What's up everyone. Sorry for the long wait, but here is another short story, a part 2 to Jack and the Star Saber. I hope you enjoy.

Jack cruised through the country atop Arcee as his thoughts were constantly plagued by the fact that Team Prime was scattered throughout the Earth. Not only that, but he was also without the Star Saber, which would be strapped onto his back for easy access, but also that he was worried about his mother and whether or not she made it out of Jasper.

"You're awfully quiet Jack. Something on your mind?" Arcee asked.

"Many things Arcee. Team Prime is scattered through the winds with no way to communicate with each other without the Decepticons finding us." Jack said as Arcee up behind an empty warehouse, getting off of her. "Not only that but I'm also without the Star Saber..." He was about to continue when a bright flash occurred on the ground in front of him.

After a few moments the light disappeared and there, sitting innocently in its smaller form was the Star Saber. Jack and Arcee eyes/optics widened at the fact that the ancient relic was just lying on the ground when Jack had stated he was without his weapon.

"How?" Arcee asked, unable to speak.

"Maybe the Star Saber was called to me?" Jack theorized.

Jack knelt down and grabbed the hilt of the Star Saber and as soon as his hand wrapped around the hilt, the blade began to glow slightly. At the same time, Jack felt some warmth coming from his chest. Reaching under his shirt, Jack pulled out a chain and from that chain, hung the Key to Vector Sigma, which was also glowing.

"Strange." Jack whispered before his thoughts turned back to his worry for his mother.

Sighing, Jack let the chain go and concentrated, focusing his mind to shrink the Star Saber to the size of a small knife for better concealment. After a few moments the entire sword shifted till it was the size of a small knife. Nodding to himself, Jack placed it in his other pocket.

"Do you think she made it out?" Jack asked, already knowing that Arcee would know who he was speaking about.

"I have no doubt that she did." Arcee stated. "If I know your mother, then you can bet that she already has some form of punishment just for this event in mind."

Jack chuckled. "Yeah. Mom worries a bit too much at times. Still, it doesn't make the worry go away."

"We'll make it to Jasper, Jack. We'll find your mom and if we can, link up with the others." Arcee said.

Suddenly the sound of a helicopter flying overhead was heard. Both looking up, they noticed a far off helicopter flying through the sky. Unfortunately it was too small to notice if it was a Decepticon or civilian. Not wanting to take any chances, Arcee told him to stay put while she did some recon.

Jack watched as Arcee drove off towards the helicopter in worry before sighing. Taking out his phone, Jack went through his contact list, of which there were very few, and found his mother's number. Jack's finger hovered over the call button as his mind seemed to plague him with thoughts of his mother, either dead or captured and tortured by the Decepticons. Taking a leap of faith, Jack instead sent her a text message, hoping that she was alive and safe. Once done, Jack returned his phone to his pocket and waited.

As he waited, Jack felt the pocket where he kept the Star Saber, and his chest where the Key to Vector Sigma, warm. Reaching into his pocket, Jack pulled out the shrunken Star Saber that it was glowing even brighter then before. It and the Key glowed brighter and brighter until Jack, whose eyes seemed vacant, was enveloped by the light.

Jack opened his eyes and found himself standing upon Cybertron, what with its towering structures and metal ground. Another thing he noticed was that he was in full armor and in front of him was a large table with an assortment of weapons,

Looking down at his armor, Jack noticed that instead of the simple chest piece, he saw that in the center was the Key to Vector Sigma. He searched for any more additions and found two 20cm long blades that were attached just under his forearms. Flicking his wrists, Jack watched as both blades sprang out, he noticed that it was double edged, allowing the blades to be used in any direction.

Moving towards the table, Jack studied a large circular shield that tapered forward. What made this shield so unique was the single barrel that was sitting in between the two open halves of the tapered part of the shield. To him it was as added defense for short range encounters.

The next item he saw looked like one of those blaster rifles one would see in the Star Wars movies or cartoons. He grabbed the rifle and held it up, testing its weight and ease of function. Simple in design, yet deadly in it's firepower. From what he could see, the weapon did not seem to run on any form of ammunition. Putting the blaster down, Jack moved to the next item on the table.

The next item on the table confused him, as there lying on the table was the shrunken down version of the Star Saber. Much like earlier the blade of the weapon was glowing. Picking the sword up, the glow suddenly shined brighter, causing Jack to close his eyes and look away to not go blind. When he opened his eyes, he was astonished to see that the blade no longer was the same, but rather looked like any other normal sword. The entire sword was metal, with the guard and pommel being black and gold, with the grip silver. The blade also seemed to sport many Cybertronian symbols all across on both sides.

