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Walking out of the GroundBridge with Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee, as well as their respective human charges, Miko and Raf respectively, Jack followed the bots as they scoured the area searching for the strange energy signal that Ratchet picked up.

"So what do think it is? Some kind of Energon signature?" Jack asked.

Arcee shrugged as she looked at the scanner. "Not sure."

As Arcee led the way, Miko was staring around the area in excitement, unable to contain herself at the thought of finding something awesome. Raf was also staring at the environment in awe and wonder as he did not really leave the base often, unlike Jack or Miko due to being both the smallest and youngest of the trio. Jack was there to make certain that Miko did not do something stupid while also keeping an eye on Raf.

They group continued forward until they were standing in front of the rocky face of a cliff. Everyone stared at the cliff face, as if expecting the answer to all of life's question to be answered. Arcee scanned the cliff face to learn where the strange signatures were at their strongest. As she passed the scanner lower to the ground, the scanner gradually increased in its beeping volume until it let out a continuous series of beeping in front of Jack, Miko and Raf.

"Stand back you three." She said as she took aim at the cliff face. Once the three kids moved out of the way, she fired.

A loud boom shook the earth as debris from the cliff face blew outwards. Large rocks, and smaller stones blasted outwards leaving a large crater as the only indicator that something had happened. Once the dust settled and the rocks stopped falling, Jack, Miko and Raf peeked their head out from behind Bulkhead's massive foot to see what lay hidden within the rocks.

Expecting to see a chunk of Energon or a strange variant of it, the group was instead stunned to simply find three colored gemstones, floating within the crater. The three humans made their way forward, wary about the three floating gemstones. Jack stood in front of Miko and Raf, to protect them shout the gemstones be harmful to them.

Yet as the three moved ever closer, they could feel something within themselves pull them towards the gems. Every step the three children took, the gems grew in brightness, a slight spark at first before gradually growing. The three Autobots noticed the their three charges moving towards the gems.

"Uh-guys, I don't think you should be going near those things." Bulkhead stated as he tried to move forward.

The kids didn't listen to him, as if they could not hear him, they just continued forward. Even when Arcee tried to stop them, they simply stepped out of the way and just continued forwards. The Autobots did not know what to do to stop their charges from moving forward short of grabbing them. The only thing that seemed to stop them, aside from accidentally hurting them, is that they did not know what hold the three colored gems had on them. So they watched, ready for anything to happen.

As they watched their charges step in front of the three gemstones next to each other with Jack in the middle and Miko and Raf on either side of him. The three gems in turn circled around the three twice before floating in front of each respective teen. Miko had a dark emerald with white, red and a lighter shade of green gem stone. Raf had a black and bright yellow with hints of red and white gemstone. Jack had a deep red and blue with shades of lighter blue gemstone.

As one, the three children raised their hands and grabbed their respective gemstones, creating a bright light that blinded the Autobots, causing them to shield their optics from harm. After a few moments, the light died down and the Autobots uncovered their optics, only to widen them in shock and what they were seeing in front of them.

Where there were three normal children standing there before, now stood three people in what could be considered colored armor. On one side stood a female in dark emerald, not unlike the color Bulkhead was. Her entire body was covered in the green bodysuit, with stripes of red, white and light green stripes on each side of her arms and legs. Her chest had a light silver breastplate with the Autobot symbol embossed on the left side. She also had light silver arm guards and boots. On her waist she had a single blaster while strapped upon her back was a large hammer. She also had a helmet that had the same color scheme as her armor, with a horizontal black visor and the Autobot symbol also embossed just above it.

On the other end, there stood a male, slightly taller that the female but shorter than the male in the middle. He had many of the same features on his bodysuit but in black with yellow highlights. Where the female had her stripes in red, light green and white, he had it in red and white. The real difference came in the weapon that he had. Instead of a single blaster on his waist, he had two twin blasters strapped on the gauntlets, allowing for easy aiming while still have room for flexibility and free movement. Instead of having a weapon strapped to his back, he instead had a simple short sword sheathed upon his his waist. Much like the female, he also had the same helmet with the embossed Autobot symbol above the visor.

The final person, the tall male was also similar to his two other companions in terms of look, but was at the same time vastly different. He wore a a deep red bodysuit that had light blue highlights. His armor was similar to his companions, with only a deeper shade of silver. His gauntlets and boots were a deep blue color with highlights of lighter blue. His helmet was also the same as his companions but with the same deep blue and a pair of prongs on either side of his helmet, close to the edges of the visor. Strapped to his waist were a pair of large blasters, while on his back lay a single double edged sword.

When the group had returned from their search, the entire base had been in shock when Jack, Miko and Raf walked in in their armor. Once everyone was settled, the three of them explained what had happened and what they were chosen to do.

When they told everyone about how they were chosen to protect the planet from threats, June was beside herself, telling them how they were to young for such a responsibility, especially with how young Raf was. Agent Fowler was also upset about the idea of children taking the responsibility of protecting the world. The Autobots were upset, stating that so long as they were around, that nobody was going to threaten the planet or its inhabitants.

