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Harry Potter and the Blind Wizard

Chapter 1

Oliver's POV

"Why was he not brought here immediately?!" Madam Pomphrey demanded as she waved her wand over Harry Potter.

"A rogue Bludger hit his arm just before he managed to catch the snitch. We were about to bring him to you but Lockheart ran forward and insisted on doing it himself. Before we could say anything he waved his wand, there was a flash of light, and this happened." I told her, worried for my fellow Quidditch player.

"And a fine job the fool has done! Removed all of the bones in his right arm." She sighed heavily. "I'll have to get him Skele-Gro." She rushed to a cabinet next to her office. When she opened it though, she screamed. "MERLIN'S BEARD!" I ran over to see broken shards and liquid covering the inside of the cabinet.

Someone had destroyed them all.

She walked back over to the newly blind boy. "I'm sorry Mr. Potter but your arm will have to wait until I can get more Skele-Gro, whether from Snape or St. Mungo's. Now, could you please open your eyes for me?"

"I can't." Harry said weakly.

"Allow me then." Madam Pomphrey said caringly. She raised his eyelids only to jump back in shock a second later.


Hermione's POV

Everyone in the common room was partying, celebrating the win over Slytherin. Somehow, some seventh years managed to get butterbeers snacks which were getting randomly tossed around. And the fact this was happening made her sick.

"What is wrong with you all?" She shouted. Everyone stopped at her voice. "Harry has been crippled and you all are up here celebrating!"

"Lighten up Granger." Someone yelled back.

I glared at them all before going to the portrait hole to leave. Unfortunately, Ron stood in my way. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Unlike you, I plan on going to see my friend." I snarled at him. I attempted to leave only for Ron to stop me again.

"Harry won't notice you not being there."

"He needs his friends."

"Petrificus Totalus" He said, the spell surprisingly working with his broken wand. Her limbs stiffened as she fell to the ground.

"I'm doing you a favor really." Ron drawled out. "Nobody will want anything to do with him now that he is like that. It's best to just leave him now."

This shocked everyone at what their fellow Gryffindor did and said. They were unsure of what exactly to do, so they settled for waiting for a prefect or Professor McGonagall to come along.


Dumbledore POV

"Would you mind saying that again Poppy?" I asked, begging whatever higher being above there is that he heard wrong.

"Lockhart not only deboned Mr. Potter's arm, he also managed to remove his eyes with that spell of his. There is nothing to my knowledge that can be used as a suitable substitute since the magical prosthetics would be too erratic to use for everyday life. I doubt he would even walk straight using them. In addition, I have also found my Skele-Gro supply to be destroyed. According to Mungo's and Snape, the earliest we can get any is in winter." She said, a frown adorning her face.

"Thank you Poppy." I said, sighing as I turned to the teachers, aside from Lockhart who was immediately put in a locked room for the time being. "What shall we do with Harry?"

"Well if anything should be established, it is that he will not be returning to the Dursley's." Minerva stated firmly. "They barely accepted him before, I doubt they will take him crippled."

"He must return there for his own safety Minerva." I said, noticing Severus giving the barest of signs that he objected as he knew just how horrid Lily Evan's sister was. As much as I wanted to agree with them, those wards were one of the only things keeping him safe. "And I now ask that you go inform them of his current condition and that he will be returning next week."

Poppy stepped forward once more. "Albus, you should know I found signs of severe abuse, ranging from bruises to minor scarring. He simply must not go back. I will go with Minerva if only to inform them of his condition, but that is only because the law demands it."

My eyes widen slightly at what I hear. Would they really have…oh god. I thought worriedly. My thoughts went from bad to worse as I thought of my mistake. "Very well. Where should he go then?" I said, unsure of where he could possibly go.

"Perhaps the Weasleys would take him in." Flitwick suggested, recalling the boy's friendship with the red head family.

"Maybe Filius. Maybe…" I trailed off as the topics moved on to what else to do.


I now stood in the Great Hall in front of the students. As I did, all of them quieted at once.

"I am going to address some rumors that have been going around since the previous Quidditch match. Gilderoy Lockhart has removed Harry Potter's eyes as well as the bones in his right arm." I said. The reaction was immediate as many people began whispering amongst themselves while others hollered for him to be fired. I held my hand up for silence. "As a result, he has been dismissed from the school staff and will be taken into custody by the aurors being sent here currently.

"What about Defense Against the Dark Arts?" A few Ravenclaw asked.

"I will teach it until a suitable teacher can fill the spot." I informed them. A couple students laughed until he continued. "I assure you I am still well versed in the subject.

"And what about all of these useless books we had to buy for his classes? There isn't anything we can actually use in them!" Another student asked.

"Flourish and Blotts has agreed to refund the money paid for them as well as ship new sets of books with adequate information."

"What about Potter?" A young Gryffindor asked.

