Wow, okay, so it's been a hot minute since I was on my FF account or really thought about Fairy Tail. This is going to be a very brief explanation of why I abandoned all of my Fairy Tail fics and what I've been doing since!

So, the end of 2017-early 2018 was a rough time for me. I had two deaths in the family, was falling out with the FT fandom, and had some drama with plagiarism/a large amount of anonymous hate on this fic. Summer 2018 I finally got back into the swing of things. I had a job and I started writing for the Riverdale fandom, which is where I've since been active. I'm still around on tumblr and will try to be more active on here as well, but can't promise anything.

I've really moved on from my Fairy Tail days and appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and support I received on this fic. In about two months I'll be graduating from college with a degree in creative writing, and I never would have even considered going to college for English if it wasn't for this fandom's support. Thank you so much to all of the readers I had on this fic! It's the reason I'm still writing at all!

I would love to come back and give this fic some kind of resolution this summer if people are interested. It would only be a few more chapters added on, but it would round out the slow burn that's been going for nearly 50 chapters!

Apologies for my long time away! You can still find me on tumblr and AO3 if you need me!