However when Jack, who was the leader, stated that it was Primus who had decreed it, everyone was visibly shocked. They were shocked that the life-giver of Cybertronians was willing to place three children, barely adults in combat. When they asked why Primus had chosen the three, Jack simply answered that the Autobots would not always be on Earth to protect it from evil and that there were too few adults that had the potential and capacity to carry the mantle that was being a Power Ranger.

It took time, persuasion and a few missions, but the Autobots begrudgingly allowed their charges to continue on with their missions.

It had been a year since then, and in that year, things changed, some in small ways, others more massive.

They had brought four more into their strange family. The first was a young Autobot that was part of the Elite Guard on Cybertron. He was hotheaded and always willing to prove that he belonged in the team, even if it put everyone at risk. Eventually they had managed to calm his temperament. The next was Optimus' old Second in Command, he was a strict and very much a by the book kind of person. While he did mellow out slightly over time, many in the team still hear the strict, overbearing SIC.

Last but not least were Wheeljack and Ironhide. They were two more members of the Wreckers that had found their way into their family. Wheeljack finally decided to permanently stay with Team Prime and act as it's demolitions expert. Ironhide was with Wheeljack when he joined and was an old friend of Optimus before he became a Prime. He returned to his old duty of being the team's Weapons specialists.

That was not all that changed.

Soon after their granted permission, they had learned that they were given powers to go along with their responsibilities. Miko was given enhanced strength and durability, able to lift Bulkhead without too much strain. Raf was given greater agility and speed as well as an understanding of Cybertronian science and math. Jack was also given increased strength and durability as well as the ability to sense danger within a close vicinity.

With their newly discovered powers, they trained themselves to master them. When they had after three months, they truly took the fight to Megatron and his forces.

"Ready!" Jack called as he held up morpher, a simple red and blue device with the Autobot symbol on the front with his respective crystal glowing behind the symbol.

"Ready!" Miko and Raf cried out on either side of him as they too held their morphers.

Swinging their morpher arms in a circle in front of them, they cried out as one. "TRANSFORM!" They then pulled their arm back and thrust forward. "AND ROLL OUT!"

A sudden glow covered the three teen for a few moments before it died down to show Jack, Miko and Raf were no longer standing there, but rather the Power Rangers.

With a simple pull of the lever, the GroundBridge opened and the three Rangers ran through, ready to face Megatron and his army.

Jack, Miko and Raf stared at the large force of M.E.C.H soldiers and Silas standing in front of them, a smirk playing at the old man's face. Also with them was Megatron and his forces, along with the Nemesis. Leading this massive army was the Chaos Bringer himself, Unicron.

For months, attacks by Megatron and M.E.C.H had increased. What was strange about them was that neither of the groups were stealing thins, only causing havoc and problems for everyone. It was not until a few weeks ago that it was revealed that Unicron managed to somehow regain consciousness and plan to not only destroy the Autobots and humanity, but invade Cybertron and destroy Primus once and for all.

Behind Jack, Miko and Raf stood in front of the opposing army, the Autobots stood behind their charges, their weapons and relics at the ready.

"How do we fight against this many?" Raf asked.

Jack looked down at his friend and comrade. "Together." He replied.

This time Miko spoke. "We'll lose."

Jack turned to her. "Then we'll do that together too."

Jack inhaled deeply before releasing everything within him, his nervousness, his fear but held onto his determination and will to protect his home and those he loved. Taking a step forward, Jack took hold of is morpher, running his thumb on the Autobot symbol. With this morpher and the gemstone held within came the responsibilities of the entire world. It was his duty as a the Red Ranger to lead his team to fulfill their duty, even at the risk of death.

He, Miko and Raf were the newest in the legacy that is the Power Rangers. With that came the strenght and will to continue forward, no matter what lay in their path. With a deep breath and exhale, Jack raised the morpher that changed his life forever to his head.

"READY!" He cried out, his voice carrying the determination,will and burden of leading a team that was likely to die in battle.

"READY!" Miko and Raf cried out, but so to did the Autobots. In this day, the Autobots would stand with their charges, friends and family to protect their home, and though they weren't Power Rangers, they felt a sense of readiness when they said the word.

With practiced ease, Jack, Miko and Raf along with the Autobots circled the air in front of them. "TRANSFORM!" They cried as one. Arms pulling back and thrust forward. "AND ROLL OUT!" they shouted, loud and proud for all in the universe to hear.

With a bright flash of light, the Autobots stood with their weapons, ready to attack. Below them stood the three defenders of Earth. Three teenagers that kept secret a war that stretched across thousands of years and the galaxy. Three teenagers that was chosen by Primus himself to fulfill the duty and continue the legacy of the Power Rangers as defenders.

"With the Will of a Prime! Red Energon Ranger!" Jack cried out.

"With the Strength of a Wrecker! Green Energon Ranger!" Miko cried out.

"With the Speed of a Scout! Black Energon Ranger!" Raf cried out.


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