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My name is Jonathan Rahhn, one year ago I was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight by the council, one of the youngest ever at the age of 17. At the time the galaxy was a strange and dangerous place, we were in the middle of a war. The Clone Wars. A faction of Separatists from the Republic, lead by the rogue Jedi turned Sith lord Count Dooku who became their Head Of State.

At the time, i thought the galaxy couldn't get much worse. Oh how wrong was I. Only a year after the promotion we were nearing the end of the war. During the night, a strange increasing sense of foreboding rising over the temple that night on Coruscant. A dark presence was approaching, although who, what, or when was a mystery to all, even the few master's who remained, not out fighting in the war.

Me being my Jedi self attempted to meditate, to find my center, to attempt to find peace, and what this dark presence was. Meditating in 'The Room of a Thousand Fountains', While searching the force, i saw a flash, and suddenly, I was caught up in the middle of a vision. I was shocked, Countless Jedi slew at the hands….of a lightsaber wielding dark sider, followed by an army of…. CLONES!? But that's not the only thing that caught me off guard. No, my attention drawn to the lightsaber. It was….Blue? A fallen Jedi perhaps!?

"NO!" He had been….slaughtering...children…..younglings. I have to do something, i had to stop this. I leapt from my sitting position, I ran out of the room. I have to reach the masters I thought. I have to warn them….before it's too late. Only to stop dead in my tracks, all around me I heard screaming, saw the bodies of fallen jedi, both Knights, and Padawans alike, and standing over them, were the clones who murdered them. I barely had time to react. In an instant after i had come barging out into the hall, the clones turned to me, prepared to fire, and they did exactly that.

Igniting my blue blade, I slashed in and parried, deflecting the bolts back at the clones, (luckily there were only five of them remaining) killing them without a second thought. I could barely stand, not only the sight of the dead brothers and sisters, but the feeling in the force was " …...Oppressive." The feeling of Jedi being slaughtered across the galaxy by the Clones that we had trusted, with our lives.

How can they do THIS!? After all we've gone through, all we've done together, HOW CAN THEY JUST BETRAY US!? I thought, so many clones had been our friends, and now they just turn, on us without a second thought, it was horrible. I looked horrified over the bodies of the dead, the scorch marks on the walls, everything. A lone tear ran down my face before i wiped it away. " I have to stop this, I had to help, save as many as I can before we are all killed."

Releasing my negative thoughts, and feelings into the force, I ran forward, defending as many jedi as i could from the clones, as i could attempting to rally them to fight back. But their was to many.

NOOO! It can't end like this, we can't have fought so hard just for naught. Then I felt something, a disturbance in the force, one I knew all too well. The Dark Side. Only much stronger, not like Ventress, or some of the other fallen Jedi i had faced. No, this was powerful, not just a fallen jedi, but a sith. A Dark Lord of The Sith. I turned to my fellow Jedi, "We must fall back, gather who you can then retreat to the hanger."

A young padawan no older than 14, came up to looking indignant. "Knight Rahhn we cannot leave now, we must fight, secure the temple, and get rid of these bastards." I never had a chance to respond. Suddenly a surge of dark energy reached out and grabbed the young padawan, and strangled him, then pulled him toward the cloaked man who had just entered the room. A blue blade of a lightsaber coming out the front of the boy's chest, having been stabbed right in the heart.

Suddenly a rush of emotions raced through me, rage at the boys sudden and violent death, sadness for the loss of another fellow Jedi, shock at the suddenness, and anger at the man who had done this. I attempted to release my emotions, but to no prevail. "NOO!" I screamed as i watched the man pull the boy off his lightsaber, and walk forward as if nothing followed closely by his clones. I sent a powerful force wave at the approaching figures, succeeding at sending the remaining six or so clones into the wall behind them knocking them unconscious, but only succeeding in staggering the dark sider back slightly as he put up his hand to block the attack.

I turned to the other couple padawans behind me who yet lived, one a short Twi'Lek with light green skin, only about 13, who had been shot in the shoulder, and the foot and limping, along with an older human boy who was around 18, who had lost much of his upper robe, but was other wise just winded.

"You two must go, get to the hanger, and leave this place, before it is too late I will hold him off!" I turned back to face the dark sider, who just appeared to be standing their surprisingly still in the middle of the hall, his hood covering his face. I ran at him, yelling " RUN!" at the younglings while doing so. They hesitated, then obeyed, and ran for the hanger.

We both swung our blades, meeting in a blade lock. " You are only prolonging the inevitable", he said in a cold, emotionless, yet strangely familiar voice, " Give up now and you will have the benefit of a quick death", he said in a somehow even colder voice, looking up to allow me to see his face.

NO, I'T CAN'T BE! Under the hood was the face of 'Anakin Skywalker', 'Jedi Knight', 'Hero With No Fear', 'Chosen One' of the 'Jedi Order'. I had met him several times over the course of the war, either in the training room in his Djem so class, or occasionally on the battlefield. He had been my secret idle over my time as a Jedi. From what i heard he was one of the best of the order, and the best master of Djem So, my primary form, as well.