"Welcome, Jackson Anthony Darby. Wielder of the Key to Vector Sigma. BladeMaster of the Primes and ally to the Autobots." A deep and resounding voice boomed from across the entire area.

Jack whirled around, looking for where the voice had come from. "Who are you? Show yourself!" Jack demanded.

"I am Primus, creator of the Cybertronian race and brother of Unicron." Primus introduced himself, though still not showing himself.

"Why are you speaking to me. For that matter, why did you call me a 'BladeMaster of the Primes'?" Jack asked.

"It is because I have seen your heart and mind. I see within you the same qualities that I saw in Orion Pax before he became Optimus Prime. I come to you now at the Autobot's greatest hour of darkness, to help you. As to your title, it is because you carry a powerful artifact that will respond to you and that only you can unleash it's full potential" Primus explained.

"Why? Why would you help one side of your warring race over another." Jack asked.

"Because I watched as Megatron's thirst for equality and righteousness was turned to malice and domination. Megatron had qualities that would have made him a Prime, but I saw within him a great darkness that festered until it consumed him. I watched and felt as my own creations warred upon Cybertron, spilling countless Energon upon the lands. After my children escaped to the stars, did I have the ability and time to rest and recover my strength. But Megatron has slowed the process even longer by hurling Dark Energon to Cybertron. For there to be any hope of victory for the Autobots and the restoration of my children; they MUST win this war or they will rust away and be forgotten." Primus explained

"How can I help? I'm just one person. I can't take on the entire Decepticon army by myself." Jack said.

"Then listen and I shall tell you how." Primus said.

Jack stared as the Autobots seemed lost without Optimus, not knowing what to do or how to act. Jack locked down at the Key to Vector Sigma hanging on around his neck and sighed. This was it. This was what Primus had told him to do. Yet despite that, he was afraid and unsure of how to best handle the trails ahead of him.

Suddenly, Jack could hear the sound of a loud engine roaring toward them. Though faint at first, it grew louder as it grew closer, catching everyone's attention. As they joined Jack to star at the giant approaching dust cloud, the Autobots readied their blasters. However as the dust cloud got closer, a familiar white sports car could be seen in front of it.

"Hold your fire! It's Smokescreen!" Jack shouted.

Most of the Autobots put away their blasters, except for Ultra Magnus, who simply lowered his and glared at the oncoming vehicle. Before long Smokescreen was in front of them, though instead of his usual fast transformation from vehicle mode to bot, he seem to shift at an extremely slow pace, as if he did not wish to face them. By the time he finished transforming, everyone knew that something weighed heavily on Smokescreen.

"Smokescreen, what's the matter?" Arcee asked.

Smokescreen refused to meet anyone in the eye as his gaze shifted downward. "Optimus...is dead." he stated.

A heavy silence hung throughout the area as everyone seemed to try and process that particular peace of information. The bots all could not seem to fathom such a thought. Ratchet was muttering "Optimus...we needed you.", Fowler hanged his head in sorrow, June had tears welling up in her eyes while covering her mouth in shock. Miko and Raf were hugging each other, for some amount of comfort and they were silently crying. Only Jack seemed to remain stoic, though he had his eyes closed in pain at the lost of a great leader and mentor figure.

"How do you know?" Ratchet asked.

"I...returned to base soon after I evacuated the base. I was to follow Optimus' orders, but I just couldn't do it. So I managed to sneak back to base with the help of the Phase Shifter that I managed to sneak back from Cybertron, only to find that the base had been totally flattened. I managed to find Optimus, badly damaged in in severe need of repairs. I knew I couldn't drag Optimus without being caught, so I brought him deep underground where our signals would not be found. I waited for Optimus to regain some amount of strength so that we could head out and find you guys, but before he could, he told me to...take the Matrix of Leadership from him and pass it on." Smokescreen explained, before pulling out said Matrix, glowing lightly under the setting sun. "After that he said that there would be a new Prime...before he offlined."

After a few moments of silence, Fowler asked. "Did he say who it was to be passed on to?"

Smokescreen shook his head. "No. But he did say that the Matrix will choose only when everyone is together again." he answered.

