So this is a follow up of a fic I wrote called "Make You Feel Wanted" – lots of love, sex and a smidge of angst! :)

I decided this needed another smutty chapter because…honestly, there's not enough Jakweenie smut in the fandom and we NEED it.

(Let's be real here, Jacob and Queenie are totally that couple who go at it like rabbits and are all over the place because they're just so horny for each other?)

There's a particular person who I've been talking to on Twitter (you know who you are) and I want to thank them for putting up with my constant jabbering about Jakweenie smut, and also for helping to give me ideas! :)

So here is 4k+ words of Jacob and Queenie having passionate sex (feat. Body worship, Jacob appreciation and pancakes for breakfast). Enjoy!

The first thing Jacob was aware of when he woke up was a warm hand on his cock and soft lips on his neck.

"Queenie," He groaned, opening his eyes; it was still dark, probably no more than a few hours later than when they had fallen asleep together, and he had to squint slightly to make out her shape beside him.

"Jacob," He heard her laugh quietly, nuzzling into him; eyes adjusting to the dark, he noticed that her blonde curls were ruffled from sleep, and she was still very much naked beside him. The memory of just a few hours before flashed across his mind, sweet and sexy – just like her, he mused. "Oh, honey…I think you're real sexy too."

Jacob tried not to flush. "Oh…err…sorry."

"Don't apologize," Queenie murmured, cupping his face and leaning in for a kiss. "I love hearing you think those things 'bout me – I love you."

Even as she pressed her lips to his, he couldn't understand how he had gotten so damn lucky: the fact that this absolutely beautiful and incredible woman was now his wife was astounding and unbelievable. She could very well have had her pick of any guy she wanted – someone magical like herself, even – and yet she had chosen to marry him: a No-Maj baker with really not a lot to offer her.

When she pulled away, there was a small frown creasing her features. "Jacob, honey, please don't think like that; you are handsome and magnificent and sweet…I could go on forever about why I love you. Now," She was suddenly straddling him, the covers falling off her body and pooling around her waist. "I wanna make love to you, if you don't mind."

"Oh, I don't mind," Jacob said hurriedly, gripping her hips in his hands with a grin. "I definitely don't mind that."

Queenie giggled as she leaned down for another kiss, running her hands up his body and to tangle in his hair; her breasts pushed against his chest, a soft weight, and he could feel his groin stirring in interest again. Making love to her the night before – as husband and wife, at that – had been nothing short of amazing; it had been slow and perfect, and while it had indeed been very satisfying for them both, it had been the intimacy of the act that thrilled him, the fact that they were connected in the most natural way possible.

"Oh," She breathed, warm against his mouth as she pulled away slightly. "It was amazing – you're amazing. Come on, honey – touch me."

Well, he wasn't about to deny her that; his hands moved slowly up her body, stroking her bare back and revelling in the smooth skin beneath his fingertips. Goddamn, he was a lucky man – and he intended to take advantage of that luck, letting her know just how much he loved her.

Her smile was small but dazzling nonetheless as she sat up. "I love you too." She gripped his hands in hers, bringing them around to her front and then pressing them against her breasts. "Make me feel good, honey."

Jacob's mouth fell open slightly, pleasantly surprised, but he started to fondle her – gently at first, not wanting to hurt her or make her uncomfortable. She let out a content sigh, tilting her head back and closing her eyes; seeing that she was enjoying it, he felt himself become more confident and tweaked a perfect pink nipple between his fingers – the moan she gave went straight through him, making his erection twitch and harden underneath her.

Oh man…the things she does to me. I just wanna make her feel as good as she makes me feel when I'm with her. My Queenie deserves the world and more.

"Oh, Jacob," She murmured, looking touched as she laced their hands over her breasts. "You are the sweetest guy I ever met…and you already make me feel so good, just by being near me."

She shifted her hips, and he found himself groaning because she was so wet already – it was even more arousing to know that it was because of him. I can't wait to be inside her again, he thought eagerly before he could stop himself; I can't wait to feel her around me.

Queenie whimpered above him, rubbing herself against his erection as her hips gave a small involuntary thrust. "Yes, Jacob, yes!" She gazed at him pleadingly, clearly desperate. "I want you inside me too…I want you so much…"

"Yeah," Jacob agreed, voice low. "I wanna make you feel good, Queenie…"

Before he could say anything else, she had reached to grip his cock and positioned herself; she bit her lip as she sank down on him, closing her eyes and inhaling sharply. It had been mere hours since they'd first made love, but it was still so new that she needed some time just to allow her muscles to stretch to accommodate him properly. He moaned loudly, the most beautiful sound she had heard, and his hands reached to grip her hips tightly.