To say i was shocked was an understatement, i was filled with Disbelief, horror, and Rage at the betrayal. "Why?" Was the only thing i could ask.

"The Jedi were Weak, they allowed the war to be prolonged by the corrupt politicians, and Bureaucrats. It's time a new order be put in place. To replace, the corrupt Republic, and the Jedi!" We continued to fight, attacking and parrying blows back and forth, but it was a hopeless contest. Not only was a tired from fighting for my life, but I had lost most of my will to fight after I found out who the man under the hood was, my idle. Not to mention the fact that he is the chosen one, and the best fighter in the order, I was completely out matched.

With one final heavy slash, i was knocked to the ground, my many minor injuries, and fatigue final taking hold. I guess I should prepare myself to become one with the force, hopefully i bought the other's time to escape,... if they got past the clones.

I looked up to the face of the man who was once the hero of many, now as he stared down, irises glowing a sickly yellow, the destroyer of hope, as he smiled sinisterly down at me, " Prepare yourself Jedi, you fought well today, but you like every other Jedi, are no match for the power of the dark side."

So quickly, almost so that one might say it never was there at all, there was a waver on his face, as he looked down his eyes turning back to blue, and his facing softening just a tinge, looking almost sorrowful, regretful. But as soon as it was their it was gone, he slashed down dealing what I thought would be the final blow.

I closed my eyes, thinking it was over. Then everything went black.


Vader was in shock. So much so that for a moment he reverted back to Anakin. Eyes returning to their normal blue. "What happened, I was about to strike him down, but then…..WHAT AM I DOING!?"

He internally struggled for a moment before he returned to Vader mode, eyes returning to their yellow color. "YOU'RE DOING THIS TO SAVE PADME, SO SHE DOESN'T END UP LIKE…..mom!" "I mustn't lose focus, I can't allow the Jedi he was protecting to to get away, or i may not be strong enough to save her, and they may start Rebellion against my Master. He does not mater, he is dead, just like he should be, yes, just like the others."


We ran. Going on that ship had obviously been a bad idea.

See Katara, this is why Gran-Gran told you not to go their, but like a child you went anyway. She thought scolding herself.

Though on the other hand this all was sort of exciting, even with that booby trap, I haven't had this much fun in ages. And it's all thanks to a boy we found in an Ice Berg. She thought smiling.

Before she could continue this train of thought a bright flash of light appeared out of nowhere in front of the young air, and waterbender. They both averted their gazes, from the blinding white light. Then it vanished, as quickly is it had appeared, was the figure of a man, laying on the ice in front the two.

" Woah," Aang said, mesmerized, "what was that light?" " I don't know, Aang but it almost looked similar to when you came out of that Iceberg."

"Wait! Katara, look, there's a guy over there!" Aang quickly said both nervously, and excitedly.

What? Katara thought, confused. Two times in one day? A blinding flash of light happens and then some mysterious stranger pops up out of nowhere. "Katara, I think he's hurt, we need to help."

Katara looked thoughtfully at the the still body lying across from them. "We can take him back to the village, there we may be able to help him, and maybe figure out who he is, where he might have come from."

Aang nodded as they both began to approach him, with a slight hint of caution. As they got closer, Katara began to study him with a curious expression on her face, he appeared to wear some light colored robe looking things, a brown cloak, boots, belt with a metal buckle, and he had a strange cylindrical tube looking thing in his hand. He appeared to have some lightly tanned skin, along with dark brown curly hair, which was left slightly long just covering the tips of his ears. He had a broad jaw which had some some slight fuzz from what looked like the beginning of facial hair. He also had an average sized nose, but she couldn't tell what color his eyes were as they were closed. He appeared to be slightly on the taller size at around 6 feet tall, he appeared to be in his late teens, probably about 17 or 18. She noticed his chest gently, and rhythmically going up, and down, putting her slightly at ease.

He appears to have minor injuries all over the place, and he looks pretty sweaty, must have been in battle or something. At Least he's breathing normally, so he should be alright, but why is he unconscious then? She thought as she, along with Aang began to attempt to carry him back to the small village.

Suddenly remembering the Village, and how much trouble they were probably in, she thought.

We're in such big trouble, hopefully we can get back and explain the situation and they won't be to made at us. Then we can get this guy some treatment, and he'll be okay, hopefully.

Time Skip to back at the Village

As Aang, and Katara walked back, they could already see the Village gathered at the edge of the Village. From the faces in the crowd, Katara could already tell this wasn't going to be pleasant.

"Aang's back!" One of the children exclaimed, as all of the little one's ran up to Aang happily, putting a slight smile on both of their faces. Then Sokka stepped up front of the crowd and pointed accusingly at Aang.

"I knew It!" "You signaled the fire navy with that flare! You're leading them straight to us aren't you?" He said, not even noticing the unconscious man the two had been carrying back.

