"What?" Kon looked up.

"I want to name him Jonathan," Tim clarified, tears blurring his vision even as he grew surer of his decision. "Jonathan Bartholomew."

"Jonathan Bartholomew," Kon tried the name as he looked back down at the baby boy swaddled in his arms, and Tim let out a tiny sob at how perfect the two of them looked.

Kon had been taken with the pup the second that the obstetrician had pulled his screaming little figure the last couple of inches out of Tim's body and held him up for the world to see. Tim had been, too—sobbing out unexpectedly as he heard the little wails before the pup was unceremoniously thrust into Tim's arms, and suddenly Tim was staring down at a little, red, writhing ball of blood and good and unhappy flesh—but Kon's reaction had been something else.

From an intellectual standpoint, Tim knew that a lot had happened in the hour or so that had followed the pup crowning, but most of it was a hazy blur filled with nurses, and the baby, and Dick's smiling face.

Tim's labor had been long, and hard, and while the baby was still on the smaller than average side for non-caste babies, Alfred's predictions for the infant's size based on the growth of Tim's stomach were accurate, and Tim had endured the sixteen hours between Kon waking him up and the placenta birth without traditional pain medications. Bruce still wasn't entirely sure why, but Kryptonians reacted negatively to all forms of analgesics, and no body had been willing to experiment on Tim when the baby's life was still at stake. After the baby and the placenta had passed, Dr. Thompkins and Bruce had administered a closer to normal regiment of medications, but without the placenta to process Kryptonian Cells and nutrients, Tim could feel the healing factor of the Kryptonian Cells slowly slipping away.

Tim had been allowed to hold their pup for twenty minutes and administer his first bottle of a couple of ounces of donated breath milk before a nurse had come to gently pry the pup away for the rest of his testing.

Neither Tim nor Kon had been particularly happy about that, but they realized why it was necessary (even if just for appearances sake), and Clark had stealthily followed after the nurse and his grandson under the guise of slipping out to use the bathroom.

Dick, Bruce, and Clark had all three been in Tim's room throughout the entirety of the birth, but Clark had mostly hung back to the sides and left Bruce and Dick to help Kon keep Tim comfortable and motivated while Clark kept a move vigilant eye on the baby and the medical professionals gathered around Tim's lower half. The obstetrician that was in with Dr. Thompkins hadn't particularly liked having so many people in the room, but Tim had refused to proceed without them around, and the extra hands had proven useful when she'd found out that she was only allowed having two of her nurses in the room with her.

Both Bruce and Dick had handled Tim and his obvious discomfort with ease. Dick had stayed on Tim's right as Kon occupied Tim's left, and the alpha had been just as helpful and supportive of Tim as he had always been—giving his hand over for Tim to squeeze and recording video of Tim reverting back into broken Cantonese and French to ream Kon out through the worst of his contractions. Jason, Damian, and the rest of the family had stayed out in the waiting room, but Dick had sent Jason text message updates as often as Dick could, and Dick had slipped out of the room to go update them shortly after the nurse had taken the pup away.

Tim hadn't bothered to keep up with what the rest of the family was doing regardless of the updates that Dick had given him—he'd been too consumed with what was going on with himself and the baby to really care—but Tim knew that they had refused to leave the floor, much to the hospital staff's dismay.

"Jonathan Bartholomew," Kon repeated the name a second time before he looked back up at Tim. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Tim nodded his head as he squeezed Kon's hand tightly within his own, the fingers of his free hand coming up to trace along the soft skin of their son's cheek, and Kon shifted closer so that Tim didn't have to reach so far. The pup stirred in his sleep underneath of Tim's touch and gave a broken yawn before he turned into Tim's fingers and half-nuzzled at them instinctively. "I'm sure."

It was still too early to tell, but Tim knew in his heart of hearts that his pup was going to look just like his paternal daddy. His eyes were still closed, and would remain so for at least another week, but even his elongated pup face was square like Kon's and the tufts of soft black hair on the top of his head could have actually been Kon's from the feel and look of them, and Tim was perfectly okay with that. There were more than enough things in the world that Tim had left his mark and his name on, Kon could leave his on their son.