Fuck, He thought, willing himself not to finish just yet: She's so tight still…I could spend all day, buried in her like this.

"You feel so good," She whispered to him, and as she opened her eyes she leaned forwards to rest her hands on his chest for leverage. "Jacob…"

She lifted her hips, starting to thrust a little unsurely against him; Jacob's breath caught in his throat as he watched her move over him. "You're beautiful, Queenie," He rasped, giving her hips a squeeze. "Most beautiful girl I ever seen."

Queenie gave a small whimper, dropping her head to press a kiss to his lips. "You make me feel beautiful, honey…I feel so good when you're inside me… Come on, touch me again."

She took his hands and brought them up to her chest, encouraging him; Jacob let out a shaky exhale before pinching a nipple with one hand and fondling the other breast with his other. God, just look at her – I love her so much.

"Don't just think it," She mumbled, and her hips started to quicken. "Tell me, Jacob – tell me how much you love me."

He twisted her nipple between his fingers, resisting the urge to buck up into her. "I love you, Queenie," He told her sincerely. "You're like this angel that came into my life…this stunning angel, and I…I feel so lucky, you know? I'm the luckiest guy alive, and I dunno what I did to deserve you but…"

"Don't," Queenie murmured, pressing a kiss to his neck. "Don't think like that; there ain't no one like you." She felt a stirring of slight possessiveness run through her for some reason, and she nipped at his throat. "You're mine, honey, you know that? You're all mine. Now," She sat up fully, quickening the rhythm of her hips. "Don't hold back, honey – I wanna see you lose control for me."

He wasn't going to deny her something like that, not when she asked so pleadingly; Jacob exhaled heavily before thrusting up into her, meeting her hips when she dropped down. Their moans mingled in the dark air around them, reverberating around the bedroom; the mattress gave a small squeak of protest as they moved together, entangled in a mess of bedsheets and limbs. Her breasts bounced as she moved on top of him, and he could only watch in fascinated arousal.

Fuck…I ain't gonna last long, not with her moving like this…those breasts…and she's so tight, so…so warm and wet…

Queenie let out a whine, her nails dragging across his chest. "Oh…Oh, you feel so good, Jacob! Yes…oh!" She bit down on her lip, tossing her head back. "I…I ain't gonna last long either…oh…so close…"

He wanted her to cum – he wanted to see her come undone above him, wanted to feel her clenching around him as she climaxed. With that in mind, he brushed a hand down her body, past her stomach, and to the little nub he had found the night before; careful not to press down or pinch too hard, he started to rub at her clit eagerly.

I wanna see you cum, He found himself thinking, knowing she'd hear him; wanna make you feel good…I wanna see that beautiful face as you cum for me.

"Oh…Oh…Jacob!" With that, Queenie cried out in pleasure, arching before falling forwards as she rode out her orgasm; he could feel her tightening around him, rhythmically clenching, and he grit his teeth together.

Let her finish first…let her finish, she's gonna be real sensitive-

"No," She breathed suddenly, pressing her face into his chest and kissing weak kisses there. "Cum now…do what you need to do, honey, please…"

Pleased that she was satisfied now, Jacob carefully rolled them over so that he was now on top; she gave a content gasp, slightly overstimulated, and reached to grip at his shoulders.

"Yes," She whispered, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Come on, Jacob – for me, please."

She was so slick around him, tighter than before now that her orgasm had washed over her, so yielding and perfect; he started to thrust hard, well-aware that it wouldn't be long at all until he found his own release, trying to focus on her. She whimpered, not in pain but lingering pleasure, and dug her nails into his skin.

Damn, I love her…shit…so nearly…

Queenie pulled his face down closer so that their foreheads rested together. "Love you too," She proclaimed, and suddenly her heels were pushing him in deep. "My Jacob."

With just a few more erratic thrusts, he was there; he stiffened and groaned as he pushed himself as deep as he could inside her, shuddering as he came inside of her. She was holding him through it, uttering quiet sentiments of love and pressing lazy kisses across his face.

They lay in absolute bliss together for a few minutes, sweaty and sated and satisfied; it was only as he was coming to that Jacob realized he had unintentionally collapsed on top of her.

"Oh," He muttered. "Sorry, I'll-"

Her legs tightened around him. "No," Queenie disagreed quietly – but there was a seriousness there too. "Stay for a minute; I don't mind at all. I like you being this close to me."

"You sure? I'm not…" He hesitated. "Too heavy?"

She huffed at this, running a hand through his hair. "Course not! You're just perfect!" She nuzzled their noses together, closing her eyes. "How many times do I gotta tell you? You're magnificent and handsome, and anyone who disagrees is wrong."