Suddenly the Matrix of Leader ship began floating out of Smokescreen's hands and towards the ground. Similarly, the Key to Vector Sigma also began floating towards the Matrix, causing Jack to be dragged along before pulling the chain off of himself. Another artifact also floated towards the Matrix, Jack could feel the pull from his pants so he quickly pulled out the shrunken form of the Star Saber, which quickly shifted till it was he holding it by the hilt.

This seemed to shock most of the Autobots except for Arcee as the last time they saw the sword was when it was with Optimus.

Jack allowed the sword to pull him towards the large floating Matrix of Leader ship and Key to Vector Sigma. When the Star Saber stopped pulling him forward, the blade began to dip until the tip was pointing towards the ground.

A sudden voice boomed throughout the clearing, one that Jack recognized from earlier. "Kneel, Jackson Anthony Darby." The voice commanded. Jack did so without hesitation, his head bowed. "I am Primus, I speak to you now from across the cosmos. Though Optimus no longer stands among the living and his spirit has joined with the AllSpark, I have sensed within you the very same traits that I once saw in Orion Pax." Primus spoke.

Behind Jack, every single person stood in awe and disbelief. Primus, the very life giver of their kind was speaking to Jack from across the cosmos. Even the humans were in awe at the fact that their Autobots own version of god was speaking to Jack.

"Your actions and descisions, while not always right, were done so in order to protect others from harm. You have shown tremendous amounts of courage, resourcefulness and the will to never back down. Though it pains me to burden you with this responsibility, I know that you will rise to the occasion, just as Optimus did; to become someone worthy of being called a Prime." Primus stated, causing everyone to drop their jaw in amazement and shock.

Primus seemed to pause before he continued. "I sense much fear coming from you June Elizabeth Darby, and you Arcee. You both fear for Jack's safety. Both knowing how it feels to lose those closest to you from war. Though I do not know the outcome of this conflict, nor do I know how long it will last or who will be left standing; I do know this, that so long as Jack still breathes life, he will continue to protect his friends, family and home from any that dares to threaten it." Primus stated.

The Key then floated towards the still kneeling and head bowed Jack, where it allowed itself to be hung around from Jack's neck from the metal chain it was attached to. The Matrix then began glowing until it blinded everyone from what was going on. The sound of shifting metal was heard until it stopped and the light dimmed to the soft glow that came from a now shrunken Matrix. This Matrix however, was not the same shape it was in before, rather it had a orange hollow shell where a large ball of blue crystal was held within. On either side of the shell were two handles that had four holes where fingers would presumably slot in.

Another noticeable fact was that Jack was in his armor although it was slightly bulkier than before, especially around the chest area. Upon his back was the reformatted Star Saber and blaster rifle as well as his shield while under his forearms were his twin short blades.

"Arise Rodimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots, Key Bearer of Vector Sigma and Blademaster of the Primes. May you lead the Autobots to victory." Primus intones before the Matrix of Leadership slammed into Jack's open armored chest before it slammed shut.

All was silent as everyone watched Jack as he stood with his back to them in silence. No one knew what to think, what with Smokescreen arriving to tell them that Optimus Prime was dead. Only for Primus himself to begin speaking to them, or rather Jack. Then bestowing the Matrix of Leadership upon the young boy's shoulders and being made not only the new leader of the Autobots but also a Prime.

No one knew what to say, until Ultra Magnus decided to speak up first and ask the most burning of questions. "What do we do now sir." he asked in a respectful tone, not like his casual condescending attitude when speaking to the others before.

Jack did not say anything for a moment before turning towards everyone and spoke in a slightly deeper voice. "While I am hesitant to engage the Decepticons with such a severe disadvantage, our main priority will be to disable the fusion cannon and if possible destroy Megatron's fortress." he stated.

"How exactly are we going to do that?" Bulkhead asked.

Jack paused for a moment before shifting his gaze towards WheelJack. "WheelJack, do you think you could create a powerful enough explosive that can take out the fusion cannon?" he asked.

"If I had the materials and time then sure. Unfortunately we don't either." WheelJack answered.

"Sir, if I may. I carry in my ship a stockpile of weapons and explosives for such an occasion." Ultra Magnus spoke up.

