The Many Masks of Discord

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Summary: Who is Discord? Where did he come from? How did he get so powerful? After defeating the Tantabus, Luna is visited in her dreams by a batpony. He claims to be Discord yet acts very different from him. When confronted, Discord's explanation leaves her shocked as she gets a front row seat to unraveling the mysterious past of Discord, aided by Discord's Masks, his past mindsets.

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Princess Luna was having a pleasant night's sleep for the first time in many, many moons. That was her own fault due to the Tantabus, of course. But she had finally gained some measure of peace from the whole experience Thanks once more to Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Now she slept and dreamed...of sleeping, on a bed beneath giant flowers on a hill overlooking a night time lake.

She had had enough adventuring in terms of dreams for the week, thank you very mu-

"You really got to work on those guilt issues, Luna."

The head of Luna's dream-self shot up in shock, looking for the source of the voice, "Who is there!? Reveal yourself!" She ordered with a scowl.

"Up here~" came the singsong answer.

Luna looked up and blinked. On the stem of the oversized flower was a batpony, hanging by his tail. His coat was grey, a slightly lighter shade than his kind normally had, with a short and messy black mane. His scaly wings were a deep purple and his slit eyes a ruby red.

He swung back and forth by his tail, humming a tune, "Very nice place you got here," He complimented, looking out over the lake.

"...Strange, I don't recall you from any time or place in my memory," Luna commented, eyeing him curiously.

"I'm sure we've met once or twice," The batpony joked.

"Indeed. Do come down here," She requested with some authority, not sure what to make of this entity yet.

"Oh?" He asked as he dropped and glided down to her side, "Inviting me into your bed, Princess of the Night?" He teased with a smirk, showing that the left of his two elongated fangs was broken off.

Luna raised an eyebrow with a small blush forming, "Is that the manner of dream this is?" she asked curiously, mostly to herself. It wasn't like she hadn't had those in the past.

The stallion's smirk turned saucy, "If you want it to be...," He whispered huskily as he eyed her up and down.

Luna returned the gesture. He did have a certain rugged appeal to his youthful appearance, "Not exactly how I expected this dream to play out...," She mused as a small smile.

"What's the point in having dreams you expect, my dear princess?" The leathery winged pony asked, putting his front hooves on the bed, his eyes half-lidded with a seductive and predatory look in them.

"Hmm, what might I call you, good stallion?" Luna asked, their faces inches from each other as their eyes glowed in the moon's rays.

With a teasing chuckle he asked, "Ohh? You still don't recognize me...Lulu?"

Luna blinked at the nickname. Her eyes darted to his wings, then his red eyes and down to the one fang sticking out of his mouth..., "DISCORD!" She yelled in shock and realization, moving backwards...and falling off the bed and rolling down the hill. Many grunts were heard before a splash was heard.

Batcord rushed on top of the bed and looked over the edge with an owlish expression as he saw the wet Alicorn stand up in the water, her flowing mane weighed down by dampness as Luna spat water out of her mouth. His expression slowly contorted as snickers began to escape his lips. Before long, he was rolling on the bed in a fit of laughter.

Before the bed sprung sideways, launching it off it and into the air. Catching himself in midair, he hovered to see a now-dry and very displeased Luna glaring at him, also hovering nearby.

"...Okay, I deserved that," Batcord said with his pointed ears pinned back and a sheepish look as she flew up to him

"Ye deserve far worse, cretin! To what end doth thee invade the sanctity on mine dreams!?" Luna demanded, looking ready to smite him.

"Easy, easy! I was just checking up on the tanta-thing!" Batcord assured quickly, holding his forelegs up in surrender.

"...You were aware of the Tantabus?" Luna asked, scowling with a raised eyebrow.

"Luna, reality warping is my thing. Of course I kept an eye on something potentially stealing my shtick," Batcord pointed out dryly.

"Then why did ye pretend to be a figment of my dream?" Luna asked, eyeing him suspiciously, " intend to seduce me?"

"...Lulu, you came onto me," He defended with a patronizing grin.

"I most certainly did not!" Luna countered with a glare.

"You were inviting me into your bed! When a beautiful mare does that, most unattached stallions go for it," Batcord pointed out with a head tilt, "Or is that no longer a thing?"

Luna almost growled at that, "I thought you were a dream," She pointed out between grinding teeth.

"Ohh, thank you," Batcord said with a grin.

"Grrrr! You impossible, loathsome, arrogant, deceitful-" She ranted off before getting a surprising interruption.

"I'm sorry."

Luna stopped mid yell, looking at him in surprise, "I...beg pardon?" She asked in surprise and bewilderment.