As lovely as this position was to cuddle in, it really wasn't a great position for sleeping in; after a few minutes of snuggling, both grinning and smiling unabashedly, he pulled out and rolled onto the other side of the bed. She was pressing against his side instantly, resting her head on his shoulder as she yawned.

"Love you, Queenie," Jacob muttered sleepily.

Queenie was beaming to herself contently. "Yeah, love you too, honey."

They slept until late morning, drowsily waking together as the sun shone through the window in the bedroom. They kissed lazily, content and happy to be together and be married – even if the law did prohibit it. Of course, things heated up between them rather quickly, and it wasn't long until they were making love between the sheets again; they clutched at each other as they crested, both whispering muffled words of love and adoration into bare skin.

Once they had both recovered somewhat, they both agreed that some food would be just the thing – a point emphasised by the growl Queenie's stomach gave when Jacob mentioned pancakes. They laughed and giggled at the sound of it, throwing on a bare minimum of clothes and heading for the kitchen.

Damn, she looks good in my shirt, She heard her husband think as he pulled out a frying pan for the stove. She looks even better out of it though.

Queenie couldn't help the smile that spread across her face, coming up behind him and placing her hands on his hips. "You sit down, honey, I can make breakfast."

"No, no," Jacob disagreed firmly. "You sit down and relax – I wanna treat you."

Well, she really couldn't say 'no' to that; she was beaming as she took a seat at the new kitchen table, tucking her legs underneath her. It wasn't long until the smell of pancakes was wafting through the air, and her stomach gave another rumble in anticipation.

As expected, the food was absolutely delicious; she couldn't help but let out a noise of delight when she took her first bite, closing her eyes as she savoured it. "Oh, this is so good, Jacob!"

Jacob was clearly pleased by this, evident by the wide grin that spread across his face. "You think so?"


Wow…I'm gonna have to make her pancakes more often, she heard him think as he watched her eating; God, I love her so much.

And just like that, she was growing tearful again; she finished the last of her pancakes, eyes glistening, before looking over the table at him. It took a long moment for him to notice, and when he lifted his head he was alarmed to see the tears she was holding back; he stood up quickly, moving around to the other side of the table.

"Queenie, honey, are you okay? Have I done something wrong? Is it the food?"

"No," Queenie assured him, giving a small giggle as she threw her arms around him. "I love you too."

Before he could say anything else, she had dragged him forwards and started to kiss him; Jacob couldn't help but groan against her mouth, hands coming up to caress her through the fabric of the shirt she'd borrowed from him. He could feel her nipples stiffening as he fondled her, and his cock gave an interested twinge in his trousers.

When they separated, he looked slightly uncertain. "Are you sure? I mean, you're not too…sore or anything?"

"Oh, there are potions for that," Queenie dismissed, beaming at him. "Besides, I kinda like it…makes me remember what we've been doing…"

She is going to kill me, Jacob thought in wonderment, absolutely smitten. And I'm okay with that.

She pouted playfully. "Oh, honey…if I kill you, then we won't get to have any more fun."

He was grinning as he started to press small kisses to her neck, and he felt a rush of pride when she sighed in pleasure for him. It wasn't long until her hands were roaming, starting to fiddle with the fastening on the trousers he had put on.

"You wanna take this to the bedroom?" He panted.

His wife gave a rather coy smile. "Actually…would you mind if we did it here?"

On the… Damn, she's definitely trying to kill me. "O-Oh. Sure," He managed, feeling rather light-headed all of a sudden.

Queenie stood, pushing the plate and mug she had been using across the table before sitting on the edge; she opened her legs, gesturing for him to come closer. "I wanna make love everywhere," She breathed, running her hands over his shoulders when he was close enough. "Make this place really ours."

The thought of doing this on the kitchen table made him harder than he cared to admit; his heart was racing in his ears as he nodded his agreement, passionately kissing her as his fingers drifted to rest on her thighs. He could feel the soft skin beneath his palms, and he eagerly slid them up her legs until-

"Oh," Jacob choked, his whole body suddenly warm: she wasn't wearing any underwear – just one of his shirts haphazardly buttoned just enough to be semi-decent.

She just smiled widely at him, her own hands drifting downwards to undo his trousers. "No need for under-things, really – they're just gonna get taken off."

"I ain't complaining," He assured her; once she had the button on his pants undone, he helped her shove them down so that they were around his ankles and pressed closer to her. His shirt was still hanging on her, loose and comfortable, and he started to unbutton it. "Tell me when you're ready-"

"Now," She interrupted eagerly, cupping his face and looking into his eyes; they were a warm brown, so beautifully kind, and she wanted to be able to look at them while they were doing this. "Come on, Jacob, honey: make love to me."