Jack nodded in understanding. "Very well. I, Miko and Raf will be Groundbridging to different parts of the globe to pull as much of the Decepticon's forces away from Darkmount. Once that's done, we will split into two teams; Bulkhead, WheelJack and Ultra Magnus, you will cause a distraction that will pull the Decepticon forces to you. Arcee, Smokescreen and Bumblebee will be infiltrating Darkmount with the bomb to disable the Fusion Cannon while Ratchet will be handling the Groundbridge and communications." Jack explained his plan, as everyone listened with rapt attention. "Agent Fowler, you think you can gather enough pilots to destroy the fortress once the Fusion Cannon is down?" he asked.

"Can do Jack." Fowler answered.

"What about that robo-dragon that tried to kill us earlier?" Miko asked.

"Ratchet, can you open a GroundBridge straight to the coldest part of the Arctic?"

"Of course. But why?" Ratchet asked.

Jack didn't answer him and simply turned to Ultra Magnus. "Ultra Magnus, you are to fly above the ground battle and distract that thing until Ratchet is ready. Once done, you are to quickly join Bulkhead and WheelJack." Jack explained.

"Understood sir." Ultra Magnus said with a firm nod.

"What about you? What will you be doing?" Arcee asked.

"Occupying Megatron's attention." Jack answered.

Everything was going according to plan. After he, Miko and Raf revealed their position to the Decepticons across the globe, he sent the distraction team in first, with Ultra Magnus quickly sending the dragon to the Arctic. Once he had confirmation that it was a success, he sent in the infiltration team. Now he was watching as his plan was coming to fruition.

He saw Bulkhead, WheelJack and Ultra Magnus hold their own against Shockwave and his forces from behind Ultra Magnus' ship. He looked up to see that the Nemesis was still docked at the top of the fortress. A little further below he saw the large cannon, awaiting orders to fire.

Jack placed his fingers on the side of his head where the comms were. "Rodimus Prime to Infiltration Team; what's your status?" he asked.

"Security is slightly tighter then we were hoping, but we're closing in on the weapons control. ETA to target is 7 minutes." Arcee responded as he heard blaster fire.

"Understood Arcee. Send your confirmation to Agent Fowler when your done so that he can begin his own phase of the plan." Jack stated before shutting off communications. "Now, to keep Megatron busy."

Activating his boosters, Jack rocketed into the sky and towards the top of the fortress. Once there Jack took out his blaster rifle and began shooting at whatever Vehicons stood in his way. The blaster, while small had the same amount of firepower as a normal in built weapon.

Once the area was clear, Jack grabbed onto the Vehicon's wrist where the communicator was and spoke clearly. "Megatron! I know you're in there, come out of your ship you coward!" Jack said, hoping to push Megatron into a fight.

As Jack waited, Optimus' voice spoke within his head, something that he was slowly getting used to. "Are you certain of this Jack? Megatron is not a foe to take on lightly." Optimus stated.

"It has to be done Optimus. If not, the chances of victory would be far lower." Jack argued back as he noticed a GroundBridge open in front of him, with Megatron slowly stepping out.

"Who are you to call me a coward?" Megatron asked, with a viscous look of fury upon his face.

"I am Rodimus Prime, Megatron; and you will answer for the multitude of crimes against both Cybertron and Earth." Jack stated.

Megatron stared at him for a moment before cackling. "You? A puny human is going to stand up and face me? Tell me where Optimus Prime and I might let you live." Megatron offered.

Jack did not say anything except to put away his blaster and unsheathe the Star Saber. "Optimus Prime is now one with the AllSpark. I am his successor." Jack stated.

"So, Optimus Prime is no more." Megatron said. "It would seem that Optimus has truly doomed your planet if he has named a human the new leader of the Autobots."

"Are you going to continue talking? Or are you going to fight?" Jack interrupted, pointing his sword at Megatron.

Megatron snarled and aimed his cannon at Jack fired three shots. Jack widened his stance, his hand gripping the hilt tightly. He watched as the shots sped towards him closer and closer, he could feel the intense heat from the superheated plasma of Energon. Just when the shots were about to hit, Jack sprung into action with a vertical slice downwards, he split the first shot in two and then did the same with the next two shots.

As the smoke cleared, Jack heard a loud "What!" come from Megatron as the Decepticon warlord noticed that Jack was still alive. Grabbing his shield from behind his back, Jack charged at Megatron, who in turn brought out his own sword from his arm and charged at Jack.

As they closer, Megatron tried to cleave him in two with his sword as he brought it to the groundl, but with Jack being so small and nimble, he managed to avoid the strike. He ran right under Megatron and create a deep gash along Megatron's left foot, causing the warlord to yell out in pain.