"I'm sorry," He repeated, his ears pinned back and his eye glancing between the lake below and her nervously, "Look, I wasn't about to sleep with you and not say who it was, dream or not. I'm not that kind of arse. I just...want to make sure you were okay. I didn't expect you to freak out like that, Lulu," He explained apologetically.

Luna stood in wide eyes at that. Discord? Apologizing? Over such a comparatively minor offense? "Umm, are forgiven," She granted awkwardly, raising an eyebrow as he perked back up with an appreciative grin, "...Are you really Discord?"

"That's been my name as of late," he answered with a shrug, " the Tantabus thing really done with or what?"

"I believe so, though, I shall have to be cautious for some time, on the chance it makes a return in some shape or form," Luna responded, eyeing him again.

"...What?" He asked with a head tilt.

"You are acting most peculiar for yourself, Discord and you continue to retain this disguise. Is there something wrong? Some other reason you came to my dreams?" She inquired carefully.

Batcord stared at her for a moment before scowling and sighing, "I'd say you're too observant, but I suppose it's fairly obvious I'm not what you're used to," He admitted, scratching the back of his head, "...You're in Ponyville right now. You deserve some sleep after everything that's happened. When you wake up, come talk to me at Fluttershy's place before you head back to Canterlot...please?" He requested, almost under his breath.

If Luna wasn't surprised before, she was now. Discord? Considerate? "Are you certain? I'm unaccustomed to seeing you so..."

Batcord gave her a flat look and a dry smile, "Nice?"

Luna didn't answer, merely watching him cautiously.

"It'll be fine, Lulu. Besides, I'll be the usual Discord you know and love then," He assured with a slightly force grin.

Before Luna could press for more, Batcord melted away…into water, rather simply enough, falling into the lake below without incident.

"...What are you up to, Discord?" Luna asked to herself. She was tempted, so tempted, to venture to his dream world to obtain answers. But such a move would be beyond foolish. Not only was Discord potentially awake now, but going into his mind uninvited was just inviting trouble upon herself, "...Very well, I'll dance to your tune for now Discord," She decided, flying over to lay on her bed once more. She smiled as she got comfortable, scowling briefly, "He best have an explanation for using that Batpony form."

Several Hours Later

With a great yawn and stretch, Princess Luna found herself awake. She was only briefly surprised to find herself not on the floor where she had taken to slumber, but realized quickly that Twilight Sparkle likely put her in her own bed. Looking around, she saw that the room was now devoid of the spare beds, making her wonder just how long she had been out.

A glance at the window told her it had been long enough to miss breakfast, in all likelihood.

She rose from the bed, casting a quick spell to tuck the sheets into place as she did, before heading to the door and quickly found a dilemma: She had no idea how to navigate Twilight's castle. She had been merely following the others earlier and had been too worried to think to memorize anything. And with no one in sight, that didn't leave many options.

With a sigh, she summoned a quill and parchment.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle,

Thank you ever so much once more for your aid and wisdom in dealing with the Tantabus-and my guilt. I also apologize for my rather sudden and rude departure; however, I fear I must explain myself to my sister soon. She is no doubt getting anxious about my disappearance by now and may soon catch wind of the last night's events. I'd prefer to explain it to her on my own terms instead having her hear of it through rumor and hearsay.

Best of luck to you,

Your Fellow Princess and Friend, Luna

PS Do inform me if you or anypony else begins to share dreams again. The massive linking of the dream-worlds has the potential to leave side effects."

Satisfied with the letter, she placed it on the bed for Twilight to find before using her magic to teleport: To Fluttershy's cottage.

Or rather, in her rather half-awake state, INTO Fluttershy's Cottage.

And quickly found herself in an alarming and strange position of having an iron-bear gripping her in an embrace while her hooves were bound by two of what she could only describe as snake-squirrels. Not to mention the white bunny on the bear's arms, holding a butter knife to her throat or the rather predatory looking ravens perched everywhere, ready to fly.

Or Discord's talons gripping her horn and blocking her magic.

There was a long silence, herself stunned while her "captors" blinked as they registered who she was, "Wow wow, false alarm fellas!" Discord declared in a hushed voice, scooping up Angel Bunny as Harry and the snake-squirrels released the Alicorn. With a snap of his claw, the bear and squirrels were returned to normal, quietly exiting the cottage with apologetic looks. The ravens all turned into various song birds before flying out the open window.

Angel Bunny, still in Discord's lion paw and holding the knife, continued to glare at her in annoyance with his arms crossed while Discord scowled at her, "Oh, so it's okay for a Princess to invade somepony's house, but when I do it, everypony throws a hissy fit!" He accused quietly, making Angel Bunny chirp at him in protest, "It's mypoint!" He countered, glaring down at the furball.