He carefully lined himself up with her before pushing in slowly; she let out a long moan as he slid inside of her, pressing a fierce kiss to his mouth and taking his bottom lip between her teeth. Once he was all the way inside, he stilled for a moment to allow her some time to adjust, to make sure that she was still comfortable; she clearly read his thoughts, of course, and she stroked his cheek softly.

"I'm fine," Queenie assured him, wrapping her legs around his waist. "I need you to move though."

Jacob gave a nod before pulling his hips back and thrusting back in; he started with a fast but steady pace, holding her hips tightly in his hands as he moved. His wife gave a whine, bucking her hips against him; her breasts started to bounce in time with his thrusts, and he found himself staring at them hungrily.

Her breasts are so perfect; just the right size, not too fake-looking or anything…what I'd give to bury my face in 'em.

"You don't need to ask," She laughed fondly, only slightly breathless. "You go right ahead."

Jacob hesitated for just a moment before going for it; he was careful as he took her breasts into his hands, feeling the weight of them before dropping a quick kiss to her collarbone. His kisses started to trail further down, and when he reached her nipple she gave a small desperate whimper. "You really don't mind?"

"Please," Queenie pleaded, arching slightly so that her chest was pushed forwards. "I want you to…want you to touch me…"

He didn't need much more encouragement than that, really; careful not to hurt her, he bit down on the hardened nub. She nearly wailed in pleasure, hands pulling at his hair desperately.

"Oh…Oh, Jacob…"

He moved onto the other nipple, speeding up his thrusts as he took it into his mouth and ran his tongue over it. The band in his groin tightened at the noise she made, and he was sure that he'd cum just from hearing the way she mewled for him.

"Mmm…faster, honey," Queenie murmured, tilting his face towards her now. "I want you to go faster."

Jacob groaned, one hand snaking around her waist to cup her rear and the other drifting over to her clit. "You…You feel so good, Queenie," He told her hoarsely. "So warm and tight…"

She gasped when his fingers started to rub circles on her nub, rough and uneven but perfect all the same because of the delicious friction created. "Yes…I ain't gonna last long at all, honey, I'm…"

"Good," He panted, dropping his head to her shoulder; she could hear his thoughts racing in his head, desperate and surprisingly unabashed: Gonna let her cum first; make sure she's feeling as good as I do when I'm around her.

Queenie closed her eyes, nails suddenly digging into his shoulders; he really was too good, too kind, too pure…and she loved that about him. Most guys, she knew, would have preferred to get off themselves and not really bother with how she was feeling – but her husband was different, and she loved him for it.

"I'm so close," She told him, breathing heavily. "You're…oh…"

The hand on her rear held her in place as he moved in and out of her, gritting his teeth together as beads of sweat started to form on his brow. "C'mon, Queenie…cum for me."

He gave a rather firm hard thrust forward, and she seemed to shatter with the intensity of her orgasm; she clutched at him, whimpering and crying out his name as the waves of climax rolled over her. She arched against him, her breasts pressed firmly into his chest as she went taught. "YES! Oh, Jacob, so good!"

Jacob just gave a grunt, holding still inside of her. "Tell me when I can…you know."

It took Queenie a moment to realize what he wanted – but then the post-coital bless she had been washed in cleared somewhat and she realized what he wanted. "Of course, of course – do whatever you need, honey!"

With that, he started to thrust inside of her again, somewhat desperately as he chased his own finish; she pressed kisses to his cheeks and mouth, legs still wrapped around his waist so that he could remain deep inside of her. She knew, just reading his thoughts, that it wouldn't be long at all until he fell over the edge too.

Beautiful…stunning… My Queenie is the best girl there is. God, she's so tight and wet for me…I can feel it when she clenches too….

Her walls were clenching, somewhat less intense than before but still tight, as he came with a hoarse cry and stilled inside of her; she could feel something warm spreading through her as she kissed him through it, and she couldn't help but smile to herself when he shuddered out an exhale. They remained like this for a few more minutes, slowly recovering as she ran a hand through his hair contently.

"I think I need to make you pancakes more often," Jacob muttered suddenly.

Queenie couldn't help but laugh loudly at this. "Oh, honey: you can make me pancakes whenever you like!"

Especially if it ends like this.

The rest of the weekend passed in very much the same fashion; it didn't take long for their love-making to spread to every room of their new apartment, both fun and passionate. They took breaks to sleep and eat food, Jacob insisting that he make all the meals for his wife (she deserves to be treated like a Queen, he had thought to himself, and she had felt her heart swell upon reading it from his mind), and they had interesting heart-felt conversations with hot cocoa by the small fireplace in the sitting room. It was blissful, loving, and absolutely perfect.