All parties involved aware of Kon's true heritage had worried about what would happen after the pup had been removed from the safety of Tim's womb, but it hadn't taken very long for Kon to confirm that the baby didn't pose any threats to non-enhanced entities after he'd crowned—at least for the moment. His skin had proven harder to break than a normal human's, but Tim and Bruce had both predicted as such, and Dr. Thompkins had swapped the standard neo-natal supplies for some reinforced ones that Bruce had made when none of the other medical professionals had been looking. The doctors and nurses had also noted that the baby was stronger than he should have been for his size—especially as the offspring of an alpha and an omega—but his strength only equated to that of a small toddler's, so the medical staff involved hadn't asked too many questions. Babies, after all, weren't an exact science.

Both Tim and Kon had been able to feel and sense a light tingle of what could have potentially been TTK pushing against their persons and Kon's TTK as they held and admired the baby. Neither Bruce nor Clark had been able to feel or see it, so Tim and Kon had grudgingly admitted that it was still too early to tell, but Kryptonian "powers" usually fell into a form of dormancy during childbirth as a safeguard for both the baby and the maternal parent, and the strength of him in-womb certainly suggested that powers were going to manifest themselves eventually.

"Jonathan Bartholomew Kent," Tim declared, as he continued to pet his fingers over their pup's tiny face. "After your grandfather and one of our best friends."

"I—I like it," Kon admittedly sheepishly as his eyes tracked over Tim's fingers and their baby's features. "But what about…don't you want to honor Bruce and his parents or whatever it's considered, too?"

"No," Tim shook his head, scooting along the bed with some difficulty until he was right on the very edge of the bed by Kon. "I thought about it, but I want to leave Bruce and Thomas for Damian—in case he would like to pass them on—and I think the only one of us what has the right to take away from him is Dick, even with the truce that Damian and I have developed over the years. I would consider using Damian's name with how amazing he's been over the last couple of months and how amazing I know he's going to be with helping us take care of our little one, but Bart has done a lot, too, and I have a feeling that having two "Damian"s in the same household might get a little confusing. Bruce knows how thankful I am for everything that he's done for me and for the two of us, and he doesn't need me to name my son after him as some kind of substantiation. He'll understand."

"That is very true," Kon hummed his agreement as his gaze flicked up to Tim's. "And your parents?"

"I…I've forgiven them for what they did to me," Tim looked down as he thought about what he was going to say, before he looked back up at the beautiful man who had helped him to come to terms with the very things that Tim had needed to bestow his forgiveness for. "They were doing what they thought was best by denying what I am, and they weren't deliberately trying to hurt me; but regardless of their intentions, they did hurt me—badly—and I don't want them or their legacy anywhere near my son. I will tell him about them, and I will try to show them as much mercy as I can in passing along their story because my father tried to remedy things with me in the end, but having their heritage end with me is the price that they will pay for their crimes. I will not force the hate and resentment that their family showed me onto my children. Ever."

"Okay," Kon nodded his head as he reached up to guide Tim forward into a chaste but all encompassing kiss. "As long as that's what you want, it's perfectly okay with me."

"It is," Tim nodded his head in confirmation, a fresh new wave of tears stinging his eyes.

"C'mere, love," Kon murmured as he smiled a loving sort of smile and pulled Tim forward for another round of kisses, and Tim just barely had time to smile back before suddenly they were only one. "I love you, Tim. I love you so much. Thank you for my son—our son."

"Oh, Kon," Tim half-choked in return, his own hand coming up to cup Kon's chin as they continued to share kisses. "You're welcome—you're so welcome. Thank you for giving him to me. I love you, too—always have; always will."

"I know," Kon reassured, and coming from anybody else Tim might have felt that the words were arrogant or egotistical, but coming from Kon—in their situation—Tim appreciated them. He appreciated them so damn much that the next set off kisses all ran together until a tiny little squeak of a cry shocked them apart.


Tim's attention immediately fell to the bundle in Kon's arms—the omega searching for and ready to eliminate whatever was causing their son discomfort—but the baby quickly settled down after another yawn and a stretch, and Tim quickly deduced that he had just needed a little more room.