"I misfired my teleport spell," Luna whispered with a raised eyebrow, "Why are we whispering?"

"Fluttershy is still asleep after that fiasco last night," Discord answered before rolling his eyes, "And she asked me not to sound proof her room in case any critter needs her or something like that."

"I'm not sure she'd take kindly to you making her charges into a security force, Discord," Luna pointed out idly.

"What makes you think that was my idea? They had plans like that before I ever moved in," Discord countered with a grin, patting Angel Bunny on the head with his talon. Angel Bunny growled at the touch but otherwise didn't react, "It was rather interesting, being greeted by sneak attacks whenever I popped in here without notice."

Luna rolled her eyes at that. Of course Discord would find THAT interesting, "I thought you were expecting me," She pointed out in irritation.

"You did? I was?" Discord asked with a head tilt...a full three-sixty tilt, as Luna vaguely heard what sounded like carnival music.

"You claimed you had something you wished to talk about?" Luna asked, getting a raised eyebrow in response, "...I knew I should have pressed you more while you were in that Batpony disguise," She grumbled, feeling like she had been played for a fool.

She missed Discord's eyes widening ever so slightly, "Angel, why don't you go finish up those sandwiches for Flutters," He requested, not even looking down at the animal as he snapped and teleported him away.

Angel Bunny, on the kitchen counter, blinked before grumbling but returned to his task none the less.

Luna now had Discord's full attention. It was just a bit intimidating, having not been in such a situation since before Celestia and her had originally defeated him, "You saw me as a Batpony? In your dreams?" Discord asked, looking down at her with a strangely thoughtful scowl.

She scowled back, trying not to show her caution, eyeing him oddly, "Yes? He certainly claimed to be you," She answered before looking troubled, "Are you saying it was an imposter?"

"...I flirted with you, didn't I?" Discord asked plainly, unamused by the notion.

"Wha-? What manner of question is that?! Doth thou recall this incident or was thine batpony self a fake?!" Luna demanded in annoyance.

"Keep your voice down!" Discord hushed, almost hissing at her, "Yes, that was me, but not this me!"

"...Please tell me we are not speaking of time travel?" Luna asked evenly.

Discord chuckled at that, "Oh no, nothing so convolutedly cliché."

"Then what is going on?" Luna asked with a glare.

"Why don't we ask me myself?" Discord suggested with an annoyed look, tilting his head and gaze unnoticeably upward.

Luna was about to speak again when a familiar voice interrupted, "Hi, Lulu."

The moon Alicorn froze before turning around, seeing a sheepish and slightly nervous Batcord sitting directly behind her, "Wha-!? When did you get here?" Luna asked in a whisper of disbelief.

"Technically, I already was here," He answered, nodding to Discord, "Hi, me, long time no see," Batcord greeted with a wave.

"Well, I'm not exactly an easy fellow to track down, let alone you," Discord returned, looking surprisingly unamused, "So what's this about you going behind our back to Moon-Flank here?"

"Wait, wait, I'm confused," Luna interrupted quickly, rubbing her forehead.

"Sorry, I have that effect on ponies sometimes. More that me than this me," Batcord answered idly.

Luna sighed in exasperation, "Discord, real Discord, what exactly is he?" She asked, looking to the serpentine Discord while pointing at the batpony.

Discord raised an eyebrow, now looking amused, "Real Discord, Luna? Why do you assume I am the real Discord?" He asked in a teasing voice, a sign floating above him that read, 'Real Discord?'

Luna stared blankly at him, "Because, obviously, your true form is a Draconequus."

"And who said this was my true form?" Discord asked with a raised eyebrow, the sign now changing to read, 'True Form?' Luna eyed him as he spoke, her expression somewhere between annoyance and suspicion, "As I said, Luna, this is me. A former me, to be precise, obviously given physical form," He explained, watching the gears turn in her head.

Luna's eyes dilated as she turned her head sharply to Batcord "Wait, are you saying...? Are you actually admitting that...?"

Discord chuckled at that, now looking a tiny bit amused, "Yes, Luna. Once upon a time, I was a batpony," He answered as she gaped, staring at the grinning equine.

"But...wouldn't that make him...?" Luna trailed off as Batcord stuck out his hoof and gave a disarming greeting.

"Hi, I'm the first Discord, but you can call me Batcord."

Author's Note:

Well, there we go, the First chapter and the very First and mortal Discord, aka Batcord. No, that's not their original name, they're just doing that for simplicity with Luna.

And thus starts our journey down the very long and mixed life Discord has lived. You readers and the ponies will get more than a few surprises. Especially how Discord went from Mortal Batpony to Draconequus God of Chaos.

Now all that's left to wonder is what Batcord's intentions are.