Katara got an annoyed look on her face. "Sokka, if you haven't noticed, we've got injured with us, can we at least attend to him before we get on with who's fault this is." Sokka looked down finally noticing the unconscious teen, expression softening for a moment before he got a look of confusion, and suspicion, on his face. " Who's he?" He asked.

"We're not sure, we kinda just found him in the path, on our way back. He was like this, when we found him." Aang explained.

Sokka looked back at the unconscious teen, thoughtfully for a moment. "Alright, we'll let him in and treat him, but as soon as he wakes up we need to find out who he is, and why he was out their."

Katara got a small smile on her face as the children walked back to the crowd, and two healers from the village came to get the teen, and bring him to one of the healing huts. "Thank you Sokka."

Sokka nodded before his expression turned hard again, and looked back at Aang accusingly. "Now, back to the matter at hand." He said forcefully. "It's true isn't, you're with the fire nation, aren't you?"

Katara stepped forward defensively, "Aang didn't do anything, it was an accident."

"Yeah," continued Aang, "we we're on the ship, and there was this booby trap, and well….we boobied right into it." He said rubbing his head sheepishly.

Katara withered a bit, as Gran-Gran stepped forward, with a very disapproving look on her face. "Katara, you knew that you shouldn't have gone on that ship! Now we could all be in danger!" Katara looked down dejectedly at her Grandmother's words.

I can't believe I allowed this to happen, now i've let everyone down. Aang looked sorrowful for the display he saw in front of him. "It wasn't her fault!" He protested, then looked down also dejectedly. "I brought her, there. It was my fault." Though this did not help to placate Sokka in the slightest, only making him more angry.

"So the traitor confesses! The foreigner is hereby banished from our village." He said angrily.

"Sokka, you're making a mistake." Katara insisted, getting irritable, and defensive. But Sokka did not waver on his stance.

"No, i'm keeping my promise to dad. I'm protecting you from threats like him" Pointing at Aang.

Katara, was really beginning to heat up at her brother's accusations. Can't they see that Aang is not the enemy here. He clearly is not fire nation, and we had so much fun together" "Aang is not our enemy." She said turning to face the tribe. "Aang brought us something I haven't had in a long time, fun!"

"Fun? We can't fight firebenders with fun! Just get out of our village, Now!" Sokka exclaimed getting more frustrated.

Katara, then looked pleadingly towards her Grandmother. "Grandmother please, don't let Sokka do this."

But her grandmother did not back up Katara. "Katara, you knew going on that ship was forbidden, Sokka is right. I think it would be best if the airbender leaves."

Katara was outraged, Not only is he my friend, and really fun to be around, but he's also my one chance of getting an actual waterbending master to teach me, and they want to Banish him? How could they all be so blind.

"FINE!" She finally yelled, her built up frustration finally boiling over. "Then i'm banished too, come on Aang, let's go." She said loudly, surprising just about everyone, grabbing Aang's arm and walking away.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Sokka yelled after them.

"Aang, is taking me to the North Pole, where I can find a Waterbending master." She replied.

"I am?" Was all the still surprised Aang could get out as they walked away.

"You would choose a waterbending master, and Aang over your tribe, your family?" Sokka now much quieter asked.

Katara stopped. Is Sokka right, am I really choosing this boy I just met, and a master, i don't know over everything i've ever know? Should I?

Katara looked down sadly, then Aang intervened.

"I don't want to get in between you and your family." He said as he backed away from Katara slowly.

Katara looked back up sadly almost misty eyed. "So this is it? This is goodbye?" She asked sadly.

Aang nodded sadly. "Thanks for penguin sledding with me." He thanked smiling sadly. He then walked over to Appa and jumped on top of him grabbing his reigns, looking wistfully back one last time.

Sokka looked skeptically up at the Bison, still not believing that it can actually fly. "Let's see see him fly now." He said skeptically and sarcastically.

Aang looked down at Appa, looking hopeful. "Come on Appa, you can do it. Yip, Yip." And with a flick of the reigns, Appa slowly got up but did not begin to fly away, still to tired to do so.

"Yeah, I thought so." Sokka said smugly, as he watched, leaving Katara even more miffed than before.

Can't he be even a little respectful? GAH..even now he's annoying. Katara thought annoyed with Sokka's attitude. As Appa began to walk away, Katara's grandmother walked up to her and put a comforting hand on Katara's shoulder, trying to help her at least a little. "Katara-" She began before being cut off by Katara, looking back angrily at her grandmother. "Are you happy now?" She asked angrily. "There goes my one chance of becoming a waterbender!" She yelled as she stormed off, leaving Kanna (the name of her grandmother) looking down sadly.

I can't believe this, they are both so blind! AHHHH! Well at least we still have that injured guy with us. Maybe i can go check on him, see if he's woke and feeling better yet. Maybe he can help me. He doesn't exactly look like a waterbender, but there's just something special about him. I can feel it. Katara thought trying to think positively again, as she walked off to check on their newest guest, as the rest of the tribe prepared for the fire nation.