"Here," Tim shifted until he was back in the bed properly and reached his hands back out to Kon and the baby. "Give him to me. I want to hold him for a little bit."

"Okay," Kon nodded, and Tim didn't need to feel the air around him move to know that Kon had enveloped the baby in a light layer of his TTK as he half-stood from his seat to pass the baby over into Tim's arms. It took a little bit of shuffling and situating to get both pup and omega comfortable, but the baby was settled back into Tim's arms after only a couple of seconds of fear on Tim's part that Tim or Kon would accidently drop him and one or two wiggles of annoyance from the baby.

"Hi, there," Tim whispered down at his slightly scrunched and misshaped face, cheeks still wet as he cradled the baby to his chest and gently patted at the baby's back in a move that was so instinctual, Tim didn't even realize he was doing it. Kon hovered over both of the two of them, one hand still on the blankets bundled on the baby's side and stomach—somewhere between mildly concerned and so enamored with the newest addition to their family that he didn't know what to do with himself. "Hi, baby. How are you doing? Are you okay?"

The baby was obviously too young understand what Tim was saying, and Tim knew that, but Tim watched in fascination as the baby's little body squirmed at the sound of Tim's voice. A squeaking coo accompanied the movements, and a second later the baby followed the trail of Tim's scent until his face was half-buried into the hospital gown that covered Tim's chest.

"He's beautiful," Kon murmured, his breath warming Tim's face due to their proximity.

"He is," Tim agreed, reaching up with his non-encumbered hand to readjust some of the baby's blankets. "He's going to look just like you and Clark."

Tim didn't have any doubts.

"We'll see," Kon didn't agree with Tim, but he didn't argue either, and Tim figured that was good enough for the moment. Only time would tell which one of them was right. Regrettably, Tim's breast tissue was too scarred from previous injuries for Tim to breast feed, but a volunteer group would provide donated milk through the hospital until it was safe to switch the baby over to a specialized formula after the two week mark.

Things were quiet for a moment as both alpha and omega watched and listened to the little breaths whizzing in and out of their pup's nose, until Tim let his head fall back to the pillow behind him as it lulled to the side so that he could look up at Kon.

"Hey, Kon?" he asked quietly, his cheeks still damp from the tears he'd shed barely moments ago. "Can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah?" Kon's eyebrows rose as he turned his attention to Tim without hesitation or delay.

"Bite me?"

"'Course," Kon pressed a kiss to Tim's lips as a strong arm settled itself underneath of Tim's to help support the baby. Kon then trailed his kisses down Tim's jaw to Tim's throat, until finally he was sinking his teeth into Tim's scent gland with a light groan. A rush of unexpected warmth washed through Tim, as it always did, and Tim was letting out a breathy sigh as he melted back into the mattress of the bed and willingly succumbed to whatever else it was that Kon wanted to do.

Scenting wasn't something that Tim and Kon did often—in fact, aside from when Tim was in heat, they hardly scented at all, at least when it came to the whole kit and caboodle of Tim offering up his scent gland and Kon complying—but having Kon mark Tim with their son in Tim's arms felt right, and Kon was so bursting full of love and affection that Tim didn't want to fight the instinct.

Tim knew that Kon had never meant anything nefarious by marking Tim. To Kon it was just a show of affection that had nothing to do with society's notions of "possession", but Tim had been deprived of scenting with his parents when he was a child because they had refused his omega status, and therefore the whole concept was a very foreign and painful subject for the smaller man. Accepting his bond with Kon had been easier for Tim, because a mate bond was never really something that he had yearned for until after he'd hit puberty and was surrounded by other, more encouraging role models, but allowing Kon his first bite had taken time. The act of scenting on a familial level was just as instinctual for alphas and omegas as it was for those on a mated level, and to be denied that by a parental figure had been detrimental to Tim's development. His scent gland was extremely malformed from overproducing hormones while he was a child, and the skin and muscles around it were horribly scarred from all of the infection and irritations it had incurred over the years without the exposure to another's pheromones.

As a result, it had taken Tim years to consent to scent with Dick on a brotherly level, and Tim had run away and spent the next two hours uncontrollably sobbing at the influx of hormones and emotions that coursed through his body before Dick had been able to find him and ask what was wrong. Another twenty minutes had passed before Tim had been able to calm down enough to tell him, and no matter how hard Tim tried, he would never forget the way that Dick's face had fallen upon realizing what Tim had gone through right underneath of his and Bruce's noses.

