Jacob is kinda self-conscious when it comes to being naked/sex – especially since Queenie is so beautiful and he thinks "What does a girl like her see in a guy like me?" Queenie knows this (Legilimency, of course) and…basically, Queenie don't give no fucks ;)

"Jacob, honey, you don't need to…"

"No, no, I wanna do this properly – only right, after all."

Queenie just giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Alright, honey – go ahead!"

Jacob grinned as he lifted her into his arms so that he could carry her; it was only as he approached the door, however, that he started worrying just a bit.

I hope the door frame's gonna be big enough to fit us both through…last thing I want is to knock her out.

She smiled fondly at his thoughts but didn't say a word; she instead made sure to curl up just a tiny amount, not enough to be noticeable but enough that she could be certain she wouldn't hit her head – she had faith in him, of course, but all the same…it wouldn't be a wonderful start to their marriage if she ended up knocked out on their wedding night.

The very idea that they were married now sent a thrill through her; it had only been a quiet ceremony in the city hall, and their only guests had been Newt and Tina – but it had been perfect because now they were married and that was all that mattered. Not even knowing their marriage would have to be kept a secret could ruin her mood; it didn't matter that she would have to remain "Queenie Goldstein" at work, that she would have to remember to take off her wedding ring every morning, because they were married.

After she had accepted his proposal, Jacob had bought a new apartment for the two of them with his savings from the bakery – this would be their first night inside of it, their first night living together as a married couple. It wasn't a particularly large apartment, consisting of two small rooms, a bathroom, front room and a kitchenette area – but it would be their first home together, nonetheless, and that was special within itself. There wasn't a great deal of furniture either; a double bed had been bought for one of the bedrooms, and the rest of the décor consisted of items from both of their old apartments. A few things still needed to be bought, of course, but it was lovely all the same.

Man, I hope she likes it...I know it's nothing big, but-

"Oh, it's wonderful!" Queenie exclaimed, beaming as she gazed around. "You decorated all by yourself?"

Jacob's cheeks seemed to go pink, but he was grinning again. "Yeah, most of it – Newt and Tina helped."

"Well, I love it!"

He gently lowered her to the floor, and she started to walk around the apartment to look properly; she was pleased to see that the kitchen area was slightly larger than the one she and her sister had shared in their old apartment, complete with a stove and oven already. Queenie was thrilled further by the sight of her sewing machine and mannequins in the corner of the front room – Tina, of course, would have known that she'd want to continue her dress-making, and for a moment she felt a pang in her heart; it was difficult to believe that she and her sister would no longer be sharing an apartment, and she was already starting to miss her.

Don't be silly – we'll still see each other. Besides, we couldn't have lived together forever.

"So," Jacob said, somewhat nervously. "You like it?"

Queenie turned to look at him, throwing her arms around him with joy. "Yes! It's absolutely perfect!"

He looked pleased by this, and she heard him thinking about how he had wanted it to be absolutely right for her - he wanted her to be happy here with him. Hearing that made her heart swell, and she couldn't help but think to herself that she most certainly married the sweetest, most thoughtful man in the world.

The bed in the bedroom was already made-up, pillows plumped and sheets clean, and their suitcases had been magically sent to the room earlier that evening. The evening was already turning dark, as evidenced by the view through the window, and there was a long silence as it seemed to sink in just what was about to occur.

"I…I'll put on a lamp," Jacob mumbled suddenly, quickly moving to do so.

Queenie sat down on the bed and looked up at her husband. "This is comfy," She said with glee as he looked back at her. "Come sit with me, honey."

"Oh…yeah, okay, sure."

As Jacob sat down on the bed next to her, she could tell that he was worrying from his thoughts – about a multitude of things, it seemed.

I want this to be good for her, to be special… She's so beautiful, so perfect, and I don't wanna disappoint her – what if she doesn't like me naked? What if I take all my clothes off and she thinks I'm unattractive?

"Jacob," She admonished, absolutely shocked and even a little hurt by what she'd heard. "Don't you dare think about yourself like that – you are the most amazing, wonderful guy I've ever met. Don't sell yourself short."

"Sorry," Jacob apologized, and his cheeks went slightly pink. "I just… I ain't exactly experienced, you know? I always wanted to wait 'til marriage, do it all properly and right – but I want this to be special for you, like you deserve."

