Tsuzuki yelled out in pain, as he tightened around Muraki. He clenched the sheets so tight his knuckles were white. When had Muraki removed his own pants? He felt soft lips on his neck started kissing it. "Relax," he heard Muraki whisper. He was starting to calm down, when Muraki thrust in him hard, making him feel the pain again.

Muraki looked at the Shinigami and saw tears from the pain slid down his face. He gently placed his lips on Tsuzuki's. Lifting his head slightly, he saw the Shinigami open his eyes and look back at him. The doctor lowered his head and kissed Tsuzuki. He licked his lower lip, and Tsuzuki opened his mouth. Their tongues met and started 'playing' with each other. Tsuzuki moan loudly when Muraki thrust into him again. Still kissing, the doctor kept thrusting in and out, slowly at first.

Tsuzuki finally relaxed and the pain went away, now he only felt please in the thrusts. Muraki's thrusts became more and more harsh. They broke the kiss and Muraki looked at Tsuzuki with a lustful gaze. He watched as Tsuzuki squeezed his eyes shut from the pain Muraki was inflicting. Faster and faster became Muraki's thrusts. Blood started running down from Tsuzuki's hole, proof of Muraki's harshness. Tsuzuki came, on his abdomen as well as on Muraki. With one last thrust Muraki also came inside Tsuzuki.

Exhausted, Muraki pulled out and collapsed on Tsuzuki's chest, both breathing heavily, their stomachs covered with Tsuzuki's cum. It didn't take long for both of them to fall asleep, not bothering to cover themselves.


Tsuzuki slowly opened his eyes as he woke up. The sunlight shone through the white curtains on the window. He was on his side and he knew Muraki was laying behind him because he could feel his breath on the back of his neck. The doctor had an arm around his waist and a leg in between his. He started to get up, but was pulled back down. He turned his face slightly to look at the doctor who was now awake.

"Where do you think you are going?" Muraki asked in a husky voice.

"I'm leaving." He tried to get up again back to no avail. Muraki wouldn't let him go. "I gave you what you wanted," he told the doctor. "Now let Hisoka go."

Muraki grinned and pulled Tsuzuki into his arms. He started kissing the Shinigami's neck, and then went to his lips. Tsuzuki tried to push him away, but couldn't. He pushed his tongue against the smaller man's lips, but he didn't open his mouth. His hand reached one of Tsuzuki's buttocks and squeezed it. This made the Shinigami gasp and Muraki took that chance and slid his tongue inside his mouth. He heard Tsuzuki moan, but was still trying to push the doctor away.

Muraki slowly pulled away and looked at the Shinigami in front of him. "I changed my mind," he suddenly said.

"W-what do you mean?" Tsuzuki asked, comfused.

"About our deal. If you want me to let your partner go, you have to stay here with me...forever..."


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