Sharing heats and ruts with Kon had been natural for Tim—a part of their relationship that Tim had yearned for from the very beginning of the unusual courtship—but Tim had pushed off consummating their relationship as bonded mates for as long as he could, because Tim knew that it was the smart thing to do. As in love and chemically dependent as Tim and Kon had already come to be when Kon came back to life, many things had changed in the months since Kon had died, and Tim knew that they needed time to reacquaint themselves with one another before they did something that they were potentially going to regret. Many conversations had followed their initial agreement to enter into a relationship about how they wanted the rest of their lives wanted to go, but the decision to officiate their bond ended up being made in throws of one of Tim's heat, and Tim hadn't really had the time to think about what they were doing or be embarrassed after Kon had started licking and nuzzling at Tim's scent gland before latching on after Tim had tipped his chin and bared his throat in encouragement. Hormones had flowed too quickly and too freely after Kon had finally gotten a good grip, and Tim had been a quivering mess before the consequences of what they'd done could hit him.

Bonding with Kon—taking some of Kon's scent and giving Kon some of his own in return and finally cementing the relationship that they'd been building and the 'pseudo bond' that had formed between the two of them long before either one of them had been old enough to start thinking about such things seriously—had been…it had been ethereal. So all encompassing and soothing to Tim's soul, that Tim hadn't known what to do, and that had scared Tim for a while. He'd never had anyone in his life that he had been able to rely on other than Dick or Bruce, and to finally have that—to feel it in his bones—was overwhelming.

Understandably, it had taken Tim some time to adjust after he'd come back to himself, and Kon had obliged him through out. While Kon hadn't had a parental figure as he was developing, CADMUS had exposed him to both alpha and omega hormones to stimulate scenting with a parent, so nothing about the process had seemed weird for the Kryptonian. Kon had understood where Tim was coming from, though—Tim's abnormal hyper-hormonal reactions were more than enough of a testament to the abuse he'd suffered over the years—and Kon hadn't minded holding back on the scenting aspects of their every day relationship so long as Tim could compromise on scenting during their heats and ruts. Tim had acquiesced that request easily, sharing their bond was important to him too, and after they'd bonded the first time, Tim didn't think he would ever be capable of not bonding with Kon during one of his heats or Kon's ruts.

Tim and Kon's pup changed things, though, as scenting between newborns and their parents helped to familiarize the child with their parents' scents and catalyzed certain chemical reactions throughout the child's body, and Tim found himself hooking his free hand around the back of Kon's neck as he whimpered out his alpha's name.


"Mm," Kon grunted in response, eyelids fluttering as he inched even closer to Tim and extended his bite to include the entirety of Tim's scent gland and not just where Tim was marked. Tim shifted his hand and half-scratched at the base of Kon's skull in response—a gesture that Tim had been amused to find was endlessly enticing for the alpha—and cursed every deity that he could think of that the only thing he could feel below his belly button was pain.

"Kon," the Kryptonian's name slipped past Tim's lips for a third time, resulting in an even harder bite. Tim let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a sigh, and in spite of the amount of pain Tim was in, his legs still fell open even wider than they had been as Kon climbed up onto the bed beside him. Tim was just about ready to demand that Kon start touching him somewhere or let his jeans fall to the ground so that Tim could start touching Kon when—

"Hey, Tim?" somebody knocked on the door and opened it a couple of inches so that they could poke their head into the room. "You awake? I—oh."

"Dick?" Tim slurred as Kon broke away from his neck with a noise of confusion as Tim lifted his head as much as he could to look towards the door. "Dick—'s everything okay?"