"I ask you all that you will not pester him on what happened. If he wishes to speak about it then he will. I will not tolerate anyone bullying him over his problems." I said, allowing a bit of a glare to show on my face. "If I, or any of the other teachers find out about anyone terrorizing him because of his impairment, you will have detention for the remainder of the school year, as well as a great deal of house points shall be deducted. Continued agitation will result in expulsion from Hogwarts." I pointed my gaze towards the young Malfoy and the other Slytherins as I said this.


Minerva's POV

"GO AWAY! AWAY FROM MY HOME YOU FREAKS!" The overweight Dursley shouted after Poppy and I had knocked. They decided to inform the Dursley's whilst Dumbledore made the announcements to the school and were currently at Privet Drive.

"Calm yourself Dursley. We need to inform you about Mr. Potter's current condition." I said, trying to do the same inside after he insulted us.

"What's the brat done now?" He asked, scowling.

"Nothing. But we must inform you of this by law. May we come in?" Poppy asked curtly.

He eyed the two of us for a moment before grumbling out, "Fine, but no funny business."

We were led to the kitchen where the Dursleys sat down. "Earlier today, there was an accident during a Quidditch game and Harry ended up breaking his arm." Poppy said before being cut off.

"So?" He demanded. "Just leave and don't waste time messing with it."

"One of our staff tried to deal with it himself but due to incompetence, he vanished all the bones in one of Harry's arms, as well as removing his eyes." Poppy continued. The Dursley's seemed frightened at the prospect of losing their limbs.

"Professor Dumbledore wishes to send him back here as soon as possible." She began, only to be cut off as well.


Before he could finish his sentence, I smacked him across the face. He looked ready to retaliate immediately, but Poppy and myself already had our wands pointed at him.

"Now listen closely you fat, filth-ridden, sot. If you ever utter another foul word about any of my students, especially the Potters, I will make everything your muggle world knows about torture look like nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Understood?" I asked, my voice deathly calm. No response. I pressed my wand into his fat nose, causing him to go cross eyed.. "I said, understood?"

He nods quickly. I slip my wand away as Poppy does the same. We apparate away with one shared thought.

Harry Potter would not return here.


Dumbledore's POV

Sitting in the dark of his office, Albus sulked in his chair. The entire day had been chaos. Problem after problem arose as he tried to maintain order.

It all started when that imbecile Lockhart had attempted to heal Harry's arm. If he had just removed the bones in his arm, that could've been fixed with some simple Skele-Gro and a night in the Hospital Wing. But then, it turned out Harry also lost his eyes. To make matters worse, all of the Skele-Gro was smashed and none would be available until early Winter.

Later on when the evening post came the incident was plastered across the Prophet. From the beginning with the rogue bludger to the arresting of Lockhart. There were many notes calling for his own firing as he was accused of unable to keep his own students safe. Anytime an incident like this came up, these calls showed up, but they usually just faded into the background. But Harry's recent impairment, combined with the attacks that have started happening have amplified those voices against him.

And things only continued to get worse as dinner ended. Just as he was walking back to his office, Minerva had come rushing to him, alerting him to another attack. This one, however, being on Hermione Granger, who had apparently just been freed from petrifying spell only minutes before. The one that had cursed her previously was Ron Weasley. It was only a matter of time before that got out to the Prophet as well.

He sighed as the stress was starting to push him towards his store of firewhisky. A soft trill cut through his thoughts. He smiled sadly at his long time friend. "Ah Fawkes, you can always make me smile, even in my darkest of hours." My frown soon returned however. "My dear friend, I am afraid I am out of answers here. Everything is falling apart around me and I can't seem to do anything about it." I said as my shoulders sagged in defeat. "I don't suppose you have any suggestions, do you my feathered friend?"

Though it was mostly a joke, the phoenix surprised him when it flapped its wings and flew to his table of trinkets that doubled as alarms. From there, Fawkes snatched one up and flew back to him, settling on the head of the chair before dropping the small item in his lap.

From the looks of it, the item Fawkes grabbed was nothing more than a music box. Normally in the magical world there would be a small enchantment or rune inscribe to make just about anything do something extra, but this was a plain old, muggle music box. However it was extravagantly crafted. It was made to look like a small piano and was made mostly out of silver. The edges were gilded in gold however. And from the first time he examined this particular item, he knew if it was turned over you could make out the initials 'D.W.' carved neatly into the bottom.

Now that he knew which item this was and recalled who gave it to him, he caught on to Fawkes' idea. He smiled brightly at his longtime friend. "Fawkes, sometimes I wonder if I should hand my title as headmaster over to you. You are truly the wise one here." I said, petting the birds soft feathers. He nipped my finger affectionately at that as I chuckled. I then got up, tossing aside all other thoughts as I made my way over to the fireplace and grabbed the floo powder.

It's time I visited an old friend.

End Chapter

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