Queenie took a deep breath, cupping his face with both hands as she continued. "I haven't done this either; most guys, they look at me and just think I'm easy, only wanna use me for sex and nothing more – I could never be with someone like that. But you don't think of me like that – and that's why I want you."

With that, she leaned in and pressed a soft kiss against his lips; she was unable to stop herself from smiling when he started to kiss her back, moving forward to put one hand on her hip and the other on her back to pull her closer. Now sure that he was comfortable with this, Queenie deepened the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck; when she shifted, however, to bring their bodies closer, her husband pulled away suddenly.

"We don't have to, if you don't want to," Jacob told her hoarsely. "Honestly, I don't mind if you wanna wait – you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable-"

"Jacob," Queenie interrupted firmly, stroking his cheek. "I want to – I ain't gonna lie about something like that."

He seemed surprised by this admission. "You…You want to?"

"If you do, then yes," She agreed eagerly. "I want you, Jacob – I want you to make love to me."

Jacob looked absolutely gob-smacked by this proclamation. "O-Oh. Okay."

"Now," She started breathlessly, reaching for the buttons on his waistcoat. "Is it okay if I take this off of you?"

He grinned again, somewhat shyly. "Sure – I ain't gonna complain."

Queenie laughed quietly at this, quickly unbuttoning his waistcoat and helping him to remove it; with this out of the way, she undid his tie, throwing it to the floor, and opened the first few buttons on the top of his shirt. "There…" She whispered coyly. "That's better."

The next kiss was somewhat slow, hands roaming over clothed bodies; this wasn't about a desperation to ravish each other or to achieve pleasure. Instead it was rather a sensual experience – acquainting themselves with one another, exploring a new found intimacy as husband and wife.

Jacob's hands had drifted to rest on her back as they continued to kiss, and soon his fingers were fumbling with the fabric of her dress. She giggled, reading the desperation in his thoughts, and pulled away as she reached for the hem of the dress.

"No buttons – easier to get off."

"I like it," He stated, watching intently as she pulled the dress over her head.

She looked so beautiful, standing there in front of me today; one day she'll get the big white wedding she deserves, the whole shebang, and it'll be worth every cent.

Honestly, though, she hadn't really minded being married at the city hall; while she would have loved to have planned something special and spectacular, it mattered more that they were married at all. If doing it privately in a small hall somewhere meant they could be married, then so be it.

Once the dress had been removed, Jacob stared at her, taking her in; she was wearing a lacy little pink and white slip that barely reached her thighs, the straps revealing milky white shoulders, and he was left rather speechless.

My Queenie is stunning – she always is, but like this…she's a goddess.

Queenie beamed at hearing his thoughts, thrilled, and reached for his shirt again; she had undone only a few buttons when she started hearing his thoughts again – though they weren't nearly as lovely this time.

God, what if she takes one look at me and thinks I'm unattractive? What if she decides she doesn't wanna do this anymore?

"No," She started firmly, moving her hands to cup his face again; she looked him straight in the eye, letting him know she was being serious. "You are the most wonderful man in the whole world – I think you're handsome and beautiful, and I love you more than anything. Don't you ever forget that."

Jacob gaped a little at that, as if amazed. She actually thinks I'm...wow. Okay. "I love you too," He said, and for a moment it sounded like his voice was about to crack. "You really think I'm…attractive?"

"Absolutely!" Queenie agreed immediately, and she was looking at him lovingly. "I think you're the handsomest guy I've ever met – you're kind and there ain't a guy who's as pure as you."

He was still surprised as she continued to unbutton his shirt, kissing him hard on the mouth; it didn't take long for him to respond eagerly, or for her to get the pesky garment open, and she helped him push it off his shoulders with a flourish. With that out of the way, she allowed herself a moment to take him in.


"You're beautiful," She reaffirmed with a nod, almost to herself, and suddenly she was straddling him. "I mean it, honey – you shouldn't feel so down about yourself."

It was kind of hard to feel insecure now, really – though it had less to do with her words and more to do with how he reacted physically. Queenie paused when she felt something hard pressed against her leg; Jacob went red-faced and let out a groan. "I'm sorry-"

"For what?" She asked, a small giggle bubbling up inside of her. "It's natural, honey – I don't mind. In fact, I like it."

And she did – it thrilled her to know that she was causing him to react in such a way, that she could elicit such a reaction from him so easily. Similarly, he made her feel positively weak in the knees most of the time – especially now, his kisses causing something warm to form in her lower belly.