"Yeah," Dick nodded his head, shifting about and pulling the door back close to his body so that nobody passing behind him would be able to see into the room. "Everything's fine, baby bird. Jason and Dami were just getting tired from where they've been up all day, so they were wondering if they could come visit for awhile before they go home to get some rest, but I can tell them that you aren't feeling up to having company just yet, and they can go home now and come back later—"

"No," Tim shook his head, simultaneously trying to answer his eldest brother's question and clear his head at the same time. Tim shifted the baby to his left arm without even thinking, and reached down with his right to try to push himself back up into a more acceptable position for entertaining the rest of the family from where he'd fallen while Kon was biting him. Seconds later, he felt Kon's hands back around his body to help him, while Kon shifted until he was facing the wall behind the head of the bed as he collected his thoughts and regained control of certain parts of his body. "No, Dick—it's okay. You guys can come in. Kon and I weren't doing anything that can't wait until later."

"Are you sure?" Dick looked between Tim and the back of Kon's head with his eyebrows raised and his cheeks a little red. "Because it's really not that big of a deal—"

"Yeah, Dick," Tim rolled his eyes as much as he could as Kon helped to maneuver Tim's throbbing behind until Tim's back was pressed up against the inclined head of the mattress. "I'm sure. Just give me a second to get sat up."

"Okay," Dick nodded his head, still looking a little unsure but dropping the argument in favor of stepping back out of the room and pulling the door closed behind himself as he called to what had to have been the rest of the family down the hall.

"Sorry about that, Kon," Tim apologized as he settled back down into the sheets with an exhausted huff of a breath and readjusted the awake and fussy baby's weight back over both of his arms. "I want to spend more time with you, but Jason and Dami need to get some sleep—"

"I know," Kon soothed, shifting the pillow into a more comfortable position behind Tim and running a hand down the side of their baby that wasn't rested up against Tim's chest, and just fretting over Tim and the baby in general. "I figured they would be in eventually, and Dick and Bruce need sleep, too. Besides, I would have kept on biting you all day if given the chance. Better for Dick to walk in and break it up than one of the nurses."

"That's true," Tim gave a small smile as the baby finally settled back down into his arms. Kon hadn't gone after one of Tim's brothers in years even in the thick of one of Jason's heats or Kon's ruts, but nobody had been willing to experiment any further on strangers after the incident with Tommy Terror. "Thank you for helping me sit back up and stuff."

"You're welcome," Kon leaned forward to press an open-mouthed kiss to Tim's forehead before he ducked down and ran his own against the abused skin of Tim's neck with a deeply sated sigh in a completion of their interrupted ritual.

Or what would have been the end of their interrupted ritual, if it weren't for the bundle of blankets in Tim's arms. Without thinking, Tim lifted their son up until he was on level with Tim's collarbone after Kon had pulled far enough back that Tim had enough room to do so. Kon's hand brushed underneath of Tim's forearm and Tim carefully guided their son forward until his little forehead was pressed to the same spot that Kon's had been barely a second before.

Tim didn't hold the baby there long—only five or six seconds had passed before Tim had maneuvered the baby back into his arms—but a few more tears spilled from Tim's eyes as he did so. Kon pressed another kiss to Tim's forehead as Tim reached up to frantically wipe the salty tracks from his cheeks, and muttered quiet reassurances as he absently rubbed some of the excess spit away from the baby's skin.

"We'll do this again later, okay?" Kon asked tentatively, lips still pressed to Tim's forehead.

"Yeah," Tim nodded his head, sniffing and wiping at the last of his tears, even if he knew that his cheeks were still splotchy and red from where he'd been crying. While it was uncommon for an alpha to be involved in the scenting process between an omega and their child, the first couple of weeks of life were a little different, and Tim had no doubt that Kon was going to take advantage of the opportunity while he had it. "That sounds good."

"Okay," Kon nodded his head, too, pressing one last, lingering kiss to Tim's lips as the swung open across from the foot of the bed.

"Mind if we come?" instead of Dick it was Bruce's head that popped through the opening in the door, and Tim could smell the rest of the family behind him. Bruce looked tired, but there was a relaxedness to his body that Tim rarely saw, and Tim couldn't help but smile as he shifted anticipatorily in his bed.


"Come on in," Kon added when Bruce looked to him for permission after Tim had shaken his head before Bruce finally let go of the door handle and pushed his way into the room proper. Usually, Bruce wasn't so formal in addressing the alphas of the family, but it was a special day and Tim didn't mind.