It was difficult on Sunday evening, however, when they knew that the following day they would have to return to their normal daily routines and pretend not to be married. They made love with a renewed vigour that night, clutching each other so tightly that they didn't want to let go, and Jacob was alarmed when she started to sniffle afterwards.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you-"

"No," She interrupted, pressing herself to his side. "It's just…it's just so unfair."

Queenie had always seen couples walking down the street together, so blissfully happy and in love, and she had wanted that to be her someday. By some cruelty, however, the man she loved more than anything – the one who she cherished and knew she wanted to spend her life with – was the one man that she shouldn't love.

"Don't cry," He murmured, embracing her. "We're married, right? That's all that really matters."

He was putting on a brave face, she knew: his thoughts were miserable as well, dreading the fact that their wonderful honeymoon weekend was ending and being replaced by days of secrecy. She knew, however, that he'd been truthful about one thing: at the end of the day, he considered himself lucky to be married to her at all, let alone if it was legal or not.

She felt the same way, deep down: even being married in secret was better than not having him at all – she knew what the latter felt like, and she never wanted to go through it again so long as she lived.

They got ready that Monday morning quietly, dressing and making breakfast together; as they sat down to eat, there was a new sombre mood in the air. Even though they would both be returning to the apartment that night, of course, they would have to be careful; they couldn't be seen exiting or entering the apartment together, just in case someone was watching, and it would be unwise for her to go to the bakery very often now.

Even worse, Queenie knew that she couldn't wear her ring at MACUSA; a wedding ring would prompt questions, especially with so many of the men keenly interested in her, and their marriage wasn't registered for obvious reasons. An unregistered marriage would be investigated, of course, and then their illegal relationship would be discovered.

No, she couldn't risk it.

After they had eaten and washed up (magic sped things along nicely, of course), Queenie regretfully slid the ring from her finger; Jacob watched her, somewhat sadly. He had given her his grandmother's ring, simple but lovely, and he had been so proud when he'd slid it on her finger at their small wedding ceremony. After their few days in the apartment, the sight of her without the ring seemed somewhat strange.

Queenie bit her lip as she stared at it, turning it over in her hands. "I…I don't wanna leave the house without it," She admitted quietly. "It don't feel right."

It was non-negotiable, of course: if they wanted to avoid exposure, the ring couldn't be seen by anyone at MACUSA. Jacob gave a sigh. "I know, Queenie, honey, I know. It's only gonna be for…what? A few hours? Then you can slip it back on again."

"I suppose…unless…" Her face suddenly lit up, and before he could speak she had hurried towards the bedroom. "I have an idea!"

When she returned a couple of minutes later, she had the ring in one hand and a simple silver chain in the other. Jacob watched as she untangled it, undoing the clasp, and then slipped it through the middle of the ring.

"There," She murmured, though she looked only somewhat pleased. "If I wear it under my clothes as a necklace, then perhaps they won't notice – I can still wear it then."

He twisted his own ring around his finger and nodded; they had decided that it wasn't necessary really for him to take off his ring, seeing as their ceremony had been a No-Maj one – customers would see the ring and congratulate him, but not one of them would ever suspect that he had illegally married a witch.

Queenie quickly put the necklace on, struggling only slightly with the clasp, before tucking it underneath the top of her navy-blue dress. No one would see it, of course – but she'd know it was there, and that was what really mattered. It couldn't be too much longer until the law changed, she thought: surely such a ridiculous law would be challenged soon. She knew that her sister and Newt were thinking of starting some kind of campaign (a more dangerous pursuit for Tina, seeing as she was still technically a MACUSA employee even if she was taking a break to go on a trip with Newt), and hopefully others would come forwards too to protest.

They said goodbye before he left for the bakery, exchanging a short sweet kiss before sending each other somewhat sad smiles. She was slightly confused, however, when she felt something hopeful in his thoughts as he pulled away.

"I love you, Queenie," Jacob stated firmly, seemingly sensing that she wasn't content. "I know that this ain't ideal…but so long as we're together, right? The law can't last forever – it'll change someday, and things'll be different…I just know it."

He was so hopeful for the future – despite the situation, Queenie found that she was suddenly beaming at him, a few tears glistening in her eyes; it suddenly didn't feel so foolish to hold out some hope that things would change for them, not when he was so hopeful, not when he loved her so dearly. "Oh, Jacob… You make me wanna believe…and I do. I love you too."

So…I hope this was okay? I finished the ending when it was 2am? And now I'm just not sure?