As they reattached lips again, much more eager and passionate this time, Queenie felt his hands running over her back and round to her sides – and then he was touching her breasts through the slip, somewhat cautiously, kneading and palming them through the fabric. She couldn't help but arch at the feeling, and the warmness pooling in her lower abdomen suddenly became an ache further down.

"This is…okay?"

"Yes," She laughed breathlessly, covering his hands with her own. "Keep touching me – don't stop."

Jacob grinned at this, continuing to fondle her clothed chest with slightly more confidence; now he knew she liked this, it was easier to feel more comfortable and assured about what he was doing. She knew, reading his mind, that he just wanted her to feel as good as she had made him feel – and it only added to how absolutely aroused she felt.

"Can I take this off?" He mumbled suddenly, reaching for the bottom of her slip.

Queenie nodded eagerly, raising her arms just enough so that he could lift the soft silk over her head; once it had been tossed to the floor, forgotten, he turned his attention back to her. She was so nearly naked above him now, only left in a pair of panties, and he couldn't help but stare at her breasts; they weren't too large, not a ridiculous size, but round and pert – the perfect size to fit in his hands, he thought.

She let out a small whimper at hearing him think this, heart racing as she reached for him. "Please touch me again, Jacob…Please. I might go crazy if you don't."

Well, he was all too happy to comply; he was amazed as she started to write at his touches, closing her eyes and tipping her head back in pleasure. The fact he was the one doing this to her drove him crazy, boosting his confidence more than anything else in the world had.

Queenie sighed contently when his lips replaced his hands, soft and slightly wet against her skin. "Honey, I ain't gonna last…we keep going like this…" Not waiting for a response, she reached for the belt of his trousers and paused. "Can I take these off of you now?"

Jacob looked up at her, wide-eyed. "Yeah, but…but only if you're real sure you want to-"

"Oh, I am," She assured him, beaming brightly as she undid his belt and pulled it from the loops of his trousers. "I want to see you naked, sweetie – all of you."

It was a slight struggle to pull his trousers down, mostly owing to the fact she was still straddling him; she had to shift slightly in order to get them off of him, and she stopped again as she rested her fingers on the band of his underwear. It took him a moment to fully grasp what she meant – but then he nodded hurriedly, somewhat taken aback by her eagerness as he helped her remove them from him.

As she sat back, taking him in, Jacob swallowed. "I…err…"

"I'll take mine off too," Queenie promised, and she slowly started to pull her panties down her legs. "Only fair, right?"

Now both fully naked, they stared at each other in the dim lamplight, taking in each other's bodies; Jacob looked rather like he'd been hit on the back of the head by something, dazed and in awe. Queenie felt her face split into a wide smile as she leaned forwards, cupping his face with one hand and brushing their lips together.

"Make love to me," She whispered. "Please…I want you so much."

"Yeah," He agreed weakly, and his hands came to rest on her hips. "I want you too, it's just…how are we going to…position-wise, I mean…?"

She thought about it for a moment, considering, before making up her mind. "I'll lie down – I want you above me."

Without losing contact with each other, they manoeuvred themselves somewhat unsurely into position on the bed; falling onto her back, Queenie pulled him down on top of her, gazing up at him lovingly as she gripped his shoulders.

What if I hurt her? She heard him start to panic, I don't wanna hurt her – that's the last thing I want.

"Don't worry about hurting me," Queenie murmured softly. "Even if it does hurt, it probably won't be for long." She knew this, of course, from being a skilled Legilimens – she'd read the minds of other women's and seen what they had thought of their first times…none of them had seemed at all satisfied by the act.

But this was different – her Jacob was different.

Jacob released a deep breath, clearly somewhat relieved by this. "Okay."

There was a moment's pause as he shifted slightly to position himself correctly – she bit her lip as she felt the tip of his erection there – and he waited for her to give him a sign that he could continue. Queenie wrapped her arms around him, bringing his face close to her own, before giving a small nod. "I'm ready."

Never taking his eyes off of her, he slowly pushed his hips forward – and it did sting, it did hurt just a bit, but she didn't say anything because she wanted to continue more than anything: she wanted for them to be connected in every way possible, to love each other like this. She tensed slightly, however, as he pushed all the way inside, feeling her muscles stretching and contracting to accommodate him properly.