Bruce's journey into the room was the slowest in comparison to the rest of the family. His steps were calm and self-assured as he came to lean against the windows overlooking the parking lot on the opposite side of Tim from Kon, but stopped with more than enough room for him to see Tim and the baby around the monitors that were hooked up on that side of the bed, and Tim knew that the assertion he'd made earlier in his conversations with Kon was right. Bruce understood where he stood with Tim, and neither one of them needed the name of a baby to corroborate that.

Dick and Jason came next as a unit. Dick led the way until they'd made it through door and Jason abruptly brushed past him at the sight and scent of the baby. Dick faltered at being pushed aside, but he recovered well as Jason perched himself on the side of the bed closest to Kon down by Tim's feet, and Tim caught the small smile that pulled up the corners of Dick's lip as he made his way over to stand behind Jason. Jason was careful to leave a certain amount of distance between himself and the baby out of respect, but Tim felt his large hand fall to Tim's shin, and Tim smiled as he shifted his leg so that it pressed up against the warm muscle of Jason's thigh. The third omega looked tired—probably the worst off of all of them besides Tim himself—and Tim just hoped that all of his pain and discomfort would pay off in the end.

As soon as Dick caught up to Jason, the alpha reached up with one of his hands to run his fingers through his mate's hair, as the other fell to Jason's shoulder, and Jason arched up into the touches immediately. Tim had never seen a more instinctually driven pair than his older brothers, and Jason's head tilted back just about as far as it would go before Dick moved to where they could lock eyes at a more comfortable angle for Jason. Jason's grip around Tim's leg slackened as Dick bent down to press a kiss to the bridge of Jason's nose but it tightened once again when Jason relaxed back into his seat. The omega leaned his weight back against Dick's hips and thighs as the alpha pushed himself back up into a more proper standing position, and Tim's smile grew as both of their gazes turned back towards him and the baby. Dick looked tired, too, but he wasn't swaying on his feet like Jason had been, and his shoulders still held some of their usual strength and confidence, especially underneath of the attention from his omega. Tim would be able to convince him to go home with Jason after Jason had been properly introduced to the pup, and Dick would insist upon lying down with Jason after they got back to their apartment or the Manor. Dick would then fall asleep the second that his head hit the pillow, despite his reassurances to the contrary, and he wouldn't wake up again until Jason had coerced him back to consciousness again with the promise of food or sex, and that was perfectly okay with Tim.

Alfred came in behind Dick and Jason—dressed for once in his life in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt after helping the obstetrician deliver the baby—and while he hadn't outwardly shown the excitement that Jason or Dick had, he did have a misty-look to his eyes, and Tim know he would be crying before it was all over. Tim had never met any of his own extended family, all of his relatives had either passed on before Tim was born or were so estranged that Tim hadn't been told stories of them until after Tim was old enough to ask Bruce—of all people—so, Alfred was the only grandfather-type figure that Tim had ever known. Of all four of the boys, Tim had relied the least on the butler because he had been so independent even before he had come to live at the Manor, but Tim loved Alfred regardless, and was quite happy that the beta was there to share in the moment with them as a member of the family instead of as their butler.

Much like Bruce and Dick, Alfred dropped his chin in a show of submission to Kon as he stepped closer, but unlike the others he stopped at the end of Tim's bed and didn't try to move closer as he rested his hands down against the little plastic rail that acted as the foot board of the bed.

Cass entered the room next, but Tim wasn't surprised or offended in the least when all she did was send a small smile his way before she crossed over to Bruce. Of all of the people that Tim and Kon had told, Cass had been the least outwardly excitedly, but the random gifts of baby blankets and pup-sized clothes that had been anonymously left on the foot of Tim and Kon's bed at random intervals had told a different story, and Tim understood her internal strife over the predicament that Tim had accidently put her in. Cass would come around eventually—Tim was positive of that—but she would hang back and let the rest of the family faun over himself and the baby before she made her presence known at a more private time, and in a lot of ways Tim was very appreciative of that. Tim and Cass had always been close, and Tim would rather that particular introduction happen in a more intimate setting where both Tim and Cass would have more time to process everything that was happening. As it was, Cass settled herself into the free space between Bruce and the chair in the corner that pulled out into a single-person bed, and turned her attention out to the parking lot and the horizon above of it to keep watch as she leaned her head against the large bulge of Bruce's closest bicep.