Jack quickly turned around and did the same to his other leg, causing Megatron to fall on his knees. Stopping in front of Megatron, Jack turned around, only to be grabbed by said Decepticon. As Megatron brough Jack closer to him and also squeezing tighter, Jack quickly reversed his grip on his sword and stabbed Megatron in the arm, releasing him from being crushed.


That was the first thing that Jack registered before the sudden shaking of the entire fortress followed. He could only hope that the Infiltration Team had done their job.

"Arcee to all forces, The Fusion Cannon has been neutralized. I repeat, the Fusion Cannon has been taken care of." Arcee's voice radioed over the comms.

"This is Agent Fowler, we copy Arcee. SkyStrikers, take off and destroy Darkmount." Fowler ordered.

Jack quickly radioed orders to the others. "Rodimus Prime to Infiltration Team, you are to make your way to Distraction Team to assist them."

"Understood." Arcee replied.

A scream of rage was heard behind him. Jack quickly turned around and saw that Megatron was quickly getting back to his feet. Rushing forward, Jack used his boosters to gain an added height as he jumped, his sword ready to stab Megatron in the chest. Only for Megatron to swat him away with enough force to leave a large crater in his throne.

'Ok, that hurt' Jack though. 'Just have to keep Megatron busy for a little while longer.'

Unfortunately, that thought was put on hold when Megatron fired another three shots at Jack, who quickly put up his shield to protect himself from being destroyed. Though the shots did not break through his shield, the impact and power behind each shot was enough to severely damage him as the last shot managed to destroy Megatron's throne and send him tumbling to the floor, large chunks of metal around him.

"You are weak, boy. You cannot hope to defeat me in single combat. Even if you destroy my fortress, you cannot stop what will happen." Megatron taunted as he slowly made his way to his fallen enemy.

Jack groaned as he laid upon a slanted scrap of metal, facing Megatron. "That ...is where your wrong Megatron." Jack said as he slowly used his shield to help him stand. "I can defeat you. I can and I will."

As soon as Jack finished his statement; the Autobot symbol began to glow bright blue, the glow then began spreading until it covered his entire body. The bright glow which began to grow, was also coming from the fallen Star Saber, until it about the same height of Megatron himself before it began to fade away.

Megatron, who had covered his optics from the brightness, stared in shock as a Cybertronian just as large as him stood in front of him. This bot had an black body with red coloring on his arms, bottom half of his legs and helm. On his chest was a massive orange flame emblem that covered most of his chest. In the center of the emblem was the Autobots insignia in each of his arms and legs were flames of orange while on his back were a pair of triple stack exhausts.

"This is the end of the road, Megatron." Rodimus Prime proclaimed.

Jack then rushed at Megatron, quickly grabbing the enlarged Star Saber and began attacking him. Megatron tried to defend himself from the attacks, but due to the speed and suddenness of his actions, Megatron was almost helpless from the assault. Rodimus smashed his shield against Megatron's face, causing him to stumble from the blow, only for Rodimus to use his shields blaster to throw Megatron with enough force to smash through one of the metal pillars.

Rodimus then heard the sounds of engines and turned to notice Fowler and his SkyStrikers flying towards the fortress. Knowing he did not have much time, Rodimus ran towards the edge of the fortress and jumped down to the ground below. Using his boosters to slow his descent, Rodimus landed on the ground just behind Shockwave and his forces just in time to see Fowler and his men blow up Darkmount.

Running forward, Rodimus cut his way through the unsuspecting Vehicons and towards the rest of the Autobots. As he was reaching the front, he quickly sheathed both his sword and shield as the fortress was falling apart.

"Autobots! Disengage and get in Ultra Magnus' ship!" he ordered.

Landing in front of the Harbinger, Rodimus and the rest of the Autobots stepped out of the large ship as Ratchet, Raf, Miko and June all stepped out to greet them. Agent Fowler landed not soon after, quickly making his way towards Ratchet the others. Once everyone was assembled, Rodimus addressed everyone.

"Autobots. Now that the threat of Darkmount has been dealt with, we can now begin the search for a new base and more Energon. Agent Fowler, can you help us locate a base as secure as Outpost One?" Rodimus asked.

"Of course. In fact, I have one already being prepared right now." Fowler answered.

Rodimus nodded and turned to the others. "In the meantime, we will use the wreckage of the Harbinger as a temporary base."

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