Fuck, she's-... The thought cut short suddenly, and then: I'm hurting her – she's in pain 'cause of me. I should pull out, apologize-

"No," Queenie gritted out, and she wrapped her legs around his waist so that he couldn't move. "Don't you dare! I'm fine, honey, just…just give me a second."

Jacob didn't move a muscle, eyes fixed on her as she forced herself to relax underneath him; it took a minute or so for her to open her eyes – and she was smiling again, the most wonderful thing in the world.

"I love you," She proclaimed breathlessly, pressing soft little kisses to his face. "I love you so much."

He nodded in agreement, bracing himself above her. "Yeah, I love you too, Queenie…you sure I ain't hurting you? 'Cause I don't mind if you want to stop, really…"

"I don't want you to stop," She told him earnestly, and suddenly she bucked her hips against him; they both cried out together at the sensation, and it was all he could do not to finish early right there. "See? You feel so good – keep going."

Despite her reassurances, Jacob couldn't help but worry still about hurting her – all the same, he started to thrust inside of her, slowly just in case, as he gripped the bedsheets underneath them. Queenie keened at the feel of him, throwing her head back against the soft pillows and arching as the pain she had felt gave way to pleasure.

"Yes," She mewled, clutching him close to her. "Yes…faster, honey…please, I need you to go faster…"

He was panting as his hips picked up a steady pace, unable to keep himself from sweating now; the way things were going, he was sure he wasn't going to last long at all.

"Oh," She gasped out, and her nails suddenly dug into his skin. "I…I don't think I will either…"

She was so wet and tight and slick around him, so perfect; he knew he was getting closer and closer with every thrust, and a part of him was mortified because he didn't want to finish without her achieving some kind of climax. He'd heard some guys talk about something that might work, though whether it actually would

Deciding it was worth a shot, Jacob reached down with one hand, past her breasts, and to where he was sliding in and out of her; if it did exist, it would have been roughly here

Queenie nearly screamed, thrusting her hips upwards as he started to unsurely rub at her clit; she had never felt anything quite like this before. Sure, she had done it a few times on herself – but this was so fantastically different. This was her husband – her husband who absolutely adored her – wanting to pleasure her, wanting to make her climax.

She's so gorgeous – this gorgeous woman is my wife. Jesus…she's so tight around me, I can feel everything…she feels so good…shit…

It was all too much – the thrusting, his fingers roughly rubbing her clit, his thoughts. With a high-pitched moan, Queenie arched underneath him and fell over the edge; it was mind-blowing, to say the least, and she clutched at him desperately.

"Oh, Jacob…Jacob…YES!"

Jacob groaned, thrusting erratically just a few more times as he peaked too; the feel of her tightening around him drove him over the edge and he shouted her name as he came while buried deep inside of her. His orgasm was so strong that he collapsed on top of his wife, absolutely spent as they panted heavily together.

It took a few minutes for them to recover enough to move; Jacob realized he was on top of her and hurriedly pulled out before starting to move away. "S-Sorry…I know I ain't light-"

"You're perfect," Queenie huffed out good-naturedly, pulling him back down so that he was lying beside her now. "I love you like this."

He was gentle as he ran a hand over her body, marvelling over her in the light that the lamp cast around the room. "You…You're amazing."

She laughed softly at this, running a hand through his hair. "You're not so bad yourself…I could get used to that."

It didn't escape her notice that he went slightly red at her words, and his thoughts were starting to wander again: She actually enjoyed that… Hell, I made her come.

Without warning, Queenie suddenly shifted so that she was lying on top as she straddled his waist; he looked up at her, wide-eyed and mouth agape by her boldness. "Yeah, you did," She agreed coyly. "You're absolutely wonderful, honey… I can't wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together."

The wedding band on her finger glinted slightly in the light as she traced patterns on his chest; they were both starting to feel tired now, thanks to their activities, and it wouldn't be long until they both fell asleep.

As they were drifting off together, quite content to lie there in each other's arms, Jacob gave a mumbled, "Love you…so much…"

Queenie smiled to herself, letting out a content sigh. "I love you too."

*hides in the corner blushing because holy fuck this was awful*

I imagine Queenie as being somewhat more comfortable with sex because she's a Legilimens and so has been exposed to people thinking about it for years – she's probably somewhat desensitized to it by now. I hope you guys don't mind a somewhat sexually-confident Queenie! (I know Jacob certainly doesn't ;D)