Bart and Damian made their way into the room in close succession, and for once in his life, Bart was actually moving slowly. The speedster was still antsy as he twitched and blurred on his feet—that much was obvious even in Tim's mildly exhausted state—but he was trying to be respectful of Tim and Kon's wishes, too, and Tim greatly appreciated that. It didn't take long for Bart to look up and lock eyes with Kon, though, and after he received Kon's small nod of approval, he burst through the room in a fit of excitement before he could stop himself.

The baby let out a noise of discomfort and wiggled in Tim's arms as Bart suddenly appeared across from Jason on the bed with one hand supporting his weight in between Tim's legs and the other settled onto the bundle of blankets in Tim's arms, but Tim was able to calm him with a soft cooing noise as Bart pulled his hand back in surprise.

Damian bumped Bart in the shoulder with his own as he pushed past where the speedster was still frozen on the bed, but the budding alpha continued into the room until he was standing on the opposite side of the bed from Kon and cradling both the baby and Tim in the crook of his left arm as he leaned down to press a kiss to Tim's forehead.

"You smell like the close," Damian complained fondly, his nose still pressed into Tim's hair.

"I'm sorry," Tim apologized as Kon snorted quietly and grinned at Damian over the top of Tim's head, but they both knew that Tim didn't really mean it.

"Tt—you should be," Damian finally cracked a small smile as he shifted until he was bent more over the baby than Tim. "And hello, to you, too, you little fuss bucket. I see that you've already started to take after your fathers. We'll fix that eventually."

The baby had let out another noise of discomfort at Damian's touch, just like he had with Bart's, but Damian didn't pull away. Instead, he kept his arm underneath of Tim's and let the baby adjust to the new touch and smell, before he finally moved away. Bart's hand crept back up the bed as Damian moved away, but once again, the baby made a noise of distress as Bart's hand finally landed tentatively over the folds of fabric at the baby's elbow.

"Give him a minute," Damian coached gently as he climbed up on to the bed beside Tim to get comfortable, and Bart froze at the younger man's suggestion.

Tim had to shift a little in order to make enough room for Damian, but Bart moved with him, and as Damian had predicted the baby settled back down. Bart's relief was palpable, and Tim ducked down to press a quick kiss to the baby's forehead as Bart started to gently pet his fingers over what was essentially the baby's hip.

Clark came in last, taking up the rear and watching as everybody else made their way into the room, before he let the door fall closed behind himself. Of everybody, Tim was pretty sure that the oldest alpha was having the hardest time with Tim and Kon's baby, and Tim didn't mind that he was hanging back by the door. Clark had obviously been mesmerized by the little half-Kryptonian the second that he'd crowned, and Tim knew it was only a matter of time before Clark relaxed his walls and admitted that the baby had already wiggled his way up into Clark's half-frozen heart.

Ma Kent was still in Kansas, and Kara had gone to pick her up, but aside from the two of them and Steph and Babs (who had both decided to avoid the hospital for their own reasons), Tim's entire pack was standing around him, and the omega took a moment to revel in that fact as he traced the fingers of his free hand over top of the soft skin of his pup's face. Tim had lost and given up so much since Dick had told him he was pregnant all of those months ago, but every single bit of it had been for the tiny little life that the universe had decided to bless them with, and Tim wouldn't have changed a single second of it for the world—not when his son had turned out so perfectly.

"Are you sure?" Kon asked one last time as his free hand settled on to the back of Tim's head, the other one rested over top of the baby's rapidly rising and falling stomach.

"Yeah," Tim nodded his head as he looked back over his shoulder at his alpha and ignored the curious eyes on them as he did so.

"Okay," Kon nodded his head, too, leaning down to peck Tim's lips softly, and Tim stared up at him for just a couple of seconds more before he took a deep breath and turned his attention back to his pack.

"Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family," Tim addressed them with as much pride and confidence as his overly hormonal state could afford him, before he looked back down at the baby in his arms and smiled as said baby's hand latched onto his proffered pointer finger. "Jonathan Bartholomew Kent."

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