—"

"Is part Kryptonian," Kon spoke over Tim's noise of pain, and Tim focused on his voice as white-hot pain burned through his insides. "Kryptonian's have different gestational periods than humans do. We have no idea how long this baby needs—"

"Kryptonian's gestate longer than humans do," Tim rebutted with a sharp glare, but his voice was too rough with pain to really carry the weight of his annoyance.

"That doesn't mean I'm wrong, love," Kon completely stepped off script and confused Tim by pressing a kiss to Tim's lips, but Tim was too dazed to do anything other than watch in confusion as Kon turned to respond to Bart's call of his name.

"Hey, SB?"

"Yeah?" Kon's voice was low and distracted, but he very obviously kept his lips pulled down over his teeth to keep from accidentally flashing his canines at the speedster.

"I grabbed a bag out of your closet and shoved it full of some clothes—do you want a clean shirt for Tim?"

"Yes, please," Kon nodded his head, and Tim's attention drifted as he absently nuzzled his face over into Kon's hand, and barely a second later he had unconsciously bitten back down into the scent gland on Kon's wrist. "My thicker sweaters are in the top rectangular drawer on the right, grab me the—the bu-burgundy one. It s-should be warm enough for him. My t-t-shirt should be fine for me. You k-know where are our stuff in the bathroom is?"

"Yep," Tim vaguely grasped that Bart had nodded his head, but Tim was too busy focusing on the taste of Kon flowing over his tongue. Kon's pheromones wouldn't dull the pain forever—more than anything, they just distracted him—but they were offering temporary relief from the anguish that was coursing through Tim's body, and Tim laved his tongue over skin pinched between his teeth as Bart and Kon exchanged a few more words before Kon's lips were brushing against Tim's temple.

"Is it easing?"

"Yes," Tim nodded his head, finally releasing Kon's gland as he lengthened his licks to include the entirety of Kon's wrist.

"We need to get you dressed," Kon's warm lips trailed down to Tim's cheek, and Tim let his eyes flutter closed once again. "If we can get you ready before your next contraction, I can have you down in the car before the next one after that starts."

"I need shoes," Tim turned to kiss Kon's lips as he dropped Kon's wrist and let his right hand fall to his spasm-ing belly again, and Kon's hand settled down onto the side of Tim's face consolingly. "And some socks."

Tim wasn't sure why that was what he was concerned about, but it was the only thought aside from the softness of the bed that Tim could make sense of, so the worry came tumbling out of his mouth.

"Bart's already got them," Kon smiled as he pulled back far enough that he could look at Tim—his eyes sparkling as they flicked over Tim's features—before he leaned down and pressed one last kiss to Tim's lips. "Now, come on."

Kon gave Tim's right hand one last squeeze before he pushed himself back up to his feet and slipped his arms underneath of Tim's shoulders and knees.

"Before you have another contraction and lose your courage."

"Before I have another contraction and lose me courage," Tim agreed as Kon effortlessly settled him back onto the edge of the bed.

A note on scent glands and pheromones: humans, as you may know, have many different endocrine glands throughout their bodies that produce any number of hormones—sexual or otherwise. Similarly—alphas and betas (as I've written them in this story) have many different scent glands throughout their bodies that produce different hormones (because I largely envision scent glands as glorified endocrine glands).

The largest scent gland on an omega's body is the bonding gland located in their throats along side their human thyroid (the ones that I have simply referred to as "scent glands" throughout the narrative). These glands largely regulate the pheromones that others can "smell"—the omega's stress pheromones, and their "alluring" sexual pheromones, for example—and are extremely sensitive to stimuli. A bond (on an omega's behalf) is formed when an alpha quite literally bites down into the organ and the alpha's saliva chemically bonds to the organ and alters the balance and make-up of the omega's pheromones (hence, an omega's scent drastically changes, and being exposed to certain of their alpha's pheromones can physically calm them).

Alphas, by comparison, don't have an enlarged bonding gland in their throat. They do have an "extra" gland there by a beta's standards, but it is roughly the same size as the scent glands down in the wrists and throughout the other parts of an alpha's body. Mostly the smaller alpha gland secretes various hormones and chemicals into the alpha's saliva (those hormones that attach to an omega's bonding gland). The largest alpha scent gland is located in the pelvis, specifically above the part of the pelvis that elongates down into the…manhood (I'm only working with an M rating here). As blood rushes south for an alpha to form an erection, the pelvic scent gland experiences an influx of blood as well, and that is why alphas scent so strongly while aroused. The resulting onslaught of hormones is what leads to the enlargement of the knot into a knot, and the addition of the pelvic scent gland is what leads to the semen overproduction in alphas as well (which, I'm not sure if I've narratively touched on yet, so…spoilers). Some of the other scent glands throughout an alpha's body produce "scent" hormones as well—Tim bites down onto Kon's wrist in this particular chapter for both arousing and calming reasons—but they aren't nearly as prolific as an Alpha's pelvic gland. Omegas have pelvic glands as well, but they are located deeper within the pelvis alongside the uterine cavity (and are essentially what act as the omega's ovarian factories or "colloquially" their ovaries, but that's an explanation for another day).